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Need to investigate what "TLS verification failed" means


Bowser was not responding to messages, so I tried to connect to the docker-machine this error message was displayed when trying to enable the bowser environment: $ eval $(docker-machine env bowser) Error checking TLS connection: Error checking and/or regenerating the certs: There was an error validating certificates for host "": dial tcp connect: connection refused You can attempt to regenerate them using 'docker-machine regenerate-certs [name]'. Be advised that this will trigger a Docker daemon restart which might stop running containers.

I ran the suggested command docker-machine regenerate-certs bowser, which also restarted the docker services. This could be because it has been while since the machine was started. If that is the case, these TLS certs may need to be regenerated on a regular basis.

Updated 27/05/2018 14:36

Separate stylable to multiple packages


Writing down some of the thoughts regarding package separation.

Main packages: - parser: uses postcss, with additional required processing by us. - transformer: should it be a postcss js plugin? - generator: to print actual css assets - css-runtime: isomorphic runtime that stylesheets use to register themselves. It should support browser and SSR scenarios. - language services: expose diagnostics and type information about stylable stylesheets. - test-utils: helpers to test styles and target dom elements using style API.

Integrations: - webpack - node - jest transformer (?) - vscode extension (in a separate mono-repo?)

Would be great if we start using the @stylable npm scope to group packages together in node_modules .

Updated 27/05/2018 10:34 1 Comments

Add script that reindents recently changed files.


My laptop needs about 30s to run clang-format since the script currently reindents all files regardless of whether or not they have been modified. This PR adds a new target indent-branch that only reindents files that have been modified (or added) since the last commit to master. This takes less than a second to run (with a few files changed) on my laptop.

Updated 27/05/2018 14:53 2 Comments

Include push and pull requests in automated tests of SORMAS app


The merging and synchronizaton mechanism of the SORMAS app is very crucial and complex. We need to extend the automated tests done to make sure we have a robust mechanism and to detect problems that are introduced by new features and improvements.

The existing automated tests need to also include the push and pull mechanics to allow us to test more realistic sequences of user actions in the app.

Note: This is not about UI tests.

Option A

  1. Mock retrofit class used in RetroProvider to create mocked instances of CaseFacadeRetro, etc.
  2. Extract connection logic to seperate class and mock this class

Option B

  1. Mock HttpClient used by retrofit and “manually” create reponses See
Updated 25/05/2018 08:54

Create a file


We should create proper documentation for the release process. The current release process is:

  • Add & push tag to git repository (tag name MUST be a proper semantic version)
  • Wait for AppVeyor build to succeed -> it will create a GitHub release for the tag
  • Edit the GitHub release notes
  • Publish to via AppVeyor (via “Deploy” link on the build details - Deployment target “NuGet (OpenTracing)”
Updated 24/05/2018 15:39

Error of logic in Travis handling of dependencies, before the call to ``


Issue Details

That logic is wrong, in .travis.yml. See here for a PR modifying Triangulation_2: Triangulation_3 can be ignored, but the full test of “Triangulation_2 Triangulation_3 Union_find” is ignored!

The job should be ignore only if all packages of the job are ignored.

Please fix for 4.12.1.

Updated 24/05/2018 13:55

Base auto updates on ProdCon


@dagood added functionality to buildtools to allow us to get auto updated based on ProdCon builds using the orchestration feeds.


I believe we would have to update our subscription as the release moves milestones which is reflected by dirs in the versions repo.

Updated 23/05/2018 22:31 1 Comments

Create infra

  • [x] Install Docker
  • [x] Install Docker repo
  • [ ] Install Portus
  • [ ] Install Jenkins - Docker
  • [ ] Install Nexus - Docker
  • [ ] Set HR addresses
  • [ ] Make Dockerfiles for Zsolt’s projects —Complex—
  • [ ] Install Nagois
  • [ ] Install VPN
  • [ ] Make own network

Updated 23/05/2018 17:19

Allow the administrator the view and edit the Hermes queries


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. As a lot of different code metrics might become important in the future, the administrators of Delphi should be able to view and edit the list of Hermes queries that are executed by the crawlers.

