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Continuous min/max values validation not re-checked immediately when data type changed


Per Stephanie: When I put in “Minimum” and “Maximum” integer numbers, if I switch it from “Integer” to “DateTime” I don’t get an error unless I click on the “Minimum” and “Maximum” value boxes again and then click away from them. Then, if I change it back to integer, the errors don’t go away unless I click in the “Minimum” and “Maximum” value boxes again, and then click away from them

Per Austin: Odd but non-blocking; might go away if the non-option exists and is autoselected when the data-type is changed/selected?

Updated 14/12/2017 21:16

Support rule(s) specifying when field is PHI


Per Stephanie: For PHI, it would be great if you can set a parameter for when it is PHI. For example, create a minimum and maximum age for when you can see the age vs. when it’s restricted.

Per Austin: This is interesting, but will have to be a low priority nice to have for the first release. Amanda, the use case is that integer age is typically not PHI unless below certain ages depending on the population/country and the study. Something to revisit down the line.

Updated 14/12/2017 21:13

Unit tests to validate the command line structure


The command line structure design mirrors the available ManageIQ REST API collections. The command line has commands collections which have sub-commands collection actions. @tvieira brought up a nice point of how can we validate these commands. How can we know if our commands are compatible with the REST API collections. The goal here is to validate all our commands are valid commands on ManageIQ.

I.e. A future release of ManageIQ could depreciate certain collections, add collections, change collection name or even add new actions to collections. How would we easily know about this: users report bugs, we see it in release notes, etc. It would be nice to have an automated way that we could tell if our command line structure is valid or not.

The idea here is to create tests to verify all the command line commands are valid commands with ManageIQ. This could be an integration test requiring ManageIQ server to be running and fetch the collections/actions to compare.

For release 1.0 the command line structure is inline with the current collections [1] provided by ManageIQ.


Updated 14/12/2017 14:19

Write sort and order reusable function


I have a use case where a generic sort and order function could be in two scenarios. It is simply just to make things a little more optimized, so it is lower in priority.

Case A) Pushing out multiple days worth of photos to S3. It would be nice to send them by smallest days first. This way you can have at least some full days, oppose to having 0 full days if the first one happens to be huge in size.

Case B) When pulling a large amount of images from many days. It would be nice to get the smallest first and largest last, so that you can get some whole days and it’s something to start working with, instead of waiting a long time for a whole day to finish first.

The function would take an associated array of dates and size by MB, and return an associated array sorted by smallest byte size date first, to largest.

Updated 13/12/2017 23:19

Create secondary menu bar for builds


On list builds page: - back button to the far left (?) - filter builds by: - a -> z - z -> a - popular - latest - search button to the far right

On individual build page: - back button to the far left - build title (?) - search button to the far right

Updated 13/12/2017 20:05

Send exception stack trace in a WebSocket message frame


Right now, if an exception happens in the server while processing a JSON Patch, Starcounter sends it in the closing frame of WebSocket, which is limited to 123 bytes.

After is implemented, please send the exception stack trace in the text frame, which does not have this size limitation.

This is a continuation of

Updated 14/12/2017 15:11 4 Comments

Enable a bot to notify when new PRs are received


It would be nice to enable a bot listening as a web hook for new pull requests. This bot could notify us via IRC (similar to how Fedora Infra) has for their PRs. This would remove the need to check email for reviewing PRs. Part of this made me think that it would also be nice addition to have a bot be able to auto recommend reviewers to a PR. I found the following bot that has an algorithm that will review modules modified and suggest reviewers based on authors for that given module.

This is not a critical issue. I just wanted to create an issue capturing the thought.

Updated 12/12/2017 16:54 1 Comments

Bot option: Error Forward Message


error_forward_message is an option for Expert bots. Bots like gethostbyname sometimes raise some errors which are only due some service problems like DNS nameserver for a specific domain is replying SERVFAIL. Therefore, with this new option, intelmq administrator can configure an expert bot to forward the original message to the next bot automatically after X retries configured as usual.

