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Add congestion indications


Add an indication for the congestion level on all roads with vehicles, for example: add a thin line on the road with a color to indicate congestion, with green indicating flowing traffic, orange medium, and dark red very congested road.

maybe do something similar for traffic lights, like painting the arrows in the respective colors

Updated 21/03/2018 10:13

News-Sidebar: Unterkategorien einrücken


In der News Sidebar werden Unterkategorien auf derselben Stufe angezeigt wie die darüberliegende Kategorien. Das kann, vor allem, wenn es viele Kategorien gibt, unpraktisch sein und zu einer extrem langen Sidebar führen. Gibt es die Möglichkeit, die Unterkategorien einzurücken und eventuell auch in der Defaultansicht zu verbergen, so dass man die Oberkategorie aufklappen kann?

Updated 21/03/2018 15:16 2 Comments

give each component its own folder


we had discussed something like:

 - NodeEditor.tsx
 - NodeEditor.scss
 - NodeEditor.test.tsx
 - helpers.ts
 - SomeGranularComponentUniqueToNodeEditor.tsx
 - SomeGranularComponentUniqueToNodeEditor.test.tsx
 - SomeOtherGranularComponentUniqueToNodeEditor.tsx
 - SomeOtherGranularComponentUniqueToNodeEditor.test.tsx
 - index.ts

Node’s file-referencing behavior would allow us to import NodeEditor elsewhere w/ something like

import NodeEditor, { NodeEditorProps } from ../NodeEditor

hell, those granular components could even have their own folders 😉

Updated 16/03/2018 22:59

Clarify strategy re: database downgrades


As discussed in #971, alembic technically supports downgrading schema, but while we’ve made a token effort to write the downgrade functions, we’ve never really tested it and I wouldn’t trust it. We should be more intentional about this, document what usage is actually supported, and maybe actuall rip out the functionality that isn’t.

My own inclination is to just not support downgrading at all; it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Updated 22/03/2018 17:50 1 Comments

chore(package.json): move angular to peerDependencies


We have the issue with using the library:

ERROR in node_modules/@angular/core/src/render3/ng_dev_mode.d.ts(9,11): error TS2451: Cannot redeclare block-scoped variable 'ngDevMode'.
node_modules/@zxing/ngx-scanner/node_modules/@angular/core/src/render3/ng_dev_mode.d.ts(9,11): error TS2451: Cannot redeclare block-scoped variable 'ngDevMode'. 

I moved angular to peerDependencies

Updated 20/03/2018 13:56 7 Comments

Add some showcases to the README


User Story

As a:

future Contributor or Hoster

I want:

see some Screenshots

so that:

see what the project is capable of

Acceptance criteria:

  • [ ] Screenshot the core features
  • [ ] Add a docs/ File
  • [ ] List all the core features and something about them
  • [ ] Add the screenshots to the md-File

Additional info:

Please tag this issue if you are sure to which tag(s) it belongs.

Updated 14/03/2018 11:18

Feature Request : pinned notes


Operating system

  • [x] Windows
  • [x] macOS
  • [x] Linux
  • [x] Android
  • [x] iOS


  • [x] Desktop
  • [x] Mobile
  • [x] Terminal

It could be great if we could pinned notes and then display its title on top of all folders and tags in the menu at left.

That way we could access them without searching it nor following the path of folders or tags.

For example, I never have any loyalty card in my pocket, but I could find the loyalty card number to provide it when needed :)

Updated 14/03/2018 23:40

Ignore only whitespace in search box


When only white space is in the search box, this prevents any results from showing up in the table view because the search function is looking for the sequence of white space exactly. If there is white space in the search box, it should be treated as if there is nothing in the search box.

Updated 12/03/2018 23:17

Autocomplete should have error checking


The Auto complete for the Town field on the new-teams screen and the team-editor screens should have some validation. If a user types something not in the vermontTowns array and blurs away from it, this should be handled somehow. Could be an error, could just set it to the closest match, but it shouldn’t silently just leave you with the empty string for your town, which is what it does right now.

Updated 10/03/2018 18:52

Search filters/facets


Search filters I understand as extra criteria that advanced users can add to the search in a following way, query: Julia_ Przyłębska before:2017-01-01`

What search filters do we want to offer? (prioritized) - [ ] mimetype: html/text, html, pdf (make short aliases) - [ ] date range - [ ] before - [ ] after - [ ] domain, ie. - [ ] url (any part of, or full), ie. - [ ] locale: pl, en ..

Updated 06/03/2018 14:45

Trash Tracker - Add ability to select location on the map


Right now the current location of the device is used and this could be improved to account for the imprecision of the GPS or perhaps the user updating the tracker after they walked away from the exact location where they left the trash.

The Uber app has the same ability where by default the current location of the device is selected but there’s also the ability to drag the location around to another location.

This is not MVP.

