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Contactdetails for Messages


Messages should have the possibility to define/attach contact details specific to the message. The current model has been simplified to such extent that this is no longer possible by default.

Updated 17/10/2017 09:35

Null sql parameter value being passed as default


This if block is causing a null valued sql parameter to be passed to SQL as default. When this parameter doesn’t have a default, it throws a the exception:

The parameterized query ‘(@param decimal(5,2))select @param’ expects the parameter ‘@param’, which was not supplied.

Updated 17/10/2017 09:34

The newest version of webdriver is not installed by default using SeleniumWebdriverInstaller


The following command should install the newest version of webdriver but does not (random version is selected). The same for others drivers.

Install-SeleniumWebDriver  -Browser Firefox -Version v0.19.0 -Platform win64

Source of SeleniumDriverInstaller script are available here

Updated 17/10/2017 09:34

Cannot remove VueGwtPanel from another panel


When removing a VueGwtPanel from another panel: containerPanel.remove(vuePanel);

We got this error: Cannot read property 'removeChild' of null

A workaround can be to add the VueGwtPanel in a SimplePanel to be able to remove it. containerPanel.add(new SimplePanel(vuePanel)); Then we can do: containerPanel.clear();

Updated 17/10/2017 09:32

Client thread can not get correct light levels at night



While debugging the “plants won’t grow after spreading” bug, I noticed that magnifying glass would report some very weird results. Basically, it would always give the day-time brightness value, even if it was night. This affected the growth requirements check as well, since those depend on the current light level.

agricraft growth after spreading - 04 Notice that the chat is incorrect about the current fertility of all three plants, while WAILA reports it correctly.


It turns out that in the client thread, world#getLightFromNeighbors doesn’t reflect the time of day. This is true even during singleplayer.

agricraft magnifying glass bug Here I modified the code for the magnifying glass so that it would report on both the client and server threads. This is a single player session, for reference.


  • The immediate solution is to make the magnifying glass only report the server side data.
  • But to do it right, the code for displaying information (which is used by the magnifying glass) is going to need rewriting, to account for the sided-ness of the situation.
  • It also will probably be a good idea to review any code that checks the light levels, to make sure it’s all happening server side only. All of the game logic and mechanics should already be purely on the server, but it’s better to be sure.
  • The magnifying glass (and other items) will need to be switched from onItemFirstUse to onItemUse instead. The former is never called on the server, and it potentially will be removed entirely at some point. [Ref] I’ve seen LexManos saying the same thing elsewhere, but now it’s more immediately salient to AgriCraft.
  • In that case, the glass can be added to the BlockCrop#ITEM_EXCLUDES list, to let it continue its existing behavior. The method doesSneakBypassUse lets the target block take control, and not the other way around.
Updated 17/10/2017 09:30

on CLI multiple same options can result in strange error messages


For example consider this composer participant add -p hlfv1 -i PeerAdmin -s f -d '{"$class":"org.hyperledger.composer.system.NetworkAdmin#fred"}' -n digitalproperty-network -n

gave the error Error: Illegal value for Message.Field of type string: object (no array expected) which isn’t very helpful. The CLI’s themselves should be policing these and giving useful error messages. The is just one example, there are likely to be others.

Updated 17/10/2017 09:22

Polymorphic KSerializer lacks serial ids for protobuf backend


When trying to implement custom serializer, like in #23, protobuf backend fails on serialization because registered polymorphic serializer doesn’t provide id tags:

java.util.NoSuchElementException: List is empty.
    at kotlin.collections.CollectionsKt___CollectionsKt.single(_Collections.kt:472)
    at kotlinx.serialization.protobuf.ProtoBuf.getProtoDesc(ProtoBuf.kt:41)
    at kotlinx.serialization.protobuf.ProtoBuf.access$getProtoDesc(ProtoBuf.kt:38)
    at kotlinx.serialization.protobuf.ProtoBuf$ProtobufWriter.getTag(ProtoBuf.kt:67)
    at kotlinx.serialization.protobuf.ProtoBuf$ProtobufWriter.getTag(ProtoBuf.kt:47)
    at kotlinx.serialization.TaggedOutput.writeStringElementValue(Tagged.kt:155)
    at kotlinx.serialization.KOutput.writeSerializableValue(Serialization.kt:133)
    at kotlinx.serialization.KOutput.writeSerializableElementValue(Serialization.kt:174)
Updated 17/10/2017 09:20

Calculator input problems on mobile


Expected behaviour

I’m trying to do use the calculator on my mobile, just a simple operation.

