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Requester Priority


Again, thanks for the awesome mod! Now on to my idea/request:

Set priority of request stations - Higher priority gets delivers first. Why? Because I am tired of plastic going to the circuit factory before batteries, lol. I think it would give us a little more control in where we want materials first. : )

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[Feature Request] Optionally sandbox icon detection to certain folders


[EDIT] Shortly after posting this I realized the vscode icon api wouldn’t allow configuration like this. I’ll leave it up in case the ideas are useful for the future.

The end goal of this suggestion is to allow users to have a zero-configuration appearance as follows:


This feature could have farther reaching implications (allowing a user to define folder-specific icon associations, for instance), but as far as the “why” of this request, it’s really just to make the .vscode folder look a bit cleaner.

Currently, icons are applied regardless of position in the file tree. This allows for very easy configuration (seriously, that config is a work of art to my eyes), but doesn’t support things like limiting icon detection to certain folders. For vscode-specific icons in particular this can be tricky because names like launch.json and tasks.json can be safely assumed to be used only for vscode configuration, whereas names like extensions.json and (definitely) settings.json cannot.

A naive approach for implementing this feature would be to extend IFileExtension to include an optional folder configuration:

export interface IFileExtension extends IExtension {
  filename?: boolean; // set to true if the extension represents the whole file name.
  folders?: string[] // a whitelist of folder names to apply the extension in
  languages?: ILanguage[]; // collection of languages associated to the icon.

Note: all names and proposed interface changes are for demonstration purposes here, as more relevant implementations wouldn’t be apparent to me

During file schema generation we can apply these folders to the defs field, skipping over matched files during application if their path doesn’t match. As this is opt-in functionality, definitions without a folders property would continue to function as before.

Unfortunately, here we run into a snag: As the comment suggests, setting the folders property would immediately prevent icon application for all folders but those listed. For the vscode use case this is problematic, as files like .vscodeignore are expected to be in the root & adding the root to the proposed folders property would defeat the purpose of the sandbox. Expanding the type definition of folders would get messy fast, as we’d have more corners to check before we continue. Instead, we can add one more property to IFileExtension (also added in the defs object and consumed downstream):

export interface IFileExtension extends IExtension {
  filename?: boolean; // set to true if the extension represents the whole file name.
  folders?: string[] // a whitelist of folder names to apply the extension in
  allowInRoot?: string[] // a list of files to allow icon associations in the root directory, regardless of whitelists
  languages?: ILanguage[]; // collection of languages associated to the icon.

As the comment says, allowInRoot overrides folders, allowing us to move forward with the whitelist without worrying about files like .vscodeignore. Here is what our hypothetical new configuration for vscode would become:

  icon: 'vscode',
  extensions: [
  folders: [
  allowInRoot: [
  filename: true,
  format: FileFormat.svg,

In the future, this can possibly be expanded to e.g. automatically apply uniform icons to all files within the whitelisted folders (or the aforementioned expansion of a user’s ability to customize icons). However, due to the simplicity of the initial motivation & the possibility for scope creep during implementation, providing explicit support for these and other potential “side-effect” features is not included under this proposal.

Thanks for your time in reading my proposal! If a PR is welcome for this I can prepare a proof-of-concept. Have a nice day! :)


  • [x] I’m sure this issue is not a duplicate
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コマンドラインではなく、GUIから過去のファイルに遡る方法がわからない。 Historyからリモートデスクトップのファイルを変更することはできたがHistoryで選択した移行のファイルの履歴が消えた。 GitHubについてググると、基本コマンドの説明が多いので、画面から覚えたほうがいいのかコマンド覚えたほうがいいのかという疑問もあり。 昔のOracleみたい。

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Fix Bugs!!

  • [ ] Display progress dialogs during network connections
  • [ ] Display an alert if there is no internet connection
Updated 27/04/2017 19:14

Cleaned data


The ‘CleanData’ function does not clean out the train journeys that appear to have multiple changes of direction. This is expected to be resolved when Enterprise services delivers the interpolated data we have requested.

Updated 27/04/2017 01:05

3rd law violation with fix restrain dihedral when running on multiple processors


When fix restrain dihedral is run on multiple processors and when the dihedral crosses processor boundaries, the dihedral seems to be applying random forces violating newton’s 3rd law.

