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Uploading an image makes the editor too jumpy - unusable


Possibly related: #313 First observed by @catehstn


The user should be able to keep writing / editing while an image is being uploaded


Instead, it’s too jumpy and it’s impossible to keep the cursor where you want to write - even tapping on the Title field seems to be losing focus immediately.

Video here:


  1. Start a new draft
  2. Pick an image to upload
  3. try to write something either in the title or before/after the image


[Google Pixel] on [7.1.2], observed this happening on latest alpha-61 and develop in WPAndroid, and is consistently reproduceable

Updated 26/06/2017 21:28

Hard coded path calling CKEditor


Somewhere this is getting called: and failing with a 404. That path needs to set to a global that is defined in config.php or use one of the existing globals like SITE_URL

Updated 27/06/2017 00:16 2 Comments

7.9.1 Disregard draft sends emails


<!— Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above –> <!— Before you open an issue, please check if a similar issue already exists or has been closed before. —>


<!— Provide a more detailed introduction to the issue itself, and why you consider it to be a bug –> After composing a draft email in the email module and clicking, disregard draft. The email is sent.

Expected Behaviour

<!— Tell us what should happen –> The draft should be discarded and no email should be sent.

Actual Behaviour

<!— Tell us what happens instead –> Draft is kept and an email is sent instead.

Steps to Reproduce

<!— Provide a link to a live example, or an unambiguous set of steps to –> <!— reproduce this bug include code to reproduce, if relevant –> 1. Enter email module 2. Compose a new email and save as a draft 3. Enter drafts folder 4. Edit draft -> disregard draft

Your Environment

<!— Include as many relevant details about the environment you experienced the bug in –> * SuiteCRM Version used: * Browser name and version (e.g. Chrome Version 51.0.2704.63 (64-bit)): Firefox * Environment name and version (e.g. MySQL, PHP 7): PHP 7.1 * Operating System and version (e.g Ubuntu 16.04): Ubuntu 14.04

Updated 26/06/2017 14:34 1 Comments

Display distribution of scores across the three simulations for the NIPS challenge


the score right now is a cumulative of three different simulations. I have a total score of 2179, but about 1100 is just from the first simulation, and I think about 600 from he second and 500 from the 3rd experiment.

I was wondering how important is it for us to be able to show for every submission the distribution of scores across all the three simulations.

A good model is the one which performs similarly across all three experiments.

I was imagining small bar charts in the modal window, showing the score distribution as a bar chart. Do you think showing this distribution is important ? or it is unnecessary ?

Updated 26/06/2017 12:37 1 Comments

Snurfusa og gefa út pólskar síður


Til KG og svo forritara Í veftrénu er síða með pólsku innihaldi - það þarf að snurfusa efnið til m.t.t. readability og setja inn myndir, spurning hvort þetta á heima á einni síðu eða mörgum, efnið getur bæði verið ein eða sem móðursíða og börn - hvort heldur sem kemur betur út. Svo þegar síðan lúkkar eðlilega þarf að gefa hana út og setja vísun í templeitið á PL á sama hátt og við vísum á EN.

Updated 25/06/2017 15:14

Title/etc UI does not appear, just the picture fullscreen


From time to time (like every 5/10 pictures):

  • From Android’s gallery I send a picture to Commons
  • The usual title/description/license UI does not appear. Only the background image is visible
  • Touching the screen has no effect

Swiping the app from the apps list is not enough (the same problem still happens when retrying), only force-stopping from the Android settings and retrying solves the problem.

Updated 25/06/2017 15:35 2 Comments

New page is not created



Unable to create a new page.

Expected Behaviour

Be able to create a new page.

Actual Behaviour

  • Log in admin > open the Pages (/admin/pages/) > click on the button Create a new page (/admin/pages/add).
  • New page is not created.


Context details (if applicable)