Actual behaviour

But when i tap on a key, multiple key hit are recorded.

Steps to reproduce the error

  1. Reach an OS-js installation on mobile
  2. Launch the default installed calculator
  3. Try to tap something
Updated 17/10/2017 09:22 1 Comments

Correctly set up SO_LINGER for the HTTP connector


Jetty’s ServerConnector accepts soLingerTime in milliseconds, rather than in seconds as Socket.setSoLinger does 1. Dropwizard on the other hand after parsing the YML configuration and extracting the soLingerTime parameter passes it to Jetty in seconds. As a result, the configuration gets really confusing for users, because the configuration value is more than the actual SO_LINGER timeout by 1000 times.

The fix is to pass the configuration value to Jetty’s ServerConnector in milliseconds.

Fixes #2175

Updated 17/10/2017 09:30 1 Comments

Bullet PR: Gravity applied to body automatically despite manual integration


Operating system or device, Godot version, GPU Model and driver (if graphics related): This issue is relate to Bullet pr: Tested on ubuntu 17.04 release_debug build

Issue description: backstory: Since the beginning of testing bullet, I noticed and had problem with very strong gravitational force that are applied to my bodies. I thought it’s just because bullet do some calculations differently and that I will need to recalibrate physics in my game to cope with this.

It turns out bullet applying gravity automatically for bodies with manual integration. I think this still should be applied manually by the programmer in case of manual force integration. In my case it’s quite common for bodies to have slightly different gravity depending on their state or type. quick vid:

Steps to reproduce: 1. Download sample project 2. Run ManualGravityIntegrationTest.tscn

manual way: 1. Create rigid body in character mode. 2. Turn manual integration to on, and canSleep to off 3. Attach this script to the body: func _integrate_forces(state): var delta = state.get_step(); var lv = state.get_linear_velocity(); #lv += state.get_total_gravity()*delta; <- not applying gravity for this body state.set_linear_velocity(lv); 4. Set body in empty scene and run it 5. Observe that it will fall on bullet physics.

Link to minimal example project:

Updated 17/10/2017 09:14 1 Comments

lost lassos


when using lots of lassos or with unstable uplinks sometimes can happen one does not get terminated blocking the queue, no errors are given give by read/writes funcs which is weird… - add a maximum retries count when forwarding after which the missing shot is requested again, possibly handled by the syncServer

Updated 17/10/2017 09:10

Cut&Paste Crash - RuntimeException: PARAGRAPH span must start at paragraph boundary


I had the editor with a long text in it. Different styles were applied to the text. I selected a word and then pasted other chunk of text previously copied in the clipboard.

Tested on Nexus 5X Android 7

java.lang.RuntimeException: PARAGRAPH span must start at paragraph boundary
 at android.text.SpannableStringBuilder.setSpan(
 at android.text.SpannableStringBuilder.setSpan(
 at org.wordpress.aztec.util.SpanWrapper.setFlags(SpanWrapper.kt:20)
 at org.wordpress.aztec.AztecParser.markBlockElementsAsParagraphs(AztecParser.kt:255)
 at org.wordpress.aztec.AztecParser.fromHtml(AztecParser.kt:45)
 at org.wordpress.aztec.AztecText.fromHtml(AztecText.kt:737)
 at org.wordpress.aztec.AztecText.paste(AztecText.kt:1053)
 at org.wordpress.aztec.AztecText.onTextContextMenuItem(AztecText.kt:964)
 at android.widget.Editor$TextActionModeCallback.onActionItemClicked(
 at android.view.View.performClick(
 at android.view.View$
 at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
 at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
 at android.os.Looper.loop(
 at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

Related to ?

Updated 17/10/2017 09:11

Stream is undefined in previews


Activities using the stream crash in preview because of it. As of now, the stream props is allowed to be undefined, but I would prefer to not have to test in every activity package whether it is defined or not. What do you think?

