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Проверить места, где PreparedStatement используется с переменными в недопустимом месте (ключевые слова, имена таблиц и т.п.)


Подставляемое вместо вопросительного знака значение заключается в кавычки, что в некоторых случаях создаёт ошибку синтаксиса

Updated 14/12/2017 18:35

Null & Undefined


Remove the null and undefined values if there is no values for their fields Ex: Tried to not fill title or link, but the Null and undefined values shown instead <img width=“426” alt=“4” src=“”>

Updated 14/12/2017 15:12

Where is save button


user chosen to edit but there is no save button, however tried to click cancel the changes have been saved <img width=“1295” alt=“3” src=“”>

Updated 14/12/2017 15:11

Battle Chicken damage is incorrect


The Battle Chicken minion, which is spawned by the Engineering Battle Chicken trinket, is bugged with regard to the damage it gives.

Most of the time the Chicken, which for me as a level 47 eng is a level 60 minion, does 1 point of damage, with a crit for 2.

This is on any mob or player, regardless of level.

Occasionally it will do about 72 or 73 points of damage - what you would expect.

Updated 14/12/2017 19:05 2 Comments

how into SSR V2RAY


Please answer these questions before submitting your issue. Thanks!

What version of shadowsocks-libev are you using?


What operating system are you using?

Debian Gnu/Linux 9.3

What did you do?

how do you into ssr v2ray

What did you expect to see?

when to join SSR V2RAY protocol support ,that’s the best. tank you very math!!!freedomn

What did you see instead?

What is your config in detail (with all sensitive info masked)?

Updated 14/12/2017 16:27 3 Comments

Custom lifetimes for callback request headers and futures


Like as mentioned in the issue about headers, I’d decided to move a part of callback code to the future and using it later. But I’m getting errors, when trying to assign a custom lifetime to a code, where client headers is going to outlive futures, so that I could use it inside of futures (like, to check a token inside of the main processing part). After the moment when the client will end sending requests (or the connecting will be closed by the server by some certain reason), header should deleted.

Code: ```rust pub fn run<‘a: 'b, 'b>(&self, address: SocketAddr) { let mut core = Core::new().unwrap(); let handle = core.handle(); let socket = TcpListener::bind(&address, &handle).unwrap(); println!(“Listening on: {}”, address);

let server = socket.incoming().for_each(|(stream, addr)| {
    let engine_inner = self.engine.clone();
    let connections_inner = self.connections.clone();
    let auth_middleware_inner = self.auth_middleware.clone();
    let handle_inner = handle.clone();

    let headers: &'a Headers = &HashMap::new();
    let copy_headers_callback = |request: &'b Request| {
        // Just copy the headers as is
        for &(ref name, ref value) in request.headers.iter() {
            headers[&name.clone()] = value.clone()

    accept_hdr_async<'b>(stream, copy_headers_callback)
        // Process the messages
        .and_then(move |ws_stream| {
            // Create a channel for the stream, which other sockets will use to
            // send us messages. It could be used for broadcasting your data to
            // another users in the future.
            let (tx, rx) = mpsc::unbounded();
            connections_inner.borrow_mut().insert(addr, tx);

            // Split the WebSocket stream so that it will be possible to work
            // with the reading and writing halves separately.
            let (sink, stream) = ws_stream.split();

            // Check headers, if we're working in a secured mode
            let auth_future = auth_middleware_inner.borrow().process_request(headers, &handle_inner);

// Run the server;

} Errors: error[E0277]: the trait bound (): futures::Future is not satisfied –> src/ | 51 | let server = socket.incoming().for_each(|(stream, addr)| { | ^^^^^^^^ the trait futures::Future is not implemented for () | = note: required because of the requirements on the impl of futures::IntoFuture for ()

error[E0277]: the trait bound (): futures::Future is not satisfied –> src/ | 119 |; | ^^^ the trait futures::Future is not implemented for () | = note: required because of the requirements on the impl of futures::IntoFuture for () = note: required because of the requirements on the impl of futures::Future for futures::stream::ForEach<tokio_core::net::Incoming, [closure@src/ 116:10 self:_, handle:_], ()> ``` Any ideas how it could be fixed?

Updated 14/12/2017 08:54 4 Comments

Update to CoffeeScript v2

  • Experimental attempt to use newest CS transpiler
  • Most probably won’t work stable enough for prod
    • Too many issues with class inheritance. Three approaches are mixed together: Backbone’s function constructor, Chaplin’s prototype constructor and gringotts ES6 class constructor.
Updated 12/12/2017 17:16

No MMS in 2G


I do not receive multimedia text messages (MMS) when cellular data is disabled and when I am connected in 2G. This is working only in 3G/4G.

I have a LG Nexus5 with Ubuntu15.04(r17) (chanel candidate) and all the apps are up-to-date.

Updated 13/12/2017 12:23 2 Comments

Building Controller


This class should have the use case’s name as the “standard” suggest. (i.e. BuildingHandlerController )

Furthermore the classes under controller abstraction shouldn’t handle the JavaFX logic and all front-end stuff, this task is delegated to the boundary abstraction that is the only one that share messages with actors out of the system.

