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Include more heuristics


Could anything else could train PB to be more aggressive? Like if Firefox canvas protection warnings or first party isolation are triggered assign a higher weight to block that domain. Or use of certain web standards. Or if 3rd party scripts and fonts are used?

As is, Privacy Badger still feels like it takes a relaxed approach to blocking. For instance, I turned off all other tracking protection features in Firefox, disabled any ad/analytic blockers and opened my 80 or so bookmarks, then went to reddit and opened another 50 posted links to “prime the pump” of Privacy Badger.

It would be nice to see total counts of reds/greens/yellows on the Tracking Domains tab It would be nice to see a hit count of each site’s entry on the Tracking Domains tab

If you’re going to stop recording non-tracking domains it’s going to list less things to block. If disabling checking a web page against EFF’s DNT policy is boosts performance, what does that actually do? Does it make some sort of network request to the EFF to check something? Can that be rolled into a local detection instead then?

Updated 14/12/2017 19:06 7 Comments

Improve flow for invoicing loads

  • When updating loads to be invoiced, the flow is:

  • User goes to delivered

  • User clicks on load to update amount
  • User updates load, gets redirected to homepage
  • User has to go back to delivered to mark invoiced
Updated 14/12/2017 17:58

Allow pasting multilinestring to message lines


Currently pasting string of multiple lines inserts it until first line break, and drops rest of the string. It would be useful if it instead 1) stripped line breaks - joined the lines, or 2) had real support of multiline string - resulting in text with line breaks as in original string.

I consider it most useful in Lua console and mp (ingame and lobby) chat.

re #2288

Updated 15/12/2017 01:36

Wanted: Ability to choose privacy setting of tweets crossposted to Mastodon


Something we talked about here.

I think the gist of it would be: a setting in the crossposter to choose which privacy level to assign to posts to Mastodon coming from Twitter.

At the moment it automatically posts to the default privacy setting in your Mastodon settings, which probably works fine for most people.

So maybe it would be like:

Use default Mastodon privacy setting? [ ] Yes [ ] No - [privacy setting dropdown]

… or something?

Updated 14/12/2017 15:24

LoginViewModel in QuickStart.UI May Have an Issue


ExternalLoginScheme will raise an exception when using more than one External Providers.

public class LoginViewModel : LoginInputModel
    public IEnumerable<ExternalProvider> ExternalProviders { get; set; }
    public bool IsExternalLoginOnly => EnableLocalLogin == false && ExternalProviders?.Count() == 1;

    public string ExternalLoginScheme 
        => ExternalProviders?.SingleOrDefault()?.AuthenticationScheme; // <-- SingleOrDefault will throw on multiple items

Should it return the first scheme available?

Updated 14/12/2017 21:48 4 Comments

UI: record edition page can be opened by a user which does not have the permission


Problem: A user who does not have the right to edit a record can still see the page for editing a published record metadata: http://<HOSTNAME>/records/<ID>/edit

Level: Minor issue This is a minor issue as the user would have to copy paste the URL to the edition page. There is no button displayed on the record page to edit it. Also when the user tries to save the REST API correctly refuses with a 403 error.

Updated 14/12/2017 10:57

Wrong Psychic Scream artwork


<!— ### Before we start ### –> <!— Please doublecheck there is no existing issue for your problem/feature request. –> <!— Please delete any obsolete sections from this template before submitting your issue. –>

Bug report

Expected Behavior

<!— What did you expect to happen? –> Playing versus priest. Priest palys Psychic scream.

Actual Behavior

<!— What did actually happen? –> Psychic Scream uses wrong artwork. Instead of its own its using the Dragon’s Fury artwork.

Steps to reproduce behavior

<!— Can you reproduce it? How? –> Just play Psychic Scream.