  • Anchor version: 0.12.3
  • Server setup: wampserver on windows 64bit; PHP 7.0.10
  • errors.log {"date":"2017-06-24 20:54:13","message":"Undefined variable: id","trace":[{"file":"C:\\wamp64\\www\\anchor-cms\\anchor\\routes\\pages.php","line":222,"function":"native","class":"System\\error","type":"::","args":[8,"Undefined variable: id","C:\\wamp64\\www\\anchor-cms\\anchor\\routes\\pages.php",222,{"input":{"parent":"0","name":"New page","title":"New page","slug":"new-page","markdown":"","status":"published","redirect":"","show_in_menu":"","pagetype":"all"},"dont_encode":["markdown"],"key":"pagetype","value":"all","validator":{},"errors":{"slug":["Slug already exists"]}}]},{"function":"{closure}","args":[]},{"file":"C:\\wamp64\\www\\anchor-cms\\system\\route.php","line":165,"function":"call_user_func_array","args":[{},[]]},{"file":"C:\\wamp64\\www\\anchor-cms\\system\\router.php","line":158,"function":"run","class":"System\\route","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"C:\\wamp64\\www\\anchor-cms\\system\\start.php","line":46,"function":"dispatch","class":"System\\router","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"C:\\wamp64\\www\\anchor-cms\\index.php","line":35,"args":["C:\\wamp64\\www\\anchor-cms\\system\\start.php"],"function":"require"}],"line":222,"file":"C:\\wamp64\\www\\anchor-cms\\anchor\\routes\\pages.php"}
Updated 26/06/2017 14:43 4 Comments

Reminder text is wrong


It currently states “Please check in with your CareWheels friendly customer support!”. That’s not the intent. The intent is to remind the user to check in on their CareWheels group. So may be we should change the string to “Please check the status of your CareWheel group using the CareBank application”.

Updated 24/06/2017 02:21

Pagination disappears on last page


Pagination works for the 1st page, but will disappear on the last page since there will be entities < 19 in that specific last page, causing the IF statement to unresolve.

<?php if (count($cats) > 19): ?> <div class="pagination-w"> <div class="pagination-wrap"> <div class="pagination-cont"> <div class="pagination"><?= $this->Paginator->prev('') ?></div> </div> <div class="pagination-cont"> <div class="pagination-index"><?= $this->Paginator->numbers() ?></div> </div> <div class="pagination-cont"> <div class="pagination"><?= $this->Paginator->next('') ?></div> </div> </div> </div> <?php endif; ?>

Updated 23/06/2017 23:05

suggest a dating profile


There seems to be a glitch in the system with the “suggest a dating profile” button from within the dating profile. I tried to send three prospects to Yacov Barber. I received an email saying that the prospects and the prospects' shadchanim were sent his bio and profile. I tried again to send just one prospect to him and same thing. He confirmed that he never received the email. The prospects confirmed that they did receive his profile. I won’t send any suggestions using that feature until I hear back that it has been resolved.

Updated 27/06/2017 01:20

KCRM Performance enhancements

  • Dashboard: load leads asynchronously from LeadsFolder, via request param to generate dashboard view. Load in pages of 10, with “Load more” link underneath. Can change to infinite scroll later.
  • Order leads by most recent contact first
  • And i think we need to do something on the lead page, but will look at that after wes has finished mucking about with beta
Updated 23/06/2017 09:19 4 Comments

Issues with sending email in 7.9.1



Upgraded from 7.8.4 directly to 7.9.1

Issues sending email when composing from scratch.

Expected Behavior

To field should populate when selecting a related account (I believe).

Actual Behavior

When composing an email from the “compose” option.

When relating to a contact, it is not populating the contacts email address.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Compose email
  2. Select record to relate to (contact)

Your Environment

  • SuiteCRM Version used: 7.9.1
  • Browser name and version (e.g. Chrome Version 51.0.2704.63 (64-bit)): Chrome (MAC) Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)
  • Environment name and version (e.g. MySQL, PHP 7): MySQL PHP 5.4
  • Operating System and version (e.g Ubuntu 16.04): Unknown (hostgator)
Updated 26/06/2017 08:10 6 Comments

JSON Configuration File


There should be a way to set certain settings for the engine’s client and server inside of a JSON file.

Client Settings: - [ ] Server address - [ ] Server port

Server Settings: - [ ] Database Type (mysql for now) - [ ] DB Name

Success Criteria: - [ ] Client project can read a .emerald file to get settings - [ ] Server project can read a .emerald file to get settings

Updated 22/06/2017 22:39

Give users a way to extend the engine


The engine should be able to be extended and used with a specific JS syntax file.

TODO: Figure out some way to not search the entire project every time the engine is run ( Maybe compare hashes of some sort? Faster to compare. )

Success Criteria: - [ ] Packets can be created in any directory and read by the project - [ ] Data objects can be created in any directory and read by the project - [ ] Managers can be created in any directory and read by the project

Updated 22/06/2017 23:28

Break engine up into client & server


The client and server should be able to be run from anywhere, and communicate fine.

