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Remove minor black background residues in the instructional text


Some of the instructional text leaves minor black background residues when it cycles through the messages so assume this is the complete screen re-draw issue. So i guess ideally we’d clear that bottom

Not really sure why an additional row of pixels ontop of some of the text appears as assumed it would only be the x width of black background that changed.

Updated 16/06/2017 12:49

Review the power-off cycle


Currently using D2 connected to OFF on the Pololu in the outdoor boxes so just need to go over the code for that. Should be included universally I guess but with indoor boxes ignoring it.

Bit mixed up over the resistor on the PololuOFF to be pull-up or pull-down Currently its configured with 10K to Pull-Down as that seemed to make sense as when the reed swtich is open (in proximity to magnet ie lid closed) it will be a ‘normally low’ signal ie no power and then when magnet is removed ie the lid opens, it will allow power to the Pololu which will signal high and the resistor pulls it back down cleanly afterwards…

Not sure if Ive mixed this up in my basic understanding of pull-up and pull-down

Updated 26/06/2017 23:03 1 Comments

Staff box running instructions and troubleshooting guide

  • Outdoor box is attached with an external solar battery
  • LIfting the box lid activates the box ready for play, closing the box sends it back to sleep
  • External solar battery will need to be periodically swapped every 2 days/weekly with the identical battery stored in the office
  • Carefully disconnect the battery after opening its waterproof bag
  • Connect with fresh battery and reseal the bag
  • Use only the supplied power supply, to recharge batteries, it has a raspberry logo and a Milecastles sticker on it
Updated 26/06/2017 16:57 5 Comments

Hardware taken by Ross/Glenn - 20th April and 9th May


20th April

MFRC522 RFID Readers (1tag+1credit card ea.) - 25pcs supplied 12864B ST7920 LCD screens backlight - 25pcs supplied Pre-flashed Cockles - 25pcs supplied

Solar USB chargers - 10pcs supplied (1 in testing) - 1pcs MISSING

3m USB White Male A to Male Micro B - 18pcs MISSING 3m USB Male A to Female A USB - 10pcs MISSING

2x4 Dupont Insulators - 15pcs supplied - 10pcs MISSING 1x6 Dupont Insulators - 16pcs supplied - 34pcs MISSING 2x1 Dupont Insulators - 25pcs supplied 1x1 Dupont Insulators - 75pcs supplied 40conductor 100mm female uninsulated dupont rainbow cables - 15pcs supplied

Female A USB Mains adaptors - 18pcs supplied Male Micro B Mains adaptors - 5pcs supplied

400pt Breadboards - 25pcs supplied

pre-stripped prototyping wires - 75ish supplied in 3 colors male 15mm headers - 15 pcs supplied female right angle headers - 15 pcs supplied

414g of Blue RFID tags with keyrings 20pcs=87g

9th May

Bag 1pin dupont insulators 4x20pin 200mm Male->Female Dupont Ribbon cable USB Male A to Micro B 3m [expensive] 3pcs USB Reversible Male A to Micro B 5m 1pcs USB Reversible Male A to Micro B 3m 1pcs USB Male A to Female A USB extender Cream 5pcs

Updated 09/05/2017 15:53

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