Contribute to Open Source. Search issue labels to find the right project for you!

Label Guide

Finding an issue to work on, that's right for you, can be the hardest obstacle in being able to contribute to open source. A new codebase can be hard to get started with, even for experienced developers, let alone someone who is just starting. It's easier to pick up something small and trivial or work on a bit of documentation until understanding grows and there is more familiarity with a project.

With labelling issues properly, you can help people get started!

Issue Type Labels

  • help wanted label promoted by Github for projects asking needing help
  • bug a reported or known error in the system
  • trivial something too small to be a feature, that needs some functionality to be tweaked or added.
  • feature new functionality to be build
  • enhancement improving existing functionality
  • design providing mockups, help building things interface related
  • documentation trying out and explaining how things work
  • refactoring improving the code quality without changing functionality
  • tests adding test coverage
  • translation translating project in different languages - don't forget to provide a translation guide
  • accessibility improving user interface for people with disabilities
  • good first issue issue is well suited to for people new to GitHub contributions

Complimentary labels

Besides issue type labels, you can also use complimentary labels like beginner or easy pick to describe the level of domain knowledge required or specific technologies like html who is not classed as a github language.

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