Updated 10/12/2017 21:59

string can't multiline


{ “comment”:“line1 line2”, “number”,1 } rapidjson can’t parse this string,some times my string have mush charater i wan’t split the string multiline

Updated 13/12/2017 13:59 1 Comments

Some parts of the UI can't scale text size (or can they?)


After I’ve set all 3 available font size settings to size 20, the UI looks like on this screenshot:

<img width=“824” alt=“screen shot 2017-12-08 at 22 22 11” src=“”> Areas marked with green rectangles still have small text.

It would be a lot better if all text could be enlarged.

Updated 08/12/2017 21:39 1 Comments

Quest chain, 549, 566 wrong level requirement


The quest 549, “WANTED: Syndicate Personnel”, should allow to take and complete follow-up:

566, WANTED: Baron Vardus

The level requirement was 18 (correct on 549, but not on 566).


Updated 08/12/2017 22:32 6 Comments

Bad python binding

System information (version)

OpenCV master All platforms and compilers

Detailed description

Ref #6487 and #7059 Since a long time(I think since 3.0), cv2.drawKeypoints requires a compulsory third argument ‘outImg’. However, there is no purpose to this argument, and one can simply pass None.

This leads to situations like, User supplies outImg, and expects keypoints to be drawn, as follows. cv2.drawKeypoints(im,kp,key) But keypoints are not drawn, and the third argument, although compulsory, is silently dropped.

This is bad binding, and needs to be fixed.

Suggested solution : 1. ‘outImg’ must be made a optional argument 2. If it is supplied, it must be used 3. In any case, outImg must be returned by the cv2.drawKeypoints function

Updated 11/12/2017 21:51 4 Comments

Problema com os Path


Ao tentar gravar os File Path dos ficheiros com caracteres especiais (acentos,cedilhas,etc) notei que os Path não ficam correctamente guardados. Provavelmente deve estar relacionado com o tipo de encodeamento de texto.

Updated 06/12/2017 11:49



在管理后台设置关闭会员注册,前端提交注册的时候,依然可以注册成功。 修改 \app\user\controller\RegisterController.php function doRegister 函数 将以下代码 php if ($isOpenRegistration) { unset($rules['code']); } 修改为 php if ($isOpenRegistration) { unset($rules['code']); } else $this->error('系统暂时不开放注册!');

Updated 10/12/2017 23:33 2 Comments

Using (?x) inline regex modifier in DataSplitter doesn't support comments properly


See example Data Splitter below Intended action is to match 10 chars then match 5 chars then ignore rest of the line The first inline comments causes the regex to be truncated

<dataSplitter xmlns="data-splitter:3" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="data-splitter:3 file://data-splitter-v3.0.xsd" version="3.0">
  <split delimiter="\n">
      <regex pattern="(?x)
# Stops the regex here - remove this line to fix it
# Comment here is fine
        <data value="$1"></data>
        <data value="$2"></data>
Updated 11/12/2017 17:43 1 Comments

聲音怎麼「看」見? 淡大生讓聽障者看見聲音


批踢踢實業坊›看板 TamShui關於我們聯絡資訊 返回看板分享 作者f14mp5 (居隱) 看板TamShui 標題[新聞] 聲音怎麼「看」見? 淡大生讓聽障者看見聲音 時間Wed Apr 27 17:47:16 2016 ​ <聲音怎麼「看」見? 淡大生讓聽障者看見聲音>

自由時報 2016-04-26 22:57 〔記者李雅雯/新北報導〕 聲音怎麼「看」見?淡江大學資訊傳播學系學生團隊「覺醒」,讓聽障者看見聲音。 淡江大學資訊傳播學系第15屆畢業成果展-「介子流」今天開幕,在校內黑天鵝展示廳展 出。團隊「覺醒」由陳冠鈺、張軒庭、林汎修和陳定益等4人組成,「在失去聽覺情況下 ,有否有另種再和聲音、音樂連結的可能?」在這份假想下,開啟了一連串地和聽障者互 動的想像空間。 團隊成員4位中就有3位在高中時候玩熱音社,有樂器、音樂背景,最初在找畢業製作題目 時,就試著往聲音、音樂發想。 「我不要放棄音樂,假設若是我失去聽力,我還能這麼豁達嗎?」張軒庭說,自問自答這 個問題後,小組開始試著去想是否有其他感官經驗能去感受聲音,成員做了功課、尋找文 獻資料也做訪談,了解到失去聽覺後,相對視覺和觸覺會愈加敏銳,於是開始了這項用雙 眼看到聲音的規劃。 「覺醒」和台北市立啟聰學校合作,在手語老師從旁協助下,成員們和正值高中年紀的聽 障者接觸。他們帶領10位聽障者到河邊小公園寫生,聽障者不僅畫下眼前所見,也感受風 向、觸碰草地,把對外界的反應都畫入寫生畫作中。後來,團隊成員擺滿各式能發出聲音 的物件在桌上,例如,不同大小、盛裝不同水量的玻璃杯,聽障者在感受各式重量的水杯 後,成員鼓勵他們敲打或拍打,去構成他們當時寫生當下的情境,用觸覺、視覺模擬聲音 帶來的感受。 張軒庭說,印象最深的是有位熱愛籃球的聽障者,寫生時畫下籃球場,當手語翻譯問她「 你能想像拍打籃球的聲音嗎」,她當下就找了個大箱子不斷地拍打,那時的她看起來很快 樂。 從最開始的規劃,到與聽障者深入訪談生命經驗,這一系列看見聲音的過程,都由攝影紀 錄下來,在展場展出。成員陳定益特別設計了一套以10位聽障者為形象人物的貼圖,上頭 人物比出不同的日常手語。這套貼圖將在通訊軟體平台上架。 「介子流」校內展期自即日起到29日,每天上午10點到下午8點,也開放社區民眾前往參 觀。