Describe the solution you’d like A list view should allow the administrators to add / delete / disable queries, which should include not only the jar file implementing the query, but also a description of what the query does. On top of that, it would be nice to have the possibility to apply these new queries to the projects that have already been added to the elasticsearch database in the past.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered None

Additional context This is related to the issue, which is aimed at the user being able to contribute queries. This issue adresses the management aspect for the administrators.

Updated 25/05/2018 20:57

VSTS tweaks


Two tweaks:

  • skip the packaging step to generate builds as part of CI (this was more for my benefit to ensure I’d configured things right, we can drop this for now until I feel confident enough to migrate deployments over)
  • add a build badge - I’d love to have this point to the latest master build rather than the latest build, but the docs aren’t quite clear on how to structure the URL, and I had to reverse-engineer what ReactiveUI has setup to get this showing. Maybe @damovisa can help when he has a moment :trollface:.
Updated 26/05/2018 11:57 2 Comments

problem in docker build of lab


if i do a git clean -fdx before the docker build, then i get: ```

Errored, use –debug for full output: ValueError: “/home/beakerx/js/lab” is not a valid extension: Missing extension module “dist/index.js” Missing mimeExtension module “dist/javascriptRendererExtension.js” The command ‘/bin/sh -c /home/beakerx/’ returned a non-zero code: 1 ```

if i build lab then it works. but really, the software should all be built in the container. i think we should fix this and put the “clean” into the release doc.

Updated 22/05/2018 23:17

Lamppost Splash screen


=====The help wanted label means please contribute to this idea=====

What’s the problem.? The current landing page is a hackathon project. It doesn’t track anything, it doesn’t link accounts to book rides, we would ultimately burn cash serving the site the way it is. I want to minimize the cost of the prototype app, by limiting the usage of the site in the public sphere, until we feel we’re ready.

Context, research, and learnings The product is in very pre-alpha stages, and I would like to put it behind an auth wall. My hope here is that we will have a simple login to gain access to the site for testing (potentially cookie’d so we don’t re-auth constantly). Regular users will not have credentials to access the site, and will see a lamppost coming soon page or something.

How do we create a solution? I was thinking that we’d modify the root route to check for auth and grant/deny, then render accordingly. I think the complex part- is in building an MVP auth micro service, that we can scale to also serve our feature for linking accounts from service providers. I’m thinking this could be- - node api microservice. There are a bunch of boiler plate things out there. Here’s one- - new auth service deployed to our Fargate cluster. Connected to our dev workflow. - token based auth (??? is there a better way these days than to validate a token on each subsequent request) - new requests route to auth microservice, gets a token, subsequent calls route to front-end web service. - Users only ever hit the front-end web service. Auth tokens between the microservice swarm are unnecessary for this MVP

  • We create dev accounts for ourselves, and login with them to be able to test our product. Invalid logins should remain at the splash page.
Updated 22/05/2018 23:47

Build: Browserify => parcel (refs #9478)


<!– ESLint adheres to the JS Foundation Code of Conduct. –>

What is the purpose of this pull request? (put an “X” next to item)

[x] Other, please explain:

<!– If the item you’ve checked above has a template, please paste the template questions below and answer them. (If this pull request is addressing an issue, you can just paste a link to the issue here instead.) –>

<!– Please ensure your pull request is ready:

- Read the pull request guide (
- Include tests for this change
- Update documentation for this change (if appropriate)


<!– The following is required for all pull requests: –>

What changes did you make? (Give an overview) replaced Browserify with parcel

Is there anything you’d like reviewers to focus on?

  • set babel browsers targets to defaults. Is there some best pratice about it?
  • removed babel-polyfill, but add in, that would reduce the size for modern browsers. 😄
Updated 27/05/2018 07:50 3 Comments

Decouple sub language services with top-level MetadataStore



Currently, html language services use the javascript language service by directly including an instance of the latter. However, for issues such as #130, this would require an instance of CSS LS in HTML, and the vice versa. These dependencies make each LS inter-dependent and hard to understand.

