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Keyboard handlers and API for enabling/disabling


Currently there is a keyboard component for navigation according to spatial and sequence navigation arrows.

There could be other navigation forms for the keyboard component‚ like zooming and panning.

The possible actions as well as the keys / combinations of keys for those actions should be determined.

When implemented each action category should be a separate handler that can be enabled / disabled like for the mouse component.

Potential handlers (initial suggestion):

Spatial navigation Sequence navigation Zoom Pan

Potentially a KeyboardService should be created to ensure that only a single event listener is registered.

Updated 27/03/2017 12:27

Global project parsing


There should be the possibility to parse and vaildate every file in a project and even in the whole workspace.

One can also think of performing this global parsing on each startup and a project parsing on each project import. However this has to be controlled by a preference in order to avoid wasting computing power to unwanted parsing.

Updated 27/03/2017 12:22

Preserve custom remoting metadata (shared methods)



Allow strong-remoting dependents like loopback to define custom metadata for shared methods.

Related issues

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  • 49 (to reference issues in the current repository)

  • strongloop/loopback#49 (to reference issues in another repository) –>



<!– Please mark your choice with an “x” (i.e. [x], see –>

  • [x] New tests added or existing tests modified to cover all changes
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cc @strongloop/sq-lb-epitome

Updated 27/03/2017 12:13

Create 'Help' menu item


Create ‘Help’ menu item with description: - description what is it - who created and when - link to the GitHub - application features - any additional details about first run

Updated 27/03/2017 11:45

Weekly report feature


As many upstream engineers in Linaro are sending their weekly status emails to their techleads, it would not cost much to parse those reports and update respective JIRA cards by adding comments with status information and updating their statuses (In progress, Resolved, etc).

This feature is presenting a user with a configured text editor loaded with a template of the status report generated based on the cards assigned to that engineer in JIRA, parses the resulting completed report, updates JIRA accordingly and sends the report email afterwards.

Updated 27/03/2017 11:45

Add ability to limit the dependency SVG depth


The SVG graph for a dependency on the entire file system is quite large. A limited graph display of only the “top” builds could be beneficial in some circumstances.

We could add a “–max-depth” flag (might also be meaningful for other commands).

This flag will limit the number of dependency levels we go back from the given build.

The circles with builds that have dependencies not shown as a result of the limit could be given a different colour. However, in most circumstances, all builds will depend on the toolchain, meaning all builds would most likely have dependencies not shown.

Updated 27/03/2017 11:28

[DI] add ServiceClosureArgument::register() to share service locators

Branch? master
Bug fix? yes
New feature? yes
BC breaks? no
Deprecations? no
Tests pass? yes
Fixed tickets -
License MIT
Doc PR -

Right now, one service locator is created per controller / service subscriber. But since service locators are stateless, this is just wasting resources when several controllers have the exact same set of services managed by their locators (as would be the case when registering the new AbstractController as a service subscribers).

This PR fixes this issue, and a few related others found along the way.

Updated 27/03/2017 12:27

Add command for setting proxy


At the moment users can set proxy by manually editing the file <cli installation dir>/config/config.json. However this has two issues: - the proxy does not support authentication - if you install newer version of CLI, the file is overwritten, so you have to set it again.

Fix both issues by: - creating command that sets the proxy. - (currently) for Windows introduce support for authenticated proxy - username and password are stored via Windows Credential Manager API functions.

Expected workflow: $ tns <command that makes http request> Your proxy requires a username and password. You can run tns proxy set <hostname> <port> <username> <password> In order to supply NativeScript with the credentials needed.

$ tns proxy set 8888 user pass Sucessfully setup proxy.

$ tns proxy get Hostname: Port: 8888 Proxy is Enabled

$ tns proxy clear Sucessfully cleared proxy.

$ tns proxy get No proxy set

Updated 27/03/2017 11:19

Token Bundle: accept any date


It could be nice to accept date('MM-D-YYYY, h:mm:ss a'). It should not be that complicated for dates that does not require languages.

MMMM is difficult and moment.js uses some localized files, wich is out of masala’s scope.

Updated 27/03/2017 09:49

[24899] Hide breadcrumb when not necessary


This hides the breadcrumb per default. The only places left, where it shall be seen is the wiki page, the admin page and the my page. In accessibility mode it is visible again.

