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Routing Example



It would be cool if one of the example apps in the tram-one examples folder had multiple pages and showed how we keep state between pages. It should be more than just the current using-routes example (i.e. it should be an app that is intrinsically useful, as is the case with all the examples).

Updated 17/10/2017 03:40

Implement button actions for staff login dialog.


The cancel button should close the dialog. (If I remember right, I think the scene builder has a specific cancel button property, but I may easily be wrong.)

The login button should, for now, fetch the text fields from the button (don’t need to do anything with them, just grab them from the text boxes and put em in local variables inside the button click method in the controler) and then just show the staff home screen. We don’t need to worry about implementing actual authentication yet.

Updated 17/10/2017 00:15

CI should test that examples work in python 2.


We currently use Travis to run unit tests with various versions of dependencies, including python 2. But we only run the examples when building the docs in python 3 with Circle CI. #9936 shows that this allows incompatible example code to be introduced, and I expect this to increase as more developers use python 3 though we still support python 2. Perhaps we should add a Travis run that builds the examples, whether or not it compiles the rest of the documentation.

Updated 16/10/2017 22:04

Changes to pg_hba.conf aren't atomic


The alteration of PostgreSQL’s pg_hba.conf in the pscheduler-server spec operates on the file in place. A failure can result in that file being missing or empty, disabling the server.

Consider either a revision to drop-in that makes in-place editing atomic by writing to another file and moving it or handle it in the RPM spec. The former would be preferable.

Updated 16/10/2017 21:15

make latexpdf will raise exceptions


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When I am trying to make latexpdf, it will raise following exceptions: Exception occurred: ```pytb File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sphinx_gallery/”, line 329, in sumarize_failing_examples “\n” + “-” * 79) ValueError: Here is a summary of the problems encountered when running the examples

Unexpected failing examples: /home/users/research/openSource/scikit-learn-fork/examples/applications/ failed leaving traceback: Traceback (most recent call last): File “/home/users/research/openSource/scikit-learn-fork/examples/applications/”, line 225, in <module> symbol, start_date, end_date)) File “/home/users/research/openSource/scikit-learn-fork/examples/applications/”, line 85, in wrapper return f(*args, **kwargs) File “/home/users/research/openSource/scikit-learn-fork/examples/applications/”, line 127, in quotes_historical_google min_date = min(data[‘date’], TypeError: min() got an unexpected keyword argument

/home/users/research/openSource/scikit-learn-fork/examples/applications/ failed leaving traceback: Traceback (most recent call last): File “/home/users/research/openSource/scikit-learn-fork/examples/applications/”, line 111 end=‘’) ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax ```

Steps/Code to Reproduce

  1. Install the necessary libraries.
  2. Enter into the doc directory by typing cmd: cd/root_scikit_learn_source/doc
  3. Typing cmd: make latexpdf
  4. Wating for building procedure finish, however, the exceptions raise out.

Expected Results

It should no exceptions or errors occurred.

Actual Results

Exceptions occurred and latexpdf build has been interrupted. Detail log has been attached. sphinx-err-02bVCM.log


Linux-4.4.0-43-Microsoft-x86_64-with-Ubuntu-16.04-xenial (‘Python’, ‘2.7.12 (default, Nov 19 2016, 06:48:10) ('NumPy’, ‘1.13.3’) (‘SciPy’, ‘0.16.0’) (‘Scikit-Learn’, ‘0.20.dev0’)

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Updated 17/10/2017 09:03 3 Comments

Show session uuid in Session.__repr__


<a href=“”><img src=“” align=“left” width=“96” height=“96” hspace=“10”></img></a> Issue by tgoodlet Friday Jul 08, 2016 at 16:19 GMT Originally opened as

This way when mucking around with the session api (usually in a debugger/console without having to check Session.uuid) you can move back and forth between fs_cli and know which uuid to use when making manual api calls.

Updated 16/10/2017 19:48

Move Originator.setup into a prepost method


<a href=“”><img src=“” align=“left” width=“96” height=“96” hspace=“10”></img></a> Issue by tgoodlet Friday Mar 11, 2016 at 04:43 GMT Originally opened as

The stuff here should be put in a prepost method and all the applied changes should be reverted at app teardown.

Updated 16/10/2017 19:48

Change the word "lokasjon"


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What is the expected behaviour?

In the details section of an event (in templates/events/details.html) the word “sted” or similar should be used. I suggest “sted” as it was when the HTML-file was first created, but “beliggenhet”, “plassering”, or “lokale” might also be good.

What is the current behaviour?

The word “Lokasjon” is not really a norwegian word.

According to the Norwegian Språkrådet: “«Lokasjon» er et relativt nytt lånord, og vi har pleid å anbefale folk å bruke mer tradisjonelle og kanskje mer forståelige uttrykk, som «beliggenhet», «lokalisering», «sted», «område», «lokale» osv. I visse tilfeller kan det passe med «lokalitet». Både på norsk, og tilsvarende på engelsk, kan flere av disse ordene i en del sammenhenger brukes om hverandre.”