With #800, we can also have a top-level document MetadataSore that consumes FileService and provide up-to-date metadata that’s generated from a particular language service, for example:

  • File change happens on a file’s style region
  • CSS LS re-parses style region
  • All class names are stored under css.classes for that file

Later the user triggers html class completion

  • HTML LS determines it’s a class name completion request
  • metadataStore.getMetadata(doc.uri)["css.classes"] will have the relevant data
  • Use those data to generate completions

Another place that can be simplified is the current findComponents, which provides component intellisense based on the shape of each of the depended components.


  • Generation of metadata is event-based instead of LSP-feature triggered. This will likely make processing LSP feature faster since some parsing work will have been finished during the language feature request timeframe.
  • Less coupling of language services
  • Will help #681’s overall structure
Updated 22/05/2018 07:53

Can types be used to ensure path comparisons are correct?


It seems like we paths floating around in different states of canonicalization. It might be good to give them different types so that we don’t accidentally file comparisons. For example, a raw path C:\src\a.js is slash-normalized to C:/src/a.js and canonicalized to c:/src/a.js. None of these are equivalent using string ===, which may not be what the caller intended.

Updated 21/05/2018 22:59 1 Comments

Centralize all file system access in VLS



Currently Vetur’s file system access is scattered throughout the code. However, we also use TextDocuments from to track LSP documents, and with the new FileEvents generated through VS Code file watcher, it’s time to put these all together.


  • All file access / events in one place. Easier to track, log, do perf analysis, etc
  • Possible to use in-memory / virtual FS system with VLS
  • Easier to manage the “virtual files” we generate for each region in Vue files
  • Possible to reduce chattiness of LSP by switching to Incremental Syncing
  • Possible to listen to changes by granularity of Vue regions (as compared to currently letting each file change triggering all features in file)


  • 355

  • 532


  • 424

Updated 21/05/2018 21:34

Allow caching of configure results.


Running configure takes a lot of time on windows.

Having a flag to use cached configure data for rebuilds would speed this up nicely.

I can run configure for GHC with -C myself. But adding the flag for the configure process of base is a different story. Ideally libraries would also use the same configure cache as ghc, so it would be faster even on the first build:

Here are the times for base and ghc itself on my machine. (SSD, skylake i7)

name ./configure ./configure -C (rerun) difference
ghc 61 s 18s -43
base 1m 40s 31s -1m 9s
Updated 26/05/2018 11:06 6 Comments

Rename "workspace" to "project"


This is a product requirement. Since the similarity is dangerously close to google project and billing project, we need to be careful about calling these out when necessary. In the code, it may even be useful to call these “user projects” or “researcher projects” to distinguish them.

Updated 25/05/2018 19:42 1 Comments

[META] Packaging


Very old versions

  • [ ] MacPorts - very old version (1.2.1)
  • [ ] Funtoo - very old version (2.0.1)
  • [ ] GoboLinux - very old version (1.1.0)
  • [ ] Hyperbola - very old version (1.4.0)
  • [ ] OpenBSD - super old version (0.10.6)
  • [ ] Trisquel linux - 0.9.6 version. No comments

Missing packages

  • [ ] Fedora
  • [ ] OpenSUSE
  • [ ] Linux Mint
  • [ ] Mageia
  • [ ] ALT Linux
  • [ ] ROSA Linux
  • [ ] Astra Linux
Updated 21/05/2018 14:33 4 Comments

Add script to add new commands to our docs


<!— Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above –>

Detailed Description

<!— Provide a detailed description of the change or addition you are proposing –> <!– If it’s related to a problem, give a clear and concise description of what the problem is. Ex. I’m always frustrated when […] –> Right now it’s a manual process that could be automated.

Behaviour wanted

<!– A clear and concise description of what you want to happen or example of intended usage –> Should add the new command from help.json to our and

Updated 19/05/2018 15:54

Replace single quotes with double quotes


<!— Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above –>

Detailed Description

<!— Provide a detailed description of the change or addition you are proposing –> <!– If it’s related to a problem, give a clear and concise description of what the problem is. Ex. I’m always frustrated when […] –> Our linter is set up with single quotes as a default, but due to our bot having to respond in conversation, we have to escape single quotes a lot.

