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interface type: Have a better handling of which daemons runs on which network interfaces


There are currently different interface types in PacketFence: * internal * management * monitor * dhcp-listener * high-availability * portal * radius

Each of theses have some specific purposes and makes PacketFence to listen with specific daemons.

It would be better to migrate the interface types to an “interface template” / “interface profile” along with the list of daemons listening, which would also be configurable.


Updated 28/04/2017 17:54

radiusd: Support fast-reconnect using eap cache and session resumption


When using fast-reconnect using eap cache / session resumption in FreeRADIUS, PEAP phase 2 is skipped. Due to the phase 2 being skipped, the Access-Accept does not contains the attributes coming from the inner.

Might want to look into Cached-Session-Policy and call PacketFence REST to get attributes.

Adding the PF attributes in the Cached-Session-Policy might cause a corner case where you might need to re-calculate those attributes because you can’t guarantee that session resumption takes place on the same switch.

Updated 28/04/2017 17:54

Is it possible to get more status flags colour coded?


When sourcing say 57 job users, it would be great if the following statuses were colour coded. I can find them via the filters above, however it is also nice to get an idea at a first glance of the list. Same colour for all works for now, if possible with different then that’s great!

Shortlisted Accepted Will perform Rejected

OBS! not_pre-reported! would b especially great if it could be red or something.

Updated 25/04/2017 07:55

Add loading state to AO search


So that users understand that the system is loading results (rather than finding 0 results), add a loading state to the AO react search.

Currently, when you go to the AO search page, the “No results” message flashes briefly while the results load. I think this should be replaced with a loading state, which should also appear in the time between adding a new filter and when the results are updated.

We have a loading state on finance data pages, but we might want to redesign slightly for this use case.

Completion criteria: - [ ] Design loading state - [ ] Implement loading state on initial page load - [ ] Show loading state after applying filters

Updated 28/04/2017 15:26 4 Comments

Automatically trigger the loading of AOs and MURs when new data available in Postgres


To ensure that AOs and MURs are available as soon as they are published, create a celery worker that polls the Postgres tables for new data based on the pg_date column. If new data is available, kick off the process to load these new AOs and MURs into Elasticsearch and S3.

This process will still not handle updating older AOs to recognize newer AOs referencing them (the older AOs). This would still be handled by invoking the refresh_legal_docs_zero_downtime process on a periodic basis (nightly or weekly).

Updated 25/04/2017 18:20

Migrate to sha384 on SRI hash calculation


Issues: 1. We’ll need a powerful and individual platform to focus on re-calcuating all the hashes over all the 950k js & css files? 2. Should the origin sha256 hashes be preserved? Is the answer is yes, how do we deal with it? (How to display on the UI? How to save both sha256 and sha384 hashes?) 3. How urgent we need it? 4. How’s the impact on performance on both hash calculation and website hosting? Especially the calculation time and memory consumption part.

Updated 23/04/2017 22:45

automatically handling Keras 'Error when checking model input'


This seems to be pretty common especially before getting used to the paradigm upon which Keras operates. For example you give in two features but did not set dimensions to 2 (now it’s 300 by default). One solution would be at some point before building the model to detect shape and use that as dims, unless dims is set (and set ‘auto’ by default). Then if ‘auto’ is not set, and there is the error we could provide a more clear error message that suggests the action to take.

Updated 26/04/2017 07:50 1 Comments

Move expression is somewhat counter-intuitive


Currently the move expression, specified by var x = |3>; var y = |2>; x = `x >< `y // y gets set to Null which take the value out of the local value, places a Null value there, and therefore allows each value to be consumed in a tensor product. However, this gets hairy if one has var x = |3>; { var y = x; var z = |3>; z = `y >< `z; // fails! } The semantics correspond to Rust’s move semantics, but considering that QScript objects are reference-counted, it doesn’t really make too much sense in the context of a scripting language.

Updated 22/04/2017 22:14

Add "search" action into text selection menu of third-party apps


Theme: Default Browser & Android Advantage

User Story

I want to quickly start a private Focus search from my homescreen


Include action in text selection menu.


1 d4zzzplbtk5cen9qn0-cba

Technical details

Tasks - [x] Implement text selection action receiver (ACTION_PROCESS_TEXT) - [x] Trigger search from action - [ ] Update copy: “Search” / “Private Search” / “Focus Search” / … ? - [x] Add telemetry probe

Updated 28/04/2017 17:50 6 Comments

Make number of blocked trackers visible


Theme: General Improvement

User Story

As a user I want to see how many trackers have been blocked on a page, so I feel safer knowing what the product does


  • Shows the number of ads/trackers blocked
  • By session, page, total

Tasks - [ ] Define scope (What do we count exactly? Do we count per session / webpage?) - [ ] UX mocks / flow - [ ] Count trackers and persist count - [ ] Add UI for displaying counts to user

Updated 28/04/2017 17:50

No typeahead for 'Obama' in campaign finance data candidate search bar


On the campaign finance data landing page, I entered ‘Obama’ into the search bar, and there were “no matches” – Obama’s candidate page did not appear in the typeahead.

