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Train length


The train length is not currently considered when determining when the train is within the loop boundary, effectively meaning that once the head of the train clears the boundary, the train is valid for analysis again. This may not be an accurate assumption, as the train is required to clear the loop before accelerating to track speed. Ideal solution: Extract the train length with the ICE data and incorporate this into the loop boundary ahead of the train.

Updated 15/12/2017 04:32

PlayRho assumes 128-bit integers are supported unless _WIN32 defined


Expected/Desired Behavior or Experience:

The library doesn’t assume that 128-bit integer types are supported by default. It should only assume 128-bit integer support on platforms known to support it.

Actual Behavior:

Building the library can fail on some platforms that don’t support 128-bit integers because the library currently assumes if _WIN32 isn’t defined that 128-bit integer support is available.

Updated 15/12/2017 04:20

Marketing/Sponsoring List


Something big and may take a lot of time. Not sure if it’s necessary, but may be useful.

It would be nice if we can use clear as a portal to track marketing/sponsor interactions.

So ideally, you would be able to create an entry for a certain company and log when you emailed or when they replied, current status, information about how they are interested, amount of sponsorship, failed/succeeded.

This database should be shared with your region so you don’t overlap each other’s contacts.

Updated 15/12/2017 04:24 1 Comments

Add a decent non-JIT ngchw convolution to vanilla engine



Generic convolution is really slow, because the generic mkl-dnn implementation is impossible to optimize (it calls virtual functions to calculate offsets within inner loops).

Benchdnn has identified some simple mods to speed up convolutions for ngchw data layout, so some decent version should be added to the vanilla engine. (The impl might differ when compiling for x86 / SX / Aurora chipsets). Maybe we can add it to the jit version too, to compare speeds with jit impls. (?)

At very least, test times should be much improved - for SX, the full suite of gtests took so long to run that I rarely ran it.

Updated 15/12/2017 04:10

[lag_2] enable lag_2 test on t0-116 topology


This change enables lag_2 test on T0-116 topology.

How did you do it? - allowing lag_2 test to run on T0-116 topology. - relax lag_2 timing tests from 10ms to 100ms delta time. - flush packets before packet timing test.

How did you verify/test it? - lag_2 test is now passing on T0-116 DUT.

Updated 15/12/2017 04:08




Updated 15/12/2017 04:14



<img width=“639” alt=“2017-12-15 11 45 14” src=“”> 目前的RyzoWEBA驗證信為英文,建議中文化翻譯,並附上登入頁連結。

Updated 15/12/2017 04:13 2 Comments

Testbed application code defined within playrho namespace


Expected/Desired Behavior or Experience:

Testbed application code respects the sanctity of the playrho namespace by not introducing code into it. Only the library itself should add definitions within the playrho namespace except for explicitly allowed specializations.

Actual Behavior:

Testbed application code is defined within the playrho namespace. This subtracts from the code’s usefulness as example code as it could cause or encourage undefined behavior.

Updated 15/12/2017 03:33

Horizontally center hyphens between syllable


A user has requested the ability to center hyphens between syllables.

Pulling this off requires that after calculating that the space between the syllables is wide enough to warrant a hyphen, instead of attaching the hyphen to the end of the current syllable, it gets printed at the midpoint of the calculated space. Syllables which end the line would still attach the hyphen to the end of the syllable.

Updated 15/12/2017 03:26

Missing minor NAV points


Following NAV classes for henchmen are missing:

SFXNav_InteractionHenchOmniTool SFXNav_InteractionHenchOmniToolCrouch SFXNav_InteractionHenchBeckonFront SFXNav_InteractionHenchBeckonRear SFXNav_InteractionHenchCustom SFXNav_InteractionHenchCover SFXNav_InteractionHenchCrouch SFXNav_InteractionHenchInteractLow SFXNav_InteractionHenchManual SFXNav_InteractionHenchStandIdle SFXNav_InteractionHenchStandTying SFXNav_InteractionUseConsole SFXNav_InteractionStandGuard

Updated 15/12/2017 03:03

Find way to update versions in About dialog


One way would be to use cmake configure_file to copy a file, or files, substituting version values generated in cmake, from say a version.txt file…

The problem is the Tidy2/VersionAndAbout.rc, and its associated resource.h are encoded in MS Unicode (UTF-16), and it seems cmake does not support this character encoding. And searching around it seems it never will, despite its extensive use by MS Windows…

Additionally, since these files are in UTF-16, with a BOM, github treats the files as binary, thus to update the version strings manually each time would cause full file re-writes in the repository… also a no-no!

