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pluggable ipns resolvers


I’ve been thinking about how to make it easy to add in new ipns resolvers to ipfs.

@llopv implemented a namecoin resolver here: and i’m thinking we can make it easier than hacking the namesys code.

My proposal is to have a config section for the resolver that could look something like: json "Ipns": { "Plugins": [ { "name": "namecoin", "match": "^*.bit$", } ] }

This would register a new ipns resolve called ‘namecoin’, and upon trying to resolve a name that matches the regex in ‘match’, would look for a binary at $IPFS_PATH/resolvers/ipns-namecoin and execute it with the argument of the name being resolved. The binary could return either just the resolved value, or maybe the value along with some extra information like a ttl

This way, users could write a (for example) namecoin resolver as a simple binary, and ipfs would require no modifications to be able to use it.

A lot of things for this need to be thought through, primarily security, and the implications of having different resolvers all over, people might end up passing ipns paths that others cant actually resolve.

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Ipns very slow


Hi, is it normal, that ipns loading very slow? I tried to make something like cms with dynamic content, but ipns to slow, when i load site via ipns, first loading is very slow, if after that i reload page it’s load quickly. But if i reload after few minutes, it’s again load slow.

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namesys: IPNS/DNS resolution is very slow


While checking performance I discovered that namesys introduces 400x to 5000x increased latency. See: IPFS path:

IPNS path:

I did hard refresh so e-tag and in browser caching shouldn’t matter.

Complete load requires almost 40x more time to complete under IPNS. I can repeat those results easily. You can also try for your self: fs:/ipns/ and fs:/ipfs/QmTzQ1JRkWErjk39mryYw2WVaphAZNAREyMchXzYQ7c15n/

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This issue will be used as a central place to track progress of a complete and reliable ipns implementation.

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