Updated 09/03/2018 13:14

Feature - login deep link


Reason: Would be quite convenient to login straight without having to fill the login form buton only by using 1 link

UI SPEC: - the link can be setup in the login page - in the advanced checkbox, create a `deep link` button - clicking on the button show a popup to setup the link, asking for optional end date, and password to generate the link

TECH SPEC: - client side: use a seed in config file to encrypt end_date with actual data - server side: update session endpoint for user authentication

Updated 28/02/2018 00:53

Modalitate citire versiune proiect din CLI (server)


Ce se întâmplă:

Cu Trellis se face deploy unui build de productie, nu se deploy-eaza repo-ul de git, asa ca nu putem corela ce avem pe server-ul de productie cu release-ul din GitHub, cu atat mai mult nu din CLI.

Ce ar trebui să se întâmple:

  • Optiunea 1: Un fisier actualizat manual in (acesta devine /srv/www/ in productie)

  • Optiunea 2: Vazut in Trellis, daca putem face versiunea disponibila ca si environment variable - deja sunt cateva env vars generate la deploy AFAIK… Mai sunt si hook-urile de deploy care, teoretic, ar trebui sa aiba acces la repo-ul de git si am putea citi direct versiunea din tag-urile de git.

Deci probabil 1 initial, urmat de 2 cand avem timp.

Pași pentru reproducerea problemei:


Specificații de sistem:

Commit hash: Sistem de operare:

Updated 27/02/2018 20:36 1 Comments

Deploy pe staging


Ce se întâmplă:

Nu avem staging momentan, avem nevoie pt lansare

Ce ar trebui să se întâmple:

Pași pentru reproducerea problemei:

Specificații de sistem:

Commit hash: Sistem de operare:

Updated 01/03/2018 04:19

addr:inclusion=estimate is ignored?


What version of OsmAnd are you using, on what device and Android/iOS version? Osmand 2.9.3 on Blu Studio One (Android 5.1)

Do you use the offline maps offered within the OsmAnd app for download, or online (tile / raster) maps? Offline maps.

In case of wrong routing:

Tell us whether you have used OsmAnd’s in-app offline routing, or any online routing provider like YOURS, OpenRouteService or OSRM.


What routing profile is chosen in OsmAnd app? (car, bike, pedestrian, fastest or shortest)


Please specify as exactly as possible the start and end point of your route by telling us city name and street name so that we can find it via in-app address search easily. Also, a permalink from can be helpful.

Is addr:inclusion=estimate ignored? Osmand doesn’t estimate an address between two nodes on a address numbering line.

Example: Montevideo 2552, Rosario, Argentina

The address is estimated correctly (about mid-block) at, but Osmand suggests Montevideo 2502

At least in Argentina, blocks have very predictable numberings in general and estimated addresses should work well (I think Google Maps does this). But I think Osmand is ignoring this tag (maybe it’s too computationally intensive?). It’d be neat if the user didn’t have to guess to which of the corners of the block she should drive, and the aproximate location of the destination within the block.

Updated 09/03/2018 09:21 1 Comments

[Feature request] Export / Import for settings and favorites


This issue parts from #1613 idea. This feature should be as simple as normal applications do in a normal computer, as .gpx files can be used too. Useful to migrate from device to device, and to prepare 1 device and propagate customized Osmand profile to other devices.

+A particular situation today: I’m currently using Osmand 2.8.2 from F-Droid. I have whole device backups. I had a problem with new application installed, and no other solution than restoring a full device backup (system&data). Before doing this restoration I could backup broken system too. Then: Last good backup has half of my Osmand favourites, and broken-system backup has a lot of favourites more. I explored backup folders and files but didn’t find Osmand saved data. How can I replace current working profile with those complete files from Osman “old” data?

Updated 19/03/2018 10:23 1 Comments

Automated tests (webdriver)


Ce se întâmplă:

  • Nu avem sanity tests deloc, in afara de un test de build care ruleaza cu Travis

Ce ar trebui să se întâmple:

At a minimum: - webdriver tests ( - verificat lucruri majore: ca se randeaza ghidurile, campaniile, plan personal, prim ajutor - stretch goals: detectie regresie, integrare cu PR-uri GitHub, etc.

Un serviciu in cloud e la fel de ok (think BrowserStack / TestingBot)

Pași pentru reproducerea problemei:


Specificații de sistem:

Commit hash: Sistem de operare:

Updated 26/02/2018 03:12

Info aditional/ajutator pe fiecare tab dintr-un ghid


Ce se întâmplă:

Exista un singur tab de info aditionale per ghid

Ce ar trebui să se întâmple:

  • foto/video ajutator sa fie si in tab-urile de BEFORE/DURING/AFTER, sau sa fie in detaliu ghid undeva un quick link (ca la Campanii, vizibil, nu ascuns in ultimul tab)

Pași pentru reproducerea problemei:


Specificații de sistem:

Commit hash: Sistem de operare:

Updated 25/02/2018 23:06 1 Comments

Implement a not-helpful vote option


It would be appreciated if there was a not-helpful vote option for a post. The result should not be displayed on the frontend page, but both should be visible on the admin page for the authors and/or admins. It should be discussed here where to place the results of the voting in a well-arranged way.