<img width=“977” alt=“screen shot 2017-04-19 at 10 41 50 am” src=“”>

The same issue happened for Barack

I can only get the typeahead to appear by typing exactly the term oba (no more, no less):

<img width=“968” alt=“screen shot 2017-04-19 at 10 45 50 am” src=“”>

cc: @noahmanger – maybe this isn’t an issue in the new, combined search?

Updated 26/04/2017 18:23 2 Comments

logging: ISO 8601 timestamps


PacketFence currently uses the following format for timestamps in logs: Apr 18 09:34:52

When you want to integrate with log parsers and such, it might become difficult to parse the log. We should use a more “standard” format

At the same time, we could introduce milliseconds in the timestamp.

Updated 18/04/2017 14:58

Sachen GB/GBC Mapper support


Would it be possible to support both Sachen mappers for GB/GBC games? Tauwasser has both of them reasonably well documented on his website:

Sachen MMC1 is also already implemented on MAME which also has a preliminary (non-working) implementation of Sachen MMC2. I believe MAME is currently the only emulator to support these.

Updated 18/04/2017 18:20 2 Comments

Keybinding Feature - Auto assign shift_actions


Keybinding UI should auto assign shift_action when an action is mapped to a new key, for example: When a user assigns the A key to Attack action then shift version of Attack action should be assigned with Shift + A key binding.


This should work similar way to hotbuild actions are mapped.

Complete list of shift actions:

  • shift_transport
  • shift_repair
  • shift_guard
  • shift_ferry
  • shift_launch_tactical
  • shift_spreadattack
  • shift_move
  • shift_dive
  • shift_patrol
  • shift_attack
  • shift_capture
  • shift_nuke
  • shift_overcharge
  • shift_stop
  • shift_reclaim
Updated 18/04/2017 01:50

IE processed vs raw Filter problem

  1. Search for committee C90013301 (just a good example with multiple ie candidates)

  2. Click on independent expenditures

  3. Click on the link in the first row of the grid. ($12,307,930.26) Observe the filters. They are correct.

  4. Click on “Raw” and all the filters go away. All the filters have been dropped. This makes no sense. The committee (C90013301) and the date range should carry over because they are the same in both processed and raw data. Otherwise no matter which committee you have navigated to you look at exactly the same set of raw IEs.


Updated 26/04/2017 18:23 3 Comments

Snap to road shoud snap to the correct road if there are parallel segments


Often we have tow parallel roads (e.g. a main road and a service road), which have a few links. When OsmAnd plots a route, and if the user has selected the “Snap to road” option, it assumes that the user will always follow the route, and never be on the parallel road.

But often this is a case of wrong interpretation: The user is on a parallel road. As a result, OsmAnd continues giving wrong directions (sometimes asking the user to take a flyover loop to come to the other side, whereas the user is already on the correct road).

Recently I observed that Uber app behaves correctly in such cases: It simply jumps to the other parallel road, and recalculates the route.

But OsmAnd does not sense this, and does not auto-correct (re-calculate) the route.

Desired: The snap to road must look for presence of nearby parallel roads, and if the other road is running close (within the accuracy circle), allow the algorithm to assume that the user is on the other road. At least provide a manual recalculation button that allows the user to snap out of the current route.

Updated 20/04/2017 08:46 4 Comments

Per-service type follow-up info


The landing page after submitting should have an SLA for when we think things should be done, and any follow-up instructions that we should give.

For example, in the case of bulk pickup, don’t call back until after 6pm on the scheduled day, but if the pickup was missed make sure to call back by the next morning so it can be picked up again without a complete re-schedule.

Updated 12/04/2017 18:51

Remove Nomads-specific code from FAF until it's ready for full integration (Should we decide to)


From #1894

There’s lots of code that is nomads-only from the Zep era. Until such time as Nomads is completely finished to a fully-integral state, and the Council takes a decision on making it part of the game, all that code should be removed to simplify things.

This should be deployed in such a way as to cause 0 Nomads downtime (Push the patch and a Nomads patch at the same time)

Updated 11/04/2017 18:42

Icons for common services


We could have icons for common services that we used instead of the gray 311 icon when there’s no image available. We could also use the icon elsewhere in the app. (E.g. the questions page, or on case lookup.)

<img width=“883” alt=“screen shot 2017-04-10 at 11 47 12 am” src=“”>

At some zoom levels we could put the icons in the waypoint pins as well.