According Plugin PRs: * * *

Updated 27/03/2017 11:54

[1.9.4+]育成システムについて / How about training system?


どうもVercleneです. 考えがイマイチ纏まらないというか,方向性が定まらなさすぎて正直開発のモチベーションも上がらないので,ここいらで制作者自ら議論用のトピックを投げてみます.

その愛くるしさと便利さが人気を集めてやまないメイドさんですが,ここんとここれでもちょいと便利すぎるように感じています.端的に言うと,はじめからずっとできることが変わらないのがこれでもゲーマーの端くれとして退屈かな,と. 一応,レベリングもどきの要素は実装していて,レベルが上がると粗品がもらえるボーナスがあったりしますが,これの拡張がてらにも何か作りたかった感あります.

そこで今私の頭の中で考えているのはズバリ"メイドさん育成システム"です. 1. レベルが上がる等のトリガーで技術ポイントみたいなものがメイドさんごとにもらえる 2. これを振り分けることで専門職が解放されていく 3. 全てにスキルを振り分けられるわけではない 現代のオンラインゲームではよくあるヤツです.ぷそにばっかりやってるけど メイドさんを育てるというやりこみ要素と,メイドさんごとに個性を持たせる特化要素をもたせるのを,一応狙いとしています.

問題としては, * 専門職を用意できるほど今のモードが多くない * 本家メイドさんの実装を大きく覆すことになる * レベリングめんどい * いわゆる"エンドコンテンツ"はどの程度にする?



English text will be added later.

Updated 27/03/2017 09:43 1 Comments

Check max password length in User.changePassword



The new changePassword API implemented by #3299 was not checking the maximum allowed password length, as added by #2580.

This patch fixes changePassword to validate the password before making the change.

Related issues

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  • 49 (to reference issues in the current repository)

  • strongloop/loopback#49 (to reference issues in another repository) –>

  • 382


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Updated 27/03/2017 09:30

Minecraft1.11.xへの対応策 ~新実装シュルカーボックス編~



メイドモード「Freedom」でアイテムが一杯になった時の対策  MC1.9で検証してみた結果,チェスト・トラップチェスト共にアイテムを入れてました  そこで疑問点があったのはMC1.11以降に実装されるシュルカーボックスの件で,持ち物が一杯になったアイテムをシュルカーボックスに入れ,手持ちのシュルカーボックスをシュルカーボックスに入れられない様に出来るかお願いします

Updated 27/03/2017 09:17 1 Comments

how to remove new line dots?


When i enter long command that goes into new line, xonsh draws that many dots (in this new line) as my prompt length. It’s very annoying if my prompt is long (because I am in some deep folder structure). How do I turn it off?

Updated 27/03/2017 12:30 7 Comments

Add possibility to switch between certificates


<!– Welcome to the Postman Issue tracker. Any feature requests / bug reports can be posted here. Any security-related bugs should be reported directly to

Version/App Information: –> 1. Postman Version: 4.10.4 2. App (Chrome app or Mac app): Chrome 3. OS details: linux / x86-64 4. Is the Interceptor on and enabled in the app: no 5. Did you encounter this recently, or has this bug always been there: always 6. Expected behaviour: It’s possible to choose every time between certificates via a button or function. To use for different requests, differents certificates 7. Console logs ( for the Chrome App, View->Toggle Dev Tools for the Mac app): no bug, its a feature request 8. Screenshots (if applicable)

Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Execute first request, -> you will ask which certificate you want to use. 2. Execute another request which requires a different certificate. -> Error because you cannot choose the other certificate and the certificate from step 1 is used.

<!– Some guidelines:

  1. Please file Newman-related issues at

  2. If it’s a Cloud-related issue, or you want to include personal information like your username / collection names, mail us at

  3. If it’s a question (anything along the lines of “How do I … in Postman”), the answer might lie in our documentation - –>

Updated 27/03/2017 09:15 1 Comments



Implement Match.type, where matching happens by type rather than by value. Add tests to ensure that all interfaces accept Match.type for matching by type.

