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feat(911): support subdirectory



To support Subdirectory, scm plugin getChangedFiles will return an array of files that were changed. The API will pass this extra field to model (what this PR is doing). The model will do the logic to figure out whether to start jobs or not.

Blocked by: - - - scm change


Updated 22/03/2018 23:22

Fix content metadata in EF docs


For reporting/BI purposes, we need to have things setup like this in the yaml section:

  • All pages: entity-framework
  • All EF Core pages: entity-framework-core
  • All EF 6 pages: entity-framework-6

The value for is required. The value for is optional but since we have two technologies and most pages have something already it would be good to have it.

cc @mairaw

Updated 22/03/2018 20:31 1 Comments

Order events on calendar page chronology


As a user on the calendar page

I want to see events in chronological order

So that I see the soonest events first


The query method should now take an orderBy parameter, which should be date by default.

You may need to add a date field on events in the database, which should be populated on event submission.

Blocked by #37

Updated 22/03/2018 20:00

Add support for ECDSA certificates


Add support for ECDSA certificates, both on client and server side.

Since behaviour of the signature algorithms extension is different for TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 – in TLS 1.3 the curve is bound to a hash algorithm – it’s possible for the implementation to be lazy and use the same negotiation mechanism for both, possibly causing issues in either of those protocols.

resolves part of #55, depends on

Updated 22/03/2018 18:36

Dependencies added to test section per comment


E.g. objectify should be near the beginning, not the end

    <!-- Compile/runtime dependencies -->

    <!-- Test Dependencies -->
Updated 22/03/2018 14:21

Adjustments to phone number on contact page


Problem: There are different phone number formats coming in and being processed from different platforms. This is causing errors in Salesforce.

Overall resolution: All platforms are going to have a +1 added in front of all phone numbers.

For website: The contact form should be adjusted so that +1 is automatically built into the contact form. Example of page this affects:

We need to ensure that this works: - [x] By showing up visually on the site - [x] That the +1 is being sent to Salesforce

Updated 22/03/2018 14:51 1 Comments

Patch tests for new terms contract parameter schemas


This PR introduces the following changes: - Fixes SimpleInterestTermsContract unit tests that were broken by 48 - Fixes DebtKernel integration tests that were broken by 48 - Temporarily removes compound interest terms contract tests (we’ll revisit these once we update the implementation to the compound interest terms contract)

Updated 22/03/2018 17:51

Modify simple interest terms contract parameter schema s.t. compatible w/ collateralization


This PR introduces the following changes: - Change the terms contract parameter unpacking functionality in SimpleInterestTermsContract.sol such that it’s compatible with the Collateralized.sol function. - Modify the registerTermStart function in SimpleInterestTermsContract such that it asserts that the terms contract parameter string unpacks to a set of valid values upon debt issuance. - Had accidentally left a modification to package.json that specified only one test in the test running script. This PR fixes that.

Updated 22/03/2018 18:07

Move _ArrayEq, _ArrayPostblit and _ArrayDtor to druntime


This makes debugging DMD with simple source code easier as -betterC + an empty object.d actually don’t add anything that hasn’t been added by the user.

Out of interest: what’s the reason for these three declarations to be in the compiler? Shouldn’t it be part of object.d? Or is it just an historical artifact?

Updated 22/03/2018 16:43 6 Comments

Add event markers to the calendar map


As a user on the calendar page

I want to see pins on the map for all the events in the event list on the page.

When a user hovers on an event on the left side of the page, the corresponding pin should enlarge and/or change color to indicate that you’re hovering on it.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can add a basic tooltip on the pins with the event name, but we can put that off for another ticket if it’s too much trouble.

Blocked by #37 #38


This can probably be copied from the legacy code, but we might want to refactor it anyway. I’m pretty sure I wrote spaghetti code bitmoji

Updated 22/03/2018 20:00

Add map to calendar page


As a user on the calendar page

I want to see a map of LA

So that we can eventually see where events are on a map.


Use the google maps API for this. It should be pretty similar to the legacy code.

Don’t bother adding pins yet, just add the map to the page.

