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Add-ons screen


This PR leverages the SaaS' /add-ons endpoint (see the feature/add-on-status branch on that codebase) to show users available add-ons to the base WP101 subscription. This is done through a “card”-style interface (with a bit o' Flexbox to clean it up), linking off to the SaaS to make the actual transaction.

screen shot 2017-12-14 at 5 29 00 pm

Blocked by #4.

Updated 14/12/2017 22:32

Show newly added assets after they are loaded




Moves the costume and sound libraries under their respective tabs so that they can communicate.

This depends on a minor fix to the VM to provide a promise for costume loading.

Updated 14/12/2017 22:06 1 Comments

PUMA-135 Experiments Admin Panel


Some new settings are needed for this feature to work. will implement those changes on our stack.

It can be reviewed and practicaled by a dev beforehand, see below.


This PR implements read-only part of the experiments dashboard feature. The feature to make changes will be part of another PR.

Dashboard is implemented in the admin, on a regular changelist admin view.


Testing instructions

Locally it is possible to try out the code on MatchingTool, by having it serve as both “client” and “server”. Not much sense for that use case, but quite good for review. To enable that, add this to thewiz/settings/

    'api_mode': 'server, client',
    'remotes': [
            'url': 'http://localhost:8001', 
            'token': '<A TOKEN FOR API> ',
    'local': {
        'name': 'Matching Tool',
        'page_size': 100,

On MT, install this version of django-experiments by running this: ` pip uninstall consumeraffairs-django-experiments pip .....


  • [ ] Test 1. - check that the API is up TODO

  • [ ] Test 2. - check that admin dashboard is up TODO

Updated 14/12/2017 15:00

[WIP] snapstate/ifacestate: autoconnect tasks


Move autoconnect logic to a separate task. The new “auto-connect” handler creates new “connect” tasks on the fly during snap installation. With this I’ve removed the “blacklist” logic which didn’t seem to be used anywhere.

Keeping it WIP for a moment as I still need to add some new check in unit tests, but I’m looking forward for quick/early feedback. Also marking as ‘blocked’ because it should only land after we implement handling of unknown tasks (otherwise revert will not work with this new auto-connect task).

Updated 14/12/2017 14:09 1 Comments

Jump to last unread message


Blocked by #31 (channel scrollback).

A “jump to last unread message” button should only appear when there is more than a full visible screen-worth of messages. Otherwise (and only in this case), the messages should automatically be marked as read. Note that messages must not be marked as read upon viewing a channel if there is more than one page’s worth of messages (though sending a message should mark them as read, of course).

Updated 14/12/2017 03:31

(app) Chore: add flow and flowconfig to app


In a holding pattern on this one; it may be simply dropped in favor of #508 if we can get it in quickly enough


Adds flow and necessary setup to the app and app documentation.

This PR includes:

  • [X] Chore work
  • [ ] Bug fixes
  • [ ] Backwards-compatible feature additions
  • [ ] Breaking changes
  • [X] Documentation updates
  • [ ] Test updates


  • (Chore) Added flow and flow configuration to the app
  • (Refactor) Renamed the types directory in components to interfaces
    • From an example @IanLondon sent me

review requests

Please test things out on your machines. @IanLondon we can also throw protocol designer in on this PR, too; lemme know.

Updated 14/12/2017 17:46 1 Comments

ProjectManagerSnapshot infrastructure doesn't work at runtime in VS for Mac


This is because the IDE doesn’t update the Roslyn representations of the world; it just forwards all calls to creation of documents, projects etc. to their own structures and don’t bidirectionally show that data. Aka, Roslyn’s Workspace will show 0 projects but the Ide’s workspace (not Roslyn based) will show all the active projects.

Creating this issue for tracking purposes.

Updated 13/12/2017 23:45

New SMT asset serialization tests


In addition to making sure serialization / deserialization works and returns the same asset, tests should be made to ensure the SMT asset is properly formatted when serialized.

  • Check number of asset_num digits
  • Check precision and check digits are properly ordered and placed after asset_num
Updated 13/12/2017 22:47 1 Comments

New SMT asset serialization


Change SMT asset serialization to follow the following rules:

  • The number will consist of 8 decimal digits that specify the asset_num, followed by a single hex digit that specifies the precision, followed by a check digit.
  • The check digit will be computed by converting the 8-digit integer to a 9-digit integer by expanding the hex digit to two decimal digits (0-9 -> 00-09, a -> 10, b -> 11, c -> 12).
  • Some of the check digit code may need to be changed to handle 9 digits.
  • Keep in mind that a 10-digit integer will not fit in uint32_t.
Updated 13/12/2017 22:34 2 Comments

inspector: make clang and Coverity happy


Fixes 2 nits detected by a clang compiler (unused function) and Coverity (uninitialized fields).

<!– Thank you for your pull request. Please provide a description above and review the requirements below.

