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User Interface - Extend "sort by" in campaign listing by adding a "sort by number of scenarios" (== amount of scenarios)



Right now we can sort campaigns in the main menu interface via:

a) Name b) Dates

However had, I would like to have the possibility to sort by:

Amount of scenarios

The reason as to why is simple - I would rather avoid campaigns that are too short, like 4-9 scenarios. I much prefer campaigns with +10 scenarios sinec I can play them in one-go.

Would it be possible to add it? If there is not enough space, perhaps a drop-down (arrow down) button could appear to the right to allow for additional sorting algorithms to be used).

Hope I could explain what I meant there. The sort entries are at “Play a Campaign”.

Updated 27/05/2018 15:37 2 Comments



请按下图调整布局: <img width=“339” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-27 at 9 46 26 pm” src=“”>


  1. 当前选中的竖条一定要明显,否则用户滚动界面时不小心点击了别的竖条,用户仍然会以为还是显示的最新情况。

  2. tab名称应改为“24 小时”、“30 天”。

  3. 目前“月”(30天)tab也应参照本条建议重新设计。注意:目前线上的版本,工程师没有很好地利用界面高度: <img width=“565” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-27 at 9 54 54 pm” src=“”>

Updated 27/05/2018 13:55



目前是在大字显示“青萍空气”文字和logo时如显示不下所有的卡片和加号,就切换为在左上角小字显示logo和文字,这样有个问题:切换后界面底部可能太空。如下图所示: img_1321



Updated 27/05/2018 06:12



<img width=“381” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-27 at 1 29 24 pm” src=“”>



  • 城市名称显示为城市名称即可,不要显示为“城市名称-空气质量”。
  • 降低具体污染物的名称文字和“AQI”文字的颜色深度。
  • 将“AQI”文字移到AQI数值左侧,即逻辑和“具体污染物名称 + 数值”一致。
  • 将AQI数值颜色、数值评价文字的颜色,改为和下方的评价横条颜色一致,以增强污染水平的易读性。
  • 将具体污染物的数值文字颜色改为和评价颜色一致,以和AQI区域的显示逻辑保持一致。
Updated 27/05/2018 05:39


  1. 当前定位到的地点,展现方式不妥,应该是特别的,但不应让人觉得是选中的。 <img width=“272” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-27 at 1 00 00 pm” src=“”>

  2. 点击当前定位到的地点,无法进行下一步操作。 img_1319

  3. 热门地点里,点击“北京”,直接添加了“北京”这个地点,没有给用户选择下一级(例如“朝阳区”)的机会。如果热门地点给出的都是最终层的地点,那么请避免给出和第一层城市名相同的地点(除非它下面没有更细的层级)。

  4. 添加城市后,该城市偶尔会不出现在主界面列表里,等到添加下一个城市后才一起出现。不应如此。

Updated 27/05/2018 05:09

(uncategorized) - Criação da tela de título


Criar a tela de título, consistindo em: - Parte gráfica - Caixa para inserção do nome do jogador (salvar o nome é uma feature desejável) - Funcionamento dos botões seletores de dificuldade (salvar a última dificuldade é uma feature desejável) - Funcionamento do botão para iniciar o jogo (instancia um novo gameLoop) - Retificar a para lidar com o fato de haver uma tela de título e a tela de jogo

Updated 26/05/2018 18:29

Homeserver claiming


It should be possible to claim homeserver on matrixstats for actual homeserver owners. Such action should allows the following functionality: 1)Opt-out homeserver completely 2)Alter homeserver description, status and details 3)Toggle homeserver healthmap visibility 4)Tune the bot behavior based on scopes that homeserver interested in. For example, owner may allow /publicRooms method for room listening, but disallow /sync method to prevent room crawling for the whole server. This can be used to balance indexing and privacy (assuming the public rooms can be considered as private by someone) 5)Observe the rooms from #62 and alter them accordingly. Ability to opt-out rooms.