Blocked by #36


Talk to me for design.

Updated 22/03/2018 20:01

show events on the calendar page


As a client

I want to query an ordered, paginated list of events

So that the events can be exposed to the calendar page.


This should be as modular as possible so that when we eventually break this into a REST API it will be easy to separate from the controller logic.

the query method should take the following parameters:

limit: how many results to return start: which index to start with

if the above is confusing you can google search “API pagination”

For now just return the events in id order, they will be ordered later.

The first 10 events should appear on the left side of the calendar page.

There should be a “see more” button if there are more events, which will reveal the next 10.

Hovering on an event should change the background color.

Blocked by #36


Talk to me about what the events should look like on the calendar page.

Updated 22/03/2018 20:01

Leverage existing string API tests to improve coverage of span-based APIs


Partially resolves

Leftover for future: - Remove redundant span tests from System.Memory that were initially ported over from StringTests. - Refactor the StringTests.cs to isolate these newly added span-based tests into a separate file (possibly moving them to Common) and reference them from System.Memory.Tests.csproj so that we can execute all relevant Span tests when running msbuild on S.M.T, rather than having to run tests from several places. - This will likely result in some code duplication.

These tests won’t pass until we get a new CoreCLR build with these changes: (along with the mirror PR).

cc @KrzysztofCwalina, @jkotas, @tarekgh, @stephentoub, @joshfree

Updated 22/03/2018 19:10 3 Comments

[Blocked] Use Pytorch MultivariateNormal


MultivariateNormal distribution is recently merged into Pytorch master. However, we are temporarily blocked by #912 . As soon as we start to use Pytorch master, I wish to use its MultivariateNormal distribution to test various changes of This pull request does two things: + Use Pytorch’s MultivariateNormal + Rename filename of SparseMultivariateNormal to

Updated 22/03/2018 21:44 1 Comments

WIP Beta FAQ update


Marking as blocked since I know this depends on updating the banner in pypi-theme. I suggest #beta and beta() for the help/ section label, which would require the banner changing its link.

@ewdurbin @dstufft @nlhkabu @di I am a thousand percent open to critique on this FAQ change; what promises should we be making about infra & features? What should we encourage people to do or avoid?

Ref. #2518. (does not close entirely; we’ll close it after we launch/redirect)

Updated 22/03/2018 14:32 1 Comments

Update aiohttp to 3.1.0


This PR updates aiohttp from 1.0.5 to 3.1.0.

<details> <summary>Changelog</summary>

### 3.1.0


Welcome to aiohttp 3.1 release.

This is an *incremental* release, fully backward compatible with *aiohttp 3.0*.

But we have added several new features.

The most visible one is ``app.add_routes()`` (an alias for existing
``app.router.add_routes()``. The addition is very important because
all *aiohttp* docs now uses ``app.add_routes()`` call in code
snippets. All your existing code still do register routes / resource
without any warning but you&#39;ve got the idea for a favorite way: noisy
``app.router.add_get()`` is replaced by ``app.add_routes()``.

The library does not make a preference between decorators::

   routes = web.RouteTableDef()

   async def hello(request):
       return web.Response(text=&quot;Hello, world&quot;)


and route tables as a list::

   async def hello(request):
       return web.Response(text=&quot;Hello, world&quot;)

   app.add_routes([web.get(&#39;/&#39;, hello)])

Both ways are equal, user may decide basing on own code taste.

Also we have a lot of minor features, bug fixes and documentation
updates, see below.