Bug fixes and new features should include tests and possibly benchmarks.

Contributors guide: –>


<!– Remove items that do not apply. For completed items, change [ ] to [x]. –>

  • [x] make -j4 test (UNIX), or vcbuild test (Windows) passes
  • [x] commit message follows commit guidelines
Affected core subsystem(s)

inspector: trivial code changes

Updated 14/12/2017 00:44 1 Comments

use opus encoding for speech


look into opus encoding rather than mp3. according to some discussion from watson-developer-cloud/speech-javascript-sdk#59 (comment) , this seems much better suited, with lower recognition latency:

looks promising:

Updated 13/12/2017 22:06 1 Comments

Feature/permission based global nav


🚨 🚨 This work and screenshots are yet to have the Interactions work added 🚨 🚨

This work enables the Global Navigation to render items dependant on user permissions.

  • Abstract the globalNav work into its own file
  • Tests


  • [ ] Once the backend Interactions permissions from @reupen work are available add them in





DIT user


Logged out user

screen shot 2017-12-13 at 12 57 27

Updated 13/12/2017 13:00

Feature/offline inbox public chat support #2701


Derived from PR: Addresses:


  • Add allowP2P flag to group chats whisper filter
  • Switch to develop-gba6c9653 status-go build
  • Remove to flag from shh_requestMessages call (it’s time.Now() by default)



Toggling on/off flag with parameterized build (OFFLINE_INBOX_ENABLED=1 or 0).


This branch uses modified TTL and max-retry-attempts to speed up verification of this capabilitty working. By default we have TTL=120 and 3 retries = 6 minutes wait time. With PR upcoming TTL=1m and max retries = 1 = 1m wait time (+1m to be safe).

Control test (OFFLINE_INBOX_ENABLED flag off):

  • User A joins public chat “test-chat”
  • User B joins public chat “test-chat” (can be same device)
  • User B goes offline
  • User A sends message to test-chat
  • Wait 2m
  • User B goes online, signs in and opens test-chat
  • User B does not see message in test-chat

Capability test (OFFLINE_INBOX_ENABLED flag on):

  • User A joins public chat “test-chat”
  • User B joins public chat “test-chat” (can be same device)
  • User B goes offline
  • User A sends message to test-chat
  • Wait 2m
  • User B goes online, signs in and opens test-chat
  • User B sees message in test-chat

Status: wip (do not merge before

Updated 14/12/2017 13:59 1 Comments

Configure application for production



The application have to be configured for the deploy in production. All these changes, and only them, have to be applied in a branch. - [x] every /geoserver-test/ have to be converted into /geoserver/ - [x] SPID Setup ( web/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml) The production configration are already commented in the xml, you have to comment test ones. This is the checklist : - Context params: - [x] people.sirac.error.returnURL : replaced with - [x] externalHostURL: replaced with - AuthenticationFilter: - [x] SIRACGatewayRedirectURL: replaced with - [x] assertionConsumerURL: replaced with - Servlet: - [x] globalLogoutURL**: replaced with - [ ] Lavori pubblici have to be connected to the proper layers and services - [ ] configs/llppConfig.json edit serviceRESTUrl as needed (need to ask) - [ ] Setup CORSO_1:V_ELEMENTI_CANTIERI and CORSO_1:AREE_CANTIERE on GeoServer if needed - [x] configure test env proxy entries have to be modified in order to test all the functionalities locally - [x] webpack,config.js replace vm-linuxgeofetest with mappe in proxy’s targets - [x] remove the ‘/geoserver-test/’ entry from the proxy (to have erros when try to connect) - [x] test locally

Some checks to do: - [x] All the fixed layers have to be checked in production (same schema, same layer name). Normally they are present in configuration files (like new.json, geocollect.json, cantieriMapConfig.json, llppConfig.json…) look for new configuration files and for strings like /geoserver-test/ - [x] find every vm-linuxgeofetest or /geoserver-test/and check its usage. Replace if needed with and add this information to this checklist

Please indicate if this issue is related to a bug or a new feature request

  • [x] New Feature

Acceptance Criteria - AC*

  • Describe the list of Acceptance Criteria
  • The application must be ready to be installed in production
  • The attached release package for the milestone must be generated with this settings.
  • When finished, we should place this checklist somewere in the repo.



  • [x] localConfig.json
  • [x] new.json
  • [x] geocollect.json
  • [ ] test_edit.json TODO ask to C040 a layer to test it
  • [ ] configs/cantieriMapConfig.json TODO ask to C040 a layer to test it
  • [ ] configs/llppConfig.json TODO ask to C040 a layer and restServiceURL


  • [x] web/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml
Updated 13/12/2017 15:46

release: Drop release-debian


This script is cockpit specific. It currently pushes packages to a custom repository which is not being advertised any more (since cockpit is now in Debian proper), and also to jessie which is EOL soon and not getting tested in CI any more.

