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UI Homepage Overhaul


Unsure if these changes are a huge deal. But they’re super necessary.

Is it possible (Probably not) to get this set up before @rbayliss’s presentation on Friday?

Invision Links WIDE: MED: THIN:

Updated 17/10/2017 04:21

Add plugin properties, make them persistent


Supersedes #243

Moves network table server property to the NetworkTables plugin
Fixes a bug with where changing the NetworkTable server property wouldn’t connect to the new server

Update dialog CSS to make the content span the width of the dialog. This gives a nice solid bar for the preference tabs:


Updated 17/10/2017 03:54 1 Comments

Feature Request: Channel history


I’ve opened and closed a couple channels at this point, but looking back, there’s no record I ever had those now-closed channels. Users probably don’t want to see those all the time, but having a “show history” button to show your closed channels would be nice. Also nice would be a “purge history” button, or the ability to erase record of individual channels.

Updated 17/10/2017 03:02

Data validation service


Sort of a “mock import” which, instead of uploading to Peripleo, returns minimal diagnostic output. We can then open this up to partners, for self validation. It should cover:

  • Gazetteer dump file
    • Pelagios RDF
    • GeoJSON
  • Pelagios Annotations

We might want to add VoID in the future. But for the time of the Pelagios 6 grant, we’ll limit to the above three cases.

Updated 16/10/2017 14:36

test_positive_ad_basic_roles failing due to syntax error

  • [ ] tests.foreman.ui.test_user.ActiveDirectoryUserTestCase.test_positive_ad_basic_roles

          assigned_permissions = self.role.get_permissions(
            role_name, [resource_type])

    E TypeError: get_permissions() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given) tests/foreman/ui/ TypeError

 def get_permissions(self, role_name):
        """Fetch all assigned permissions from role page.

        :param role_name: String with role name.
        :return: Dict with resource name as a key and list of strings with
            permissions names as a values.
Updated 17/10/2017 07:12 2 Comments

Live Show


This is the current design for Live Show

This is the Group Stage tab


The cards would be subject to Material Choreography guidelines during data population. The party panel would also be subject to the same rule too. All the players inside would be joining the same room as the party headmaster.

This is the Solo tab


The Carousel would be the album thumbnail of the song. The difficulty bars would be subject to Fluent Design’s Motion Guidelines and would be populated during selection.

The button here, however, is not Material-like and should be Fluent-y

Again, used fonts here are Noto Sans CJK Demilight and Noto Sans CJK Light.

Updated 16/10/2017 11:48

Toggleable flyover containers



Every toggleable flyover container starts with a container element with the CSS class flyover-container which has a unique ID per column. It contains at least one clickable element with the CSS class flyover-toggle and exactly one container element with the CSS class flyover-content. The flyover-content element is empty and not being displayed. Once any of the flyover-toggle elements is being clicked, the CSS class flyover-collapsed is being added to or removed from the flyover-content element.

If it’s removed, the content is being displayed and the URL in its data-flyover-href is loaded. If it’s added, the content is being undisplayed and the loaded content is destroyed.

<div class="flyover-container" id="graphsrange-customdatetimepicker">
  <button class="flyover-toggle"></button>
  <div class="flyover-content flyover-collapsed" data-flyover-href="/icingaweb2/graphite/graphsrange-customdatetimepicker"></div>
.flyover-content .flyover-collapsed {
  display: none;


If a column refreshes, all its open flyovers are backed up and restored once the render event is fired.

Updated 16/10/2017 15:08 2 Comments

Quiz activity UI


Quiz activity must contain the following - [ ] Menu (reset button, quit button, text view with the current quesion number) - [ ] The flag image - [ ] The choices - [ ] Toast indicating a wrong answer

Portrait and landscape layouts must both be included.