- Relax JSON content-type checking in the ``ClientResponse.json()`` to allow
  &quot;application/xxx+json&quot; instead of strict &quot;application/json&quot;. (2206)
- Bump C HTTP parser to version 2.8 (2730)
- Accept a coroutine as an application factory in ``web.run_app`` and gunicorn
  worker. (2739)
- Implement application cleanup context (``app.cleanup_ctx`` property). (2747)
- Make ``writer.write_headers`` a coroutine. (2762)
- Add tracking signals for getting request/response bodies. (2767)
- Deprecate ClientResponseError.code in favor of .status to keep similarity
  with response classes. (2781)
- Implement ``app.add_routes()`` method. (2787)
- Implement ``web.static()`` and ``RouteTableDef.static()`` API. (2795)
- Install a test event loop as default by ``asyncio.set_event_loop()``. The
  change affects aiohttp test utils but backward compatibility is not broken
  for 99.99% of use cases. (2804)
- Refactor ``ClientResponse`` constructor: make logically required constructor
  arguments mandatory, drop ``_post_init()`` method. (2820)
- Use ``app.add_routes()`` in server docs everywhere (2830)
- Websockets refactoring, all websocket writer methods are converted into
  coroutines. (2836)
- Provide ``Content-Range`` header for ``Range`` requests (2844)


- Fix websocket client return EofStream. (2784)
- Fix websocket demo. (2789)
- Property ``BaseRequest.http_range`` now returns a python-like slice when
  requesting the tail of the range. It&#39;s now indicated by a negative value in
  ``range.start`` rather then in ``range.stop`` (2805)
- Close a connection if an unexpected exception occurs while sending a request
- Fix firing DNS tracing events. (2841)

Improved Documentation

- Change ``ClientResponse.json()`` documentation to reflect that it now
  allows &quot;application/xxx+json&quot; content-types (2206)
- Document behavior when cchardet detects encodings that are unknown to Python.
- Add diagrams for tracing request life style. (2748)
- Drop removed functionality for passing ``StreamReader`` as data at client
  side. (2793)

### 3.0.9


- Close a connection if an unexpected exception occurs while sending a request

### 3.0.8


- Use ``asyncio.current_task()`` on Python 3.7 (2825)

### 3.0.7


- Fix SSL proxy support by client. (2810)
- Restore a imperative check in ```` for python version. The check
  works in parallel to environment marker. As effect a error about unsupported
  Python versions is raised even on outdated systems with very old
  ``setuptools`` version installed. (2813)

### 3.0.6


- Add ``_reuse_address`` and ``_reuse_port`` to
  ``web_runner.TCPSite.__slots__``. (2792)

### 3.0.5


- Fix ``InvalidStateError`` on processing a sequence of two
  ``RequestHandler.data_received`` calls on web server. (2773)

### 3.0.4


- Fix ``IndexError`` in HTTP request handling by server. (2752)
- Fix MultipartWriter.append* no longer returning part/payload. (2759)

### 3.0.3


- Relax ``attrs`` dependency to minimal actually supported version
  17.0.3 The change allows to avoid version conflicts with currently
  existing test tools.

### 3.0.2


Security Fix

- Prevent Windows absolute URLs in static files.  Paths like
  ``/static/D:\path`` and ``/static/\\hostname\drive\path`` are

### 3.0.1


- Technical release for fixing distribution problems.

### 3.0.0



- Speed up the `PayloadWriter.write` method for large request bodies. (2126)
- StreamResponse and Response are now MutableMappings. (2246)
- ClientSession publishes a set of signals to track the HTTP request execution.
- Content-Disposition fast access in ClientResponse (2455)
- Added support to Flask-style decorators with class-based Views. (2472)
- Signal handlers (registered callbacks) should be coroutines. (2480)
- Support ``async with test_client.ws_connect(...)`` (2525)
- Introduce *site* and *application runner* as underlying API for `web.run_app`
  implementation. (2530)
- Only quote multipart boundary when necessary and sanitize input (2544)
- Make the `aiohttp.ClientResponse.get_encoding` method public with the
  processing of invalid charset while detecting content encoding. (2549)
- Add optional configurable per message compression for
  `ClientWebSocketResponse` and `WebSocketResponse`. (2551)
- Add hysteresis to `StreamReader` to prevent flipping between paused and
  resumed states too often. (2555)
- Support `.netrc` by `trust_env` (2581)
- Avoid to create a new resource when adding a route with the same name and
  path of the last added resource (2586)
- `MultipartWriter.boundary` is `str` now. (2589)
- Allow a custom port to be used by `TestServer` (and associated pytest
  fixtures) (2613)
- Add param access_log_class to web.run_app function (2615)
- Add ``ssl`` parameter to client API (2626)
- Fixes performance issue introduced by 2577. When there are no middlewares
  installed by the user, no additional and useless code is executed. (2629)
- Rename PayloadWriter to StreamWriter (2654)
- New options *reuse_port*, *reuse_address* are added to `run_app` and
  `TCPSite`. (2679)
- Use custom classes to pass client signals parameters (2686)
- Use ``attrs`` library for data classes, replace `namedtuple`. (2690)
- Pytest fixtures renaming, add ``aiohttp_`` prefix (2578)
- Add ``aiohttp-`` prefix for ``pytest-aiohttp`` command line
  parameters (2578)