Automating proper Debian downstream releases needs to be reworked and rethought. Until then, drop this script to avoid wasting lots cycles on releases.

  • [ ] stop calling release-debian in cockpit (
Updated 13/12/2017 09:40

voiceOver doesn't work well with Firefox (aka FF has “basic Voiceover support”)


Expected Behavior

Mac’s voiceOver would work as expected with FF

Actual Behavior

voiceOver in FF doesn’t track user’s tabs within page content (it does track tabs within FF menus and tabs)

Steps to Reproduce the Problem

  1. Open voiceOver (cmd + F5) and navigate to any page in FF (ESR through latest)

  2. Version: 1.0.2

  3. Platform: fabric


Updated 13/12/2017 14:52 1 Comments

[Menu] Animation doesn't match spec


Bug, feature request, or proposal:

Bug / Proposal

What is the expected behavior?

To have panel animation match specs. Material Components For Web Material Design

What is the current behavior?

Mat menu-content opacity duration is shorter than in specs. Menu is shown almost without opacity transition. And I can see how content is transformed (stretched). Also menu has X position animated which is different from specs

What are the steps to reproduce?

What is the use-case or motivation for changing an existing behavior?

Which versions of Angular, Material, OS, TypeScript, browsers are affected?

Angular v5.1. Material v.5.1

Is there anything else we should know?

Updated 12/12/2017 23:44 7 Comments

Fixed support for organization assets on org import


Fixes CartoDB/cartodb-central/issues/1981.

Acceptance additional notes: - [ ] Set user and organization avatars, and add some org icons. Use those organization icons at a map. After the migration, the avatars, the icon list at organization settings and the map must display those icons. - [ ] Check that migrating an org doesn’t destroy the remote assets.

Updated 14/12/2017 17:25 16 Comments

Hook up "Like" buttons


Acceptance Criteria

  • [ ] Tapping on a “Like” buttons likes the content, state is persisted

Issue todo:

  • [ ] @Lepozepo what dependencies does this issue have that we still need to build? Mutations, queries, etc?
Updated 11/12/2017 21:17 4 Comments

Send email to user if message has not been read for 3 minutes.




The idea behind the messaging feature is that it ought to work mostly in realtime, while still supporting async communication.

In order to achieve that, we need to be able to send an email to the user if the message sent to them has not been marked as read after 3 minutes.

Updated 13/12/2017 07:19 1 Comments

Support realtime update of messages/conversations




This is probably to be moved into a separate milestone (for enhancement), but we would like to have support for real time updates of projects messages.

For that, we would likely need support of realtime communication with the API via phoenix channels.

Updated 11/12/2017 12:14

bar chart alignment y-axis


<!– freeCodeCamp Testable Projects Pull Request Template –>

<!– IMPORTANT: PRs against this repo should follow the general guidelines laid out for FCC’s main repo as well as the guidlines specific to this repo –> <!– Please review && for detailed contributing guidelines –> <!– Help with PRs can be found at –> <!– Make sure that your PR is not a duplicate –>

Pre-Submission Checklist

<!– Go over all points below, and after creating the PR, tick all the checkboxes that apply. –> <!– All points should be verified, otherwise, read the CONTRIBUTING guidelines from above–> <!– If you’re unsure about any of these, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help! –>

  • [ ] Your pull request targets the master branch of freeCodeCamp/testable-projects-fcc
  • [ ] Branch starts with either fix/, feature/, or translate/ (e.g. fix/signin-issue)
  • [ ] You have only one commit (if not, squash them into one commit).
  • [ ] Your changes have been tested either locally or using a newly created CDN based on your fork’s testable-projects-fcc/build/bundle.js file
  • [ ] Working changes have been added to the build by running npm run build

Type of Change

<!– What type of change does your code introduce? After creating the PR, tick the checkboxes that apply. –>

  • [ ] Small bug fix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)
  • [ ] New feature (non-breaking change which adds new functionality)
  • [ ] Breaking change (fix or feature that would change existing functionality)
  • [ ] Add new translation (feature adding new translations)


<!– Go over all points below, and after creating the PR, tick the checkboxes that apply. –> <!– If you’re unsure about any of these, don’t hesitate to ask in the Help Contributors room linked above. We’re here to help! –>

  • [ ] Tested changes locally. <!– replace XXX with an issue # –>
  • [ ] Closes currently open issue: Closes #243


<!– Describe your changes in detail –>
Do not merge. The y-axis tick transform attributes and bar y-attributes are off by 6px. Not passing.

Updated 11/12/2017 03:51

Ruleset should also apply to "unused using" diagnostic


Customer scenario

Set rule or compilation option to treat the “unused using” warning as an error. The compilation should fail when there is an unused using.

Bugs this fixes


Workarounds, if any

None that I know of.


Performance impact

Low. The diagnostics for unused usings are computed after other diagnostics, and so the existing filtering didn’t apply. The fix adds similar filtering on those late-added diagnostics.