Other information

Current: event_page-current Expected: event_page-expected

Updated 16/10/2017 17:12 5 Comments

Use markdown in Javadoc


It’s currently very painful to write the Javadoc for the JavaParser code base. The main problem is that all markup is done with standard HTML tags. Nowadays new programming languages pick some kind of markdown clone instead of HTML.

Turns out there is a Javadoc plugin that allows markdown:

Try to enable it and rewrite the existing Javadoc.

Updated 16/10/2017 17:02 1 Comments

Use django-crispy-forms


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Replace normal form tag with django-crispy-forms. Mainly /contests/.

Updated 16/10/2017 01:54

Improvement : Split multivalued-cells by regex/special characters


Unless I am mistaken, the “split multi-valued cells” feature only accepts literal characters as separators. For example, we can’t split values separated by a line break like these.

screenshot-127 0 0 1-3333-2017-10-15-13-44-58-486

The solution I found is to replace line breaks with a comma (value.replace(/\n/, ','), but it’s just a workaround. Would anyone have a better solution or idea how to improve this feature?

Updated 15/10/2017 20:30 2 Comments

Add documentation for Pages and Elements



While there is an important distinction between top level components (pages) and low level components (elements) we never explicitly say that in the README or document the interface for either. We should do that.


  • pages are passed into the addRoute function, it should be highlighted that they take in store, actions, and params
  • elements are passed into the html function (in the registry), it should be highlighted that they take in attrs and children
Updated 17/10/2017 00:32

Inteface change proposal: unit defense pct flees cursor


At the current state of things, in order to be able to see the unit defense pct on a particular hex, on time of choosing where to move unit, I have to scroll the finger towards the lower or the upper quarter of the hex.

I would find nice if the defense pct was not fixed in the middle of the hex but flee the finger.

I even would find it nice to have it as an option for the desktop version too, defaulting to the classic behavior i.e. defense pct stays fixed in the middle of the hex.

Cheers and regards,

Updated 16/10/2017 00:14 1 Comments

fix remaining inconsistencies


See .

The pretty printers could be aliased as val pp (thus erasing the old buffer printers that should, anyway, die) and the val print version should be deprecated.

Modules to update:

  • CCString.print
  • CCHashtbl.print
  • CCHeap.print
  • everything in
  • most things in containers.iter
Updated 13/10/2017 15:02



This module will be in the modules sub directory.

If email - set up the SMTP settings - set up the email - send email with output file as attachment or as body of email (We need to discuss this)

if stdout -print all output to the screen

Updated 14/10/2017 01:26

Replace FwLinks with the actual target links


This is a good issue for people who want to learn how to work on open-source projects.

Our content uses a lot of what we call FwLinks links. Current search brings 2,639 results for FwLink links.

The problem with those is that users have no clue to which site we’re taking them if they hover the link with their mouse and also they can only be updated by employees. They were useful back in the day where we could only publish once every couple of weeks or sometimes even months.

We should keep links to downloads intact though.

For people interested in helping with this task, we’d break it down into much smaller issues (like 5-10 links per PR).

Sub-issues: - [ ] Core and F# folders - #3423 - [ ] C# folder - #3424 - [ ] Standard folder - #3425 - [ ] VB folder - #3426

Updated 16/10/2017 23:55 18 Comments

Improve Docstrings



Docstings are important for auto-building API docs for craterpy. We use the numpy style guide which has a great summary here


  • [ ] Give all modules, classes, functions, and methods a docstring (min 1 line description).
  • [ ] “Attributes” and “methods” sections for all classes
  • [ ] “Parameters” section for all functions, methods (where applicable)
  • [ ] “Returns” section for all functions, methods (where applicable)
  • [ ] “Raises” section if Exceptions are raised
  • [ ] “Examples” section and update existing examples
Updated 13/10/2017 14:35

Dashboard Agree Button Consistency


Confusion has arisen regarding the “Agree?” button in the dashboard. Making the Agree button consistent with the ob detail screen would most likely remedy this. Here’s a screenshot of that button just for reference:


We could add the Compare button next to it for ultimate consistency, but I kinda feel like more involved interactions should be limited to ob detail screen itself. The dashboard tends to be for quick and simple interactions. Feel free to convince me out of that.

Also noticed the “Remove” button is inconsistent with the ob detail screen where users have the option to edit or withdraw their IDs. We can either get rid of that button entirely or replace it with “Withdraw” and “Edit” buttons with the same style. Remove can have an X icon and Edit can have the pencil icon. Kinda feel like this is advanced functionality that should be limited to the ob detail screen, but I can see how it would be handy here.


Updated 17/10/2017 01:02 1 Comments

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