Updated 16/10/2017 10:51

Statistics activity UI


Statistics activity must contain the following: - [ ] Table for the statistics of completed quizes (date and time, # of questions, # of attempts, score) - [ ] Total statistics at the bottom

Updated 16/10/2017 10:43

Settings activity UI


Settings activity must contain the following: - [ ] Radio buttons for the number of questions - [ ] Radio buttons for the number of choices - [ ] Checkboxes for the regions - [ ] Button for resetting the statistics

Updated 16/10/2017 10:39

Bug dans l'affichage des bornes des taxons avec requête de relations


Requête :{taxon}*+livesin+soup)+and+((contents%3D(pathogen)))+and+((contents%3D(pathogen))))

capture du 2017-10-16 11-24-26

Deuxième hit: borne bizarre de “Clostridium perfringens” => “Clostridium perfringens is a pathogen that”

-> Non présent dnas l'annotation du corpus -> en requête plus stricte, ce bug sur la borne du taxon n'apparaît pas :

capture du 2017-10-16 11-27-05

Updated 17/10/2017 08:34

Android 控件架构


Android中的每个控件都会在界面中占的一块矩形的区域,而在Aandroid中, 控件大致被分为两类,即ViewGroup控件与View控件。ViewGroup控件作为副控件可以包含多个View控件,并管理其包含的View控件。通过ViewGroup,整个界面上的控件形成了一个树形结构,这也就是我们常说的控件树,上层控件负责下层控件的测量与绘制,并传递交互事件。通常在Activity中使用的findViewById()方法,就是在控件树中以树的深度优先遍历来查找对应元素。在每棵控件树的顶部,都有一个ViewParent对象,这就是整棵树的控制核心,所有的交互管理事件都由它来统一调度和分配,从而可以对整个视图进行整体控制。 image 通常情况下,在Activity中使用setContentView() 方法来设置一个布局,在调用该方法后,布局内容才真正地显示出来。那么setContentView()方法具体做了些什么呢?首先,我们来看看Android界面的架构图: image 每一个Activity都包含一个Window对象,在AndroidWindow对象通常由PhoneWindow来实现。PhoneWindow将一个DecorView设置为整个应用窗口的跟ViewDecorView作为窗口界面的顶层视图,封装来一些窗口操作的通用方法。可以说,DevorView将要显示的具体内容呈现在来PhoneWindow上,这里的所有View的监听事件,都通过WindowManagerService来进行接收,并通过Activity对象来回调相应的onClickListener。在显示上,他将屏幕分成两部分,一个是TitleView另一个是ContentView。看到这里,大家一定看见来一个非常熟悉的布局—ContentView。它是一个IDcontentFrameLayoutactivity_main.xml就是设置在这样一个FrameLayout里。通过以上过程,我们可以建立起这样一个标准视图树: image 视图树的第二层装载来一个LinearLayout,作为ViewGroup这一层的结构布局会根据对应的参数设置不同的布局,如最常用的布局—上面显示TitleBar下面是Content这样的布局,也就是上图对应的布局结构,而如果用户通过设置 ``` requestWindowFeature(Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE)

`` 来设置全屏显示,视图树中的布局就只有一个Content了,就这解释了以上方法为什么要在setContentView之前调用才能生效了。 而在代码中,当程序在onCreate()方法中调用setContentView()方法后,ActivityManagerService会回调onResume()方法,此时系统才会把整个DecorView添加到PhoneWindow`中,并让其显示出来,从而完成界面的绘制。

Updated 16/10/2017 11:53

Feature Request: Channel info


There should be some additional info you can access about a channel: * Whether the channel was created by autopilot or not * Which transaction(s) funded/closed the channel * Which lightning transactions have been sent through it * How long its been open for * If its closing, whether its waiting for a normal closing transaction to confirm vs waiting for a time-lock refund transaction to resolve

Would it also be possible to know how much of the network you can access through your channel(s)? It would be interesting/useful to know that your channels give you access to X% of the network of known endpoints, and which of your connections give you access to what percent. If channels are charging fees to create or send, that info would be useful to evaluate whether you should keep one open over another.

Updated 17/10/2017 03:01

Add button „clear all keywords“


When conversations take a while, plenty of keywords for the solr searches will be extracted. In this situation, an user has to delete many keywords if the user likes to use the search. In order to make the situation more comfortable, smarti should provide a button „clear all keywords“. By pressing this button, all keywords will be deleted and the user gets a fresh search.

Acceptance criteria: - Add button/Link „clear all keywords“ next to the Headline „solr search“ - pressing the button will remove all keywords for solr search

Updated 16/10/2017 05:54

Extend Stealth Mode options description

  1. Only applicable to Chrome - Remove X-Client Data from HTTP Requests
  2. Only really applicable when using a VPN (some of the online “browser” WebRTC tests are misleading marketing) - Block WebRTC
  3. What exactly Block Flash does and does not do - for example, if the Edge browser is set to notify about Flash content, Adguard is not going to block Flash content.
Updated 15/10/2017 23:02

Optimize 'res' folder usages.