Is this a regression from a previous update?


How was the bug found?

Reported by customer.

Updated 14/12/2017 20:53 4 Comments

Control board wrapper plugin for AMOR


We need a new motor device implementation for AMOR, wrapped by controlboardwrappe2. Proposed name is AmorControlboard.

This device would take care of joint space control, whereas cartesian space-related commands have been already split to a AmorCartesianControl device at kinematics-dynamics. The point here is that the AMOR API requires all of its methods to accept a robot handle as a parameter, which means that it’s not possible to issue commands to the remote control board like it’s carried out by BasicCartesianControl. In contrast to usual remotecontrolboard/controlboardwrapper2 client/server pair implementations, both devices (joint and cartesian space controllers) must be launched on the same machine that is physically connected to the robot. As commented in, we could sort this out by passing a handle pointer via YARP properties, using the blob data type. I wonder if I should pass a mutex to lock that handle, too.

This was started a few months ago, currently remains in WIP status. I ran into a few issues, most notably CAN bus timeouts (allegedly) caused by sending too many requests in short intervals. This is a twofold problem:

  • The AMOR API does not provide methods for retrieving e.g. encoder values one by one: if I only want to know the position of joint n, AMOR sends seven requests via CAN, six more than needed.

  • ControlBoardWrapper fails at routing joint group commands, which is especially harmful when publishing the robot state. It queries for status data every few milliseconds on a separate thread, and broadcasts them through the /stateExt:o port. However, instead of using multiple-joint commands (like e.g. getEncoders), it loops over the single joint version (e.g. getEncoder).

As a result of the situation described above, up to 49 (7*7) CAN requests are sent to AMOR solely for retrieving position. Adding current speed, forces, currents, etc. to that set of data only makes things worse. I incremented the number of communication retries at the cost of introducing notable delays, it didn’t work all the time anyway. My next step involves creating a thin layer in AmorControlboard to mimic CBW’s periodic data queries: ask the robot for position, speed, etc. in a controlled manner, on a new thread, then serve it to CBW whenever an interface call is made (e.g. let getEncoder fetch buffered values instead of starting a new communication process via API).

Updated 10/12/2017 17:23 1 Comments



That’s the goal. Rewrite whole Este to But the blocker is GraphQL and Relay.

While Reason is perfect and ready for libs today, for apps we have to wait I suppose. DX must be perfect.

Updated 10/12/2017 00:45

Rewrite history to fix @quicm's stupid email


Thanks to @QuiCM’s poor email management skills, this lovely user claimed his email and now half of our repo’s commits and @mentions were rewritten to point to this other user.

This other user has a really ugly avatar, so I want to rewrite history to fix @QuiCM’s stupid email address. Preferably after #1527 gets merged.

Update: also going to handle @bartico6’s equally dumb problems with committing in this rewrite too.

Updated 11/12/2017 23:22 5 Comments

Fix CORS ajax request error



JSONP but a better solution must be found

var jsonp = (function(){
var that = {};

that.send = function(src, options) {
  var callback_name = options.callbackName || 'callback',
    on_success = options.onSuccess || function(){},
    on_timeout = options.onTimeout || function(){},
    timeout = options.timeout || 10; // sec

  var timeout_trigger = window.setTimeout(function(){
    window[callback_name] = function(){};
  }, timeout * 1000);

  window[callback_name] = function(data){

  var script = document.createElement('script');
  script.type = 'text/javascript';
  script.async = true;
  script.src = src;


return that;

jsonp.send(url, {
          callbackName: 'app.renderView.test',
          onSuccess: function(json){
            console.log('success!', json);
          onTimeout: function(){
          timeout: 5
Updated 09/12/2017 16:52

User can change currency to display prices




Definition of Done

  • [ ] The code does at least what is defined in the ticket and does not affect any other functionality
  • [x] The PR has a meaningful title
  • [x] There is a link to the issue-id
  • [ ] There are no ‘hacks’ or shortcuts refactoring is preferred
  • [ ] The happy case of the app was tested at least once manually
Updated 13/12/2017 08:09

`amp-facebook` video looks strange on mobile and browser's mobile mode


What’s the issue?

On (some) mobile phone, (and chrome browser’s reponsive mode) amp-facebook embed as video has a purple bar above the video player, so that bottom part of the video is missed(include the video control utils).

Chrome 62.0 / Android 8.0.0 / OnePlus A3000


Firefox Nighty 59.0a1 / Android 8.0.0 / OnePlus A3000


Edge / Android 8.0.0 / OnePlus A3000


How do we reproduce the issue?

  1. Open amp-facebook from on mobile phones. Chrome desktop’s responsive mode is ok. Firefox Quantum 58.0b5 (64-bit) can’t reproduce.

  2. Just see that facebook video player, there should be a purple bar above the video. As a result, part of the video is invisible.