Updated 27/03/2017 07:21

Add home page

  • [ ] Show current estimated score
  • [ ] Show highest performance category
  • [ ] Show lowest performance category
  • [ ] Show quiz performance line graph
  • [ ] Show median response time
  • [ ] Show ideal response time
Updated 27/03/2017 05:07

Add a side menu

  • [ ] Add menu button to practice skeleton
  • [ ] Build common side menu component
  • [ ] Add session panel complete with currently authed user
  • [ ] Add lite navigation
  • [ ] Add a sign out button
  • [ ] Add report an issue button
Updated 27/03/2017 05:11

Implement add actor button.


A user should be able to add a new actor to the list of available actors:

Note: Since bootstrap only permits one modal at a time, the best approach may be to dynamically add an input box so the user can write the new actor and then select a “Save” button. (Implementation details)

Updated 27/03/2017 03:33

Finish extensions steps.

  • It should work mostly as basic course steps.
  • You should be able to select a basic course step.
  • You should be able to add new/delete extension course.
  • You should be able to add new/delete extension step.
  • Deleting an extension course should delete all its steps.
  • Each step should be automatically indexed based on the basic course step and the extension step. i.e 1.1, 2.a, etc.
Updated 27/03/2017 03:29

Finish Basic Course Steps section.


Behavior: * At the beginning the ir only one input with the index 1. * When editing the first step, a new step is automatically added. * There should be a way to manually add a new step between steps. * There shall be a way to delete a step between steps. * Any empty step will be deleted when submitted. * An index must be shown for each step. * An empty step should not have index.

Updated 27/03/2017 03:24

Inflection syntax prototype


A simple inflection could be notated into the admin panel using a simple syntax, something like:

-en > +t > ge+# (maken -> ge+mak+t, which a FSM (to design) could convert into gemaakt).

> seperates operations -x remove -x from end #-x remove x- from the begining +x add x at the end x+# add x at the begining

Complexer inflections should be handled with a finite state machine, or something inspirered by that.

Updated 27/03/2017 02:15

Spam warnings -- Streamer Doesn't know


Currently the bot whispers the user who has violated the spam protect filters, which is all fine and dandy, but it should also whisper to the moderators and(or) the streamer, so they know that the bot is detecting it and who is violating the spam filters. This is just good for streamer/moderator awareness of viewers. It could also be solved by having an (optional) public response as well as a whisper. These could be included in the !config command

Valid role message levels would be (Public, Violator, Moderators, Streamer)

[Alkali] !config spam response whisper owner, moderator, violator
[:cactus:] Spam responses will now be whispered to owner, moderator, violator
[Cactus] *whispers to the owner, moderators, violator*
[Cactus -> Streamer] ALKALI WAS USING CAAAaaaaaps *in a whiney tone*
Updated 27/03/2017 01:33

Adds Body Markings


So you can customize your character with tattoos or fur colors for Taj or whatever. I’ll let Anewbe work out what he wants to whitelist other than what I did already.

The icons are sliced up with the HumanScissors program I wrote, so they are per-organ. So, lop off a limb, put it on someone else, they have the tattoos and whatnot. It’s part of DNA so it comes with when cloning.

They are defined in the normal sprite_accessories file and the icons are all in in the format of “markingname-organtag” so if you have a marking that spans both arms and torso you need “thatone-torso”, “thatone-l_arm”, “thatone-r_arm” icon states.

image A catguy with black tiger stripes and a green right arm tat having shot himself and being cloned.

Updated 26/03/2017 23:47

TVmaze Metadata Agent Support


Supporting TVmaze metadata will require a mapping database to be built for OpenEntityMap, to translate show and movie identifiers to services that are supported by the API (TheTVDB, The Movie Database or IMDB).

Please respond to this issue (with a comment, or reaction) if you would like to see this feature added, development priorities will be changed based on feedback.

Updated 26/03/2017 23:23

Support reduce method


Support a functional-programming style reduce() method on all dataflow nodes. It takes a reducing function and returns a new node. If the value of the reduced node is not an array, an error will occur at evaluation time.

Updated 26/03/2017 23:20

New Users email -> User Success email


Currently we have an email that is launched by a rake task (run nightly), that emails all administrators with the user accounts that have been created recently. We’d like to expand this email to reflect other user activity that might spur us to reach out to clients. This includes:

  • New collections created
  • New IIIF collections imported
  • New Internet Archive collections created
  • New document uploads in an in progress/error status
  • New works created

User activity requiring potential intervention – the summary of all notes (by collection/work), new edits or transcriptions on collection that’s been inactive for more than a month.