Running the following with a single processor works fine and by the end of the simulation the molecule has moved negligibly from its original position. Running on two more processors results in the molecule starting to translate and spin out of control at about timestep 240,000. azobenzene.txt fixRestrainTest.txt This does not occur if a dihedral with the same potential as the fix restrain dihedral is used. dihedralTest.txt

Updated 28/04/2017 19:23 1 Comments

Clinical Trial Phase


For clinical trials, more than the number needs to be specified for the Phase. e.g. instead of “"4”“ (currently what it has for 2nd Acinetobacter trial), it should read ”“Phase IV.”“ The other trial phases would be Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, or Observational Study” “User account (or none): ” “” “Device type or Browser (e.g. IE11, Android 6, etc.): ” “Samsung Galaxy S5” “Date/Time occurred: ” “9:08 AM, 4/26/17” “Expected behavior:” “Reads Phase IV” “Actual behavior:” “4”

Updated 26/04/2017 17:50 1 Comments

Discuss - wrong page


When you select the discuss button for Acanthamoeba on the Explore page, instead of taking you to the list of all discussions it takes you to one particular discussion. The same does not happen with Acinetobacter.“ "User account (or none): ” “” “Device type or Browser (e.g. IE11, Android 6, etc.): ” “Samsung Galaxy S5” “Date/Time occurred: ” “9:05 AM, 4/26/17” “Expected behavior:” “goes to list of all discussions for a disease” “Actual behavior:” “goes to single discussion for a disease”

Updated 26/04/2017 17:49 1 Comments

Users and Roles - FF4j


I am working on designing an RDBMS tables which maps Roles and Users for ff4j. The basic idea is to know whether a specific user has access to a particular feature. I came up with the following design. Table 1: UserID 100 200

Table 2: ID Roles

1 admin 2 beta-tester

Table 3: (mapping table) ID roleID

100 1 100 2 200 2

But I could see that there is already ff4j_roles table which handles roles.So I am confused with my design.And I see that if the feature is public, that does not have an entry in ff4j_roles.Is there a way we can add a “users” table and map it with ff4j_roles table?

Or can I go ahead with my design as above, get the “roles” a specific user has(using the above 3 tables), then get the “feature/s” to which those roles are assigned to from the ff4j_Roles table and thus decide if the user has access to the feature?

Thanks Vinod

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Fullscreen with Minecraft W10 Edition half FPS


Hi, I got a very strange behaviour: Using latest GloSC Lastest ViGEM driver Windows 10 x64 Creator update 15063 Using GloSC with Minecraft windows 10 Edition (UWP) in fullscreen got me half of the fps (30). Using GloSC with Minecraft W10E in window got perfectly 60fps. Tryed with hooking or not hooking. Tryed a desktop binding and launch Minecraft manually. Nothing change, same behaviour.

If I launch Minecraft without GloSC (id: not SteamTarget running) it works flawless 60fsp fullscreen and windows.

I report this as I presume there’s something wrong in the Steamtarget.exe. My suspect is something not compatible from SFML and windows 10 CU 150063.


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碎片化阅读的意义: - 了解行业动态、最新资讯 - 开阔眼界、见识不同方向的知识和解决方案 - 阅读时碰到比较好的可以分类收集起来,等到需要时再专门参考研究 - 不可本末倒置,碎片化阅读只是辅助,最重要的还是自己要多写代码多思考



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Updated 26/04/2017 00:42

[Conversation] dialog_nodes field is missing from the WorkspaceExportResponse object


In version 3.8.0 of the sdk, dialog_nodes is missing from the WorkspaceExportResponse object.

Code: Docs:

Updated 25/04/2017 22:37 1 Comments

Limitations on Spatially Partitioned Messaging dimensions


Windows imposes limits on the size of statically allocated data. For 32bit and 64bit windows this is limited to 2GB (source).

The number of bins required for spatially partitioned messaging is dependant upon the bounds and radius. If the combination of environment bounds and radius result in a significant number of bins being required (approx 536,870,912 bins, or roughly an 812*812*812 cube ) then the application will not compile. This should not be a problem for FLAMEGPU2 as dynamically allocated memory can be up to 8TB on Windows x64.