What browsers are affected?

  • Chrome 62.0 / Android 8.0.0 / OnePlus A3000
  • Firefox Nighty 59.0a1 / Android 8.0.0 / OnePlus A3000
  • Edge / Android 8.0.0 / OnePlus A3000
  • Chrome 61.0.3163.79 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) / Ubuntu 17.04

Which AMP version is affected?

Updated 11/12/2017 21:00 3 Comments

drop shogun


as instrucated in this drops shogun from homebrew-science. this PR depends on

Updated 13/12/2017 06:50 2 Comments

Fix #2432 Added versioning for main js and theme



Provided a mechanism to version the mapstore.js file and the default.css


  • Fix #2432

Please check if the PR fulfills these requirements - [x] The commit message follows our guidelines: - [ ] Tests for the changes have been added (for bug fixes / features) - [ ] Docs have been added / updated (for bug fixes / features)

What kind of change does this PR introduce? (check one with “x”, remove the others) - [x] Feature

What is the current behavior? (You can also link to an open issue here) Actually mapstore loads mapstore.js and default.css

What is the new behavior? it loads them by attaching ?parameter where parameter changes on every build

Does this PR introduce a breaking change? (check one with “x”, remove the other) - [x] No

Updated 12/12/2017 16:52 3 Comments

Disabled buggons not discernible


Reporter info

  • Distribution - (run lsb_release -a) Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 17.10 Release: 17.10 Codename: artful

  • Gtk+ 3.0 version - (run apt policy libgtk-3-0) libgtk-3-0: Installed: 3.22.25-0ubuntu0.1 Candidate: 3.22.25-0ubuntu0.1 Version table: *** 3.22.25-0ubuntu0.1 500 500 artful-updates/main amd64 Packages 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status 3.22.24-0ubuntu1 500 500 artful/main amd64 Packages

  • Desktop environment Unity 7
  • Pop version - (run head -n 3 /usr/share/themes/Pop/gtk-3.22/gtk.css) Pop!_GTK+ Version 2.2.3r0

Disabled buttons on the theme are styled the same way as actionable buttons. Here’s an example in Numix:


Here’s on Pop:

image image image

Updated 07/12/2017 16:28 1 Comments

1.2 Command Line and GitHub


1.2 Commmand Line and GitHub

  • Don’t forget to start and stop your Toggl timer as you work through your assignment!
  • Tick off the tasks as you complete them

You’re going to need a bit of familiarity with the terminal (also called the command line) in order to complete this assignment. Going forward, you’re going to need a LOT of familiarity! If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend you read The command line from the orientation manual, and do the tutorials it links to.

Part 1: - [x] Either create a directory to store all of your EDA work in (e.g. workspace) or navigate to your (already created) workspace. - [x] Create a repo on your GitHub account called sprint-1. - [x] Clone it to your workspace directory. - [x] Use the command line to create a file called (hint make sure you are in the repo you just cloned). - [x] Open the file in VS Code with code . and provide answers to the following questions: - [x] Without using jargon, how would you describe the command line to a lay person (e.g. your mum)? - [ ] List 10 terminal commands and in plain english (i.e. with minimal technical jargon) describe what they do. - [ ] Stage, commit and push your work to your GitHub. - [ ] Post a link to your sprint-1 repo in the waffle comments.

Part 2: - [ ] Navigate to your cohort’s repo (i.e Kahu-2018). - [ ] Clone it. - [ ] Using terminal: - [ ] Navigate to EDAworkspace/**yourcohort-year**/fruit-bowl/ - [ ] Make a directory within the fruitbowl directory called firstname-lastname-ketee.g. “anahera-tepene-kete” (kete: Māori noun meaning basket). - [ ] Create a file within your -kete directory called YourFavouriteFruit.YourName e.g “āporo.anahera” (bonus points if you can find the Māori word for your fruit). - [ ] Create a file within your -kete directory called .gitkeep (a placeholder file for later on - git doesn’t see the point of empty folders and ignores them). - [ ] Stage, commit and push to GitHub. - [ ] View your fruit on GitHub.

Part 3: - [ ] Pull down any changes that have been made to fruitbowl with git pull. If there are none, wait and complete this step when other peoples fruit folders are visible. - [ ] Using terminal, navigate to fruitbowl and into someone else’s -kete folder. Try find someone who doesn’t yet have a fruity gift. Make a folder in there called from-YourGithubUserName e.g from-anaheradeveloper. - [ ] Using the terminal mv command, give your fruit to that person, moving your fruit file from your -kete directory into the from-YourGithubUserName directory that you created within someone else’s -kete directory. - [ ] Stage, commit and push to GitHub. - [ ] On your campus-specific Slack channel, @ tag the person you gave your fruit to and let them know about your gift.

Tidy up: - [ ] All time spent on assignment logged to Toggl.

