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Accessibility: Test And Report


Describe the feature

We would like the DDD East Midlands website ran through accessibility testers and for issues to be raised based on the improvements that are made apparent by these tools

It would be great if we could meet the recommendations on the a11y Web Accessibility Checklist

Options for tools include:

But we don’t mind what tools are used (not our area of expertise)


  • To make the site more accessible to a wider audience

Acceptance Criteria

  • [ ] A tool has been used to highlight any accessibility fixes needed on the site

  • [ ] Issues are raised for potential fixes/enhancements are are tagged with the accessibility label

Updated 13/03/2019 14:34

Module python-piprot should support Pipfile


As a python developer I want piprot to run when I use Pipfile instead of requirements.txt So that I can get outdated my dependencies detected.


Currently the module python-piprot runs only when a requirements.txt is present. It does not recognize Pipfile, an alternative to the widely used requirements.txt.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Runs python-piprot when Pipfile or requirements.txt is present

Unresolved Questions

  • [ ] Does piprot support Pipfile? Please update when is merged.
Updated 11/02/2019 00:24 1 Comments

Tray icon when income new messages


<!– Please Include: –> - Operating System: - [x] Windows - [ ] Linux/Ubutnu - [ ] macOS - Clear steps to reproduce the issue: Normal icon and icon when incoming new message not strong different. For example in Skype when new message in icon bright number and good see that incoming new message. Attached two screenshots for example. - Relevant error messages and/or screenshots: screenshot1 screenshot2

Updated 08/04/2019 03:43 4 Comments

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