Updated 14/12/2017 10:23 8 Comments

Audit display options


The current audit display is composed of three parts

  1. A beginning message that describes the dimensions of the sea: BEGIN -:- maxX: 10 maxY: 10 Positions: 100

  2. Chronon status entries: Chronon: 000001 Turn: 0.0007 Display: 0.0006 Sharks: 10 Fishes: 18 Empty: 72 Chronon: 000002 Turn: 0.0007 Display: 0.0004 Sharks: 10 Fishes: 22 Empty: 68 Chronon: 000003 Turn: 0.0007 Display: 0.0004 Sharks: 10 Fishes: 14 Empty: 76

  3. An ending message that details the number of chronons, and the length of time of the simulation: END -:- Simulation complete after 5 chronons. Ran for 0:00:45

Investigate other methods of displaying this information, csv, –quiet options, or others.

Updated 14/12/2017 23:28 1 Comments

Feature Request: Option for larger transparency control slider


When showing an overlay map as well as the main map, the slider to control the transparency of the overlay is so small that it can take many attempts to position a finger accurately enough to operate it. Would it be possible to add a setting to choose a finger-friendly size for this slider?

I’m using osmand+ 2.8.2 on a Galaxy tablet. My use case is to display a vector map of my own creation as the main map and to be able to cross-fade between that and the regular osmand tiles map. My vector map is a representation of a historical map of the area so the slider provides a way of cross-fading between “then” and “now”.

Updated 11/12/2017 09:50 3 Comments

Db.SQL query that returns non-database return type


I have the following SQL query which gives me some stats.

var subcriptionStats = Db.SQL(
    "SELECT MIN(s.StartDate) MinStartDate, COUNT(s) CustomersCount, MAX(s.EndDate) MaxEndDate " +
    $"FROM {typeof(Subscription)} s " +
    "GROUP By s.Customer");

By default, Db.SQL returns an object, if we want to specify a type it has to be a database class. So I converted each object to Starcounter.Query.Execution.Row and then using reflection fetched each property. It took me a lot of time to find out this way but I am more interested in looking for a standard approach here as our documentation contains only samples where Db.SQL returns a Database class or single value.

foreach (var item in subcriptionStats)
    var dbObj = (Starcounter.Query.Execution.Row)item;

    var minStartDate = dbObj.GetValue("MinStartDate");
    var customersCount = dbObj.GetValue("CustomersCount");
    var maxEndDate = dbObj.GetValue("MaxEndDate");
Updated 13/12/2017 12:35 5 Comments

Show paths of files on Chart Summary view



When looking at the Chart Summary view of any particular scan, I would like to see the path or list of paths for each value in the bar chart. This would make it easier to deduce the correct copyright/license statements for a package/component/etc at a high level.

Oftentimes, copyleft licenses and FSF copyrights show up in Makefiles or other irrelevant files, which clouds the data and forces me to drill down to the individual file level in order to determine the actual correct license/copyright.

AboutCode Manager Version: * latest release

ScanCode Toolkit Version: * latest develop

Additional Information

In the pic below, hovering over a copyright value just makes it show up in the hover text box. This is somewhat redundant; I would rather this be the full path so I can determine if this file(s) is something I should look at further. screen shot 2017-12-07 at 11 55 39 am

Updated 07/12/2017 20:27 2 Comments

Copy file to directory does not work

new FileManagerPlugin({
  onEnd: {
    copy: [
      {source: '/some/path/somefile.ext', destination: '/some/other/path'},

Fails because it seems to try to copy a file onto a directory, as the verbose output suggests:

FileManagerPlugin: Start copy source file: /some/path/somefile.ext to destination file: /some/other/path


FileManagerPlugin: Start copy source file: /some/path/somefile.ext to destination file: /some/other/path/somefile.ext

Updated 06/12/2017 13:51 2 Comments

Content-first skal være tablet-venlig


Brugeroplevelsen skal være god på både tablet og desktop. P.t. er der kun fokuseret på desktop. Eksisterende funktionalitet skal gennemgås: - [ ] bånd der kan scrolles, skal kunne swipes + bøger skal alignes pænere horizontalt. - [x] Værksiden: beskrivende tekst skal stå til højre for cover (og ikke som nu skubbes nedenunder) - [ ] Huskeliste-knap kommer frem ved hover (hvordan skal det se ud på tablet?) - [ ] Filtersiden? - [ ] Profil-siden + smagsprofil?