Idea: - Server standalone runs NodeJS and SocketIO on port XXXX - Server reads in data objects and sends them to the client on connection - Client runs NodeJS and Express to serve up files to the view - Client can scan directory for packet files, etc. - Get rid of RequireJS on Client? - Client connects, receives data objects, can communicate through SocketIO

Success Criteria: - [ ] Client and server directories exist separately - [ ] Client and server can still talk while being run from separate tasks

Updated 22/06/2017 23:52

Marco Issues


I have found many instances, where I get index of bounds errors when trying to execute a user key or manual function program.

Also, macros should be saved, so that they persist after an application is closed.

Updated 26/06/2017 12:21

Add an about page


I would like to share a little more about myself to users. At the moment, there’s no easy way for a user to determine what I do.

Here’s what I want to see in an about page:

  • [ ] Blurb about me.
  • [ ] A resume/experience section of some sort.
  • [ ] How to contact me.
  • [ ] A picture (maybe).
Updated 22/06/2017 17:31

7.9.1 Bounce email handling broken; importOneEmail only half-deprecated



From the forums. A user complains bounce handling is not working in Campaigns.

Expected Behavior

Bounced emails should be recognized as such in the Campaign.

Actual Behavior

The Campaign data ignores bounced emails.

Possible Fix

I have a somewhat speculative possibility for why this is happening. Feel free to ignore it if you discover that it’s not the real cause, or if you can’t even reproduce this issue.

It seems in 7.9 a function called importOneEmail was deprecated. It says so in a comment in the code. See here.

However, quite a few calls to that function are still present in the code.

The function replacing this seems to be called returnImportedEmail. It includes a call to HandleMailboxType which handles bounced emails.

But the current flow from the Scheduler job doesn’t seem to use the new function, this seems to be the sequence (I hope I’m correct, I just followed this “manually”, not while debugging):

  1. The scheduler job runs
  2. It Calls ImportMessages, which calls ImportMailboxMessages
  3. That calls importOneEmail (instead of calling the new function)
  4. Maybe when it then reaches the call to HandleMailboxType there is something not quite right, and it doesn’t work.

Should we just change the call to importOneEmail to cal returnImportedEmail instead?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Define bounce account
  2. Run a campaign and make sure some address bounces
  3. check the campaign status and see the bounce isn’t there

Your Environment

  • SuiteCRM Version used: 7.9.1
Updated 26/06/2017 09:55 8 Comments

Artist "Unknown" requests huge amount of data without displaying it


When requesting the playlist (GET /apps/audioplayer/getcategoryitems?category=Artist&id=18), the (album?) covers will be serialized into the JSON response, causing a huge amount of data being downloaded by the client.

Expected behavior

The playlist will show immediately after clicking on “Unknown”.

Actual behavior

The client will download several MB (31 in my case) of song covers without actually showing them, causing the playlist to load quite a while (depending on the speed of the internet connection).

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Select “Artists” in the dropdown in the upper-left corner of the player app
  2. Select “Unknown” (in my example, there are 218 songs in this category)

Possible solution (optional)


  • Add a query parameter to prevent covers from being returned if they are actually not shown (?covers=false)
  • Return the cover URL within the response, leveraging the capabilities of the browser to load resources in parallel when needed

Server configuration

Nextcloud/ownCloud version: Audio Player version: 2.0.2



Updated 22/06/2017 19:16 2 Comments

SpatialFullConvolution.backward throws NullPointerException in python API


Run below code snippet in jupyter throws NULL POINTER exception in backward. ```python from bigdl.nn.layer import * import numpy as np

input = np.random.randn(1,1,3,3) print “input is :”,input

m = SpatialFullConvolution(1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1,0, 0, 0, 0, 1, False) out = m.forward(input) print “output m is :”,np.array(out).shape

grad_out = np.empty([1,2,4,4]) grad_out.fill(0.1)

grad_in = m.backward(input,grad_out) print “grad input of m is :”,grad_in Stack Trace as below Py4JJavaError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-26-512a12c6babc> in <module>() 12 grad_out.fill(0.1) 13 —> 14 grad_in = m.backward(input,grad_out) 15 print “grad input of m is :”,grad_in

/tmp/spark-0e09576a-6810-4a35-9f47-851f6fa697bc/userFiles-27614dc1-44e1-4b9d-adaa-ff086e2e5ba2/ in backward(self, input, grad_output) 179 self.value, 180 self.check_input(input), –> 181 self.check_input(grad_output)) 182 return self.convert_output(output) 183

/tmp/spark-0e09576a-6810-4a35-9f47-851f6fa697bc/userFiles-27614dc1-44e1-4b9d-adaa-ff086e2e5ba2/ in callBigDlFunc(bigdl_type, name, args) 306 sc = get_spark_context() 307 api = getattr(jinstance, name) –> 308 return callJavaFunc(sc, api, args) 309 310