Updated 17/10/2017 09:01

Roles Permissions


User with roles edit on specific id can edit all roles

Permissions "roles:edit:59e........1a43", "roles:edit:59e........1a44",


  • Graylog Version: 2.3.1
  • Elasticsearch Version: 5.5.1
  • MongoDB Version: 2.6.12
  • Operating System: CentOS7
  • Browser version: Firefox ESR 52.4
Updated 17/10/2017 09:01

FAX issues


I’m not sure exactly what is wrong with FAX’s but:

  • They don’t automatically use Triage
  • They rarely remote repair
  • They do however remote capacitor
  • They self-rep even if they are full hull/shield
Updated 17/10/2017 08:58

Storing large simulations


Storing large simulations (or small simulations with experiments that have large theta’s, for example BTS with m = 100 and 200 iterations) can result in document sizes larger than the by MongoDB allowed 16MB. This will result in an error when running a simulation. We can probably solve this by using GridFS:


Updated 17/10/2017 08:54

Scheduler in Default v2 does not change the date format link, when the window is resized


Bug report

Scheduler in Default v2 does not change the date format link, when the window is resized.

Reproduction of the problem

Load the Basic Usage demo of the Kendo UI Scheduler with Default v2 theme selected ;

Resize the window and you will observe the following overflow of the dates link:

Current behavior

The date format link is not changed, when the window is resized

Expected/desired behavior

The date format link should change, when the window is resized


You can use the media query, in order to change the format and decrease the width of the dates link: <style> @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) { .k-scheduler-toolbar li.k-nav-current .k-sm-date-format { display: inline; } .k-scheduler-toolbar li.k-nav-current .k-lg-date-format { display: none; } } </style> dojo example:


  • Kendo UI version: 2017.3.913
  • Browser: [all ]
Updated 17/10/2017 08:49

Naive RDTSC emulation without consideration for CR4 bit 2 (Time Stamp Disable)


Unlike real hardware, DOSBox-X’s normal core permits RDTSC at any privilege level. On real hardware, RDTSC is restricted to real mode or ring-0 kernel code, unless bit 2 of CR4 is clear which enables use of RDTSC at any privilege level.

This issue is related to the DOSLIB issue surrounding use of RDTSC under EMM386.EXE on a Windows 95 pure DOS environment as a 16-bit DOS program in v86 mode.

Updated 17/10/2017 08:46

Handle startup race condition in SidelineSpout Handler


@stanlemon Prior to splitting Sideline stuff out from DynamicSpout, we used a latch to synchronize all of the virtual spouts to start at the same time in the call on startup.

After the refactor, gets called prior to SidelineSpoutHandler.onSpoutOpen() (where virtual spouts get added) so we no longer have a guarantee around the virtual spouts starting at the same time. Once SidelineSpoutHandler starts adding VirtualSpouts they start immediately and begin consuming.
(Relevant code in )

We had a race condition that showed up in DynamicSpoutTest::testResumingSpoutWhileSidelinedVirtualSpoutIsActive() that showed this. Basically before the Firehose got its filter chain updated while resuming any active sidelines, it had already started consuming.

For some reason this tended to fail/flap more often on the kafka011 branches, but I believe if we adjust the order of adding virtual spouts on start should resolve the issue. Please sanity check this?

Updated 17/10/2017 08:51

Second transaction can't be sent if previous transaction is in the Unsigned list



Type: Bug

Summary: Second transaction can’t be sent if previous transaction is in the Unsigned list. In 1-1 chat with Jarrad - use send command to add transaction to unsigned. After this in the same chat use send command again - if tap on send button then nothing happens. Expected to see Sign transaction screen and be able to send this tx.

Reproduction - Open Status - Open 1-1 chat with Jarrad - send to Jarrad 0.001 ETH and add this transaction to unsigned (use Sign Later button on Sign Transaction screen) - again use send command to send to Jarrad 0.002 and tap on send button -> nothing happens

Additional Information

  • Status version: develop
  • Operating System: Real device iPhone 6s, iOs 10.3.3
Updated 17/10/2017 08:45

Save access_token separately from other settings


(originally reported by @sbts) The issue has been found quite long ago, so disclosing this: as of now, access_token is stored together with the rest of settings, leading to its exposure to other users on the same machine if they have sufficient access rights for the config file. Quaternion should save access_token to a separate file and apply due diligence to make this file only accessible by the user.

Updated 17/10/2017 08:21

Builds just a short .bin


FW 2.5.122, from 17.10.2017 F4 CLI make (all, bootloader)

Make returns just a 144 bytes long binary. Same for bootloader and firmware builds.