Updated 11/12/2017 08:31 1 Comments

Trim empty rows from text pasted into Field Names textarea


From Austin 11/30/2017: Is there an easy way to catch the pasted text in the box to trim off empty rows? Not a big deal at all if this is not easy, but I tried to copy and paste from a data dictionary in Excel and wound up with a ton of blank space at the bottom. I was again trying to reproduce expected user behavior :-) If this is challenging at all, then just skip it.

Updated 04/12/2017 19:43 1 Comments

FireMotD: Implement openHAB statistics


Not critical but rather nice to have.

This might be a fun task for someone new but with shell development experience. The task is to implement routines to retrieve simple openHAB statistics, e.g. through REST API, then store and present them inside FireMotD. No implementation on openHABian side needed.

See for more details:

Updated 12/12/2017 11:26

Mobile: Ausblenden von aktiver Frage


Besonders bei sehr langen Fragen nehmen die Fragen, wenn die sticky sind einen sehr großen Bereich des Bildschirms ein. Wäre Folgendes möglich? Man scrollt/swiped die Antworten hoch -> die Frage verschwindet unter dem Header. Man scrollt/swiped wieder runter -> die Frage erscheint wieder.

Definitiv ein nice-to-have!

So sieht es gerade aus: img_1614

Updated 04/12/2017 10:12

Mobile: Ausblenden von Browserleiste


Auf dem iPhone 5 blendet die Browserleiste nicht aus, wie bei anderen Seiten. Das scheint also nicht automatisch/Browserabhängig zu funktionieren, sondern muss programmiert werden? Beispiel Zeit-Online: wenn man anfängt auf der Seite zu scrollen, wird die Browser leiste minimiert, von: img_1613

zu: img_1612

bei uns passiert das nicht: img_1611

Updated 06/12/2017 21:57 2 Comments

Intro-Layout: … auf die Frage …


Ich hab grad Manu und Joe die Seite gezeigt, und sie hatten eine Anmerkung zum Intro: wir hatten die Startseite (Screenshot) und die haben den Bogen nicht hinbekommen, dass das Zitat die Antwort auf die Frage »wie sexistisch …« ist – sie meinten es würde helfen, unter das Zitat zu schreiben: Amanda Haas auf die Frage »Wie sexistisch ist…« @leasievertsen @silvabaum wie seht ihr das?

bildschirmfoto 2017-12-04 um 10 26 37

Updated 04/12/2017 14:18 2 Comments

tooltip für Kapitel


@jb3-2: nice to have: Ein tooltip bei der Kapitelauswahl, da man bei langen Kapitelnamen (zB Legislaturplan-Ziele) nicht den ganzen Text lesen kann, wenn die Auswahl getroffen ist.

siehe Bild:

2017-12-04 09_27_14-statistik - legislaturplanindikatoren

Updated 07/12/2017 11:14 1 Comments

On-going route optimization


Calculating a perfect route is not possible, but a rought one allows to get the first directions quickly.

It could be interesting to have an on-going optimization mode, which would re-compute parts of the route during the trip to improve the used route. It would use more battery, but personally (for instance) I always plug my phone when using the GPS to reload it at the same time.

The idea comes from those examples :

And from dedicated GPS hardware already doing it.

Updated 03/12/2017 14:03

Nav: Buttons an fixer Position


Wenn Interview-button oder question-button geöffnet sind und man in der Liste (der Interviews oder Fragen) scrollt, sollten die Punkte darüber (“Themen”, ggf. + “Fragen”) nicht nach oben rausscrollen, sondern an ihrer Position bleiben.