<!— If applicable, provide a log of the session where the problem occurred. –> <!— See here: –> grafik

Updated 14/12/2017 20:04 1 Comments

[CDAP-12986] Adds evaluation metrics for experiment

  • Fixes experiment detailed view styling based on spec
  • Adds a generic styled select component to be re-used everywhere
  • Fixes VegaLiteChart to be generic
  • Adds evaluationMetrics from backend to the store and render appropriate visualization.


Updated 15/12/2017 01:24 1 Comments

Options Menu


Story: As a user I would like an options menu to choose which kind of AI I play against, and what type of data I view. Points: 8 Priority: Medium Risk: Low

Updated 14/12/2017 07:21

Game Input


Story: As a user I want to be able to input X and O values on a basic 3x3 TicTacToe playing grid. Story Points: 8 Priority: High Risk: Medium

Updated 14/12/2017 22:03 1 Comments

Query Builder v1


Changes and new capabilities: - Status tabs are gone, along with the statusGroup queryParam and all associated logic - All search filters have been grouped under the ‘q’ queryParam (this is the generally accepted queryParam for a search query) - Buttons for status conditionally appear if a status filter is not already present on the current list view, and perform the same function as the previous status tabs - A header component that currently contains only the search bar is present on the list and details view - Entering a QueryJobsRequest field or a label value creates a chip, which can be deleted or edited using the free text input field. The search button routes to the new query.

Changes pending unit tests

Updated 14/12/2017 00:10

GUI: initial screen update is just wrong!


NVIM v0.2.2 xubuntu 17.04 zesty no terminal/messagepack only.

Problem description:

Initial screen grid update is sent from nvim before modes are established and default styles and colors are set. The screen is cleared before colors are established. Most of the screen, with the exception of the first line, is then filled with bold spaces, before styling information is established. Status line is displayed as inverted, once again, before the colors are established.

After mode styling information is transmitted, no refresh takes place.

Expected behaviour:

1) establish ground rules - color, styles, modes, etc. 2) enter correct state 3) clear the screen 4) send the text updates for areas that are changed only.

Should any text, color, style or mode data changed,

5) send text updates for areas that are affected only.

Actual behaviour:

1) text updates sent before colors are established 2) first line is strangely different from the rest of the screen on startup (bold spaces! While you think it does not matter, bold styling in a GUI environment may be drastically different visually from non-bold!) 3) monumental changes to colors, styles and mode defaults are not followed by a grid update requiring guesswork or a deep understanding of sequencing of NVIM events (impossible with current quality of documentation, although it specifically says not to expect anything to be in sequence - a nonsensical pronouncement for a protocol that demands sequencing) 4) redundant commands are sent

And finally, forgive me for beating a dead horse, I would like to again point out the not just the initial sequencing is wrong, but pretty much all of messagepack data is so poorly designed, badly sequenced, inconsistent, and largely undocumented that I strongly suspect it was deliberately built as a torture instrument.

Updated 14/12/2017 22:09 16 Comments

Provide user feedback for interactions that will require loading time



While working with large files there is no feedback to the user that they will have to wait for the data to load. Usually this is because we are performing a database call behind the scenes for the information based on the user interaction. While the database call is in progress, the user cannot perform other actions. This is confusing.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Import a JSON file (I’ve seen this behavior occur with files ~121 MB)
  2. Perform actions within the app (just a few examples listed below) to experience the loading:
  3. Re-importing a SQLite file and wait for the dashboard to populate ii. Use a column filter in the Table View filter iii. Select a file or directory from the code directory tree iv. In the bar chart summary, select an attribute from the drop down menu.

Expected behavior I would expect that feedback is provided to the user when they have to wait for an action that might result in longer wait times.

Actual behavior The app appears to freeze since you cannot click anything else. This may result in users restarting the app without knowing that they will have the same behavior occur after restart.

Reproduces how often: We would need more data, but I have seen this happen for files > ~100MB.

Errors in the Developer Tools

No errors

System configuration

Operating System: MacOS

AboutCode Manager Version: v 2.1.0

Updated 13/12/2017 22:30

Unix time support


I’d like the UI to display Unix time. I use Unix time everywhere else.

