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Make player name constant in PlanetWars protocol


Currently we pass the bot’s in-game name as it’s first parameter (when executing the run command). I feel like this does not fit nicely in the planned architecture.

We might consider something like in the rules from Googles Planetwars AI Challenge:

The owner of a planet can be neutral, player 1, or player 2. Players always see themselves as player 1 and their opponents as player 2. The engine works out how to display the world differently to each player.

Since we don’t want to leak information about the number of players, we can modify the protocol to keep all player names (random) identifiers, except for the player receiving the status, who will be marked as ‘Me’.

Updated 15/10/2017 14:54 10 Comments

Add accent colour to schamper categories


Schamper articles have a category. On the website,, every category has it’s own colour, e.g. satire is sort of yellow.

It might be a nice touch to also tint the category indicator in the app. These colours are not available in the API, so they will have to be hard coded somewhere. There are two possibilities: - Hard code them at API level by adding another attribute, e.g. categoryTint to the API. This will need to be done in the scraper. - We can (maybe temporarily) hard code them in the app, for example using string values.

The screenshot below has a red box around the things we would tint: device-2017-10-13-194049

Updated 16/10/2017 18:02 3 Comments

Make location clickable in events


On the page displaying the event details, the location (nr. 2 in the screenshot) is not clickable. This seems a bit counter-intuitive, and I have witnessed multiple people try to click on it. This should be fairly straightforward to fix, especially since we already have the location data, as shown in the toolbar (1).

I’m not sure if we should remove the toolbar icon all together once the location is clickable, this is up for debate.


Updated 16/10/2017 22:24 1 Comments

Add some social media links for


As at the bottom of the post, the current player is a bit empty. Perhaps we could place some icons and links to their website and/or social media. Things we could add: - Their site, - YouTube, - Facebook, - Instagram,

The icon for their website can be re-used, icons for social media can be found here:


Updated 16/10/2017 18:06

create-template-box CLI is confusing


The create-template-box script asks for inputs, however the CLI is confusing. For example: When git branch (e.g. master): is printed, it seems that if the user press enter (keeping it empty) the branch master will be used, but that is not true; and the validation (of empty field) is done later in the script.

So, we could: * Use the example as default; or * Check if it’s empty and ask the user to input a valid information

Updated 12/10/2017 08:22

Smart wrap problem

  • bug reports

    • Expected behavior When reading e-mails, lines should wrap between words if “smart_wrap” is set.

    • Actual behavior Lines wrap in the middle of the word.

    • Steps to reproduce According to flatcap, who helped me to dig into the problem at #neomutt irc channel, lines starting with space do not “smart wrap”.

    • Used program versions neomutt (1.8.3)

    • Operating System and its version Ubuntu 16.04.3

Updated 12/10/2017 07:41 1 Comments

First paragraph never hits back when scrolling up


Currently the scroll position is reacting when a certain block is in the middle of the screen which makes it so when scrolling back up if the first paragraph is not long enough we will never make it to the half of the screen so those layers will never show again. We should play with the spacing before and after those blocks to make sure we have full control over this.

Updated 16/10/2017 10:27 1 Comments

Validate that required attributes have value


Context 🕵️‍♀️

xcproj assigns default values to the attributes that are missing. The purpose of this validation is to make sure that the developer gave those attributes a value.

What 🌱

This is the list of attributes that are required to have a value:

# reference

# PBXBuildFile
- fileRef: required

# PBXBuildPhase
- buildActionMask: required
- runOnlyForDeploymentPostprocessingString: required

# PBXContainerItemProxy
- containerPortal: required
- proxyType: required
- remoteGlobalIDString: required

# PBXCopyFilesBuildPhase
- dstPath: required
- dstSubfolderSpec: required

# PBXFileElement
- name
- path
- sourceTree

# PBXFileReference
- sourceTree

# PBXGroup
- sourceTree

# PBXProj
- archiveVersion
- objectVersion
- rootObject

# PBXProject
- compatibilityVersion
- buildConfigurationList
- mainGroup
- decodeIfPresent

# PBXReferenceProxy
- fileType
- path
- remoteRef
- sourceTree

# PBXShellScriptBuildPhase
- name
- shellPath

# PBXTarget
- buildConfigurationList
- name
- buildPhases
- buildRules
- dependencies

# PBXTargetDependency
- target
- targetProxy

# PBXVariantGroup
- children
- name
- sourceTree

# XCBuildConfiguration
- buildSettings
- name

# XCConfigurationList
- defaultConfigurationIsVisible
- defaultConfigurationName

# XCVersionGroup
- currentVersion
- path
- sourceTree
- versionGroupType
Updated 07/10/2017 18:54 1 Comments

Rewrite documentation.css site-intro CSS


If documentation.css gets loaded anywhere other than the documentation section, it will affect pages with subtitles. This the scanner page on the live site right now:

<img width=“1433” alt=“screen shot 2017-10-04 at 3 49 13 pm” src=“”>

Need to rewrite the site-intro CSS so that subtitles don’t get bumped to display inline through flexbox. An easy fix for now would be to just make sure documentation.css doesn’t get loaded outside of the Docs section but if we add subtitles at a later time, the CSS will need to be re-written anyway.

Updated 05/10/2017 16:52 5 Comments

Lint duplicated references


Context 🕵️‍♀️

Solving git conflicts might introduce duplicated files in the project (two files with the same reference). CocoaPods throws a warning when you do pod install and you have two elements with the same reference.

What 🌱

Find out if there are duplicated elements and throw an error if there’s any.

Proposal 🎉

Implement the linting rule.

Updated 12/10/2017 06:30

View source of a message in read-only mailbox


Sometimes it is useful to see the complete raw message, e.g. to debug a mail problem or looking for spurious encoded stuff. Currently there is no command to view the source of a message. For read-write mailboxes there is the ‘edit’ command which can be abused for that. However, this fails for read-only mailboxes with the message ‘Mailbox is read-only.’

Interestingly enough, mutt is able to detect if the ‘edit’ command has modified the message. It prints ‘Message not modified!’ in case the message was not modified.

Question: Did I miss something or is it currently not possible to view the message source from within neomutt?

Idea: Enhance the ‘edit’ command to print a notice if the message is from a read-only mailbox but still open the message (as it does at the moment). If the use still modifies the message politely reject those when the editor closes.


Updated 07/10/2017 08:16 6 Comments

Sidebar display multiple (but not all) components.


I have mailboxes in a hierarchy in my IMAP server: e.g. (not the full list): lists lists/neomutt lists/neomutt/devel lists/neomutt/users lists/noaa lists/noaa/changes lists/waze lists/waze/beta lists/exim lists/exim/users lists/exim/announce lists/exim/dev lists/mailman lists/mailman/announce lists/mailman/users lists/openssl lists/openssl/announce lists/openssl/users lists/mutt lists/mutt/users lists/cone lists/lopsa-us-tx-austin lists/ietf lists/ietf/sieve lists/pgsql lists/pgsql/novice lists/pgsql/docs lists/pgsql/announce lists/pgsql/bugs lists/pgsql/hackers lists/pgsql/general lists/pgsql/committers lists/pgsql/sql lists/pgsql/advocacy lists/pgsql/jdbc lists/pgsql/odbc lists/pgsql/www lists/pgsql/jobs lists/SprintBuzz lists/spi lists/spi/private lists/spi/general lists/SpamAssassin lists/SpamAssassin/users lists/SpamAssassin/commits lists/pfsense lists/pfsense/users lists/pfsense/security lists/isoc lists/isoc/pubsoft lists/isoc/memberpubpol lists/surbl lists/surbl/discuss lists/php lists/php/announce lists/freebsd lists/freebsd/ports-developers lists/freebsd/doc-svn lists/freebsd/developers lists/freebsd/ports-commiters lists/freebsd/jobs lists/freebsd/rc lists/freebsd/mobile lists/freebsd/x11 lists/freebsd/ports-bugs lists/freebsd/amd64 lists/freebsd/advocacy lists/freebsd/virtualization lists/freebsd/ports-announce lists/freebsd/wireless lists/freebsd/arch lists/freebsd/scsi lists/freebsd/arm lists/freebsd/net lists/freebsd/fs lists/freebsd/proliant lists/freebsd/stable lists/freebsd/cvs-all lists/freebsd/announce lists/freebsd/current lists/freebsd/security lists/freebsd/java lists/freebsd/usb lists/freebsd/cloud lists/freebsd/ports lists/freebsd/acpi lists/freebsd/hackers