- Correctly process upgrade request from server to HTTP2. ``aiohttp`` does not
  support HTTP2 yet, the protocol is not upgraded but response is handled
  correctly. (2277)
- Fix ClientConnectorSSLError and ClientProxyConnectionError for proxy
  connector (2408)
- Fix connector convert OSError to ClientConnectorError (2423)
- Fix connection attempts for multiple dns hosts (2424)
- Fix writing to closed transport by raising `asyncio.CancelledError` (2499)
- Fix warning in `ClientSession.__del__` by stopping to try to close it.
- Fixed race-condition for iterating addresses from the DNSCache. (2620)
- Fix default value of `access_log_format` argument in `web.run_app` (2649)
- Freeze sub-application on adding to parent app (2656)
- Do percent encoding for `.url_for()` parameters (2668)
- Correctly process request start time and multiple request/response
  headers in access log extra (2641)

Improved Documentation

- Improve tutorial docs, using `literalinclude` to link to the actual files.
- Small improvement docs: better example for file uploads. (2401)
- Rename `from_env` to `trust_env` in client reference. (2451)
- Fixed mistype in `Proxy Support` section where `trust_env` parameter was
  used in `session.get(&quot;;, trust_env=True)` method instead of
  aiohttp.ClientSession constructor as follows:
  `aiohttp.ClientSession(trust_env=True)`. (2688)
- Fix issue with unittest example not compiling in testing docs. (2717)

Deprecations and Removals

- Simplify HTTP pipelining implementation (2109)
- Drop `StreamReaderPayload` and `DataQueuePayload`. (2257)
- Drop `md5` and `sha1` finger-prints (2267)
- Drop (2321)
- Drop Python 3.4 and Python 3.5.0, 3.5.1, 3.5.2. Minimal supported Python
  versions are 3.5.3 and 3.6.0. `yield from` is gone, use `async/await` syntax.
- Drop `aiohttp.Timeout` and use `async_timeout.timeout` instead. (2348)
- Drop `resolve` param from TCPConnector. (2377)
- Add DeprecationWarning for returning HTTPException (2415)
- `send_str()`, `send_bytes()`, `send_json()`, `ping()` and `pong()` are
  genuine async functions now. (2475)
- Drop undocumented `app.on_pre_signal` and `app.on_post_signal`. Signal
  handlers should be coroutines, support for regular functions is dropped.
- `StreamResponse.drain()` is not a part of public API anymore, just use `await
  StreamResponse.write()`. `StreamResponse.write` is converted to async
  function. (2483)
- Drop deprecated `slow_request_timeout` param and `**kwargs`` from
  `RequestHandler`. (2500)
- Drop deprecated `resource.url()`. (2501)
- Remove `%u` and `%l` format specifiers from access log format. (2506)
- Drop deprecated `request.GET` property. (2547)
- Simplify stream classes: drop `ChunksQueue` and `FlowControlChunksQueue`,
  merge `FlowControlStreamReader` functionality into `StreamReader`, drop
  `FlowControlStreamReader` name. (2555)
- Do not create a new resource on `router.add_get(..., allow_head=True)`
- Drop access to TCP tuning options from PayloadWriter and Response classes
- Drop deprecated `encoding` parameter from client API (2606)
- Deprecate ``verify_ssl``, ``ssl_context`` and ``fingerprint`` parameters in
  client API (2626)
- Get rid of the legacy class StreamWriter. (2651)
- Forbid non-strings in `resource.url_for()` parameters. (2668)
- Deprecate inheritance from ``ClientSession`` and ``web.Application`` and
  custom user attributes for ``ClientSession``, ``web.Request`` and
  ``web.Application`` (2691)
- Drop `resp = await aiohttp.request(...)` syntax for sake of `async with
  aiohttp.request(...) as resp:`. (2540)
- Forbid synchronous context managers for `ClientSession` and test
  server/client. (2362)