/tmp/spark-0e09576a-6810-4a35-9f47-851f6fa697bc/userFiles-27614dc1-44e1-4b9d-adaa-ff086e2e5ba2/ in callJavaFunc(sc, func, args) 341 “”“ Call Java Function ”“” 342 args = [_py2java(sc, a) for a in args] –> 343 result = func(args) 344 return _java2py(sc, result) 345

/home/arda/shane/spark-1.6.3-bin-hadoop2.6/python/lib/ in call(self, *args) 811 answer = self.gateway_client.send_command(command) 812 return_value = get_return_value( –> 813 answer, self.gateway_client, self.target_id, 814 815 for temp_arg in temp_args:

/home/arda/shane/spark-1.6.3-bin-hadoop2.6/python/pyspark/sql/utils.pyc in deco(a, **kw) 43 def deco(a, kw): 44 try: —> 45 return f(*a, kw) 46 except py4j.protocol.Py4JJavaError as e: 47 s = e.java_exception.toString()

/home/arda/shane/spark-1.6.3-bin-hadoop2.6/python/lib/ in get_return_value(answer, gateway_client, target_id, name) 306 raise Py4JJavaError( 307 “An error occurred while calling {0}{1}{2}.\n”. –> 308 format(target_id, “.”, name), value) 309 else: 310 raise Py4JError(

Py4JJavaError: An error occurred while calling o47.modelBackward.
java.lang.NullPointerException at at at at$$anonfun$modelBackward$1.apply(PythonBigDL.scala:1298) at$$anonfun$modelBackward$1.apply(PythonBigDL.scala:1298) at at at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( at py4j.reflection.MethodInvoker.invoke( at py4j.reflection.ReflectionEngine.invoke( at py4j.Gateway.invoke( at py4j.commands.AbstractCommand.invokeMethod( at py4j.commands.CallCommand.execute( at at ```
Updated 23/06/2017 03:24 1 Comments

Processed file upload process

  1. make file link click able on file list.
  2. open file detail view having file name and meta data fields also requested file format ( currently only file name is in database rest is in pending).
  3. give a button on top upload processed file ( only for admin user/ super admin )
  4. processed file open a modal form with browse file field and a upload button( submit button). see : (the bootstrap style and script already include to the layout you just need to add html in page)
  5. on upload button click upload file, new entry to database file table with the status processed and parent_id = uploaded file id. 5.1 Also change the status of uploaded file from inprogress to processed.
  6. add a parent_id field in a database file table. Schema::table('files', function($table) { $table->integer("parent_id")->unsigned()->index()->nullable(); $table->foreign("parent_id")->references('id')->on('files')->onDelete('cascade'); });
  7. redirect after upload to file/list
  8. list only display the files having parent_id = null.
  9. add a column processed in file list. it will give a link to processed file.
Updated 22/06/2017 05:17

Scene editor: can't publish new hotspot if Feature link is blank


When adding a new hotspot to the Tour through the scene editor, the server returns a 500 error when attempting to publish the hotspot without a linked Feature, even if Link to campus map feature is unchecked.

Adding a linked Feature solves the problem, and allows the hotspot’s description to be entered manually as well. Adding a hotspot without a linked feature is also possible through Keystone (Admin UI).

Updated 21/06/2017 20:56

Libs from /opt/gluu/jetty/oxauth/lib/ext can't access libs from oxauth.war/WEB-INF/libs


It’s opposite to tomcat behavior. We need to make small research to understand if jetty supports only this method.

Here is problem. 1) We have custom script: 2) It requires twilio SDK library. 3) After adding twilio-java-sdk-6.3.0.jar and commons-lang3-3.6.jar to /opt/gluu/jetty/oxauth/lib/ext we will get error about missing httpclient libraries.. 4) It’s not clear situation because we have httpclient libs in oxauth.war 5) In order to fix this script error we have to copy httpcore-4.3.3.jar and httpclient-4.3.6.jar from oxauth.war to /opt/gluu/jetty/oxauth/lib/ext

Is it possible to get rid of duplicity in step 5?

Updated 23/06/2017 19:57 4 Comments

DojoConfig: Update apps to set async:true to avoid console warning


In apps that create a web map the following warning appears in the console unless dojoConfig async is set to true.

[Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience.

Set to true in config apps to remove this warning (and the associated problems it warns about) from the app.

Updated 21/06/2017 18:33 1 Comments

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