Updated 13/12/2017 21:58

1.3 Create your website!


1.3 Create your website!

This is the beginning of your website. Each week you’ll be evolving your website to incorporate what you’ve learned.

  • Don’t forget to start and stop your Toggl timer as you work through your assignment!
  • Tick off the tasks as you complete them

Get the blog infrastructure up and running

Add an HTML index page.

Remember, HTML is about content only. Styling anything with HTML is a very bad habit - don’t do it! - [ ] Using the terminal, clone down your new respository. - [ ] Navigate to your repository and create an index.html file. - [ ] Open your project in VS Code with code . - [ ] Use the HTML template to create an index page. Think of your index page as your “homepage” or “contents page” that will eventually link to all your blog posts. Your “homepage” will be visible at - [ ] Give your homepage a title. - [ ] Remove any unnecessary elements and content. This means any code that doesn’t work or doesn’t do anything.

Add HTML blog posts

If your index page is then your blog posts will be located at

Setup the blog directory - [ ] In terminal, navigate to your repository and make a directory called blog. - [ ] Within the blog directory, create a new file called c1-reflection-blog.html (the c1 stands for cultural). - [ ] Copy the same HTML template for the index page into your c1-reflection-blog.html file. - [ ] Stage and commit with meaningful commit message (e.g. setup blog directory). - [ ] Push to GitHub.

Create your first blog - [ ] Watch Shereef’s Fireside Chat (relevant data starts at 9:48). This chat is over an hour long, so watch the parts you’re interested in and make sure to leave time for writing your blog! If you’re wondering who DBC is, they began as our ‘sister’ organisation in the States. While our curriculum has grown away from theirs (e.g. they did Ruby, we do JavaScript) much of the culture and values remains the same. Sherif explains it well. - [ ] Write your reflections in c1-reflection-blog.html. Based on the video discuss: - What’s your take on the DBC/EDA experience? - What are your impressions? - How do you see yourself engaging with this type of culture? - Have your expectations of EDA changed? If so, how? - Are you excited to participate in this kind of learning environment? Does it make you nervous?

Keep in mind your answers will be visible.

  • [ ] Stage and commit with a meaningful commit message (e.g. complete reflection blog).
  • [ ] Push your blog to GitHub.

Create your second blog - [ ] Timebox an hour to read through the time and habit management resources. - [ ] Using the commandline, create a new file called c1-time-and-habits-blog.html in the blog directory. Copy over the same template and create a quick blog post containing your reflections on time and habit techniques: - which timebox and habits techniques did you try? - what did you find interesting? - what worked for you? - which will you experiment further with? - [ ] Stage and commit with a meaningful commit message (e.g. complete time and habit blog). - [ ] Push your blog to GitHub.

Link your blogs to the main page - [ ] On your index (home) page, create a href link for each of your blogs. This should enable a person to click on a link and be taken to a blog. - [ ] Stage and commit with meaningful commit message (e.g. linked blogs to home page).

Make it beautiful/fun with CSS!

Ok, now you can make it pretty. You can play for now, but in future you’ll need to follow best practice or else you’ll make a big mess. Focus on CSS functionality, not visual design. Do not spend hours tweaking fonts - well, not until you’ve finished all the assignments to a high standard. Spend your time playing with selecting elements, using different CSS properties, and laying out your CSS. It doesn’t have to be very beautiful visually - we’re looking for elegance and understanding in your use of CSS and HTML. - [ ] Create a styles directory in the root of repository. - [ ] Inside of the styles directory create a main.css file. - [ ] Link your styles/main.css file to your index.html file. (Youtube example, 5:08 min or MDN CSS Resource). - [ ] Repeat and add the styles/main.css link to the HEAD of each of your blog posts. - [ ] Use CSS to make your site look and feel awesome! - [ ] Stage, commit with a meaningful message and push your changes to your live site!

Share it!

  • [ ] On your campus-specifc Slack channel, share the link to your home page.
Updated 13/12/2017 23:57

Export list of tWs for tw_cat.json


Once we have the tWs encoded in the UGNT and (eventually) in the UHB, we need a script to pull the tW links out and create the tw_cat.json files for the tS v2 API.

This is related to #42 but it depends on and .

Updated 06/12/2017 19:31

Plot showing high scores



When participants upload their submissions, a plot is displayed showing the highest scores and the total daily submissions. Some things are not entirely clear to me: - The leaderboard displays participants’ scores according to four metrics (precision, recall, F1, accuracy). Can I somehow define which metric should be presented in the plot? - The plot’s y-axis has values ranging from -0.2 to 1.2. I was wondering how that is possible, since it displays scores and no error rates? - When editing the Leaderboard, one can set a “Selection default”, what does this parameter exactly mean?

Any clarifications are very welcome.

Regards, Cynthia

Updated 12/12/2017 19:58 2 Comments

Add option for borders on root containers


You can now specify if borders for the root container can be drawn.