Furthermore, the use of cudaBindTexture in spatially partitioned messaging imposes an additional limit (device dependant) at runtime. The total number of elements in a linear address range cannot exceed cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture1DLinear[0] (source), which for a Geforce GTX Titan X is 134217728 texels (source). In practice this limits the number of bins in spatially partitioned messaging to 512*512*512.

Updated 25/04/2017 16:59 1 Comments

FoUC (Flash of Unstyled Content) Issue


I am putting this here as a reminder for documentation and it should be added as a FAQ when v2.0 is released.

There is a FoUC issue which I could only see on a website with Semantic MediaWiki enabled. Nearly drove me over the edge last night as to why it was only an issue on SMW enabled sited. I have tracked it down to the way MW blocks system message enabled CSS. MW tests pages (probably not ideal way) to block CSS from what they determine are “Restricted Pages” (Login, User Prefs, etc).

For some reason (extra load? of SMW) changing the CSS of a website using Foreground will cause a FoUC. Navbar color for example will load as the default and milliseconds later change to the colors set by MediaWiki:Foreground.css or User:Username/foreground.css. It is definitely noticeable and quite annoying. It also limits the way a user can style their site using Foreground, eg. changing the navbar color.

$wgAllowSiteCSSOnRestrictedPages = true; must be set to true and the FoUC stops completely. Personally, I thought that was one of the stupidest merges into the MW core. The reasoning was borderline paranoia. Many people complained and the $wgAllowSiteCSSOnRestrictedPages = true; was created as an option which is set to false as a default. Anyway, anyone using a custom skin should have this set to true in my opinion.

Updated 25/04/2017 14:53 1 Comments

Float Compare


Everywhere I compare floating point numbers I made up a new way to do it to keep myself amused. I will not fix this. Uhh…but it is an issue. And I will probably fix it eventually…

Updated 25/04/2017 04:33

ore magnet not functioning correctly with gregtech ores


when you use an ore magnet to pull gregtech ores up to the surface, gregtech ores do this thing where they take the shape of some weird generic ore and when you mine it, it yields a cobblestone(even with silk touch). this is pretty problematic imo, since the ore magnet is a well designed way to efficiently scout what kinds of ores are below you in the early-mid game, and helps you waste a lot less time randomly digging.

Updated 25/04/2017 21:07 3 Comments

Gmaps breaks with browser extensions such as Privacy Badger, Ublock Origin


Observed this in my browser which runs the above two extensions. Error message in console brings up a number of the CDN’s in #2 - unless fixing that is a remedy Ill go ahed and label this a likely wontfix as its a bit beyond the scope/control how we use the google maps api and how thats picked up by these extensions.


Updated 25/04/2017 00:38

!! Extremely insecure !!


The code written is for a highly constrained environment, i.e. only one Pi, only one user, and just a temporary code for presentation. It is highly insecure and implementing the same code without adding extra security is strictly not recommended if you value your project. : P An extra layer of security would be to check the MAC address of incoming connection. Have a list of trusted devices and check if the MAC address matches. (Only this will not suffice, because MAC spoofing can be done). Have to look into additional checks which can be done.

Updated 24/04/2017 16:57

IDE can't deal with multiples ino files yet


I have a code working with Arduino IDE but it doesn’t work with platformIO.

The issue with multiples ino files was pointed as solved here but it doesn’t work to me.

See the print screen with errors:


Here the full code:

Another thing, the IDE is adding #include <Arduino.h> to each file on code. It’s really needed?

Best regards.