Updated 26/05/2018 10:32

Room claiming


It should be possible to claim the room on matrixstats for actual room owners. After the room will be claimed, the following actions will become available for the owner: 1)Toggle room visibility on matrixstats 2)Toggle bot presence in the room 3)Alter room details, like categories / alternative descriptions / etc. 4)

The functionality of room claiming can also be used to completely disable untrusted bot invites. I.e bot could only be invited after some sort of ownership validation.

Updated 26/05/2018 10:32

Conditional weapon special is always marked inactive

wesnoth/wesnoth charge is active and doubles damage, but says inactive. Out of core specials this also includes marksman, backstab.

Problem exists with both active_on= filter and with [filter_self]formula= filter.

This works correctly in 1.12.

I remember inactive specials being gray, but that might be from 1.10. If anyone knows how to do it now, would be appreciated.

Updated 26/05/2018 14:23 3 Comments

Mindswap may cause UI style change


If you mindswap into a player who has a a different UI style, you will be given the other users chosen UI style. This is very similar to a recent fix (#37943) which mindswap gave the user the targets ambient occlusion.

To recreate:

Have a UI style such as Midnight Have a player with a different UI style, such as Retro Get mindswapped into that other player You now have their UI style on your screen

Updated 26/05/2018 00:02 2 Comments

Insert/Edit documents with JSON editor vs Inline table edit vs Data explorer


This is something that was always missing for many people. though the Data explorer is very nice and powerful tool, it is not very intuitive or handy if you just want to insert/edit/delete some documents without writing complex ReQL queries.

Robo 3T has it: <img width=“1223” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-25 at 21 52 35” src=“”>

Fauxton (CouchDB admin) has it: <img width=“1219” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-25 at 21 53 54” src=“”>

ReQL pro got both editor and inline table editing: <img width=“1080” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-25 at 21 51 11” src=“”>

<img width=“1067” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-25 at 21 51 32” src=“”>

I Think we should support both the current Data Explorer, Editable table view and Document editor.

Updated 25/05/2018 19:06

Table overview screen


The table overview screen provides info about specific table and also to preform some actions.

<img width=“730” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-25 at 21 14 26” src=“”>

The screen includes the following components:

Table operations

rename and delete <img width=“178” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-25 at 21 10 23” src=“”> *We might not implement it in the same way but maybe as two separate buttons.


Sharding and replication

clicking on reconfigure opens the following dialog <img width=“586” alt=“screen shot 2018-05-25 at 21 18 02” src=“”>

Secondary indexes

Data distribution

Servers used by this table

clicking on the server name redirects to server overview screen

## The data for this screen is mostly coming from the system tables

Updated 25/05/2018 18:32

Adds a Supplypod-delivery admin smite [shh its all good]


showcased in this reddit post Admins can now smite people with supplypods, compete with a dialog to pick the item you want to send along.

This can also be useful for admims to spawn items IC, rather than having them just pop into existence.

:cl: MrDoomBringer admin: Central Command can now smite misbehaving crewmembers with supply pods (filled with whatever their hearts desire!) /:cl:

this also sets up framework needed by the fated cargo tycoon PR (things other than supplyorders being sent in via supplypods)

note: CentCom supplypods take 0.1 seconds to launch, compared to supplypods which take 3

Updated 27/05/2018 03:26 14 Comments

the number of services is confusing


for new UI image it displays number 8, but actually, there are 4 instances of uuid service. maybe it contains Agent alive, and which is counted 4 times. it’s confusing.

image And on this page, for each instance of uuid, if service id or service name or tags is displayed, it will be more clear. for example, if deploying multiple instances on one node, every instance looks the same(only node name and its ip address).


Updated 25/05/2018 11:48 1 Comments

Form element to define a static label in User Tasks


Describe your issue

At the current state, it is not directly possible to define a static label in a user task, when using the form editor. The only offered forms are: * string * long * boolean * date * enum * custom

It is possible, but then you cant add any other form fields (in my understanding). Also, the method to add a static label is “very hacky” imo and should be simplified.

How can others reproduce the issue?

Try to create a user task, that displays a static label and no other form fields, using the build in form editor.