To specify you want borders, add this to your configuration:

way_cooler.window = {
  borders = {
    root_borders = false,

This PR will remain open until #450 is done, since this might break that (e.g tabbed/stacked containers might need to be special cased to always have their borders).

Updated 06/12/2017 02:39

Channel manager


Related to #14.

There needs to be a way to rename and delete channels (and probably reorder them) for admins.


  • [ ] Frontend dropdown. Info from @PullJosh.
    • Definitely make a general way of spawning dropdowns; we’ll probably want a similar dropdown next to messages (delete, edit, etc).
    • Should dropdown items have icons? I think that would be a nice visual cue.
  • Rename channels.
    • [x] Backend - probably: POST /api/rename-channel {channelID, newName, sessionID}.
    • [ ] Frontend - an item in the dropdown list. A prompt modal, for the new name.
  • Delete and archive channels. (#94)
    • Archived channels are hidden from the obvious channel list, but they are not removed; anybody may view an archived channel, probably through a separate list.
    • [ ] Archive backend - probably: POST /api/archive-channel {channelID, sessionID}. Channels will have an “archived” field in the database (also through serialize.channelShort).
    • Archive frontend:
      • [ ] For archiving a channel: an item in the dropdown list. A confirmation prompt.
      • [ ] For viewing archived channels: a separate list? Not sure how to do this.
    • [ ] Delete backend - probably: POST /api/delete-channel {channelID, sessionID}. Perhaps require channel name here too (rather than just a frontend), so that people messing with the API won’t somehow accidentally delete the wrong channel; also, to prompt writers of custom clients to include the same warnings as the official client.
    • [ ] Delete frontend: an item in the dropdown list. A confirmation prompt, or two, and a requirement to type out the name of the channel.
  • Reorder channels.
    • Let admins specify a default order; users may follow this or specify their own.
      • How does the user decide, through the GUI?
    • Frontend: Drag/drop UI as described (first paragraph) by @PullJosh. Server defaults changed through the server settings; user-specific preferences through the sidebar (via @heyitsmeuralex).
      • Blocked by #67.
    • Backend: Not sure how to do this yet.. Probably store channel order on the server settings object.
      • [ ] POST /api/arrange-channels {channelIDs, sessionID}. channelIDs is used as the sorting method, and is verified to contain all (non-archived) channels.
      • [ ] Update GET /api/channel-list to return according to the order defined in server settings..
Updated 14/12/2017 02:57 11 Comments

PropertyConstraint for enumerable should show expected values


When the following assertion fails, it shows the below error message. ``` Assert.That(items, Has.All.Property(“Duration”).EqualTo(120));

Expected: all items property Duration equal to 120 But was: < item[0].ToString(), item[1].ToString() > ``` In my opinion, this failure message would be better if it displayed the values of ‘Duration’ found - rather than the items enumerable being tested. I don’t know how possible that is, with the constraint assertion structure.

Updated 08/12/2017 10:20 7 Comments

Update ember-page-title to the latest version 🚀


Version 4.0.0 of ember-page-title was just published.

<table> <tr> <th align=left> Dependency </td> <td> ember-page-title </td> </tr> <tr> <th align=left> Current Version </td> <td> 3.2.0 </td> </tr> <tr> <th align=left> Type </td> <td> devDependency </td> </tr> </table>

The version 4.0.0 is not covered by your current version range.

If you don’t accept this pull request, your project will work just like it did before. However, you might be missing out on a bunch of new features, fixes and/or performance improvements from the dependency update.

It might be worth looking into these changes and trying to get this project onto the latest version of ember-page-title.

If you have a solid test suite and good coverage, a passing build is a strong indicator that you can take advantage of these changes directly by merging the proposed change into your project. If the build fails or you don’t have such unconditional trust in your tests, this branch is a great starting point for you to work on the update.

<details> <summary>Release Notes</summary> <strong>4.0.0</strong>

<p>This release contains a breaking change due to a downstream dependency on <code>ember-cli-head</code>. <code>ember-cli-head</code> is now at 0.4.0 and requires an addition to your <code>application.hbs</code>:</p> <div class=“highlight highlight-text-html-handlebars”><pre><span class=“pl-c1”>{{</span><span class=“pl-v”>head-layout</span><span class=“pl-c1”>}}</span></pre></div> <p>Add this to your application template and things should continue working.</p> <p>Thanks to <a href=“” class=“user-mention”>@topaxi</a> and <a href=“” class=“user-mention”>@cibernox</a> for getting some of this resolved for me <g-emoji alias=“smile” fallback-src=“” ios-version=“6.0”>😄</g-emoji></p> </details>