I have the sidebar set to : ``` set sidebar_visible=yes set sidebar_sort_method=alpha set sidebar_width=30 set sidebar_folder_indent=yes set sidebar_short_path=yes set sidebar_indent_string=“..” set sidebar_new_mail_only sidebar_whitelist INBOX mono sidebar_highlight reverse color sidebar_highlight yellow red color progress white red

ctrl-n, ctrl-p to select next, prev folder

ctrl-o to open selected folder

bind index \CP sidebar-prev bind index \CN sidebar-next bind index \CO sidebar-open bind index \CU sidebar-open

b toggles sidebar visibility

macro index b ‘<enter-command>toggle sidebar_visible<enter>’ macro pager b ‘<enter-command>toggle sidebar_visible<enter>’ ```

when it displays, it shows only the last component of the path (users for example).

I’m wondering if there is some way to get it to display the last 2 components.

Updated 03/10/2017 21:47 7 Comments

<echo> function and variable interpolation in formats


I just added a macro to my .muttrc to toggle one of the many config variables (permanently, not just for the duration of another macro). It works, of course, but there’s something I don’t like: there’s no feedback. If I wasn’t sure what the value of the variable was before I execute the macro, I am still not sure after. To help with this, I propose adding either, or possibly both, of the following:

  1. A function (in the mutt sense, i.e. something I can call from a macro) to echo an arbitrary string on the bottom line. There should be a way to interpolate mutt variables into this string.

  2. A new % thingy for index_format and so on, which interpolates mutt variables into that part of the UI.

I’m posting it here for discussion if it is worthwhile; if met with approval, I’ll assign it to myself and I promise quick turn-around ;-)

Updated 03/10/2017 19:51 2 Comments

Make `strict-transport-security` rule take into consideration TLD-level HSTS



… The use of TLD-level HSTS allows such namespaces to be secure by default. Registrants receive guaranteed protection for themselves and their users simply by choosing a secure TLD for their website and configuring an SSL certificate, without having to add individual domains or subdomains to the HSTS preload list. Moreover, since it typically takes months between adding a domain name to the list and browser upgrades reaching a majority of users, using an already-secured TLD provides immediate protection rather than eventual protection. Adding an entire TLD to the HSTS preload list is also more efficient, as it secures all domains under that TLD without the overhead of having to include all those domains individually.

We hope to make some of these secure TLDs available for registration soon, and would like to see TLD-wide HSTS become the security standard for new TLDs.

Updated 30/09/2017 19:13

expedition traces


With Hohmann transfers in place, the visualizer is very fancy but not really clear. It would help to trace a expeditions trajectory in a dotted line, and perhaps leaving a trace behind (coloured by owner, so that it is immediately clear who owns this fleet).

Updated 26/09/2017 23:23

Custom event to evaluate scripts on a connector


Initial comment:

Right now we are telling developers to use traverse::end to evaluate their scripts. The problem is that with the changes in with jsdom we could actually evaluate at the beginning instead of waiting at the end to save a few seconds. That is not the case with chrome where we will be interfering with the page.

The proposal is to create a new event canevaluate (or similar) that will be fired by the connectors when it is best for them to evaluate. jsdom will fire it sooner than chrome in this case.

What do you think @sonarwhal/contributors ?

Updated 07/09/2017 18:45

The document chooser: Sorry, no documents match ""


Issue Summary

The document chooser shows the following message by default when the side doesn’t have any documents:

Sorry, no documents match “”

screen shot 2017-09-07 at 12 01 03

Steps to reproduce

  1. Define a document chooser panel in a streamfield or as a separate field
  2. Remove all documents from the document library, if it has any
  3. Click the “Choose a document” button in the editor interface.

Technical details

  • Python version: 3.6.1
  • Django version: 1.11.5
  • Wagtail version: 1.12.1
Updated 07/09/2017 11:04

Improve install and docs page


Currently, the Website makes no reference to js-ipfs and therefore misses a ton of examples that were created.