  • [x] I searched or browsed the repo’s other issues to ensure this is not a duplicate.
  • [ ] This bug happens on a tagged release and not on master (If you’re a user, don’t worry about this).
Updated 14/12/2017 05:49 3 Comments

Usability - Teams/Individuals/Organizations


Following on from #539, it may be unclear to users what an organization is. Teams has a description and a link, and seems clear, but not organizations. If a user is setting up an account on behalf of an organization, should they first register an account? If they are not logged in/registered, the signup process appears to be the same no matter which create button they click.

Similarly, when creating an organization account while logged in, the system tells the user that they are already logged in (with a user number, rather than a name), but it’s not clear what it’s expecting after that.. Which email address? The existing one used for the current account (in which case the system should know it already), or a new one for the organization?

Updated 13/12/2017 20:04

Ambiguous text on Organizations/Teams/Individuals pages


The Individuals page starts with “The top 18 individuals on Liberapay are:” (and likewise for Organizations). Are these all the organizations/individuals there are? If not, how can I browse/search more?

The teams page is more definitive, stating “There are 210 teams on Liberapay” and presumably lists them all.

Updated 13/12/2017 21:02

loading linked documents on same server fails for large framework


When loading a framework that is large and has associations to and from other large frameworks, the association view fails to load and display the related items in linked frameworks.

For example, view this item in the assessment “Content Specification” framework here:

Not the “Exact Match Of” assococitions THere is one “local:[uuid] 0loading doucment” that never loads, or takes a very long time and maybe times out.


If you click to the next item down, then that link to that local framework is now down as “(document could not be loaded…)” and no links to the other framework are displayed.


Updated 14/12/2017 18:23 1 Comments

Jump to Type from Disassembly/Type Searching


Couldn’t find an existing issue for this, but I wanted to make sure that these features were on the radar for the upcoming UI changes. I’d like to be able to double-click a type in disassembly and jump to the type’s definition in the Types window. Additionally, there is no way to search for a type in the Types window like one can do with the function list pane. Both of these would make it way more convenient to work with types.

Updated 15/12/2017 00:44

The error-redirect function doesnt work as intended


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No value supplied for key: :landing-page

This makes sense as in one can see that the ctx is passed as a first argument to routes/absolute-path. Not sure how it worked at the first place

Updated 13/12/2017 16:06 1 Comments

test_positive_update_login_page_footer_text is failing when footer text is long


In case we generate long string (~230 characters, probably less also), ui.test_setting.SettingTestCase.Delete test_positive_update_login_page_footer_text is failing with: 2017-12-13 17:25:46 - robottelo.ui.browser - DEBUG - findElement: id: 7 {'using': 'xpath', 'value': u"//td[span[contains(@data-original-title, 'login_text')]]/following-sibling::td[@class='setting_value']/span[contains(@class, 'editable')]"} 2017-12-13 17:25:49 - robottelo.ui.browser - DEBUG - clickElement: {'id': u'7'} 2017-12-13 17:26:02 - robottelo.ui.base - DEBUG - TimeoutException: Waiting for element '//td[@class='setting_value']//form//*[contains(@class, 'form-control')]' to display. Message: element //td[@class='setting_value']//form//*[contains(@class, 'form-control')] is not visible

With short text (~100, probably more) test passed.