<details> <summary>Commits</summary> <p>The new version differs by 56 commits.</p> <ul> <li><a href=“”><code>fc66156</code></a> <code>Merge pull request #114 from CvX/restore-ember-logo</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>7e4ba14</code></a> <code>Restore ember-logo</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>8b7056a</code></a> <code>remove npm install 4 from .travis.yml</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>f4e53db</code></a> <code>temporarily exclude code coverage</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>e0afe33</code></a> <code>bump node dependency to 6</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>c4b0830</code></a> <code>Released 4.0.0</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>f0271aa</code></a> <code>remove ember 2.8 from ember-try because of ember-cli-head support</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>7cf1c07</code></a> <code>run ember init for ember-cli 2.16.2</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>390edad</code></a> <code>Merge pull request #106 from topaxi/ember-cli-head-update</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>3578049</code></a> <code>Merge pull request #111 from fesebuv/update-license</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>6781430</code></a> <code>Update License Copyright to 2017</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>983cbff</code></a> <code>try removing jobs global</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>3352b2b</code></a> <code>fix Travis?</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>1d36df3</code></a> <code>remove test reporter to ensure test suite is passing</code></li> <li><a href=“”><code>c23212c</code></a> <code>remove spin</code></li> </ul> <p>There are 56 commits in total.</p> <p>See the <a href=“…fc66156a0d08256434cc2b5f29ccdbe00ee27cf4”>full diff</a></p> </details>

<details> <summary>FAQ and help</summary>

There is a collection of frequently asked questions. If those don’t help, you can always ask the humans behind Greenkeeper. </details>

Your Greenkeeper bot :palm_tree:

Updated 07/12/2017 05:08 3 Comments



Hi. I’m trying to use SonarQube on TeamCity. It’s running in Docker containers. I haven’t the same problem on my local machine. But crash doesn’t look like an environment issue.

ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture.encodeThrowable(
    at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture.completeThrowable(
    at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture$
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.formatting.TrailingSpaces$replaceTracingSpaces$2.invoke(TrailingSpaces.kt:39)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.formatting.TrailingSpaces$replaceTracingSpaces$2.invoke(TrailingSpaces.kt:18)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.ConfigAware$DefaultImpls.withAutoCorrect(ConfigAware.kt:25)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.Rule.withAutoCorrect(Rule.kt:17)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.formatting.TrailingSpaces.replaceTracingSpaces(TrailingSpaces.kt:38)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.formatting.TrailingSpaces.visitSpaces(TrailingSpaces.kt:28)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.TokenRule.procedure(TokenRule.kt:29)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.TokenRule$visit$1.invoke(TokenRule.kt:21)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.TokenRule$visit$1.invoke(TokenRule.kt:18)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.JunkKt.visitTokens(Junk.kt:20)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.JunkKt.visitTokens(Junk.kt:21)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.JunkKt.visitTokens(Junk.kt:21)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.TokenRule.visit(TokenRule.kt:21)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.BaseRule.visitFile(BaseRule.kt:16)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.api.RuleSet.accept(RuleSet.kt:23)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.core.Detektor.analyze(Detektor.kt:51)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.core.Detektor.access$analyze(Detektor.kt:14)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.core.Detektor$run$1$$special$$inlined$map$lambda$1.invoke(Detektor.kt:29)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.core.Detektor$run$1$$special$$inlined$map$lambda$1.invoke(Detektor.kt:14)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.core.TasksKt$runAsync$1.invoke(Tasks.kt:20)
    at io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt.core.TasksKt$task$1.get(Tasks.kt:24)
    at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture$
... 3 more
Updated 05/12/2017 13:48 1 Comments

Add geometric OBS_Table_To_Table relations to ETL tasks


Based on we need to add the geometric relations for the tables:

  • [x] Australia
  • [x] Brazil
  • [x] Canada
  • [x] Spain
  • [x] Eurostat
  • [x] France
  • [x] Mexico
  • [x] United Kingdom
  • [ ] BLS (US)
  • [ ] ACS (US)
  • [x] Lodes (US)
  • [ ] Spielman (US)
  • [ ] Enviroatlas (US)
  • [ ] HUC (US)
  • [ ] DCP (US)
  • [ ] DOB (US)
  • [ ] Zillow (US)
  • [ ] Tiger (US)
Updated 14/12/2017 11:05

New: Add JSLL script check


New Rule to check if JSLL script is in the page head


Read our pull request guide:

For the following items put an “x” between the square brackets (i.e. [x]) if you completed the associated item.


Pull request checklist

Make sure you:

For non-trivial changes, please make sure you also:

  • [ ] Added/Updated related documentation.
  • [X] Added/Updated related tests.

Short description of the change(s)

  • Validate that JSLL script is in <head> tag.
  • Validate that the JSLL script is placed prior to all other scripts.
  • Verify version number format in the file names.


If this is a non-trivial change, include information such as what benefits this change brings as well as possible drawbacks.

If this fixes an existing issue, include the relavant issue number(s).

Thank you for taking the time to open this PR!


Updated 12/12/2017 17:01 2 Comments

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