Updated 06/03/2018 10:31

[Feature request] Shortcuts to focus differents layout components


Operating system

  • [x] Windows
  • [ ] macOS
  • [ ] Linux
  • [ ] Android
  • [ ] iOS


  • [x] Desktop
  • [ ] Mobile
  • [ ] Terminal

<!– Please the guide first! –>

Hi while trying to use the desktop client in keyboard -heavy fashion, I have been frustrated by having to click into the editor pane or cycle through the tab key many times to allow me to type. Is there any way shortcuts could be defined to focus each component (e.g. ctrl+1 focuses side bar, ctrl+2 focuses note list, ctrl + 3 focuses editor pane)?

Updated 10/03/2018 15:04 2 Comments

Adaugat buton de `back` pe detaliu campanie


Ce se întâmplă:

Nu exista o metoda eficienta de a merge de pe pagina de detaliu campanie pe lista de campanii completa.

Ce ar trebui să se întâmple:

Adaugat un buton de tip outline, copy < Vezi toate campaniile, la sfarsitul sectiunii de afisare campanie.

Pași pentru reproducerea problemei:

Deschide orice campanie individuala.

Specificații de sistem:

Commit hash: Sistem de operare:

Updated 05/03/2018 02:54

Atasat un label fiecarei campanii


Ce se întâmplă:

Dupa implementarea #241 nu vom mai avea nimic intre titlu si imagine.

Ce ar trebui să se întâmple:

S-ar dori afisarea unui label, editabil din admin, care sa:

  • Reprezinte despre ce e vorba in campanie
  • Sa fie un link catre ghidul corespunzator labelului (ie: incendiu sa duca la ghidul de incendii)

Mockup: fiipregatit ro just another wordpress site 1

Pași pentru reproducerea problemei:


Specificații de sistem:

Commit hash: Sistem de operare:

Updated 05/03/2018 02:54

Fast computing way back ? (imply : keep computed routes in history or save somewhere)



When I’m traveling far away, needing the GPS, there is a high probability that I’ll need to get back home afterward.

I think that, maybe, computing a way back, reversing a way forth (and recomputing the few one-way portions) could be faster than recomputing all the long way. Ouais !

It’s rare that I’m going somewhere to immediately go back. So in order to be useful, this return-home functionality should be paired with a “keep route in history” feature. Maybe just “keep long routes”. Or keep the last long route.

The current threshold of 20km to decide if a route is recalculated or just “reached again” seems to fit perfectly.

If a way of saving routes is implemented, one way or one other, then we may be allowed to pre-compute routes between two bookmarked places and save it someway. This would allow to compute a route before going to bed the day before a long trip, and have the route ready to go in early morning the day after (when minutes before the 1st direction are important).

Updated 09/03/2018 09:17 2 Comments

Avoid left turns option in routing


Here is an article stating all the benefits UPS gets from avoiding the left turns in their routes :

Extract : « By favoring right-hand turns at all times – unless a left is unavoidable – the carrier saves millions of gallons of fuel each year, and avoids emissions equivalent to over 20,000 passenger cars. »

Key points : - Left-hand turns are generally considered unsafe and wasteful on right-hand driving roads, such as those in the US and most of the EU ; - Left-turning traffic typically has to turn against a flow of oncoming vehicles ; - This can not only be dangerous, but makes traffic build up, unless you install a dedicated left-turn ‘phase,’ which is fine but basically adds 30 or 45 seconds to everyone else’s single time ; - A study on crash factors in intersection-related accidents shows that turning left is one of the leading “critical pre-crash events” ; - Left turns are also three times more likely to kill pedestrians than right ones.

It may just be incorporated to the “save fuel” option.

Updated 08/03/2018 07:38 1 Comments

PE Authentihash calculation


This is a feature request probably going to the long list, but it would be awesome if LIEF would have the ability to calculate the authentihash of a PE file, given a hashing algorithm. This could be used to verify the data currently already in LIEF (regarding ContentInfo), but also to match samples with the same content but different signature, as VirusTotal currently does (it shows the authentihash as sha256).

The way to calculate this hash is currently documented in here:

There is a rather old Python 2.7 module approximately doing the same thing:

Updated 20/02/2018 07:17

Add hillshade layer transparency


Hi, I use the hillshade layer quite often. Beside the noticable issue in rendering these hillshade data (#2183) it is very handy in getting an overview about a region with many valles. In some regions the hillshade darkenes the whole screen when zooming in. So the proposal to provide the possibility to set a min and max zoom level for the hillshade layer in the corresponding ‘configure map’ submenu (#3359) would be a solution for that. An additional improvement for me would be a possibility to change the hillshade layer transperancy. I would love to see a slider in the ‘configure map’ submenu to set the hillshade layer transparancy (as already possible for overlay and underlay maps). greetings

Updated 19/03/2018 11:32

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