Ist: bildschirmfoto 2017-12-02 um 19 52 00

Soll: bildschirmfoto 2017-12-02 um 19 57 54 (Die Reihenfolge der Namen ist hier natürlich nicht richtig)

Updated 04/12/2017 08:25 2 Comments

[MAGETWO-53180] It's impossible to disable ScheduledImportExport module due to dependency


<!— Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above –> <!— Before adding new issues, please, check this article–>


<!— Provide a more detailed information of environment you use –> <!— Magento version, tag, HEAD, etc., PHP & MySQL version, etc.. –> 1. Prior to installation, remove ScheduledImportExport module

Steps to reproduce

<!— Provide a set of unambiguous steps to reproduce this bug include code, if relevant –> 1. Launch setup wizard

Expected result

<!— Tell us what should happen –> 1. No module functionality is present in Stores > Config > ADVANCED > System: Scheduled Import/Export File History Cleaning 2. No System > Scheduled menu item

Actual result

<!— Tell us what happens instead –> 1. There is no possibility to install Magento2 EE without this module: Unable to enable modules because of the following constraints: Cannot enable Magento_Enterprise because it depends on disabled modules: Magento_ScheduledImportExport: Magento_Enterprise->Magento_ScheduledImportExport

<!— (This may be platform independent comment) –>

Updated 01/12/2017 18:31

[MAGETWO-45528] Scheduled Imports/Exports report has wrong date columns


<!— Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above –> <!— Before adding new issues, please, check this article–>


<!— Provide a more detailed information of environment you use –> <!— Magento version, tag, HEAD, etc., PHP & MySQL version, etc.. –> 1. Default config locale America/Chicago 2. PHP Server locale Europe/Kiev

Steps to reproduce

<!— Provide a set of unambiguous steps to reproduce this bug include code, if relevant –> 1. Go to System->Scheduled Import/Export 2. Click Add Scheduled Export 3. Fill required data File Directory: var/myexport 4. Save it 5. In Scheduled grid Imports/Export in action column click run 6. Open folder var/myexport

Expected result

<!— Tell us what should happen –> 1. filename contains date of default config locale(Chicago) 2. columns created_at, updated_at have UTC time with proper timezone designation

Actual result

<!— Tell us what happens instead –> 1. filename contains date UTC 2. columns created_at, updated_at have Kiev times

<!— (This may be platform independent comment) –>

Updated 30/11/2017 20:56

[MAGETWO-45078] Scheduled Import: email "Scheduled Import Failed" has HTML tags displayed


<!— Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above –> <!— Before adding new issues, please, check this article–>


<!— Provide a more detailed information of environment you use –> <!— Magento version, tag, HEAD, etc., PHP & MySQL version, etc.. –> 1. Place import file with some error (to provoke import error) in the directory for scheduled import.

Steps to reproduce

<!— Provide a set of unambiguous steps to reproduce this bug include code, if relevant –> 1. Create Schedules Import for Entity type = Products 2. In Scheduled Import Grid select Action = “Run” for the import 3. After you got an error “We can’t run the operation right now, see error log for details.”, wait for email. Open email received

Expected result

<!— Tell us what should happen –> 1. Email is formatted correctly

Actual result

<!— Tell us what happens instead –> 1. HTML tags are visible to the customer 05-11-2015 15-39-29

<!— (This may be platform independent comment) –>

Updated 30/11/2017 19:38



Currently our guides page is outdated and not very useful.

having a dedicated wiki @ or would be idea.

i know dags has shown off a little wiki site he’s been working on. Would be good to either fully get that working, or find something that would work.

Things the wiki needs - Ease of use (non technical people should be able to use it) Logins (allow certain individuals to edit wiki)

Updated 30/11/2017 20:04 1 Comments

Dev Website


It would be cool to make a dev website at either or

My reasoning behind wanting this: We have a lot of cool projects/plugins that should be shown off, especially for dags sake. This would be a good place to show anything we make off. Have a place for documentation of different plugins/mods. Jenkins should be attached to this. I want to work on web design more. A cool landing page because why not.

Updated 29/11/2017 23:22

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