- 2552

### 2.3.10


- Fix 100% CPU usage on HTTP GET and websocket connection just after it (1955)

- Patch broken `ssl.match_hostname()` on Python&lt;3.7 (2674)

### 2.3.9


- Fix colon handing in path for dynamic resources (2670)

### 2.3.8


- Do not use `yarl.unquote` internal function in aiohttp.  Fix
  incorrectly unquoted path part in URL dispatcher (2662)

- Fix compatibility with `yarl==1.0.0` (2662)

### 2.3.7


- Fixed race-condition for iterating addresses from the DNSCache. (2620)
- Fix docstring for (2591)
- Fix docstring for request.remote (2592)

### 2.3.6


- Correct `` context (for handlers not just middlewares). (2577)

### 2.3.5


- Fix compatibility with `pytest` 3.3+ (2565)

### 2.3.4


- Make `` point to proper application instance when using nested
  applications (with middlewares). (2550)
- Change base class of ClientConnectorSSLError to ClientSSLError from
  ClientConnectorError. (2563)
- Return client connection back to free pool on error in `connector.connect()`.

### 2.3.3


- Having a `;` in Response content type does not assume it contains a charset
  anymore. (2197)
- Use `getattr(asyncio, &#39;async&#39;)` for keeping compatibility with Python 3.7.
- Ignore `NotImplementedError` raised by `set_child_watcher` from `uvloop`.
- Fix warning in `ClientSession.__del__` by stopping to try to close it.
- Fixed typo&#39;s in Third-party libraries page. And added async-v20 to the list

### 2.3.2


- Fix passing client max size on cloning request obj. (2385)
- Fix ClientConnectorSSLError and ClientProxyConnectionError for proxy
  connector. (2408)
- Drop generated `_http_parser` shared object from tarball distribution. (2414)
- Fix connector convert OSError to ClientConnectorError. (2423)
- Fix connection attempts for multiple dns hosts. (2424)
- Fix ValueError for AF_INET6 sockets if a preexisting INET6 socket to the
  `aiohttp.web.run_app` function. (2431)
- `_SessionRequestContextManager` closes the session properly now. (2441)
- Rename `from_env` to `trust_env` in client reference. (2451)

### 2.3.1


- Relax attribute lookup in warning about old-styled middleware (2340)