個人心得: 所以誰說玩音樂的孩子,以後會餓肚子? 推這群年輕人思考本身的興趣,並觀察社會趨勢,找出可行的職涯方向, 就<別讓刻板印象誤導職涯>啦: ​ 另外想服務聽、語障朋友,並從中拚經濟有很多種方式,像是成為: 1.手語翻譯員── 聽障人協會將在西元2016年五月11日,每星期三晚上舉辦初級手語班10堂課, 從基本手語手勢、文法學起,有基本功力後報名進階課程,再考取手語翻譯丙級證照, 但協會的工作人員交代本人,由於場地有限,這次最多只收12名學員: ​ 2.同步聽打員── 聽障人協會接受新北市社會局補助, 將在西元2016年五月14、15日,培訓另類的自由工作者──聽打員, 只要18歲、高中以上學歷,華文輸入每分鐘60個字以上,歡迎來參加:


推 bug:菜蟲呼叫貓咪 01/23 13:11 推 cat:貓咪收到 有屁快放 01/23 13:11 推 bug:你現在在做什麼呀? 01/23 13:12 推 cat:報告 在製作「社福開箱文」系列作品! 01/23 13:12

推 bug:看 這樣支持就可早些看到:​ 01/23 13:13

※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(, 來自: ※ 文章網址: ​ ※ 編輯: f14mp5 (, 04/27/2016 17:47:38 ※ 編輯: f14mp5 (, 04/27/2016 17:48:06 ※ f14mp5:轉錄至看板 CareerPlan? 04/27 17:57 ※ f14mp5:轉錄至看板 Gossiping 04/28 14:02 推文自動更新已關閉

Updated 09/12/2017 12:51

Can't install or activate Microsoft Update


Hi There,

I just built a new computer with a Core i3 7100 CPU. I’ve installed Windows 7 x64 and all the drivers etc. I installed your patch and it seems to work - I can download and install all the Windows update patches. However, I am NOT able to install or activate ‘Microsoft Updates.’ On the main Windows Update screen, there is a link that says - ‘Get updates for other Microsoft Products. Find Out More.’ I click this and it opens up an Internet Explorer window - ‘Get updates for Windows, Office and more.’ I tick the box - ‘I agree to the Terms of Use for Microsoft Update’ I click the ‘Install’ button and I get an error = ‘Microsoft Update could not be installed on your computer’

Error number: 0x80248015

I have tried re-installing / re-applying your patch a few times but it doesn’t work. Could you help me with this please? I’m located in Australia, so the time difference will be a bit crazy!



Updated 05/12/2017 12:15 1 Comments

Amulet of the Darkmoon stats incorrect (post 1.7)


The Amulet of the Darkmoon necklace has incorrect stats and quality level on the Lightbringer realm (now on patch 1.8).

The current stats on the necklace are (superior/blue quality): [Amulet of the Darkmoon] Binds when picked up Neck +18 Agility +7 Stamina Requires Level 60

The stats of the necklace post 1.7 should be (epic/purple quality): [Amulet of the Darkmoon] Binds when picked up Neck +19 Agility +10 Stamina +10 Strength Requires Level 60

The updated stats and patch notes (for 1.7) references can be found here:

Updated 13/12/2017 17:12 1 Comments

Cannot close "Select Show Directory" or shut down Xlights


downloaded .39 version of xlights and it tried to open a directory that no longer exists and it said to chose another one. I don’t have another one on my new computer and it does not allow you to close the “Select Show Directory” (it just closes and pops back open) nor can I close xlights by right mousing over the icon in my taskbar and choosing “Close Window”.

Updated 14/12/2017 19:33 2 Comments

Move out the session initialization in the mpris-scrobbler daemon.


Since the second step of the API authentication does not require the user’s intervention, I want to switch from using the signon binary for loading the session_key.

This would mean that once we load the token successfully, we send a signal to the daemon, which calls the API to initiate the session.

I need to research this a bit more as there needs to be a wait time before asking for a session, to make sure the user approved the applications' token.

Updated 03/12/2017 21:10

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