73 Bojan

Updated 17/10/2017 09:10 4 Comments

fix: support mock the same property multiple times


<!– Thank you for your pull request. Please review below requirements. Bug fixes and new features should include tests and possibly benchmarks. Contributors guide:

感谢您贡献代码。请确认下列 checklist 的完成情况。 Bug 修复和新功能必须包含测试,必要时请附上性能测试。 Contributors guide: –>


<!– Remove items that do not apply. For completed items, change [ ] to [x]. –>

  • [ ] npm test passes
  • [ ] tests and/or benchmarks are included
  • [ ] documentation is changed or added
  • [ ] commit message follows commit guidelines
Affected core subsystem(s)

<!– Provide affected core subsystem(s). –>

Description of change

<!– Provide a description of the change below this comment. –>

Updated 17/10/2017 09:31 1 Comments

Column resize when mouse outside grid

  • Bug report

Current behavior

If you start resizing column and go out of grid boundaries without releasing mouse button resize will continue.

Expected behavior

Resize should stop when mouse leaves grid boundaries

Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions

1.Open this plunkr 2.Start resize column and without releasing mouse button go out of the grid.


Package versions: v1.5.0

Browser: N/A

Updated 17/10/2017 08:10

Error transport retry count exceeded


Configuration: OMPI: 4.0.0a1 Hercules x25 (clx-hercules-[036,054-055,057,059-063,069,073,076,080-082,084-085,087,089-092,097-098,112]) MTT:

All devices are up: ```

$pdsh -w “clx-hercules-[036,054-055,057,059-063,069,073,076,080-082,084-085,087,089-092,097-098,112]” ‘ibv_devinfo -d mlx5_0 | grep state’ | dshbak -c


                    state:                  PORT_ACTIVE (4)

`env OMPI_MCA_btl_openib_warn_default_gid_prefix=0 OMPI_MCA_sshmem_verbs_hca_name=mlx5_0:1 OMPI_MCA_btl_openib_if_include=mlx5_0:1 MXM_RDMA_PORTS=mlx5_0:1 UCX_NET_DEVICES=mlx5_0:1 OMPI_MCA_osc=ucx OMPI_MCA_sshmem=mmap OMPI_MCA_spml_ucx_heap_reg_nb=0 'OMPI_MCA_coll=^hcoll' OMPI_MCA_coll_hcoll_enable=0 OMPI_MCA_spml=ucx OMPI_MCA_pml=ucx UCX_TLS=dc_x SHMEM_SYMMETRIC_HEAP_SIZE=128M srun --cpu_bind=core -m block --mpi=pmi2 -n 25 --nodes=25 -p hercules /mnt/lustre/users/mtt/scratch/shmem/20171017_051617_17042_17161_clx-hercules-054/installs/h5Tu/tests/verifier/tests-mellanox.git/verifier/install/bin/oshmem_test exec --no-colour --task=analysis:tc2 --task=analysis:tc3 --task=analysis:tc4 --task=analysis:tc5 --duration 10`


[clx-hercules-061:15303] OPAL ERROR: Not found in file btl_openib_component.c at line 2441 … [clx-hercules-061:15303] OPAL ERROR: Not found in file btl_openib_component.c at line 2441 OpenSHMEM Verification Tool ver.“1.2.60”

  • Log file: none
  • Host: clx-hercules-036
  • Output level: 4
  • Log level: 0

[1508227003.991871] [clx-hercules-084:26649:0] ib_mlx5_log.c:109 UCX ERROR Error on QP 0xe87a wqe[35]: Transport retry count exceeded (synd 0x15 vend 0x81) opcode SEND [1508227003.991911] [clx-hercules-084:26649:0] ucp_worker.c:380 UCX ERROR Error Endpoint timeout was not handled for ep 0x2366cf0 - dc_mlx5/mlx5_0:1 ```

Updated 17/10/2017 08:26 1 Comments

GlobRef: Remove reference-based comparison and postfix operators


Changes to GlobRef:

  1. Remove reference-based comparison operator to perform value-based comparison and allow a test like arr[0] == arr[1] to succeed. Add test. See also #447
  2. Remove postfix increment/decrement operators because their semantic cannot be correctly implemented, i.e., (arr[0]++)++ will not perform two increments and return the result of the first increment. It’s better to error-out than to yield incorrect results.
Updated 17/10/2017 08:00

fix(mjs): set minimal width for facets


affects: @findify/mjs, @findify/ui-components

Will fix issue when no range facet showed


🎉 Thanks for taking the time to contribute to Findify! 🎉

It is highly appreciated that you take the time to help improve Findify. We appreciate it if you would take the time to document your Pull Request.

Before submitting a new PR please read the

Updated 17/10/2017 08:09

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