### 2.3.0



- Add SSL related params to `ClientSession.request` (1128)
- Make enable_compression work on HTTP/1.0 (1828)
- Deprecate registering synchronous web handlers (1993)
- Switch to `multidict 3.0`. All HTTP headers preserve casing now but compared
  in case-insensitive way. (1994)
- Improvement for `normalize_path_middleware`. Added possibility to handle URLs
  with query string. (1995)
- Use towncrier for CHANGES.txt build (1997)
- Implement `trust_env=True` param in `ClientSession`. (1998)
- Added variable to customize proxy headers (2001)
- Implement `router.add_routes` and router decorators. (2004)
- Deprecated `BaseRequest.has_body` in favor of
  `BaseRequest.can_read_body` Added `BaseRequest.body_exists`
  attribute that stays static for the lifetime of the request (2005)
- Provide `BaseRequest.loop` attribute (2024)
- Make `_CoroGuard` awaitable and fix `ClientSession.close` warning message
- Responses to redirects without Location header are returned instead of
  raising a RuntimeError (2030)
- Added `get_client`, `get_server`, `setUpAsync` and `tearDownAsync` methods to
  AioHTTPTestCase (2032)
- Add automatically a SafeChildWatcher to the test loop (2058)
- add ability to disable automatic response decompression (2110)
- Add support for throttling DNS request, avoiding the requests saturation when
  there is a miss in the DNS cache and many requests getting into the connector
  at the same time. (2111)
- Use request for getting access log information instead of message/transport
  pair. Add `RequestBase.remote` property for accessing to IP of client
  initiated HTTP request. (2123)
- json() raises a ContentTypeError exception if the content-type does not meet
  the requirements instead of raising a generic ClientResponseError. (2136)
- Make the HTTP client able to return HTTP chunks when chunked transfer
  encoding is used. (2150)
- add `append_version` arg into `StaticResource.url` and
  `StaticResource.url_for` methods for getting an url with hash (version) of
  the file. (2157)
- Fix parsing the Forwarded header. * commas and semicolons are allowed inside
  quoted-strings; * empty forwarded-pairs (as in for=_1;;by=_2) are allowed; *
  non-standard parameters are allowed (although this alone could be easily done
  in the previous parser). (2173)
- Don&#39;t require ssl module to run. aiohttp does not require SSL to function.
  The code paths involved with SSL will only be hit upon SSL usage. Raise
  `RuntimeError` if HTTPS protocol is required but ssl module is not present.
- Accept coroutine fixtures in pytest plugin (2223)
- Call `shutdown_asyncgens` before event loop closing on Python 3.6. (2227)
- Speed up Signals when there are no receivers (2229)
- Raise `InvalidURL` instead of `ValueError` on fetches with invalid URL.
- Move `DummyCookieJar` into `` (2242)
- `run_app`: Make `print=None` disable printing (2260)
- Support `brotli` encoding (generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm)
- Add server support for WebSockets Per-Message Deflate. Add client option to
  add deflate compress header in WebSockets request header. If calling
  ClientSession.ws_connect() with `compress=15` the client will support deflate
  compress negotiation. (2273)
- Support `verify_ssl`, `fingerprint`, `ssl_context` and `proxy_headers` by
  `client.ws_connect`. (2292)
- Added `aiohttp.ClientConnectorSSLError` when connection fails due
  `ssl.SSLError` (2294)
- `aiohttp.web.Application.make_handler` support `access_log_class` (2315)
- Build HTTP parser extension in non-strict mode by default. (2332)


- Clear auth information on redirecting to other domain (1699)
- Fix missing app.loop on startup hooks during tests (2060)
- Fix issue with synchronous session closing when using `ClientSession` as an
  asynchronous context manager. (2063)
- Fix issue with `CookieJar` incorrectly expiring cookies in some edge cases.
- Force use of IPv4 during test, this will make tests run in a Docker container
- Warnings about unawaited coroutines now correctly point to the user&#39;s code.
- Fix issue with `IndexError` being raised by the `StreamReader.iter_chunks()`
  generator. (2112)
- Support HTTP 308 Permanent redirect in client class. (2114)
- Fix `FileResponse` sending empty chunked body on 304. (2143)
- Do not add `Content-Length: 0` to GET/HEAD/TRACE/OPTIONS requests by default.
- Fix parsing the Forwarded header according to RFC 7239. (2170)
- Securely determining remote/scheme/host 2171 (2171)
- Fix header name parsing, if name is split into multiple lines (2183)
- Handle session close during connection, `KeyError:
  &lt;aiohttp.connector._TransportPlaceholder&gt;` (2193)
- Fixes uncaught `TypeError` in `helpers.guess_filename` if `name` is not a
  string (2201)
- Raise OSError on async DNS lookup if resolved domain is an alias for another
  one, which does not have an A or CNAME record. (2231)
- Fix incorrect warning in `StreamReader`. (2251)
- Properly clone state of web request (2284)
- Fix C HTTP parser for cases when status line is split into different TCP
  packets. (2311)
- Fix `web.FileResponse` overriding user supplied Content-Type (2317)