Updated 29/04/2017 18:56 4 Comments

Error parsing / templating container.yml


Bug Report

version: “2”
{% for slave in slaves %}
  build-slave-{{ }}:
    image: "{{ slave.base_image}}:{{ slave.base_image_tag }}"
        - "{{ slave.host_port }}:{{ container_port }}"
    command: ["/usr/sbin/sshd”, "-D”,”-p {{ container_port}}"]
    #command: ["/bin/sh”,”-c”,“while true; do sleep 1000; done”]
      - CODE-RADE-src:rw
      - CODE-RADE-modules:rw
      - CODE-RADE-soft:rw
      - CODE-RADE-repo:rw
      - CODE-RADE-cvmfs:rw
{% endfor %}

    image: alpine
    command: ["/bin/sh”,”-c”,“while true; do sleep 1000; done”]
      - "{{ src_dir }}"
    image: alpine
    command: ["/bin/sh”,”-c”,“while true; do sleep 1000; done”]
      - "{{ soft_dir }}"
    image: alpine
    command: ["/bin/sh”,”-c”,“while true; do sleep 1000; done”]
      - "{{ repo_dir }}"
    image: alpine
    command: ["/bin/sh”,”-c”,“while true; do sleep 1000; done”]
      - "{{ modules_dir }}"
    image: alpine
    command: ["/bin/sh”,”-c”,“while true; do sleep 1000; done”]
      - "{{ cvmfs_dir }}"

    namespace: /u/aaroc
    namespace: aaroc

vars : ```

Vars for Buildslave

slaves: - name: centos6 base_image: centos base_image_tag: 6 host_port: 5000 - name: centos7 base_image: centos base_image_tag: 7 host_port: 5001 - name: ubuntu1404 base_image: ubuntu base_image_tag: “14.04” host_port: 5002 - name: ubuntu1610 base_image: ubuntu base_image_tag: “16.10” host_port: 5003

container_port: “5200” modules_dir: /data/modules src_dir: /data/src/ repo_dir: /data/artefacts soft_dir: /data/ci-build cvmfs_dir: /cvmfs ```


<!— Paste verbatim a copy of your main.yml between the quotes below –> ``` - name: Raw Setup (ubuntu) hosts: build-slave-ubuntu* gather_facts: false tasks: - name: Install Python (Ubuntu) raw: which python || apt-get -y update && apt-get install -y python

  • name: Raw Setup (CentOS) hosts: build-slave-centos* gather_facts: false tasks:

    • name: install python raw: which python || yum -y update && yum install -y python
  • name: Prepare Jenkins environment hosts: build-slave* tasks:

    • name: add keys to the authorized keys authorized_key: user: root key:{{ item }}.keys validate_certs: False with_items:

      • brucellino
      • jenkinssagrid
    • name: install sshd package: name: openssh-server state: present

    • name: generate host keys command: “ssh-keygen -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host{{item }}key -N ‘’ -t {{ item }}” args: creates: “/etc/ssh/ssh_host{{item }}key” with_items:

      • rsa
      • dsa
      • ecdsa
    • name: ensure run dir present file: dest: /var/run/sshd state: directory owner: root

    • name: Replace the pam login lineinfile: dest: /etc/pam.d/sshd line: “session optional” regexp: “session required” state: present

  • name: CODE-RADE secret sauce hosts: build-slave* tasks:

    • name: install prerequisites package: name: “{{ item }}” state: present with_items:
      • make
      • git
      • environment-modules
      • wget
      • bzip2
      • vim
      • which
      • tree
      • java-1.8.0-openjdk.x86_64
      • perl-CPAN
      • libX11-devel when: ansible_os_family == “RedHat”

        See, now this just makes me upset. I have to put in this dirty workaround because

        there is a circular dependency on a frikkin perl module

        (need cpanm for Test::more, which needs cpanm to install)

    • block:

      • name: Ensure that cpanm is available uri: url: dest: /bin/cpanm creates: /bin/cpanm
      • name: Ensure executable file: path: /bin/cpanm mode: “u+rwx” rescue:
      • debug: msg: “Ah, fuckit”

      when: ansible_os_family == “RedHat”

    • name: Install Required Groups (RedHat) yum: name: “{{ item }}” state: present when: ansible_os_family == ‘RedHat’ with_items:

      • ‘@X Software Development’
      • ‘@Development tool’
    • name: Install prerequisites (Debian) package: name: “{{ item }}” state: present with_items:

      • build-essential
      • gfortran
      • git
      • environment-modules
      • wget
      • bzip2
      • vim
      • default-jdk
      • tree
      • curl
      • m4
      • cpanminus
      • libx11-dev
      • zip when: “{{ ansible_os_family == ‘Debian’}}”
    • name: Ensure Testing packages are installed cpanm: name: Test::More