Behaviour wanted

<!– A clear and concise description of what you want to happen or example of intended usage –> We should have double quotes as a default instead and replace existing single quotes

Possible Implementation

<!— Not obligatory, but suggest an idea for implementing addition or change –> Change/Remove line in .prettierrc depending on what prettier’s default is:

"singleQuote": true

Updated 19/05/2018 15:48

Expose all management functionalities in a REST API


Administrators of a Delphi instance might want to automate certain management tasks or use information provided by the management interface in their own programs. By implementing a REST based API this would be possible with minimal overhead for the developers. As almost all programming languages provide some sort of support for REST, a lot of administrators could make use of this feature. The current authentication framework silhouette supports the implementation of such an interface (an example application can be found here: ).

Updated 25/05/2018 20:56 1 Comments

Rudimentary support for smaller page widths


We don’t want to be bogged down by trying to support mobile users right now, but it would be nice if we had a pattern that still functioned at smaller screen sizes (see image). @MattPutnam added a min-width to the body as an experiment that nearly got us there. Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.15.27 PM.png

We must define an officially supported minimum desktop screen size: __________ (see if there is guidance from FireCloud Google Analytics)

Below this width, it is appropriate to trigger scrolling rather than more complex intelligent rearrangement

Updated 25/05/2018 19:39 1 Comments

drop support for some really old typescript versions


It’s a PITA to maintain support for all typescript versions back to 2.4. There are also some missing tests because that would simply cost too much resources.

Here’s the plan: * support the last 3 versions * that’s approx. 6 months time for users to upgrade * keep supporting these versions until the next major version of this package * test every supported version * test typescript@next

This helps keeping the parallel tests for different typescript versions around 4. It also helps removing compatibility code and test fixtures.

Updated 18/05/2018 15:57 1 Comments

MSVC Shared Model CI builds


Signed-off-by: Artyom Bakhtin

<!– You will not see HTML commented line in Pull Request body –> <!– Optional sections may be omitted. Just remove them or write None –>

<!– ### Requirements –> <!– * Filling out the template is required. Any pull request that does not include enough information to be reviewed in a timely manner may be closed at the maintainers' discretion. –> <!– * All new code must have code coverage above 70% ( –> <!– * CircleCI builds must be passed. –> <!– * Critical and blocker issues reported by Sorabot must be fixed. –> <!– * Branch must be rebased onto base branch ( –>

Description of the Change

  • MSVC Shared Model Jenkins CI builds . As implemented by @lebdron. Build-generated artifacts are uploaded to the artifact server.
  • Add timestamps to Jenkins build log
  • Rename build platforms in Jenkinsfile
  • Parallelize bindings build stages (Win + Linux) <!– We must be able to understand the design of your change from this description. If we can’t get a good idea of what the code will be doing from the description here, the pull request may be closed at the maintainers' discretion. –> <!– Keep in mind that the maintainer reviewing this PR may not be familiar with or have worked with the code here recently, so please walk us through the concepts. –>


Python and Java bindings for development under Windows platform <!– What benefits will be realized by the code change? –>

Possible Drawbacks

None <!– What are the possible side-effects or negative impacts of the code change? –> <!– If no drawbacks, explicitly mention this (write None) –>

Updated 24/05/2018 16:15

Large issue guideline creation


User Story

As a:


I want:

GitHub issue organization guidelines for large issues

so that:

one can efficiently keep track even of long-term goals in a standardized way.

Acceptance criteria:

  • [x] Create a guideline for handling large issues.
  • [x] Create a new “tracking” label.

Additional info:

This issue was discovered as part of the geli development team retrospective on 2018-05-17.

Updated 18/05/2018 16:40 3 Comments

Improved state preservation on back/forward navigation


It would be nice if my view was just there instead of having to wait for the spinner each time.

Show the stale data greyed out, with the spinner overlaid on top. Once the load completes the spinner goes away and the updated data is shown at full saturation.

  • [ ] Projects list
  • [ ] Project tabs:
    • [ ] summary
    • [ ] data
    • [ ] notebooks
    • [ ] tools
Updated 25/05/2018 19:43

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