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GUI improvement for adding waypoints


Last time i used osmand i tried to use waypoints and i find those are quite difficult to add. The way to do it is not obvious and also requires scrolling around the map (Search marker, tap on it, select “Add as waypoint”)

Here is my auggestion how to make this more user friendly. The additonal button opens a menu where a user can add a POI, Adress, Favorite, or map marker (colored flags) to add as waypoint before any route calculation is done. Already entered destinations and waypoints gets an additional arrow to rearange them.


Updated 10/10/2017 08:41

Random props


Random props and entities in the warehouse which you can run into, play around with and just to make the warehouse look like a warehouse.

Some proposal: - Shelf - Desk - Football (Just fun to run into lol) - Forklift - Trolley - Pallets - Radio - Broom - Toolbox

Updated 08/10/2017 15:48

Improvements on "Route Details"


When a road has no name on Route Details appears “turn right on” and I think It would be better “turn right”.

On a highway exit on Route Details appears “turn right on xxx 39” and I think it would be better “turn right on xxx exit 39” or “take exit 39 on xxx”

I think distinguish between total and partial distance (and time) is confusing, for this reason I think it would be better it appears “after” before partial distance (like in voice guidance) and total distance appears after indication text with “total distance” on top of the column.

Updated 13/10/2017 08:53

Comments on closed Notes need an error message


With OSM Notes enabled, you can leave a comment. Sometimes, it takes a while until you upload the comment. When you try to upload the comment, and the Note has been closed in the meantime, nothing happens. Ideally you would get at least some sort of error message, preferably a message like “This Note has been closed, so you can’t comment on it anymore. If necessary, you could reopen it, and then leave a comment.”

Updated 11/10/2017 10:57

Build is inefficient


The current CI build runs npm install, which downloads Chromium, but then uses Docker to generate the PDF, without actually using the downloaded Chromium. That’s quite a waste of time. PDF generation is done with Docker because CircleCI VMs cannot run Chromium. npm install must be run to generate the web package that’s deployed to App Engine. Maybe we could to everything with Docker?

Updated 06/10/2017 15:38



Da verschiedene Objekte dieselben Schreibnamen haben können, soll es Zusätze geben, die nur im Programm angezeigt werden. Diese werden bei der Deck View und im Deckform und im KArtenauswahlform angezeigt

Updated 05/10/2017 09:44

Option: Store downloaded pictures


I’m rarely online with OSMand - usually I use it offline. When I downloaded some pictures in the Wiki, in the Help or in the new Mapillary during my rare online time, these pictures are lost after a reboot of my device or after clearing the memory and the cache. I have to download them again and again. Very stupid ! Because of that, there should be an option “store downloaded pictures”, perhaps with suboptions “store Wiki pictures”, “store Help pictures” and “store Mapillary pictures”.

Updated 04/10/2017 15:29

In the Route screen, seperate multiple via points with a special character


If we add more than one intermediate destinations to the route, the Route screen shows all the intermediate points in one line, and lists their names without proper separation.

Desired: The screen should give accurate impression of the intermediate points. 1. Separate all names using some special character. It could be a “+”, or a right arrow “→”. 2. If necessary, expand the via list to a multi-line list.

So the via list appears like “Adiga restaurant → IOL Petrol pump” OR “Adiga restaurant + IOL Petrol pump”

Updated 04/10/2017 15:33

Please show tag <charge> in POI information


With a lot of POIs tag <fee> (=yes/no) can be accessed, and additional to it the amount of the fee in tag <charge>. Charge can be used without fee !! I know that charge is not filled very often, but may be due to the fact, that no program is displaying this tag.

So please: add line charge with contens directly below line fee (if fee=yes) and if charge is filled Example: fee: yes charge: 5 Eur or contens of charge instead of “yes” behind fee (example: “fee: 5 Eur”).

Let us hope, this will help that more and more guys will collect information of charge when they see that it is used. Thanks a lot, Peter screenshot_2017-10-03-18-37-42

Updated 04/10/2017 15:29

Geo-location based train location approximation


When the station board feed detects that a train is delayed, it does not contain the particular train identifier to be able to locate its position in the train position feed.

The current code will use an approximation based on delay information provided in the train position feed, but an even cooler way to do it would be to find the closest train position to the station that’s reported the delay.

Updated 29/09/2017 13:22

MTB downhill trail direction


For mountainbikers it is important to locate trails. Osmand’s a great help here. Though, a tiny but very important info is missing in the illustrated mtb routes: Some kind of indicator which illustrates the inclination and direction of the trail. Especially when you want to explore new trails as a mountainbiker, it’s hard to say on which end of the trail you should start riding when using Osmand, with “mtb routes” activated, for orientation. Therfore, I’d suggest to add some kind of arrows to obtain info regarding incline=“, where only the direction from trail top to trail end is illustrated (without any inclination values, e.g. 25°). Maybe this could be merged with the mtb:scale:uphill=” tag, like proposed in the following figure, whereby I don’t know whether the arrows are recognizable for a user…

Really looking forward to having some kind of indication for the trail inclination :)


Updated 04/10/2017 15:11 1 Comments



About this phone: Or for: (on a lot of current big industry abandon phones) based systems, how much effort would it be to get osmand running there? (Both aim for native linux phones without Android compatible.)

What would be required.

Updated 01/10/2017 09:46

Draw hiking symbols on top of turn arrows


Hiking symbols are currently hard to read during routing because they are often covered by navigation turn arrows:


I suggest to draw hiking symbols on top of turn arrows. This makes navigation easier because you can easily see which hiking symbols to follow.

Updated 02/10/2017 21:05 2 Comments

Private POIs


Private pois are the pois marjed as private, which won’t be uploaded. So 1 they should look nearly the same as ordinary POIs 2 they should lack upload button to preserve accidential upload 3 they should be searchable

Updated 01/10/2017 09:34

Multiple sources for OSM map info


Large part of OSM is open source, so everyone can setup own server. So I guess it should be trivial to implement uploading POIs and comments to own server.

I guess the part of OSMAnd making the map is also open-source so everyone can setup own server for offline maps and OSMLive.

So we need this app: * to have an interface to setup multiple sources * to merge info from different sources * to have interface for choosing a source * to upload data to the sources of choice * to fetch comments from set up sources

Updated 01/10/2017 09:37

Show icons for unpublished POIs


I have some POIs I don’t want to share with OSM. I want them to be showed as icons, not just as green circles. But I guess we want to visually distinguish between unpublished and published POIs, so we need to keep green background and crop it to icon.

Updated 02/10/2017 06:56 2 Comments

Please support an option for first time drivers in France when computing travel time


French citizens who get their car driver’s licence for the first time in France have slower speed limits during up to 4 years. The most important one being on motorways where the speed limit is 110Km/h instead of 130Km/h. Otherwise the speed limit is the actual speed limit−10Km/h except for roads with a median strip limited to 90Km/h in which case the speed limit is unchanged.

I think this might also change the path when computing for fatest travel time (due to a change in path cost).

Updated 01/10/2017 10:01

Spec actions are storing data in resolved key


Some spec actions are storing their data inside of the resolved spec state key, which is a rather messy way to keep up with things, and breaks the idea of each piece of state handling a single concern.

For example, after changing the content type of a request body, consumes_value and produces_value are set:

<img width=“471” alt=“messages image 308353254” src=“”>

Any reducers and selectors that add or mutate non-spec data under the resolved key should be refactored to have their own key - resolved should be only the result of swagger-client resolving the specJson data.

Updated 23/09/2017 07:17

Introduce new label - low priority


I just created a new label - Low Priority, which can be used to be applied on those libraries we could add but with lower priority, this kind of libraries, we can take them as assignment, practice for the intern members.

@cdnjs/intern3 please help mark the issues with this label properly in future, or if you remember any of that issues related with you, I believe that the issues were mentioned, decided by only once person currently - me, to promote some libraries with not so poopular but with good versioning, file/directory structure, documentation, etc. Please also remove their Library - wait for notable popularity in the meantime(I believe most of them have that label), thanks.

Updated 23/09/2017 05:29 3 Comments

Videos: search (on mobile devices)


Expected behavior

Very easy and efficient way to interact in the search process, including on mobile devices, since there is no specific version/application for them

Actual behavior

On mobile devices it is possible to reset the search field with one click, see for exemple the cross sign close to the search field in Youtube application for mobile screenshot_2017-09-22-13-35-54 1, possibly compared to the Youtube version on browser/desktop).

Since the icon is rather small does not annoy in the use in a browser (and could be useful for user familiar with mobile devices), it could be applied in any case in the interface.

Information about the Issue

Status September 2017

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. See explanation above
Updated 03/10/2017 15:50

Callback on Schedule before sending a mail


Hello there,

I’m thinking about using your implementation for our project, but - alas! - one feature seems to be missing. When scheduling mails I need a callback that get’s called before the mail has actually been sent to decide whether I send this email or not (for these kind of “Long time no see!”-Mails). Is this some feature which is considered for one of the next releases? Otherwise I’m thinking about issuing a pull request!


Updated 22/09/2017 11:32 1 Comments

Improve the "Downloads" to monitor and resume stalled downloads


Unfortunately I have a very bad internet connection which actually causes the map update downloads to stall. When the download is interrupted it fails to restart and the app displays a notification I can’t seem to get rid of without restart the device.

It would be nice to have the download process monitored and restarted again if it stalls after a disconnection or other network failure.

Updated 25/09/2017 07:55

If the ferry stops going at 18:00, don't suggest it at 18:30.


Perhaps the issue mentioned in the title should be implemented more generically as time-dependent access restrictions, but here’s my specific case:

When I asked OsmAnd for a route this evening at 18:30, it showed me a route including a ferry line, but I happened to know that this particular ferry stops operating at 18:00. This information was available to OSM by means of the opening_hours tag, but apparently OsmAnd did not use it.

I think it would be better if OsmAnd does not suggest this route at a time at which it is not available, without me having to check “Avoid ferries” myself.

The specific ferry line on which I noticed this problem is:

Environment: OsmAnd version: 2.7.5 released 2017-08-08 Samsung Galaxy S5 mini (SM-G800F) running Android 6.0.1 Offline maps (OBF) Netherlands Gelderland/Overijssel, 2017-09-01 OsmAnd internal cyclist routing

Updated 21/09/2017 18:15 1 Comments

Push UI model


Use push techniques for pushing train position changes. The UI currently checks a RESTful endpoint where it regularly gets a snapshot of the train positions. This is not very optimal. A push model where the backend pushes when there are position changes would be more suitable.

Thomas started a branch with this approach but it’s not fully working (see here)

Updated 29/09/2017 13:09 1 Comments

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