    • name: Pull in vars include_vars: file: code-rade.yml name: code_rade

    • name: Template modules template: src: “templates/{{ item.path[ansible_os_family] }}/{{ }}.j2” dest: “/{{ item.path[ansible_os_family] }}/{{}}” with_items: “{{code_rade.modules}}”

<!--- Paste output from `ansible-container --debug version` between the quotes below -->

Ansible Container, version 0.9.1rc0 Linux, serbaggio, 4.4.0-72-generic, #93-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 31 14:07:41 UTC 2017, x86_64 2.7.12 (default, Nov 19 2016, 06:48:10) [GCC 5.4.0 20160609] /usr/bin/python { “ContainersPaused”: 0, “Labels”: null, “CgroupDriver”: “cgroupfs”, “ContainersRunning”: 0, “ContainerdCommit”: { “Expected”: “4ab9917febca54791c5f071a9d1f404867857fcc”, “ID”: “4ab9917febca54791c5f071a9d1f404867857fcc” }, “InitBinary”: “docker-init”, “NGoroutines”: 126, “Swarm”: { “Managers”: 1, “ControlAvailable”: true, “NodeID”: “q687zdq49cxj9q63z8zkgvxkp”, “Cluster”: { “Spec”: { “Name”: “default”, “TaskDefaults”: {}, “Orchestration”: { “TaskHistoryRetentionLimit”: 5 }, “EncryptionConfig”: { “AutoLockManagers”: false }, “Raft”: { “HeartbeatTick”: 1, “LogEntriesForSlowFollowers”: 500, “KeepOldSnapshots”: 0, “ElectionTick”: 3, “SnapshotInterval”: 10000 }, “CAConfig”: { “NodeCertExpiry”: 7776000000000000 }, “Dispatcher”: { “HeartbeatPeriod”: 5000000000 } }, “Version”: { “Index”: 11 }, “ID”: “42khy9138y1jh6rmin6z5tv87”, “CreatedAt”: “2017-04-22T08:33:52.369122993Z”, “UpdatedAt”: “2017-04-22T20:33:52.379339094Z” }, “Nodes”: 1, “Error”: “”, “RemoteManagers”: [ { “NodeID”: “q687zdq49cxj9q63z8zkgvxkp”, “Addr”: “” } ], “LocalNodeState”: “active”, “NodeAddr”: “” }, “LoggingDriver”: “json-file”, “OSType”: “linux”, “HttpProxy”: “”, “Runtimes”: { “runc”: { “path”: “docker-runc” } }, “DriverStatus”: [ [ “Root Dir”, “/var/lib/docker/aufs” ], [ “Backing Filesystem”, “extfs” ], [ “Dirs”, “40” ], [ “Dirperm1 Supported”, “true” ] ], “OperatingSystem”: “Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS”, “Containers”: 0, “HttpsProxy”: “”, “BridgeNfIp6tables”: true, “MemTotal”: 8235982848, “SecurityOptions”: [ “name=apparmor”, “name=seccomp,profile=default” ], “Driver”: “aufs”, “IndexServerAddress”: “”, “ClusterStore”: “”, “InitCommit”: { “Expected”: “949e6fa”, “ID”: “949e6fa” }, “Isolation”: “”, “SystemStatus”: null, “OomKillDisable”: true, “ClusterAdvertise”: “”, “SystemTime”: “2017-04-24T17:56:26.845795694+02:00”, “Name”: “serbaggio”, “CPUSet”: true, “RegistryConfig”: { “InsecureRegistryCIDRs”: [ “” ], “IndexConfigs”: { “”: { “Official”: true, “Name”: “”, “Secure”: true, “Mirrors”: null } }, “Mirrors”: [] }, “DefaultRuntime”: “runc”, “ContainersStopped”: 0, “NCPU”: 8, “NFd”: 31, “Architecture”: “x86_64”, “KernelMemory”: true, “CpuCfsQuota”: true, “Debug”: false, “ID”: “O4O7:C7V3:PT4A:3GDE:PDWG:KHS2:MOI2:CNIJ:DMZH:OH7U:WOTC:5345”, “IPv4Forwarding”: true, “KernelVersion”: “4.4.0-72-generic”, “BridgeNfIptables”: true, “NoProxy”: “”, “LiveRestoreEnabled”: false, “ServerVersion”: “17.03.1-ce”, “CpuCfsPeriod”: true, “ExperimentalBuild”: false, “MemoryLimit”: true, “SwapLimit”: false, “Plugins”: { “Volume”: [ “local” ], “Network”: [ “bridge”, “host”, “macvlan”, “null”, “overlay” ], “Authorization”: null }, “Images”: 15, “DockerRootDir”: “/var/lib/docker”, “NEventsListener”: 0, “CPUShares”: true, “RuncCommit”: { “Expected”: “54296cf40ad8143b62dbcaa1d90e520a2136ddfe”, “ID”: “54296cf40ad8143b62dbcaa1d90e520a2136ddfe” } } { “KernelVersion”: “4.4.0-72-generic”, “Arch”: “amd64”, “BuildTime”: “2017-03-27T17:14:09.765618756+00:00”, “ApiVersion”: “1.27”, “Version”: “17.03.1-ce”, “MinAPIVersion”: “1.12”, “GitCommit”: “c6d412e”, “Os”: “linux”, “GoVersion”: “go1.7.5” }