Improved Documentation

- Add a note about possible performance degradation in `await resp.text()` if
  charset was not provided by `Content-Type` HTTP header. Pass explicit
  encoding to solve it. (1811)
- Drop `disqus` widget from documentation pages. (2018)
- Add a graceful shutdown section to the client usage documentation. (2039)
- Document `connector_owner` parameter. (2072)
- Update the doc of web.Application (2081)
- Fix mistake about access log disabling. (2085)
- Add example usage of on_startup and on_shutdown signals by creating and
  disposing an aiopg connection engine. (2131)
- Document `encoded=True` for `yarl.URL`, it disables all yarl transformations.
- Document that all app&#39;s middleware factories are run for every request.
- Reflect the fact that default resolver is threaded one starting from aiohttp
  1.1 (2228)

Deprecations and Removals

- Drop deprecated `Server.finish_connections` (2006)
- Drop %O format from logging, use %b instead. Drop %e format from logging,
  environment variables are not supported anymore. (2123)
- Drop deprecated secure_proxy_ssl_header support (2171)
- Removed TimeService in favor of simple caching. TimeService also had a bug
  where it lost about 0.5 seconds per second. (2176)
- Drop unused response_factory from static files API (2290)


- 2013, 2014, 2048, 2094, 2149, 2187, 2214, 2225, 2243, 2248

### 2.2.5


- Don&#39;t raise deprecation warning on
  `loop.run_until_complete(client.close())` (2065)

### 2.2.4


- Fix issue with synchronous session closing when using ClientSession
  as an asynchronous context manager.  (2063)

### 2.2.3


- Fix `_CoroGuard` for python 3.4

### 2.2.2


- Allow `await session.close()` along with `yield from session.close()`

### 2.2.1


- Relax `yarl` requirement to 0.11+

- Backport 2026: `session.close` *is* a coroutine (2029)

### 2.2.0


- Add doc for add_head, update doc for add_get. (1944)

- Fixed consecutive calls for `Response.write_eof`.

- Retain method attributes (e.g. :code:`__doc__`) when registering synchronous
  handlers for resources. (1953)

- Added signal TERM handling in `run_app` to gracefully exit (1932)

- Fix websocket issues caused by frame fragmentation. (1962)

- Raise RuntimeError is you try to set the Content Length and enable
  chunked encoding at the same time (1941)

- Small update for `unittest_run_loop`

- Use CIMultiDict for ClientRequest.skip_auto_headers (1970)

- Fix wrong startup sequence: test server and `run_app()` are not raise
  `DeprecationWarning` now (1947)

- Make sure cleanup signal is sent if startup signal has been sent (1959)

- Fixed server keep-alive handler, could cause 100% cpu utilization (1955)

- Connection can be destroyed before response get processed if
  `await aiohttp.request(..)` is used (1981)

- MultipartReader does not work with -OO (1969)

- Fixed `ClientPayloadError` with blank `Content-Encoding` header (1931)

- Support `deflate` encoding implemented in `` (1918)

- Fix BadStatusLine caused by extra `CRLF` after `POST` data (1792)

- Keep a reference to `ClientSession` in response object (1985)

- Deprecate undocumented `app.on_loop_available` signal (1978)

### 2.1.0


- Added support for experimental `async-tokio` event loop written in Rust

- Write to transport ``\r\n`` before closing after keepalive timeout,
  otherwise client can not detect socket disconnection. (1883)

- Only call `loop.close` in `run_app` if the user did *not* supply a loop.
  Useful for allowing clients to specify their own cleanup before closing the
  asyncio loop if they wish to tightly control loop behavior

- Content disposition with semicolon in filename (917)

- Added `request_info` to response object and `ClientResponseError`. (1733)

- Added `history` to `ClientResponseError`. (1741)

- Allow to disable redirect url re-quoting (1474)

- Handle RuntimeError from transport (1790)

- Dropped &quot;%O&quot; in access logger (1673)

- Added `args` and `kwargs` to `unittest_run_loop`. Useful with other
  decorators, for example `patch`. (1803)

- Added `iter_chunks` to response.content object. (1805)

- Avoid creating TimerContext when there is no timeout to allow
  compatibility with Tornado. (1817) (1180)

