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[New] Improve search and highlighting


[NEW] I’ve created a new PR based on #1640. (Let’s finish with it). If there were changes for last two days in the area of this PR please check that I didn’t removed them by reverting the revert 😢

Issue: In the previous PR #1598, I’ve added highlighting feature to the filtered stories. Today filtering is based on fuzzysearch lib that simply return true / false if some string matches a provided query. Highlighting was based on just regex. It brings some inconsistency to the code and this bug

What I did

As @Hypnosphi suggested I’ve changed fuzzysearch to fuse.js. fuse.js has a very rich api and ability to return matched indices. Another fact is that fuse.js is already used in @storybook/react-fuzzy

Currently I used @hypnosphi/fuse.js fork because of this

How to test

run cra-kitchen-sink

Updated 20/08/2017 05:14 1 Comments

Hotfix for issue with stories panel


Issue: once you hide the stories (“left”) panel, you can’t open it again. In fact, it doesn’t even hide: <img width=“69” alt=“screen shot 2017-08-20 at 02 48 03” src=“”> Related: #1614

Unfortunately, I overlooked those lines when reviewing #1598. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out where this error get caught so that the failure is silent.

@igor-dv, I think it’s better to use an additional state field instead of input ref there

Updated 20/08/2017 05:12 1 Comments

Divide Endpoints by Direction when creating an Alarm


To prevent ambiguity (purely for the Green Line), endpoints should be divided directions should be divided up by direction (North/Southbound or East/Westbound). This will discourage selecting Park Street as an endpoint when departing from Lechmere. If a user does select Park Street as an endpoint in this scenario, they would only get a notification for trains heading toward Lechmere, rather than away from it.

Updated 20/08/2017 04:37

Auto-Select Endpoints for Green Line


For the Green line, the various trains may only be going a partial way of the common part of the line (assuming the user intends to go toward Lechmere). The common portion of the Green line in order from

The logic should be as follows (if more than 2 endpoints are available): 1. If Park Street is selected, auto-select North Station, Gov. Center, and Lechmere. 2. If Gov. Center is selected, auto-select North Station and Lechmere. 3. If North Station is selected, auto-select Lechmere.

Updated 19/08/2017 18:48

Move all html templates to separate files


All html template that are composed in the code as string concatenation should be moved to separate html files. These files should be loaded on demand when they are required. For example menu_render.js contains a piece of code: javascript var panelGridCell = $('<div class="panel-grid-cell">').html( '<div class="list-menu">' + '<h3>' + response.categories[i].name + '</h3>' + '</div>' + ' <ul class="list-menu-content "/>')

this html should be placed in separate file list-menu.template.html as: html <div class="panel-grid-cell"> <div class="list-menu"> <h3>{name}</h3> </div> <ul class="list-menu-content "/> </div>

You need to introduce a method that will load a template by its name, substitutes expressions like {name} with properties of passed object, and returns created jQuery object: loadTemplate('list-menu.template.html', category)

Updated 19/08/2017 16:25



現状では、それぞれの問題で満点が決まっているにもかかわらず、満点以上の点数をつけることができる。 そのため、採点者側のミスで満点以上の点を与えてしまう可能性がある。


Updated 20/08/2017 07:06 2 Comments

Create a "Lines" Section


This section will require a few changes to the page flow: 1. On page load, endpoint buttons should be hidden. 2. A user must select a station to proceed. 3. If the selected station has more than two endpoints: – The “Lines” section should appear. – Once a line is toggled, the appropriate endpoint buttons should be visible. – More than one line can be enabled at once. 4. If the selected station does not have more than two endpoints: – The “Lines” section should not appear. – Show the appropriate endpoint buttons.

Note: Endpoints should be hidden if the user did not enter a valid station; they are not relevant until that step has been completed.

Examples of routes with multiple lines: - Green Line (Boston College,Cleveland Circle, Riverside, Heath Street, Park Street, Government Center, North Station, Lechmere) - Red Line (Ashmont, Braintree, Alewife) - Silver Line


Updated 19/08/2017 05:46

Introduction message


When a user submits a case request through concierge, volunteers can send texts to the user through an unknown phone number without any sort of context. When a user fills out a case, we need to send an introductory SMS message immediately with something like “This is an automated message from Copilot, we’ll be in touch soon” and likewise with referrals something like “Your friend referred you for Copilot, we’ll be in touch soon”.

Of course, we would need to craft these messages in accordance to mental health standards.

Updated 18/08/2017 23:54

Bad number of unapproved users when deleting


What happened

After deletion of unapproved users navbar displays old number of unapproved users

Expected result

It should display number of unapproved users after the removal

How to reproduce

  • remove some (not all) unapproved users

Additional info

May it be connected to #52 ?

Updated 18/08/2017 19:40

dashboard: Pressing `enter` in metadata input submits parent form


When Dashboard is mounted inside a <form>, the <input> elements from the metadata editor submit the form. It should instead probably save the metadata and close the editor, like the “Done” button does.

I tried fixing it by changing the metadata editor root element to a <form>, and listening to its onsubmit event. Which seems to work OK, but HTML doesn’t officially allow nesting form elements.

Is there a different way to prevent <input> elements from submitting a form on Enter keypress?

Updated 18/08/2017 15:08

Tela de lista das caronas desejadas


Dado que um usuario acesse a app Quando clicar em caronas desejadas Então deve ser exibida a lista de caronas desejadas criadas pelos usuários

Dado que um passageiro esteja na tela de lista de caronas desejadas Quando a tela exibir uma caronas desejada criada por si Então deve ser exibido um ícone que permita ao passageiro alterar a carona desejada

Dado que um passageiro esteja na tela de lista de caronas desejadas Quando a tela exibir uma caronas desejada criada por si e que tenha sido aceita por um motorista Então o ícone de edição deve estar desabilitado

Depende da estória #41

Observações: - a princípio, cada item da lista de caronas desejadas terá todas as informações suficientes da carona e não será necessário criar uma tela de detalhes da carona.

Updated 18/08/2017 12:57

Fixes padding of lists in form fields


Lists items in form fields are used for inline checkboxes (ie. order payment form or user roles select).

Somehow a left padding sneaked into that some while ago. This removes the padding as well as the top border, so it suites better for our form style.


users roles - before

customer details - r987654321 - orders 2017-08-18 14-01-44

new payment - payments - r987654321 - orders 2017-08-18 14-03-08


users roles - after

customer details - r987654321 - orders 2017-08-18 14-02-22

new payment - payments - r987654321 - orders 2017-08-18 14-03-36

Updated 18/08/2017 21:14

Focus should be in input after sending message


Expected Behavior

<!— If you’re describing a bug, tell us what should happen –> <!— If you’re suggesting a change/improvement, tell us how it should work –>

After sending a message the focus should always be on the input field, so I can just continue to type the next message.

Current Behavior

<!— If describing a bug, tell us what happens instead of the expected behavior –> <!— If suggesting a change/improvement, explain the difference from current behavior –>

When clicking on the sent button, the focus seems to stay on that button.

Possible Solution

<!— Not obligatory, but suggest a fix/reason for the bug, –> <!— or ideas how to implement the addition or change –>

Steps to Reproduce (for bugs)

<!— Provide a screenshot and/or an unambiguous set of steps to reproduce this bug. –> 1. Type a message. 2. Click on the “sent button”.

Updated 18/08/2017 12:06

[6.3] FIX API UI test_errata CDN repos

(sat-6.3.0) dlezz@elysion:~/projects/robottelo-fork$ py.test -v tests/foreman/api/
================================================= test session starts ==================================================
platform linux2 -- Python 2.7.13, pytest-3.1.3, py-1.4.34, pluggy-0.4.0 -- /home/dlezz/.pyenv/versions/sat-6.3.0/bin/python2.7
cachedir: .cache
rootdir: /home/dlezz/projects/robottelo-fork, inifile:
plugins: xdist-1.15.0, services-1.2.1, mock-1.6.2, cov-2.4.0
collected 1 item 
2017-08-18 12:18:00 - conftest - DEBUG - Found WONTFIX in decorated tests ['1147100', '1269196', '1378009', '1245334', '1217635', '1226425', '1156555', '1311113', '1199150', '1204686', '1221971', '1103157', '1230902', '1230865', '1214312', '1079482']

2017-08-18 12:18:00 - conftest - DEBUG - Collected 1 test cases

tests/foreman/api/ PASSED

================================================== 0 tests deselected ==================================================
============================================= 1 passed in 1108.28 seconds ==============================================
(sat-6.3.0) dlezz@elysion:~/projects/robottelo-fork$ py.test tests/foreman/ui/ -v -k "test_positive_show_count_on_chost_details_page or test_positive_show_count_on_chost_page"
================================================= test session starts ==================================================
platform linux2 -- Python 2.7.13, pytest-3.1.3, py-1.4.34, pluggy-0.4.0 -- /home/dlezz/.pyenv/versions/sat-6.3.0/bin/python2.7
cachedir: .cache
rootdir: /home/dlezz/projects/robottelo-fork, inifile:
plugins: xdist-1.15.0, services-1.2.1, mock-1.6.2, cov-2.4.0
collected 17 items 
2017-08-18 13:03:23 - conftest - DEBUG - Found WONTFIX in decorated tests ['1147100', '1269196', '1378009', '1245334', '1217635', '1226425', '1156555', '1311113', '1199150', '1204686', '1221971', '1103157', '1230902', '1230865', '1214312', '1079482']

2017-08-18 13:03:23 - conftest - DEBUG - Collected 17 test cases

tests/foreman/ui/ PASSED
tests/foreman/ui/ PASSED

================================================= 15 tests deselected ==================================================
====================================== 2 passed, 15 deselected in 2521.69 seconds ======================================
Updated 18/08/2017 15:28 1 Comments

Tags source priority in prewiew window


When showing tags merged results images in preview window, give priority to sources with colored tags(with tags categories) and if same image exists on two boorus, one with sorted tags, and one with non sorted tags, give priority to sorted tags sources than faster source. To make tags in prewiew colored as much as possible.

Updated 18/08/2017 21:48

Add headers to shipment method and tracking number


Without headers it is hard to guess what “UPS same day” on a order shiments table actually means.

Even more important, when in edit mode a form label is displayed in top of the form field what leads to jumpy and confusing UI.

By adding headers to all view states this table row can have, we get a more consistent UI.





Updated 18/08/2017 10:58 1 Comments

Task: improve logging


Currently the logs as presented to the web app are a mirror of the email text, and is poorly formatted. They should give a very brief indication of app activity, but not the kind of detail the console logs give, just events.



Change logs to log events only:

  • User log in
  • User attempt to use feature without being logged in
  • Bot run started
  • Bot run completed (with very brief result detail)

TODO : complete this event list before implementation


The UI will need to be changed to process the logs in the form they are stored in and format for viewing.

Updated 18/08/2017 09:55



@ThyMYthOS Im Screendesign hatten die Bubbles, die “x Antworten” Lables und vor allem die Navigations- und Titel-leiste feine Schatten um die besser voneinander abzusetzen und um Flimmern zu verhindern. Ich weiß jetzt natürlich nicht wie aufwendig das ist. Wäre es möglich die Schatten noch mit reinzubringen? Bzw. Wenn das auch nur bei der Titel- und Navigationsleiste funktionieren würde wäre ich schon sehr glücklich!


Updated 19/08/2017 13:58 4 Comments

Screen: Fragen entdecken


@ThyMYthOS Beim Bewerten per shipe gibt es auf dem iPhone 5s das Problem, dass vermutlich wieder der Bildschirm zu klein ist … Um weit genug zu swipen muss ich mir schon etas mühe geben. Sonst taucht die selbe Frage gleich wieder auf. Oder täuscht das vielleicht, weil viele Fragen doppelt auftauchen?

Derzeit ist ja auch noch nicht die richtige Animation drin. Brauchst du nochmal Input, für die echte Animation? bzw. Kannst du mit dem Code, den @Bartz0210 dir geschickt hat arbeiten?


Updated 18/08/2017 21:10 5 Comments

Fragen stellen: Tastatur und Titelbar


@ThyMYthOS Das Auswählen der Tags funktioniert hier einwandfrei. Wenn ich in das Eingabefeld der Frage tippe öffnet sich die Tastatur, sogar wie gewünscht über der Navigationbar. Leider verschiebt sich oben die Titelleiste.

(iPhone 5s)


Updated 18/08/2017 19:42 2 Comments

Hashtag Suche: Tags-Beschriftung wird gelöscht und kann versehentlich neu beschriftet werden.


Wenn ich in der suche einen Hashtag eingebe werden mir ganz richtig die entsprechenden fragen angezeigt. Wenn ich den Hashtag dann oben in der Suchzeile wieder rauslösche, löscht sich unten in der Auswahlliste ebenfalls die Tag-Beschriftung raus. (Siehe Screenshot: hier am Beispiel des Tags “Demokratie”) Wenn ich in das Suchfeld dann etwas Anderes schreibe taucht das in Echtzeit unten anstelle des Tags Demokratie auf.

(iPhone 5s)


Updated 18/08/2017 07:36 1 Comments

Added coverage for settings in UI


Test results

pytest tests/foreman/ui/
========================================================== test session starts ==========================================================
collected 42 items

tests/foreman/ui/ .

======================================================= 1 passed===================================================
pytest tests/foreman/ui/
========================================================== test session starts ==========================================================
collected 42 items

tests/foreman/ui/ .

======================================================= 1 passed===================================
pytest tests/foreman/ui/
========================================================== test session starts ==========================================================
collected 42 items

tests/foreman/ui/ .

======================================================= 1 passed =======================================
Updated 18/08/2017 06:19 1 Comments

multiple download results windows bug


multiple download results windows when many batch downloads in one time or from multiple sources.

When some of downloads are finished, results window with current results may appear. After compleating all downloads results window with true results also appears.

looks like this bug appeared in last grabber version(s)


Updated 18/08/2017 07:40

Login, clear cookies


Background: When authorizing an app to access an owner account we redirect to login page if the owner is not logged in. After a owner is successful logged in we redirect back to authorize the app with that account. Since app authorization is a different app, this is done by storing a cookie with a redirect url, before routing to login page. After log in, we redirect to authorization app.

Issue: If you log out after logging in and authorizing a app, when you log back in you will be wrongly redirected to authorize that app again.

Solution: On successful login we should clear the redirect cookie so future logins are not redirected accidentally.

<!— @huboard:{“order”:2.3746685708339953e-07,“milestone_order”:0.24615506744532006,“custom_state”:“”} –>

Updated 17/08/2017 20:16

Revamp the Landing page


See notes from #9

  • alot of sites still do have that landing page
    • I could change the picture to something more minimalistic
    • instead of clicking my name - keep the name there / photoshop it on and click a button to go down
  • fnd some good header animation
  • jumbotron? landing page? header?
  • alot of time the navbar is incorporated into the background
Updated 19/08/2017 02:59 2 Comments

Add AdvancedFilter button to SelectModulesScreen


<!– Thanks for submitting a pull request for Terasology! :-) Please fill in some brief details below about the PR. If it contains source code please make sure to run Checkstyle on it first If you add unit tests we’ll love you forever! –>


Fixes #2935 In this PR, I’ve created a new checkbox associated with a new button, AdvancedFilter. When you click the button, a new screen opens with checkboxes associated with different module types. I have put around 6 types from the forum discussion here. Adding/Deleting new types would be fairly simple. If the checkbox next to Advanced Filter button is ticked, the list of modules gets sorted according to the module types selected. The state of all the checkboxes have been saved in config.cfg.

How to test

To test I would suggest you add a field like "isLibrary": true to the module.txt of any of your modules and go ahead and try filtering it out. It would be the only one in the list. You can edit module.txt of multiple modules, add multiple filters and test if the desired modules are listed. The available options in this PR are isLibrary, isAugmentation, isWorld, isSpecial, isAsset and isGameplay. All these are from the same forum discussion linked above.

Updated 19/08/2017 17:04 3 Comments

Hidden children


Currently, if a message has children but none of them are visible (e.g. deleted and you’re not an author), then you get double Reply/Attach buttons. The child counter needs to be fixed to account for this.

Updated 17/08/2017 14:58

And error when service gets created.


Tested on an upstream build from Aug 10th

I created a simple dialog, a catalog and then I created a generic catalog item to be displayed in the catalog with that dialog. After saving the catalog item, I got a modal error pop-up:

Status 500 Internal Server Error

Content-Type text/html; charset=utf-8

Data wrong constant name 1 [catalog/explorer]

I noticed the catalog was selected and underneath the modal there was an infinispinny instead of the catalog details. Clicking eg. the item itself and then clicking back on the catalog makes the details appear normally.

Updated 17/08/2017 14:32

[Grids] Add alignment on grid cells


That’s a pretty common use, and some conventions about number display especially.

For now, i used a quick and dirty workaround by using : yml sylius_grid: grids: sylius_admin_product: fields: enabled: type: twig label: sylius.ui.enabled options: vars: td_class: center aligned middle aligned

And i overrided the macro associated

{% macro row(grid, definition, row) %}
    <tr class="item">
    {% for field in definition.enabledFields|sort_by('position') %}
        <td {% if field.options.vars.td_class is defined %}class="{{ field.options.vars.td_class }}"{% endif %}>{{ sylius_grid_render_field(grid, field, row) }}</td>
    {% endfor %}
    {% if definition.actionGroups.item is defined and definition.getEnabledActions('item')|length > 0 %}
            <div class="ui mini buttons">
                {% for action in definition.getEnabledActions('item')|sort_by('position') %}
                    {{ sylius_grid_render_action(grid, action, row) }}
                {% endfor %}
            {% if definition.actionGroups.subitem is defined and definition.getEnabledActions('subitem')|length > 0 %}
            <div class="ui fitted divider"></div>
            <div class="ui mini buttons">
                {% for action in definition.getEnabledActions('subitem')|sort_by('position') %}
                    {{ sylius_grid_render_action(grid, action, row) }}
                {% endfor %}
            {% endif %}
    {% endif %}
{% endmacro %}

What do you prefer :

  • A css class added on cell levels
  • An alignment property (left/right/center)


Could PR that one.

Updated 18/08/2017 14:07 1 Comments

Erroneous behavior while downloading storage manager reports


Version: fine-3.20170808115538_09b4f87

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Add cloud provider first (Openstack RHOS7-GA recommended) 2. Navigate to Compute -> Cloud -> Provider 3. Click on provider and select ‘Storage Managers’ 4. Select any one storage manager from ‘All Storage Managers’ table 5. And try to download any it in PDF/TEXT/CSV

Actual: Showing both reports

Expected: Should only show reports of selected one


Updated 17/08/2017 14:17

UI: Check All is not responsive


Version no: Version fine-3.20170817063039_09b4f87

How to Reproduce: 1) Go To Cloud Provider page 2) Click on ‘Check All’ at the footer 3) Now un-check all the providers

Actual results: ‘Check All’ is still checked

Expected results: Check all should automatically get unchecked

Additional info: upstream4

Updated 17/08/2017 14:18

Unexpected error while deleting network router of cloud tenant


Version: fine-3.20170808115538_09b4f87

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Add cloud provider first (Openstack RHOS7-GA recommended) 2. Navigate to Compute -> Cloud -> Tenants 3. Click on ‘admin’ from ‘Cloud Tenants’ table 4. Click on ‘Network Routers’ from ‘Relationships’ table 5. Select any router from ‘All Network Routers’ and try to delete via ‘Delete selected Routers’


Updated 17/08/2017 14:22

Endpoint page not exist at images option of cloud tenant


Version: fine-3.20170808115538_09b4f87

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Add cloud provider first (Openstack RHOS7-GA recommended) 2. Navigate to Compute -> Cloud -> Tenants 3. Click on ‘admin’ from ‘Cloud Tenants’ table 4. Click on Images from ‘Relationship’ table 5. Click on one image from ‘All Images’ table 6. From ‘Policy’ select ‘Policy Simulation’ 7. Click on ‘Show policy details for..’


Updated 17/08/2017 14:22

Unexpected error while editing policy of Cloud Subnets


Version: fine-3.20170808115538_09b4f87

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Add cloud provider first (Openstack RHOS7-GA recommended) 2. Navigate to Compute -> Cloud -> Tenants 3. Click on ‘admin’ from ‘Cloud Tenants’ table 4. Click on ‘Cloud Subnets’ from ‘Relationship’ table 5. Click on one ‘Cloud Subnets’ from ‘All Images’ table 6. From ‘Policy’ select ‘Edit tag’


Updated 17/08/2017 14:23

Unexpected error encountering in All Security Groups of cloud tenant


Version: fine-3.20170808115538_09b4f87

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Add cloud provider first (Openstack RHOS7-GA recommended) 2. Navigate to Compute -> Cloud -> Tenants 3. Click on ‘admin’ from ‘Cloud Tenants’ table 4. Click on ‘Security Groups’ from ‘Relationships’ table 5. Select one security_groups from ‘All Security Groups’ table and click on ‘Edit Tags’


Updated 17/08/2017 14:23

Unexpected error encountering in Cloud Object Store Containers of cloud tenant


Version: fine-3.20170808115538_09b4f87

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Add cloud provider first (Openstack RHOS7-GA recommended) 2. Navigate to Compute -> Cloud -> Tenants 3. Click on ‘admin’ from ‘Cloud Tenants’ table 4. Click on ‘Cloud Object Store Containers’ from ‘Relationship’ table 5. Click on one ‘Cloud Object Store Containers’ from ‘All Images’ table 6. From ‘Policy’ select ‘Edit tag’


Updated 17/08/2017 14:23

Unexpected error encounter while editing tags of cloud_networks from cloud tenant


Description of problem: Unexpected error is encountering while editing tags of cloud_networks from cloud tenant

Version: fine-3.20170808115538_09b4f87

How reproducible: 100% (Always)

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Add cloud provider first (Openstack RHOS7-GA recommended) 2. Navigate to Compute -> Cloud -> Tenants 3. Click on ‘admin’ from ‘Cloud Tenants’ table 4. Click on ‘cloud networks’ from ‘Relationships’ table 5. Select one cloud_network from ‘All cloud_networks’ table and click on ‘Edit Tags’

Actual results: Getting error after clicking on edit tags of cloud_networks -> No route matches {:action=>“tag”, :controller=>“cloud_network”, :id=>“16”, :miq_grid_checks=>“5”} [cloud_tenant/button]

Expected results: Able to edit tags without any error


Updated 17/08/2017 14:24

Search box doesn't clear history


The search box in the VM/Instance doesn’t forget/clear out what we searched before, and click on some other filters. It still shows All Instances (Names with example) No record found We have to explicitly click cancel button beside the search box, and then do a search with the empty box, only then the search query gets cleared. Version master.20170817072444_fbafc17

Updated 17/08/2017 14:24

UI: Provider name not aligned in centre when in tile view


Version no: Version fine-3.20170817063039_09b4f87

Steps to reproduce 1) Go to Infrastructure Provider Page 2) Switch to Tile View

The name of the infra provider is not aligned and is not shown in centre in Tile view on Infrastructure provider page.


Here the name of the infrastructure provider i.e “Test” is not aligned to Centre when in Tile View on Infrastructure provider page.

Updated 17/08/2017 14:25 1 Comments

Flash message can be edited


Hey, After creating a VM on a vSphere provider, the success message comes with a URL parameter, and this parameter can be edited easily, and wrong text can be passed, which can cause to administrative problems if one tries to pass wrong message to other. show_list?flash_msg=YOU+HAVE+BEEN+HACKED Version fine-3.20170803021044_09b4f87

Updated 17/08/2017 14:25

Add-on Manager Interface: Have a "Never show me again" checkbox


Split from

Idea: [The “the user is looking for new add-ons” use-case] would be served equally well by letting the user mark a particular add-on as “I’ve seen this”, and then allow filtering the list for add-ons that don’t have the “has been seen” marker.

The “I’ve seen this” marker would be cached locally (in ~/.local/share/ or wherever). It could be either per-add-on or per-add-on-version; the distinction is whether new versions of the marked add-on would be matched by the “Not marked as seen” filter.

Updated 17/08/2017 01:55

Introduce "brief view", with more than one column per pane and horizontal scroll


I was looking for 2-panel file manager with vi keybingings, and I’m very glad I found vifm. Thank you guys for your work on it!