<!--- Explain the problem briefly -->
I recently upgraded to the version of ansible-container specified above. This seems to break the build of my templated containers. I am using a `for` loop to build the topology, since there are several similar services, but ansible-container doesn't like that. I get a 

ERROR Invalid container.yml: Parsing container.yml - while scanning for the next token found character ‘%’ that cannot start any token ```


<!— ansible-container –var-file vars.yml build –>

<!— Paste any example commands between quotes below –> ```

<!--- You can also paste links for larger files -->

<!--- What did you expect to happen when running the steps above? -->
I expect the builds to work, as they did until (at least) 0.2.0.

<!--- What actually happened? If possible run with debugging (--debug) -->

<!--- Paste verbatim command output between quotes below -->

2017-04-24T18:00:52.318639 Invalid container.yml: Parsing container.yml - while scanning for the next token found character ‘%’ that cannot start any token in “/home/becker/Ops/AAROC/DevOps/Containers/Ansible-Container/CODE-RADE-build-containers/ansible/container.yml”, line 3, column 2 [container.cli] caller_file=‘/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ansible_container-0.9.1rc0-py2.7.egg/container/’ caller_func=‘call’ caller_line=283


This is ansible-container from pip installation.

Updated 25/04/2017 13:34 5 Comments

Doubt in Viterbi implementation



I am confused wrt lines 26 and 27 of the viterbi implementation: trellis[:, t] = (trellis[:, t-1, None].dot(self.Obs(obs[t]).T) * self.transProb).max(0) backpt[:, t] = (np.tile(trellis[:, t-1, None], [1, self.N]) * self.transProb).argmax(0)

I am not able to understand why there is no dot product happening in the second line. Why multiply only with transProb without taking obs into account?

Please help.

Updated 25/04/2017 20:38 1 Comments

get_supported_image_formats fails on Mac OS X


core::get_supported_image_formats fails on OSX by returning Image Formats: Err( Error converting to 'ImageChannelOrder'. ).

The reason is that some of the returned values for channel order and datatype are completely weird. On the CPU device I get: Found 28 image formats ... Ch.order: 4284, data type: 4317 Ch.order: 4277, data type: 268435464 Ch.order: 4277, data type: 4312 ... Ch.order: 4284, data type: 4307 Ch.order: 268435462, data type: 4306 Ch.order: 4273, data type: 4306 Ch.order: 4279, data type: 4306 Ch.order: 268435463, data type: 4306 Ch.order: 4278, data type: 4306 ... On the GPU device: Found 84 image formats ... Ch.order: 4279, data type: 4306 Ch.order: 268435474, data type: 4306 Ch.order: 4272, data type: 4304 ...

The values were determined using this small C program (posting it here because maybe I made a mistake somewhere?) ```C

include <stdio.h>

include <sys/types.h>

include <OpenCL/cl.h>

define CHECK_ERR { \

if(err < 0) { \
    perror("OPenCL error"); \
    exit(1); \
} \


int main() { cl_int err;

cl_platform_id platform;
err = clGetPlatformIDs(1, &platform, NULL);

cl_device_id device;
err = clGetDeviceIDs(platform, CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU, 1, &device, NULL);

cl_context context;
context = clCreateContext(NULL, 1, &device, NULL, NULL, &err);

cl_uint num_img_formats = 0;
cl_image_format formats[100];
err = clGetSupportedImageFormats(context,
                                 sizeof(formats) / sizeof(formats[0]),

printf("Found %d image formats\n", num_img_formats);

for (int i=0; i<num_img_formats; ++i) {
    printf("Ch.order: %d, data type: %d\n",


} `` Doing the same thing usingcl-sys` yields the same results.

I could not find any of those strange values in Apple’s OpenCL headers.

Updated 28/04/2017 19:21 7 Comments

admin_user_info.php styling


This page is mostly unstyled and has a number of issues. This would take some effort as I’m only now looking at the page, and wasn’t involved in creating it. I’m making a decision to consider this task out of our scope, as;

  • everything given to us from the previous project is now styled correctly and responsive
  • all functionality on admin_user_info works, it’s simply CSS rules and HTML styling
Updated 23/04/2017 19:21

the first issue


this is my first issue

function bubble(){ console.log('bubble') }

this is a quote

TaskList 语法

  • [x] 完成部署工具的设置
  • [ ] 博客文章更新
  • [ ] 实现抽奖功能


function bubble(){
Updated 24/04/2017 08:22

Explore using the TensorFlow Serving framework


Processor should be able to use SavedModelBundle to load TensorFlow Serving models.

TensorFlow Serving is serving system for machine learning models that allows to deploy new algorithms and experiments, while keeping the same server architecture and APIs. It allows to update the model versions and serving multiple models (which can be used for A/B testing).

The Tesorflow#7688 adds SavedModelBundle class to support the TensorFlow Serving platform.

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draw_rect doesn't draw lower right corner


I don’t know if this is normal sdl2 behaviour, but Renderer::draw_rect(..) does not draw the lower right corner of the rectangle. Renderer::fill_rect() draws it.

draw_rect (scaled up): draw_rect

fill_rect (scaled up): fill_rect


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This is cumbersome, frail, and messy


I like the idea of managing a bright idea in a Pull Request. I like it for the dialog and review interface, and for collecting edits in commits.

I have been managing a bright idea as a card on a list on a board. So I drafted a step-by-step to replicate the organization and workflow in Pull Requests.

What I put together would require tools and automation to be useful, and it lacks controls to ensure those will work.

It could work in the Web UI but is confusing if you edit files locally. Plus, how to intuitively organize .md files for each idea?

This was an exercise in curiosity, rather than a solution to a problem. So I’ll keep my incubator and other wetware projects on something like Trello or Asana for now.

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Scrape It 'Til Ya Make It: Taking UNIQLO Mobile


BrooklynJS Talk Submission

Talk Title:

Scrape It ‘Til Ya Make It: Taking UNIQLO Mobile

Talk Description:

UNIQLO had just spent a ton of cash on its first e-commerce website in the US, but it had one serious flaw: half of its potential sales bounced because it was desktop-only. This is the true story of how two scrappy New York JavaScripters defied the odds to build an app that brought UNIQLO mobile.


Jed Schmidt / Michael Hart

Twitter Handle (optional):

@jedschmidt / @hichaelmart

Months Available to Speak:


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Enabling Default Rules?


Hello, I read through the user-guide, and the read me, and many of the links provided, but I think I need further help activating specific default rules. To turn on rules, all I need to do is create a “eslintrules.json” file in the “C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Brackets\extensions\user\brackets-eslint.eslintrules” Directory? Or do I put these in the “.brackets.json” file in “C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Brackets\extensions\user\brackets-eslint” Directory? If I do make my own file, do I just write the code like this? ~~~ { “env”:{ “node”: 1 } “rules”: { “constructor-super”: “error”, “no-case-declarations”: “error”, “no-class-assign”: “error” } } ~~~ or do I add these to the .brackets.json like so: ~~~ { “smartIndent”: true, “spaceUnits”: 2, “useTabChar”: false, “language”: { “javascript”: { “linting.prefer”: [“ESLint”], “linting.usePreferredOnly”: true } } “env”:{ “node”: 1 } “rules”: { “constructor-super”: “error”, “no-case-declarations”: “error”, “no-class-assign”: “error” } } ~~~

Let me know, guys! Thank you so much!