- Add `proxy_from_env` to `ClientRequest` to read from environment
  variables. (1791)

- Add DummyCookieJar helper. (1830)

- Fix assertion errors in Python 3.4 from noop helper. (1847)

- Do not unquote `+` in match_info values (1816)

- Use Forwarded, X-Forwarded-Scheme and X-Forwarded-Host for better scheme and
  host resolution. (1134)

- Fix sub-application middlewares resolution order (1853)

- Fix applications comparison (1866)

- Fix static location in index when prefix is used (1662)

- Make test server more reliable (1896)

- Extend list of web exceptions, add HTTPUnprocessableEntity,
  HTTPFailedDependency, HTTPInsufficientStorage status codes (1920)

### 2.0.7


- Fix *pypi* distribution

- Fix exception description (1807)

- Handle socket error in FileResponse (1773)

- Cancel websocket heartbeat on close (1793)

### 2.0.6


- Keeping blank values for `` and `multipart.form()` (1765)

- TypeError in data_received of ResponseHandler (1770)

- Fix ``web.run_app`` not to bind to default host-port pair if only socket is
  passed (1786)

### 2.0.5


- Memory leak with aiohttp.request (1756)

- Disable cleanup closed ssl transports by default.

- Exception in request handling if the server responds before the body
  is sent (1761)

### 2.0.4


- Memory leak with aiohttp.request (1756)

- Encoding is always UTF-8 in POST data (1750)

- Do not add &quot;Content-Disposition&quot; header by default (1755)

### 2.0.3


- Call https website through proxy will cause error (1745)

- Fix exception on multipart/form-data post if content-type is not set (1743)

### 2.0.2


- Fixed Application.on_loop_available signal (1739)

- Remove debug code

### 2.0.1


- Fix allow-head to include name on route (1737)

- Fixed AttributeError in WebSocketResponse.can_prepare (1736)

### 2.0.0


- Added `json` to `ClientSession.request()` method (1726)

- Added session&#39;s `raise_for_status` parameter, automatically calls
  raise_for_status() on any request. (1724)

- `response.json()` raises `ClientReponseError` exception if response&#39;s
  content type does not match (1723)

  - Cleanup timer and loop handle on any client exception.

- Deprecate `loop` parameter for Application&#39;s constructor

### 2.0.0rc1


- Properly handle payload errors (1710)

- Added `ClientWebSocketResponse.get_extra_info()` (1717)

- It is not possible to combine Transfer-Encoding and chunked parameter,
  same for compress and Content-Encoding (1655)

- Connector&#39;s `limit` parameter indicates total concurrent connections.
  New `limit_per_host` added, indicates total connections per endpoint. (1601)

- Use url&#39;s `raw_host` for name resolution (1685)

- Change `ClientResponse.url` to `yarl.URL` instance (1654)

- Add max_size parameter to web.Request reading methods (1133)

- Web stores data in temp files (1469)

- Add the `allow_head=True` keyword argument for `add_get` (1618)

- `run_app` and the Command Line Interface now support serving over
  Unix domain sockets for faster inter-process communication.

- `run_app` now supports passing a preexisting socket object. This can be useful
  e.g. for socket-based activated applications, when binding of a socket is
  done by the parent process.

- Implementation for Trailer headers parser is broken (1619)

- Fix FileResponse to not fall on bad request (range out of file size)

- Fix FileResponse to correct stream video to Chromes

- Deprecate public low-level api (1657)

- Deprecate `encoding` parameter for ClientSession.request() method

- Dropped aiohttp.wsgi (1108)

- Dropped `version` from ClientSession.request() method

- Dropped websocket version 76 support (1160)

- Dropped: `aiohttp.protocol.HttpPrefixParser`  (1590)

- Dropped: Servers response&#39;s `.started`, `.start()` and
  `.can_start()` method (1591)

- Dropped:  Adding `sub app` via `app.router.add_subapp()` is deprecated
  use `app.add_subapp()` instead (1592)

- Dropped: `Application.finish()` and `Application.register_on_finish()` (1602)

- