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Query-Based Typechecker


Adaptive Schemas let us dynamically create system catalog tables. For now, these tables are more/less hardcoded: A particular row in a schema table is uncertain if the corresponding adaptive schema introduces uncertainty into it.

For example, take the output of a typical LOAD operation, which creates 3 views: * view_dh: For detect headers * view_ti: For type inference * view: For user-friendly interactions

If we do a SELECT * FROM SYS_ATTRS, we’ll see uncertainty on the names of the columns in view_dh, and uncertainty on the types of the columns in view_ti, but the schema of view is fixed. This is outright wrong.

This is, unfortunately, the result of having to translate db.typechecker.schemaOf into a table that the adaptive schemas can reason about, since we don’t have a way of querying for these schemas directly. The aim here is to build a typechecker that operates over schema tables. Obviously this is going to be less efficient than just running the regular typechecker, but it allows us to do a few useful things: * We can propagate uncertainty through SYS_ATTRS * We can combine it with POSSIBLY EXISTS queries to figure out if a particular attribute could possibly exist.

To be precise, the aim here is to write a function TypecheckQuery.compile: Operator => Operator The input to the function is a normal query. The output of the function is a query with schema (ATTR_NAME, ATTR_TYPE). Assuming a fully deterministic input query, this function should produce output identical to: TypecheckQuery.compile(input: Operator) = HardTable( Seq( ("ATTR_NAME", TString()), ("ATTR_TYPE", TType()) ), db.typechecker.schemaOf(input).map { _.toSeq } ) Conversely, if the input query runs over one or more adaptive schemas, then this query should produce the same result, but have VGTerm expressions in the right places.

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