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xen-emulate-response example freezes VM


If you compile the xen-emulate-response.c example and pass it an address like the one lstar points to, it’ll handle the event fine the first couple of times, but within a few seconds the VM freezes and the example code stops receiving events.

I’m using Xen 4.8.

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Test Creator gets stuck on a black page after selecting an interface


Screenshots show when you open the test creator, you can start to make a new test, then select an interface. But after that you are presented with a black interface selection screen. Pressing back takes you back to the first test creator page where you can drag in a pre-made xml file.

<img width=“834” alt=“screen shot 2017-04-21 at 16 29 06” src=“”> <img width=“816” alt=“screen shot 2017-04-21 at 16 29 14” src=“”> <img width=“832” alt=“screen shot 2017-04-21 at 16 29 18” src=“”>

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Неуловленное исключение в модуле дебаг тестирования


Неуловленное исключение в модуле дебаг тестирования может возникнуть, если автор задачи предоставил не 64 битную версию авторского решения.

Из-за этой вот фигни крашится сервер проверки решений. Сейчас это пока-что не страшно, но нужно эту лавочку прикрыть!

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Error while read Class/struct from s7-1200


Code Issue - index out of range exception when read class. ```C# namespace DemoS7NetPlus {

/// <summary>
/// Interaction logic for MainWindow.xaml
/// </summary>
public partial class MainWindow : Window

    public class TestDB
        public bool TestowyBool { get; set; }
        public bool DrugiBool { get; set; }

    public MainWindow()

        Plc plc = new Plc(CpuType.S71200, "", 0, 1);


        if (!plc.IsConnected)

        Task.Run(() =>

    TestDB demo = new TestDB();

            while (true)
                plc.ReadClass(demo, 1); //here index out of range exception 
                //"   w S7.Net.Types.Class.FromBytes(Object sourceClass, Type classType, Byte[] bytes)\r\n   w S7.Net.Plc.ReadClass(Object sourceClass, Int32 db, Int32 startByteAdr)\r\n   w DemoS7NetPlus.MainWindow.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.<.ctor>b__0() w C:\\Users\\Admin\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2017\\Projects\\DemoS7NetPlus\\DemoS7NetPlus\\MainWindow.xaml.cs:wiersz 55\r\n   w System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.InnerInvoke()\r\n   w System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()"


} ```


virtualbox_win7_32_tia 13_21_04_2017_11_35_28

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85015e and c86626f break qmake-based build


Steps to reproduce

  1. cd oomapper-build
  2. qmake-qt5 -r ../oomapper/
  3. make

Actual behaviour

cd doc/manual/ && ( test -e Makefile || /usr/bin/qmake-qt5 /home/lpechacek/oomapper/doc/manual/ -o Makefile ) && make -f Makefile 
make[1]: Entering directory '/home/lpechacek/build-oo-mapper-Desktop-Debug/doc/manual'
-- The CXX compiler identification is GNU 6.3.1
-- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/g++
-- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/g++ -- works
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done
-- Detecting CXX compile features
-- Detecting CXX compile features - done
-- Conditional manual sections: LINUX
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:128 (install):
  install FILES given no DESTINATION!
../../oomapper/src/mapper_resource.cpp: In function ‘void MapperResource::setSeachPaths()’:
../../oomapper/src/mapper_resource.cpp:67:40: error: ‘MAPPER_DATA_DESTINATION’ was not declared in this scope
../../oomapper/src/mapper_resource.cpp:68:39: error: ‘MAPPER_ABOUT_DESTINATION’ was not declared in this scope
make[1]: *** [Makefile:3696: mapper_resource.o] Error 1

Expected behaviour

Qmake based build passes as before OR this procedure is clearly deprecated.


Mapper Version: af3538dfd3b1a54aaf28dcdbe85666ebe87483ea Operating System: Linux - openSUSE/Tumbleweed

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