We’d want this to be something easy to scroll, so if the count of interesting actions is 0, we should not even display that section in the email report.

Updated 26/03/2017 22:56

Create composer service container.


This should be a DRUP top level container used for all projects that require composer.

  1. This would allow better usage in windows as there are path limitations.
  2. Would remove dependency for the host machine composer.
Updated 26/03/2017 22:30

[DI] [CompilerPass] [AutoWire] : fix order service definition problem

Branch? master
Bug fix? yes/no (the code is so different between 2.8 and master in AutoWire Class)
New feature? yes/no
BC breaks? no
Deprecations? no <!– don’t forget updating UPGRADE-*.md files –>
Tests pass? yes
Fixed tickets #22162
License MIT
Doc PR symfony/symfony-docs

This is a PR proposal to fix service order problem definition during AutoWirePass.

Updated 26/03/2017 22:28 1 Comments

Tesla Update


From TG.

Updates the Tesla to the most recent iteration. Overall, it’s far far far more deadly than ti was before.

Major Changes - Tesla can now damage blobs (yes, releasing the Tesla can be a viable way to combat blobs in the ultra late stage now…provided admins give you permission) - Tesla will now cause explosions when it overloads machines. Needless to say, this makes the Tesla an incredibly deadly if it ever escapes. - Tesla’s energy will dissipate more slowly and charge up more quickly - The Tesla moving near a mob will now dust it (as opposed to the mob having to move into the Tesla) - Being near a grounding rod prevents you from being dusted from the Tesla

Related - Can now pulse/attach assemblies to Tesla coils—set up an engineer defense or autism fort that’s protected by the power of electricity

Code stuffs - Cleaned up singularity and Tesla code a bit here and there - Various performance tweaks such as utilize urange or z-level checks for loops through lists

Mandatory Picture of Tesla Aftermath img

:cl: Fox McCloud tweak: Tesla can now damage blobs tweak: Tesla causes machinery to overload and explode when zapping it tweak: Tesla dissipates energy more slowly and is easier to charge up (making it more deadly when released) tweak: Tesla will now dust mobs it bumps into add: Tesla coils now have wires that can be pulsed to generate a tesla zap /:cl:

Updated 27/03/2017 03:35 8 Comments

Added rudimentary undo/redo functionality


Closes #38

Added undo and redo for the following operations: * Placing an atom/atoms * Deleting an atom/atoms * Editing the variables of an atom * Moving an atom to the top/bottom of the tile * Moving a selection * Deleting a selection * Pasting a selection

At the moment, moving a selection is considered two operations: pasting the selection to the new place, and removing it from the old place.

The only way to use undo and redo is to use the dropdown menu. No hotkeys yet.

Updated 27/03/2017 04:50 4 Comments

Change normalization strategy


Trimming by default is not fair, as it may mean altering the property values.

I propose to trigger trimming/normalization via an enum, with default to “do not alter the input”. This may be used as follows:

@CdiConfiguration(normalize=NormalizationStrategy.NONE) or @CdiConfiguration(normalize=NormalizationStrategy.TRIM) or @CdiConfiguration(normalize=NormalizationStrategy.INJECT)

Where the last term means that the generated ConfigurationBean will accept a class implementing a configuration normalizer interface like this:

public interface ConfigurationNormalizer<E extends Enum> {
    String normalize(E key, String value);

Normalization strategy could also be expanded further, like “empty to null” or “null to empty” or “trim to null”…

Updated 26/03/2017 20:24

Lambda expression in Array.Sort does not compile as expected


Include support of Array.Sort with comparison

Steps To Reproduce ```c# public class Program { public class X { public string Name; }

public static void Main()
    X[] x = new X[0];
    Array.Sort(x, (a, b) => string.Compare(a.Name, b.Name));

} ```

See Also

Updated 26/03/2017 19:29

Set preferred-install for specific packages from command line


It doesn’t seem possible to set a global config preferred-install for specific packages from the command line.

I’m trying to setup containers for contributing to Drupal, using a third-party composer.json from drupal-composer/drupal-project. I’d like all drupal packages to be downloaded prefer-source, but all upstream dependencies to be prefer-dist.

However, from the cli this sort of thing does not seem possible: composer config --global preferred-install '{"drupal/*":"source"}'

Updated 27/03/2017 07:29 1 Comments

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