Possible solution

Add an option to define a new static label to the form editor.

Issue checklist

Please check the boxes in this list after submitting your Issue:

  • [x] I’ve checked if this issue already exists
  • [x] I’ve included all the information that i think is relevant
  • [x] I’ve added logs and/or screenshots (if applicable)
  • [x] I’ve mentioned PRs and issues that relate to this one
Updated 25/05/2018 09:02

[MIRROR] Cargo Update: Cargo Supplypod Beacons! (THE CODEX ASTARTES CALLS THIS MANEUVER: STEEL RAIN)[New sprite!]


Original PR:

video of it in action!

old_sprite image


  • Adds more game progression to cargo, giving them the ability to print beacons which can be used to direct supplypods to.
  • Also encourages teamwork within cargo, encouraging cargonians to do their job and talk to each other rather than fucking off and not communicating, etc.

Current Balancy things in place: 1. Beacons are pretty weak, and will be destroyed if they get hit by ~two pods 2. Beacons do not work when inside of any container (except for people’s hands) 3. Beacons require two people to use effectively (one at the console and one holding/placing the beacon) 4. Express consoles can only have one beacon connected at a time. 5. Beacons cost 5000 credits 6. Bluespace pods now come in 1.5 seconds faster

:cl: MrDoomBringer add: Cargo now has access to Supplypod Beacons! Use these to call down supplypods with frightening accuracy! /:cl:

the people: requests features

image image image image


me: adds the features

anyways, im interested in hearing your opinions on this! Is it good where it stands? should x or y be added?

~note: @ WJohn said he doesnt like the beacon sprites, so i’ll be making new ones. Consider the current ones to be a placeholder~ he likes the new sprites! note 2: i added a funeral pack so you can quickly bury those crushed underneath supplypods note 3: i also made bluespace pods come down 1.5 seconds faster note 4: coffins were refactored from closets to crates. They sell for 250 credits.

Updated 25/05/2018 03:57

[MIRROR] [READY] Adds VR Snowdin and Syndicate Trainer/VR Update roll up


Original PR:

:cl: Dax Dupont add: Murderdome now has a telecomm system, so you can taunt your enemies better. add: Snowdin has come back, as VR! add: Nanotrasen Tactical Bureau has discovered a Syndicate VR Training program on their last raid. It seems to be based on an old CentCom design… add: Restricted variant of the uplink. Will allow admins and such to spawn uplinks in remote arenas or for events that aren’t as destructive and can’t communicate with other Zs. fix: Extends same Z level check to monitor and bugging operations too for camera bug. fix: VR sleepers now show the stat of the VR avatar instead of the user as intended. code: Makes it throw a stack trace when you ghostize in VR. tweak: It will now delete the body if it’s unconscious if you try to reconnect, to speed up reconnection. balance: Emagged sleepers will now display a notification on the UI, and make you slightly dizzy after a while. /:cl:

The syndicate trainer starts you off with an uplink AND a basic operative outfit.

This will stay wip till #37909 is merged.

Updated 25/05/2018 03:57



<img width=“320” alt=“image” src=“”>

  1. 文字“发送邀请”修改为“分享到”;
  2. “分享路径”由现在的两行改为一行,路径分别为“微信”、“朋友圈”、“微博”、“更多”。
Updated 25/05/2018 07:27

Combine links for profile in user menu


Right now, the user menu when logged in contains a link to view your profile and to edit your profile. These two links should be replaced with a single link titled “Profile” that when clicked will take the user to the show view of their profile. That view should have links at the top and bottom to edit the profile.

Updated 25/05/2018 02:51

UI: Use polling instead of streaming for following logs in Safari


Related WebKit bug:

Despite having all the requisite primitives and APIs, getting a ReadableStream from a fetch response body in Safari doesn’t always work.

For the time being, Safari will instead use the polling-based log watcher, much like IE, Edge, and Firefox use.

I also found a bug in the polling-based log watcher and fixed it.

Updated 25/05/2018 16:36

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