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Adds stealthy Bikehorn sword to traitor Clown


A clown can now buy an esword disguised as a bikehorn through his uplink for 7 tc. (Same price as normal eswords)

It actives through alt-clicking.

I know this is a straight buff to normal eswords because of the hiding factor, but fuck that only clowns have it.

🆑 rscadd: adds a new clown traitor item: A bikehorn esword. Activate it by alt-clicking. /🆑

original code by Time-Green

Updated 20/08/2017 06:33

Rework UIModel and UIDataSource


Data-Model and Data-Source


  1. Add option for URL for CRUD
  2. /api/user which will be used for following
    • GET /api/user/:id
    • POST /api/user/
    • PUT /api/user/:id
    • DELETE /api/user/:id
  3. All operations will provide isBusy indicator
  4. Add decorator @ignoreSerialize to ignore given property from serialization
  5. Observe all model property keys to update dirty and propDirty indicators (Need to think about structuring the propDirty)
  6. Are three model states required? This will be useful when using the model in a DataSource
    • __original__ maintains the original record
    • __updated__ maintains updated values that have not been synced via the API
    • discardChanges() will revert to the __updated__ dataset
    • reset() will revert to the __original__ dataset

Initial Thoughts

// Since there is no objectObservation need to rely on propertyObserver for updating the dirty indicators
// Update property dirty on propertyObserve callback
init() {
  each(keys, key=>observe(prop, ()=>this.propChange(key)));

propChange(key) {
  return ()=>this.checkDirty(
    this.propDirty[key] = this.__original__[key]!==this[key]);

discard() {
  each(keys, key=>this[key] = this.__updated__[key]);

reset() {
  each(keys, key=>this[key] = this.__updated__[key] = this.__original__[key]);

Remote DataSource

  1. Add option for URL for CRUD
  2. /api/user which will be used for following
    • GET /api/users fetch all models
    • POST /api/user/
    • PUT /api/user/:id
    • DELETE /api/user/:id

      Do we follow singular calls for all updates and deletes Or do we create a single call with multiple update models eg. DELETE /api/users body=[1,2,3]

  3. Observe the dirty property of all models to maintain dirty indicator for the store
  4. Need to have server side sorting, pagination and filter capabilities
    • Filter is important when using stores with lists and auto-complete
Updated 20/08/2017 06:24 1 Comments

[New] Improve search and highlighting


[NEW] I’ve created a new PR based on #1640. (Let’s finish with it). If there were changes for last two days in the area of this PR please check that I didn’t removed them by reverting the revert 😢

Issue: In the previous PR #1598, I’ve added highlighting feature to the filtered stories. Today filtering is based on fuzzysearch lib that simply return true / false if some string matches a provided query. Highlighting was based on just regex. It brings some inconsistency to the code and this bug

What I did

As @Hypnosphi suggested I’ve changed fuzzysearch to fuse.js. fuse.js has a very rich api and ability to return matched indices. Another fact is that fuse.js is already used in @storybook/react-fuzzy

Currently I used @hypnosphi/fuse.js fork because of this

How to test

run cra-kitchen-sink

Updated 20/08/2017 05:14 1 Comments

Fix support for Windows


Our usage of unix sockets for TestServer was preventing compilation on Windows. Originally, unix sockets were introduced to avoid having magic URLs in use for integration testing, essentially getting an anonymous, full-duplex pipe.

Another alternative here would be named pipes, however using TCP means we’re closer to the real production code for integration tests, and we can support all platforms from a single implementation.

After seeing #29 from @target-san, and @braunse’s fork, I realised this was a higher priority than I initially thought.

Updated 19/08/2017 23:49 1 Comments



Создать: 1. Таблица в бд: _id | id существа | id квеста | прогресс квеста 2. Дневник аватара (внутриигровой предмет) 3. Таблица в бд; _id | id квеста | прогресс квеста | запись в дневнике

Логика: 1. Игрок встречает квестодателя (существо, место, событие, предмет). 2. Скрипт на квестодателе обращается к домену с просьбой установить прогресс такого-то квеста такому-то игроку. 3. Домен вносит изменения в таблицу 1 и шлет уведомление аватару - id квеста, прогресс и запись в дневнике (из таблицы 3). 4. Скрипт на аватаре вносит изменения в дневник 2, если таковой имеется.