However, apparently it doesn’t support brief view: when only filenames are shown, without any details, and each pane contains multiple columns and horizontal scroll. Commander-like apps tend to support two modes: detailed and brief, and I use brief mode on a daily basis, so the lack of it makes me very sad, unfortunately.

Am I right that it’s not supported? Any chance it will be supported in the future?

Thanks again.

Updated 17/08/2017 15:25 6 Comments

fec-styles for recruiter tool


This is my PR for changes to the script to update the font and button styles. Implementation may need to be changed since we want to create a landing page now instead of a pop-up.

Updated 18/08/2017 17:12

First commit of animation tools. Contains very experimental code.


Adds a new tool to test animation of entities. Right now only contains option to speed up the animation. To get the tool in game open console (by pressing ‘~’) and type “give animTest”. The tool is very experimental right now and does not have a proper UI. The speed can be changed using the UISlider and then the entity needs to spawned again.

Updated 19/08/2017 19:50 4 Comments

Panel animation performance is terrible


Animating the panels has awful performance, and causes stuttering on elements that otherwise animate smoothly when panels aren’t also moving.

We have previously discussed the need to animate certain non-optimizable properties (primarily left and width if I recall), but I really think we need to think again about how to implement this.

The following article has an approach that I think could work:

Updated 18/08/2017 13:07 2 Comments

Colouring item count in groups panel does not work reliably


JabRef 4.0-dev–snapshot–2017-08-16–maintable-update–69f717336 Windows 10 10.0 amd64 Java 1.8.0_141

When selecting an item in the main table, the associated group (or rather the number giving the number of associated items) should be coloured. This is not the case with newly assigned items. It does appear, however, that this feature is generally buggy - also items that have not been newly assigned to a group are not always coloured in the group panel (sometimes it works, sometimes it does not). It’s difficult for me to replicate this behaviour. As far as I can tell, one way of experiencing reliably this bug is by doing the following.

1) Open a JabRef database 2) Select an item - the associated item count in the groups panel should be coloured (although sometimes it won’t) 3) Assign this item to a new group - the item count of the new group will not be coloured

Note, that I’ve also noticed that colours can “persist” in the main table, although no or only one item is selected. Example: 1) Open a JabRef database 2) Select multiple items which are associated with different groups - the item counts of the different groups should be coloured 3) Now deselect all items and select only one that is associated with a single group - only the item count of that group should be coloured. But actually all item counts of the previously selected items/groups are still coloured.

Updated 16/08/2017 13:48

Improve UI response when meta server unavailable / returning no content


What you were trying to do

Get server list.

What actually happened

Dear Terasology Developers and Support staff,

I have just started Terasology after update, and got this: First it showed “Downloading server list…” for a minute, then got “Server list complete” with no servers. What kind of UX sh* is this? What was it downloading then?

Until update, that makes game enjoyable, Sincerely, Maxim Litvinov.

Log details and game version

ALPHA Terasology-2039 2017-08-14 Gamma Dash 51-OMEGA-07-does-it-need-moar-important-letters?

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Can´t close modal for "Edit Schema from CLI"-info in Schema Editor


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What is the current behavior?

Close button on modal for “Edit schema from CLI”-info in Schema Editor do not work. No errors in browser console. Possible to close it by navigate with back-button in browser.

If the current behavior is a bug, please provide the steps to reproduce and if possible screenshots.

Go to Schema Editor and view Types. Click on the “EDIT SCHEMA FROM CLI” button to right. Try to close the modal/popup by clicking on the X in modal.

<img width=“1873” alt=“screen shot 2017-08-16 at 10 59 02” src=“”>

What is the expected behavior?

Popup/modal should close when clicking on close (X) button

Which browser and OS are affected by this issue? Did this work in previous versions of the Console?

Chrome 60.x on Mac OS X

Updated 16/08/2017 09:45

Make the FileAnnotationTab look great


In we have implemented the FileAnnotationTab in JavaFx and managed to create a working prototype.

Due to limited developing resources, however, it does not look very nice. This issue is for somebody who wants to improve the design of the FileAnnotationTab. screen shot 2017-08-16 at 10 50 16

Updated 16/08/2017 08:52

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