Updated 10/04/2017 15:56

introduce circleexit:lanes for lane recommendation before roundabouts and circular junctions


With the implementation in #3298, large circular junctions and roundabouts are now treated uniquely from the navigation perspective, the user is given the exit count. There is currently no lane recommendation before such roundabouts.

Such large circles often have a sophisticated lane layout, consisting of a sequence of different turn:lanes patterns. Some are designed in a ‘spiralling out’ fashion, which has the effect, that queueing in a particular lane at the entrance leads you to a specific exit without changing lanes, or only changing to a new innermost lane springing off from the middle.

Algorithmically determining the recommended lane for a particular exit might be difficult, since current tagging of turn:lanes insufficiently covers the lane transitions. While there is a proposal for placement=*, it is not well adopted since it is both complicated for the mapper and the data consumer.

Thus my idea is to have a specific lanes tag at the entrance roads, e.g. circleexit:lanes=n|n;n|n. So when the leftmost lane serves exit 5 and 6, the next exit 4 and 5, the next exit 2 and 3, and the rightmost exit 1, you would map circleexit:lanes=5;6|4;5|2;3|1. So, once the router has determined to take exit 2, it is easy to get the appropriate lane(s) green. The numbers in the tag should be relative to the entrance, so the exit number directly matches the Nth exit announced by the router.

This tagging should be in addition to the turn:lanes which represent the arrows painted on the ground.

My plan would be to discuss here first for feasability, then announce on the tagging list and have a test implementation. Or test first and announce then. I’d be happy to cooperate with the Berlin circles.


Updated 27/04/2017 15:40 4 Comments

Brocade Switch: Enable jumbo frames for ports


This was suggested by @radonm

For the other 2 switches we support, we only need to enable jumbo frames for the whole switch, which is a one time thing. But for brocade we need to do it for every port. Right now an administrator has to do it manually.

Also, Openstack can work with a standard MTU of 1500 bytes, but it is really slow so we change it to 9100 (Jumbo Frames), which means the underlying physical network’s switches' should have Jump frames enabled.

Edit: changed size to 9100 after reading the comment

Updated 18/04/2017 18:28 1 Comments



Skal siden have en ‘footer’? Altså en bar i bunden, her kan ‘om ballonen’ f.eks. altid vises så man kan se den på telefon/tablets og undgår at folk ser den i marginen.

Der kan også være et mere tydeligt FDF ikon (hvis nødvendigt) samt et tak til legedatabaseudviklerslaveudvalget eller noget i den stil, kontakt os her osv.

Så kan der starte med at være en “Hej, vi kan se at du bruger en browser der nok ikke virker med, kontakt os her for at få hjælp” som kun vises ved start og fjernes for browsere der virker.

Updated 06/04/2017 21:51

Kategorier i elmenter


Når vi viser kategorier i elementer, både hvis der mangler et billede samt i teaseren viser vi altid den første kategori i listen af tilknyttede kategorier.

Men vi burde have en form for rangeret liste over kategorierne, så den første passer bedst, den anden næstbedst osv. Lige nu tror jeg det er lidt tilfældigt fra contentfuls side af?

Så kan billedet f.eks. altid være for den bedst passende kategori. Men hvis vi kun viser ét billede i teaseren, så er det måske smartere at det ikke er det samme som den kategori man har valgt nu, og så får den næstmest passende kategori istedet? Altså så når man vælger fangelege så vises “Alle-mine-kyllinger-kom-hjem” med et banelegs ikon.

Updated 06/04/2017 10:35 2 Comments

Ændring af topfoto


Topfoto må gerne skifte imellem 4 forskellige fotos.

Disse 4 fotos skal samtidigt være et link til hver deres leg.

  1. Hurtig tovtrækning -
  2. Sten saks papir -
  3. Ninja -
  4. Trække gulerod -

Billeder kan downloades her:

Updated 25/04/2017 13:53 2 Comments

Improve Admin User features

  • [ ] Activation Token spawning
    • Admin user sollten irgendwo für sich neue activation tokens spawnen können. zB unter user edit settings nen button wenn man admin ist
  • [ ] Beautify admin settings dashboard
  • [ ] Beautify admin user management
  • [ ] Fix missing translations
  • [ ] Force admin login on first startup and redirect to admin_settings
Updated 05/04/2017 08:00

radius CLI: Better integration for "non-PacketFence managed" equipments


For now, we support RADIUS CLI access for managed network equipment allowing to send either RO rights or RW rights.

Some equipments can support more than RO / RW and some other equipments does not have to be a managed network equipment (UPS, TapeBackup,…)

Standalone RADIUS CLI instance along with it’s own “framework / configuration” could be a good feature.

Updated 31/03/2017 16:53

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