But that does not stop the Tidy2.dll generating and setting these dialog text strings, during the creation of the dialog…

Have created a set_vers branch to explore this for Tidy2.dll, and forked notepad-plus-plus, my hnppf.bat, and built with MSVC 14.x64, in a next1 branch, to be able to use MSVC to Debug the Plugins load and setup… and installed npp 64-bit release 7.5.3, my hnpp-7.5.3.bat, to test the new Tidy2.dllquite a learning curve…

Seems to be working. Still to push these changes…

Updated 15/12/2017 02:58



客戶飛速移動提出的需求: 目前二版的購物車尚無身份驗證之防弊機制,客戶可以隨意填寫資料後提交訂單,建議綁定FB作為Ryzo商店中的身份驗證,參考網址如下:

Updated 15/12/2017 03:03 2 Comments

List IPAddress and corresponding NetCardIndex in MA's boot log&&NetworkHelper bugfix&&notifystgy page modify


uavorg#104 1.List IPAddress and corresponding NetCardIndex in MA’s boot log 2.fix NetworkHelper’s infinite recursive when get MacAddress. 3.fix HostNewworkInfo couldn’t get non-siteLocalAddress. 4.mof could not override existing systemProperties.

uavorg#9 1.redirect notifystgy’s help page to user_operation doc. 2.log’s notifystgy could not config base/link-relative expression.

Updated 15/12/2017 02:54

Add "Revise Mode" for verb cards


For each card, the Thai word will be displayed.

Each card has:

  • a hint button that will display the vocal pronunciation
  • a show button that displays the answer and “Learnt” and “Next” buttons

The Learnt button pops the card out of the deck so it will not be displayed and gets another random card.

The Next button keeps the card in the deck and gets another random card.

Verbs to add:

Updated 15/12/2017 02:46

toggle sub-directory support in posts and pages


@matsu911 @lacarmen would you be open to / is there a way we can make sub-directory support in posts and pages a toggle in the config.edn? in 0.1.38 i used to rely on the fact that subdirs were searched for posts but not reflected in the url.

example: /posts/2016/ would yield a url of /cool-post but now yields a url of /2016/cool-post

being able to group posts by year was a nice way to organize without having the date in the url.

Updated 15/12/2017 04:03 1 Comments

Singleton enums not usable as export hints


Version: Godot 3, beta 1.

If you have an enum in a script, you are able to use it as an export hint: export(MyEnum) var options

If you have an autoload singleton with an enum, there is an error stating “Expected constant expression”: export(MySingleton.MyEnum) var options

Steps to reproduce: - Create an autoload singleton with an enum - Try to use that enum as an export hint in another script

Link to minimal example project:

Updated 15/12/2017 04:03

Implement Final Draft style tab


When not on a scene/section heading, tab should help to insert characters.

Outside of autocomplete, tab could turn on temporary auto-upcasing of the line, which a line highlight to convey it’s turned on.

Moving to another line by inserting a newline or navigating away would deactivate.

Tab on a heading would still collapse/expand. Maybe tab on an inclusion could visit that file?

Updated 15/12/2017 02:02

Allow for more delimiters in "right click copy as" in query results


I typically copy query results and paste into excel, and other SQL clients I use, support choice of delimiters while copying, and have an option to set default delimiter in preferences. SequelPro for example, has tab-separated as default. Even if you cannot make tab as the default delimiter, an option to configure this in preferences would be useful. I do know that I can hit the export button to export the results with tab as a choice, but not always do I need an intermediate file before loading data directly to excel.

Updated 15/12/2017 04:01 1 Comments

Event-driven service execution.


New feature

Enable to execute actions in response to events. Event is external event created by event reception API, or internal event created in personium-core module. Actions are log output, service execution and so on.


In order to accomplish the above, we will introduce Rule Cell control object. Rule consists of Condition and Action. In Condition, a specific event that triggers an action is specified. In Action, an action to execute is specified. By registering a rule for a cell, when condition of the rule matches an event for the cell, action of the rule is executed.

Specification changes

  • Delete log output function from Event reception API. Event reception API only posts an requested event as external event to EventBus of the cell. JSON format of request body will be also changed.
  • Expand internal events. Most Persoinum REST API except Unit Level API will create internal event.
  • Add rule operations as Message Type. Request to register a rule or unregister the rule is enabled by sending message.
Updated 15/12/2017 01:57

Some observations



The following algos are supported by the program but are not used in either Miningpoolhub, Nicehash, Hashrefinery, or Zpool:

    • HMQ1725
    • JHA

MPM obtains a Lyra2z hashrate for non-cuda9 supported GPUs, thus is included in the benchmark table, but does not hash. Perhaps attempt a failover feature to an older version or non-cuda 9 miner.

Lastly, can you add support for these algos:

  1. Hodl
  2. HSR
  3. Lyra2RE
  4. M7M
  5. Phi
  6. Polytimos
  7. ScryptJaneNf16
  8. ScryptNf
  9. WhirlpoolX
  10. X13
  11. X14
  12. X15
Updated 15/12/2017 01:56

Add Castling


Castling is a move in the game of chess involving a player’s king and either of the player’s original rooks. It is the only move in chess in which a player moves two pieces in the same move, and it is the only move aside from the knight’s move where a piece can be said to “jump over” another.

Check: Castling at Wikipedia

Updated 15/12/2017 01:49

Make GIF-laden articles less annoying


Articles full of GIFs can be annoying. Either:

  • Add an option to remove GIFs, or
  • Replace GIFs with static images by default

Implementation I like the second option better. We might be able to replace <img>s with <canvas>s – this SO question indicates that setting an animated GIF as the background to a <canvas> will only show a static image. Maybe then clicking the canvas can replace it with an img that has the original GIF url as its src.

Feature request Requested on Hacker News discussion and on Designer News.

Updated 15/12/2017 01:38

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