Updated 13/12/2017 16:24

end of DOI is cut off if too long


Udagawa 1999: the DOI is 10.1016/S00319201(99)00073-4 but the 3-4 is not displayed in the summary. <img width=“591” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-13 at 6 36 39 am” src=“”>

Updated 13/12/2017 14:39

Collection sidebar UI


Needs to contain:

  • Title and summary of collection, tagged countries and languages
  • Facet breakdown of entity and document types in that collection.
Updated 13/12/2017 11:00

Entity viewer UI


Similar to document viewer, two main components:

  • Sidebar with entity attributes, like name, countries, address, phone etc.
  • Main bar with linked entities, and documents / similar entities section.
Updated 13/12/2017 10:57 1 Comments

Document viewer UI


This is a fairly large ticket for implementing the main document viewer in Aleph 2. It includes:

  • A sidebar showing common document metadata, such as title, source collection, source URL, dates, etc.
  • A body section which differentiates the types of Documents we have.
  • A headers section for E-Mail metadata

Sub-viewers are required for:

  • [ ] Plain Text (or email bodies)
  • [ ] HTML documents (or email bodies)
  • [ ] Folders (which may also be attachments on an email)
  • [ ] Tables (see
  • [ ] PDF Viewer (see also #108 about whether this should render PNGs of pages)
  • [ ] possibly: Images
Updated 13/12/2017 10:57 1 Comments

In Monitoring tab remove navigation arrows when viewing details for data point



When in the Monitoring tab you select survey form and then a data point point from the list. In a pop up window you see all the forms submitted to the data point and you can click on a submission to view the details.

In the UI in the table header in this pop up window, all columns have navigation arrows that indicate you could possible sort your table. There do not work and thus only clutter the screen.

<img width=“1064” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-13 at 11 32 19” src=“”>


Before we make larger UI changes on how one views data, let’s simplify what we have currently and remove all these arrows from the submission list in the pop up and also form the submission view when looking at answers.

Updated 14/12/2017 08:21

In Monitoring tab cannot see difference between monitoring form and registration form



When viewing data in the Monitoring tab the user selects her survey and then sees a list of data points. Once she opens a data point she sees all submissions made for that data point. The oldest submission (the last in the row) is of the registration form and the newer ones are submissions made to one or multiple monitoring forms.

She can see which submission is made to which form by looking at the “Survey” column in her view. This column shows the entire folder > survey > form path.


The problem is that the Survey column shows for all submissions the same form, the one that was submitted as last. But the submissions might be from different forms for that survey. The path should be submission specific. Currently because all are the same, she cannot see which submission is for which form.

Change 1

Make sure that the survey form path shows the correct form to which the submissions was made.

<img width=“1267” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-13 at 11 21 48” src=“”>

Change 2

We are planning to fully change how users view data, but that will not happen anytime soon. We can however simplify what we currently have and what we show for now.

We can simplify what we show here. As the user already selected her folder and survey, she knows what she is looking at. I would propose to rename the column Survey to Form and only show the Form name for the submission and not the full string. We also need to make sure that if changes were made to the name of the forms, that they are properly reflected here.

@muloem what do you think?

Updated 13/12/2017 10:31

In Monitoring tab add question group to submission view



Users view data in the Inspect data tab (where you view data per form - so all submissions per a form) or in the Monitoring tab (where you view data per data point - so all submissions made for a data point).

Both views are however quite inconsistent in how we show a form submission. In the Inspect data tab we show question groups and the questions that belong in them. In Monitoring tab we do not and the questions seem to appear in a random order.

<img width=“1267” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-13 at 11 03 47” src=“”>

<img width=“1265” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-13 at 11 03 16” src=“”>


In the future we will reconsider how users view data on Flow, but this will not happen anytime soon. We however need to tackle these small UI issues to simplify what users have on their screen and to bring a consistency in how we show data even though in many different tabs.

Once the user selects her data point and then submission we should show the question group in the view as we do in the inspect data tab. We should also then show the order of the questions in the groups in the view.

We need to make sure that repeated question groups are also shown properly with the repetition number.

<img width=“1207” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-13 at 11 06 45” src=“”>

Updated 13/12/2017 10:10

In Monitoring tab data point order shows as NaN



Once the user selects her survey and form in the Monitoring tab, she sees a list of data points. The first column in the list show the order/count of data points. This now shows as Not A Number.

<img width=“1252” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-13 at 10 47 00” src=“”>


Make sure that a order number shows in the list of data points in the Monitoring tab.