  • [ ] Utilize splashlogo.png in drawables in place of Android Studio icon for ‘patient info’ button.
  • [ ] Ensure all static string references in XML files come from the values folder’s ‘strings.xml’ . Android Studio gives a soft warning when NOT doing so.
  • [ ] Get rid of patientInfo.json in Assets folder.
  • [ ] Update conditions.json in Assets folder with latest spreadsheet data.
Updated 15/10/2017 20:35

First Cut - Implement portfolio item edit screen.


Implement a view controller, which will allow to add or edit a portfolio item.

Controller should contain editors for: - Title. - Company/establishment. - Start date. - End date. - Description. - Attachments. - Pick photo from a library. - Take a photo. - Remove an attachment.

Required fields must be validated.

Updated 15/10/2017 12:23

First Cut - Implement profile edit screen.


Implement a view controller, which will allow to edit personal information.

Controller should contain editors for: - First name - Last name - Birdthday - Photo - Pick photo from a library. - Take a photo. - Clear selected photo. - Current title - Allow to enter arbitrary text. - Allow to select one of the experiences/educations as current title. - Summary.

Required fields must be validated.

Updated 15/10/2017 12:20

Display appropriate error message when balance is low in channel when paying


Currently while attempting to make a payment and if the channel balance is low, then the error message displayed is “Payment route failure”. This is the same message that’s displayed even when a channel isn’t created and connected. Instead I feel it would be more useful for the user if it were to display “Balance low on channel <channel id> to make payment”

Updated 15/10/2017 19:55

Wallet balance doesn't auto-update dynamically after completion of chain sync


The Lightning app’s wallet balance displays as ‘0’ after every sync completes. The ideal result would be to auto-update and display the correct balance after the sync completes instead of display it as ‘0’. The user currently has to click on the balance or ‘Channel’ screen (for example pay, request etc) in order to view the updated balance.

0 balance after sync: lightning0bal

Balance updated on clicking ‘Channel’: balanceupdatedchannel

Updated 15/10/2017 19:55

Pop-up Notifications


this is what SIF lacks, a notification to know if something special happened (New PM, New Invite, etc.)

It works in unison with #22 ’s Notifications panel.


This is Notifications with the title and a summarized details of what this notif is. This is the version where you have a button to do quick actions to either reply or accept/decline something.


A Read-only Notification.

Pop-up Notifs pops out from the top and when closed, would pop back in again to the top.

Notifications from this would also appear to the sidebar Notifications panel

Updated 15/10/2017 01:53

Sidebar and Settings


To be able to implement some features like settings, this base element should be implemented first

Sidebar In UI (Disabled)


The Sidebar is not visible unless clicking the hamburger icon or sliding left from the right side

Sidebar in UI (Enabled)


Background dims out and Sidebar pops in.

Sidebar Close-up


The sidebar is one of the most imperative elements, to simplify the current SIF UI. Most of these entries here are like hyperlinks, most of the buttons here except settings, would autohide the UI and jump into the overlay corresponding to it.

There’s also the Notifications panel which contains the recent notifications that the player probably missed.

Badges represents what are the players' type of account such as Supporter, Developer, Partner, etc. When you hover at the badge it has to show the meaning of the badges in a handy readable tooltip.

Settings Sidebar


This is the layout and the base elements of settings.

Mostly Material and partly Fluent, it emphasizes simplicity.

Entries must be categorized based on the functions that it has effect on the gameplay or UI wise.

Header : Noto Sans CJK Regular at 68px

Button Titles and Dropdown Titles: Noto Sans CJK Regular at 61px

Description: Noto Sans CJK Demilight at 48px

Updated 16/10/2017 04:51

Create Application Header


Create the header of the web UI with HTML & CSS. Try to mimic the mock-up as closely as possible. See the comments on the mock-up (indicated by a number in a blue circle) for details.

Mock-up design:

Updated 14/10/2017 11:48

Integrates S3 connection with Dataprep + Pipelines

  • This is Part: 2 of integrating S3 with Dataprep and pipelines in UI
  • Part: 1 reference -
  • One additional fix - Fixes the way we handle loading animation while switching between different dataprep connections in the connections browser.


  • Need to add a empty data view for any S3 directory.


Updated 17/10/2017 06:39 1 Comments

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