Аналогично для остальных шагов квеста.

Updated 19/08/2017 21:38

Allow disabling popup



Would be nice if I could disable the pop-up or set a pop-up time though. Maybe an option for the future?

Updated 19/08/2017 21:03 1 Comments

Adds Pancakes, Pancake Stacking



Adds regular, blueberry, and chocolate chip pancakes as well as stacking mechanics. Stacking mechanics include: - Visual pancake stacking and removal as the pancakes added or are eaten - Progressive pancake stack consumption, IE eating the top pancake first - Pancake stacks consisting of any variety of pancakes - Combining stacks of pancakes

I’ll add the ability to apply syrup and butter in a later PR, should this work out.

Please help me clean up this code, if necessary. It might be a tad messy, not unlike sticky pancakes.

:cl: add: Nanotrasen Culinary Division has authorized the construction of pancakes, including blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes. Pancakes can be stacked on top of each other. /:cl:

Why: I felt like the presence of waffles also called for the presence of pancakes. I wanted pancakes to be more realistic and interesting in the ability to stack them, as well. They are part of a complete breakfast!

Updated 20/08/2017 04:19 17 Comments

Implement Global Block Flagging


Still forming…a few ideas for this though: (1) Display Global Block Status and Instructions if global block detected (2) Autoclose Requests submitted when a process verifies whether a global block is currently active (3) Apply a special flag to globally blocked requests either via a new queue or an icon to allow a user to identify the status.

@stwalkerster made a good point on number two, where this could cause an issue if a user had additional questions or the technology went haywire. Leaning more towards #1 or #3 for this idea.

Updated 19/08/2017 18:18

Feature request: dispense output


If a structured crafter makes something that can’t be placed as a block, and there’s not an output inventory to put it in, it should try to dispense it rather than unconditionally dropping it as an item. For example, it should drop minecarts as themselves instead of as items.

Updated 19/08/2017 17:41 1 Comments

Card creation



  • [ ] It should have a button that open a modal.
  • [ ] It should have a simple modal where user can write a title and a note.
  • [ ] Title should have a placeholder: Title.
  • [ ] Note should have a placeholder: Write some thoughts.
  • [ ] Modal should have a Save button (flat button).


New note button





Modal and FAB in

Updated 19/08/2017 16:39

Card filtering



  • [ ] It should have an input text to search for card titles.




Floating Input in

Updated 19/08/2017 16:31

Framework form themes should not be used as default



Sonata packages

$ composer show --latest 'sonata-project/*'
sonata-project/admin-bundle              3.22.0 3.22.0 The missing Symfony Admin Generator
sonata-project/block-bundle              3.3.2  3.3.2  Symfony SonataBlockBundle
sonata-project/cache                     1.0.7  1.0.7  Cache library
sonata-project/core-bundle               3.4.0  3.4.0  Symfony SonataCoreBundle
sonata-project/datagrid-bundle           2.2.1  2.2.1  Symfony SonataDatagridBundle
sonata-project/doctrine-extensions       1.0.2  1.0.2  Doctrine2 behavioral extensions
sonata-project/doctrine-orm-admin-bundle 3.1.6  3.1.6  Symfony Sonata / Integrate Doctrine ORM into the SonataAdminBundle
sonata-project/easy-extends-bundle       2.2.0  2.2.0  Symfony SonataEasyExtendsBundle
sonata-project/exporter                  1.7.1  1.7.1  Lightweight Exporter library
sonata-project/intl-bundle               2.3.1  2.3.1  Symfony SonataIntlBundle