I want to propose the following changes:

  • Update sidebar to list:
    • Install steps for go-ipfs and js-ipfs
    • Examples for both implementations
    • rename API to HTTP-API
    • create Core-API
    • See Fig 1
  • Add to the examples page all of these: (or at least pointers)
  • Have a Live Examples page with:
    • A pad
    • A video playing
    • A like env where people can play with a live go-ipfs daemon
    • A chat

Figure 1 image

Updated 03/09/2017 18:41

explorer delete view does not use specific page when checking delete permission


Issue Summary

When user wants to delete a page this page is retrieved from database as a simple Page model, not a specific instance of this page, so other overriden methods are not called permissions_for_user in my case. This is a different behaviour than in edit/create etc

def delete(request, page_id):
    page = get_object_or_404(Page, id=page_id)
Updated 05/09/2017 14:39 1 Comments

Clean up Button CSS Code


When I edited the CSS originally, I changed the background color of buttons to all be red, but there are some blue buttons as well and there’s some overlap happening in places in different CSS files that can probably be condensed & cleaned up so more code is shared.

I just need to do some CSS clean up.

Updated 20/09/2017 22:31 1 Comments

artifacts: failover remote storage


If goes down or is slow, we’re unable to publish build and test artifacts, which effectively disables our CI. A failover mechanism should be implemented that could be used in such cases. It should use an alternative server for publishing. It only has to follow the same directory structure, but it can have more limited lifetime of data and features (i.e. no in-browser support for *.gz files).

Updated 30/08/2017 10:24

Cannot set root menu name


I am trying to to create a menu where the renderer will also display the parent item name on the current item. For example, think of this structure:

Main Menu
- Item 1
-- Item A
-- Item B
- Item 2
- Item 3

So, when browsing the menu, you will get something like this:

Line 1: Main Menu
Line 2: Item1

Or this: Line 1: Item 1 Line 2: Item A

This is my current (and early) implementation of a renderer:

class Renderer : public MenuComponentRenderer {
    void render(Menu const& menu) const {

    void render_menu_item(MenuItem const& menu_item) const {
        oled.println("Menu Item");

    void render_back_menu_item(BackMenuItem const& menu_item) const {}

    void render_numeric_menu_item(NumericMenuItem const& menu_item) const {}

    void render_menu(Menu const& menu) const {
        oled.println("Render menu");
Renderer menu_render;

I can see there are methods like get_parent(), but I am not sure of how to implement them. Can you please point me to the right direction? I am quite new to arduino programming…

Updated 16/10/2017 01:13 6 Comments

Consider adding "Docs generation" on every release


The docs page on was really out of date. Can we add an item to the release checklist to ensure that it gets done on every release?

@hsanjuan made a tool that is really simple to use -

PS: I searched for the Release Checklist document to update it directly, but couldn’t find it in this repo neither in the ipfs/community. Does it even exist or the release checklist is just a c&p from the previous release? (I think it does exist, I remember that @mishmosh updated it once but maybe it was just an update to the js-ipfs one??!)

Updated 23/08/2017 10:33 2 Comments

Update tests for 'no-insecure-cookies' once 'set-cookie' header is available in headless CDP


Currently, tests using cdp for no-insecure-cookies are skipped due to the absence of set-cookie header when using headless cdp (Issue: These tests should be updated once the issue above is fixed. Also see for details.

Updated 07/09/2017 03:20 1 Comments

Lack of Examples


This project looks like it has great potential and I’m really trying to integrate it into one of my own swift command line tools, but the lack of examples/documentation makes it extremely difficult to use and understand. The README shows how to read and write, but it lacks the most important feature of all in my opinion, modifying components of the project.

Is there any plans to add more examples in the future? Thanks! 😄

Updated 14/10/2017 09:07 4 Comments

adding very small file


Hi, I tried add very small file (40 byte) with this but if I try to get this file with the result hash from my local machine, it gives me nothing.

But if I add the same text file from the shell prompt, with following command

ipfs add ~/a.txt it gives the same hash, and I can get the file.

Bigger files (over 256kb, as described in ipfs whitepaper) has no problem with that ‘add’ api.

Have any one of you noticed this, or am I the only one having this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Updated 13/09/2017 07:56 1 Comments

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