Updated 13/12/2017 09:49

In Monitoring tab remove question IDs



When a user views data in the monitoring tab she first selects a data point where she sees the list of submitted forms, and then she selects the form she want to view. Here she sees items: ID, Question and Answer.

<img width=“1085” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-13 at 10 29 04” src=“”>


In the detailed submission view the user does not need to see the Question ID, as this is an internal item we use and makes no sense or gives no value to the user. It only clutters her screen. The idea is to remove the question ID column to only show Questions and Answer.

Updated 14/12/2017 12:27 1 Comments

Visual bug v1.3.3


When you using the full tunnel and turn off wifi, the wifi icon is greyed out instead of dissappear. Also there is no vpn icon showing when you use full tunnel


Also Adguard doesn’t show how many domains are in blacklist


Updated 13/12/2017 10:21 1 Comments

Integrate Auth0


Migration of this

We had to migrate b/c Travis doesn’t trust builds that don’t originate from the repo. We’re going to have to figure out adjusting testing for PRs so that people can still make OS contributions that pass Travis.

Here’s the old jawn:

  • [x] add auth0
  • [x] run auth object through context
  • [x] run auth through state
  • [x] run auth state through local storage
  • [ ] tests
  • [ ] post to API
Updated 13/12/2017 06:34 1 Comments

Unable to press GPS floating button more times


Vespucci Version

Vespucci 0.9.10b1324

Device (Manufacturer and Model)

Samsung Galaxy A3 (SM-A300FU)

Android Version

Android 6.0.1

Behaviour/Symptoms/How to recreate

  1. On the earth view press GPS floating button (img1)
  2. Zoom-in using + plus button
  3. After few clicks to the plus button you are unable to see your GPS position (img2)
  4. GPS button is disabled even your GPS position is not centered

Expected Behaviour

GPS floating button shouldn’t be disabled or zooming button should zoom-in to the GPS position not to somewhere else.

Crash dump submitted (no or yes + date)

no, app doesn’t crash

Any other potentially relevant information

Language: cs_CZ


img1 img1

img2 img2

Updated 12/12/2017 23:13

Fix two host test cases


Particular fix for #5675

test_positive_remove_parameter_non_admin_user is failing due to #5371 test_positive_check_permissions_affect_create_procedure is failing due to presence of <div style="" class="select2-drop-mask" id="select2-drop-mask"></div> element that present after second change of Host form and blocks working with elements related to dropdown. ``` (sat-6.3.0) odovz@bueno:~/projects/robottelo$ py.test -v tests/foreman/ui/ tests/foreman/ui/ =========================================================================================== test session starts ============================================================================================ platform linux2 – Python 2.7.12, pytest-3.2.3, py-1.4.34, pluggy-0.4.0 – /home/odovz/venv/sat-6.3.0/bin/python2.7 cachedir: .cache rootdir: /home/odovz/projects/robottelo, inifile: plugins: xdist-1.20.1, services-1.2.1, mock-1.6.3, forked-0.2, cov-2.5.1 collected 2 items
2017-12-12 18:25:57 - conftest - DEBUG - BZ deselect is disabled in settings

tests/foreman/ui/ PASSED tests/foreman/ui/ PASSED

======================================================================================== 2 passed in 522.09 seconds ======================================================================================== ```

Updated 15/12/2017 03:33 5 Comments

Small tweak to search bar in help center


I’m working on making the search bars more accessible and consistent, and the one in the KB tab of the Help Center is so close.

<img width=“1038” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-12 at 15 11 04” src=“”>

All it needs is:

  • [ ] Remove the search icon
  • [ ] Extend the search bar towards the left so it fills up the empty space left by removing the icon
  • [ ] Change the label to Search the Yoast Knowledge Base for answers to your questions:
  • [ ] Change the placeholder to Type here to search...
Updated 13/12/2017 10:42

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