Symfony packages

$ composer show --latest 'symfony/*'
symfony/assetic-bundle     v2.8.2  v2.8.2 Integrates Assetic into Symfony2          
symfony/monolog-bundle     v3.1.0  v3.1.0 Symfony MonologBundle
symfony/phpunit-bridge     v3.3.5  v3.3.6 Symfony PHPUnit Bridge
symfony/polyfill-intl-icu  v1.4.0  v1.5.0 Symfony polyfill for intl's ICU-related data and classes
symfony/polyfill-mbstring  v1.4.0  v1.5.0 Symfony polyfill for the Mbstring extension
symfony/polyfill-php56     v1.4.0  v1.5.0 Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 5.6+ features to lower PHP versions
symfony/polyfill-php70     v1.4.0  v1.5.0 Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 7.0+ features to lower PHP versions
symfony/polyfill-util      v1.4.0  v1.5.0 Symfony utilities for portability of PHP codes
symfony/security-acl       v3.0.0  v3.0.0 Symfony Security Component - ACL (Access Control List)
symfony/swiftmailer-bundle v2.6.3  v3.0.3 Symfony SwiftmailerBundle
symfony/symfony            v3.2.12 v3.3.6 The Symfony PHP framework

PHP version

$ php -v
PHP 7.0.22 (cli) (built: Aug  3 2017 22:16:07) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) 1997-2017 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.0.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2017 Zend Technologies


If you use and define custom form fields for your front app, admin bundle will also use it.

It should not, or at least, should be deactivated by default.

Steps to reproduce

Use some custom form themes:

# config.yml
    debug:            '%kernel.debug%'
    strict_variables: '%kernel.debug%'
        - 'form_generic_fields.html.twig'
        - 'form_fields.html.twig'
        - 'jquery.collection.html.twig'

Expected results

Should not be used and gives a normal form:


Actual results

Uses the framework form theme and can give ugly results like this:


Updated 19/08/2017 20:29 7 Comments

Card list



  • [ ] Cards should have width: 246px.
  • [ ] Height should be dynamic.
  • [ ] Direction should be flex-direction: column. Wrapped.
  • [ ] Cards content should be a title and a free text.

Representative data format

interface Card {
  id: string;
  title: string;
  text: string;




Card in

Updated 19/08/2017 16:31

Copy DB games to notation


See also #3330.

I want to be able to right click the DB game, then click “Add to notation”. Then I want the single-line move tree from that game (from the current position) inserted into my move tree (to the current position).

A nice touch would be to automatically add a comment on the current move, along the lines of: “2. f4 Carlsen, M - Aronion, L, 2015, ½ - ½”

This is functionality available in Chessbase and used by chess players when studying openings.

Updated 19/08/2017 16:28

Highlight text (Mark text) - REQUEST/WISH


Hi, I see both Ulysses on Mac and Bear use highlight text, e.g. using syntax ::text::, and that text will be highlighted in e.g. green color. It’s very useful since the only other way is to mark the text as bold.

::text:: <- Highlight in color e.g Green

Updated 19/08/2017 14:08 2 Comments

Suggestion: transaction type 'refund'


I’ve looked through older issues to see if this has been addressed before, and though it seems it has been (partially) it has been a while and I’d like to add my thoughts/ideas on this.

Usually when the year is over I get the year-end bill for my electricity use. Sometimes I have to pay extra, sometimes I get some money back. From what I understand from most financial gurus etc, this would not count as income, but instead as a deduction on an expense and should be booked as such. Firefly however, does not have this option.

In other apps I’ve used I’ve occasionally bumped into the option where I could select an expense transaction and click on ‘create refund’ and it would create a new transaction, with all the options for an expense (in Firefly this would mean the source account is an expense account, not a revenue account) but with an incoming amount, not an outgoing one.

I don’t know if this is possible in a future Firefly, perhaps with a flag on an expense transaction or perhaps a completely new transaction type.

I have work-arounds for refunds now, though I’d prefer a more correct reflection of what really happens 😄
If I take back a box of eggs to Albert Heijn it seems a bit weird to me to have to create a revenue account for it, because I don’t work for Albert Heijn, I’m just getting money back I’ve spent there.

Updated 19/08/2017 14:26 1 Comments

E-mail password reset feature


It is useful feature.

  1. user who forgot password (sometimes, also forgot username)
  2. access to WebUI, and require reset. identified by e-mail address.
  3. user gets onetime URL by e-mail.
  4. access to the URL and push confirm button.
  5. system resets password, display new password.
  6. user can login again! happy!
Updated 19/08/2017 12:42

Group management


Groups are required for identified to each WebApp.

For example,

  • user1 can login GitBucket and Jenkins.
  • user2 can login GitBucket.
  • admin1 can login GitBucket and Jenkins and has Jenkins admin role.
  • user3 can login GitBucket and Jenkins, but different role to user1 in Jenkins.
Updated 19/08/2017 12:39

WebApp settings suggestion feature


For example, GitBucket LDAP settings are:

  • hostname (localhost?)
  • port (10389)
  • Bind DN (empty)
  • Bind password (empty)
  • Base DN (ou=Users,o=ldapanda)
  • User name attribute (uid)
  • Additional filter condition (empty or add group filter)
  • Full name attribute (displayName)
  • Mail address atrribute (mail)
  • Enable TLS (unchecked)
  • Enable SSL (unchecked)
  • Keystore (empty)

If these settings are displayed for site administrator, it is useful to LDAP-beginner administrator.

Updated 19/08/2017 12:35

Create new DF operation script


We need to create a new df operation scripts ease of starting df environment and jars syntax: [operatoin] [target]

operation - start - stop - restart - admin: run specific admin tool - debug: run df in front

target - df: df jar - env: environment - envn: brand new envirnment - all: env + df jar - alln: new env + df jar

Updated 19/08/2017 12:20

Allow cloning PKGBUILDs with git+ssh


I’ve been having some trouble with timeouts while pulling PKGBUILD updates lately. Switching remotes to git+ssh instead of git+https seems to help with this, but pacaur doesn’t allow customizing this without editing the script.

I think it would be useful to add a config file option to allow switching this out. The AUR site itself shows git+ssh URLs for cloning.

Additionally, it looks like DownloadPkgs doesn’t use $aururl, which is probably an oversight.

Updated 19/08/2017 13:10 2 Comments

Username support (with custom name and avatar)


On the welcome screen there should be an option to change your name and avatar. The playlist would now contain the username and/or avatar for the requested song. This way people would know who put what on the list.

Technical requirements

  • names should be stored in a json file or a database (pros, cons?)
  • to remember the names, the browser should store it in the cookies
  • avatars should be stored in folder or database
  • custom color for user panel and playlist item background
Updated 19/08/2017 12:01

Add Google Analytics tracking




  • [ ] Background process start
  • [ ] Connecting to server


  • [ ] Popup open
  • [ ] Opening PR from popup
  • [ ] Tabs switching
  • [ ] Preview opening
  • [ ] Sending a reminder


  • [ ] Opening PR from notification
  • [ ] Closing notification

Options page

  • [ ] Opening
  • [ ] Saving options
  • [ ] Making changes
Updated 19/08/2017 17:49

[DI] Add PHP service factories

Branch? 3.4
Bug fix? no
New feature? yes
BC breaks? no
Deprecations? no
Tests pass? not yet
Fixed tickets #23819
License MIT
Doc PR symfony/symfony-docs#… <!–highly recommended for new features–>

This is a POC that more or less implements a feature described in #23819.

It allows to automate service creation from a factory, which itself is a service. You tag it, and basically it scrapes methods to factorize as new services.

So far, no real annotations are involved. Im not sure a whole system is worth it for this feature solely. Yet it introduces one new annotation, in the spirit of @required, to indicate which methods to factorize; @service or @service This convention can also be used for #23898.

To me this is convenient. Further configuration can be applied static (this PR is not that far though); adding tags, sharing, factory arguments etc. It requires no real alias support; as that would be simply forwarding methods in this context.

It checks return types for the class value, so it works on PHP7 only for now. I abused tests for this to demonstrate :) I wasnt planning for parsing @return so <PHP7 requires further configuration.

Quick example;

   MyFactory: { tags: [container.service_factory] }
class MyFactory {
     * @service
    public function someFoo(): Foo {
       return new Foo();

     * @service
    public function someBar(): Bar {
       return new Bar($this->someFoo());

This creates the services some_foo and


/cc @GuilhemN

Updated 19/08/2017 11:04

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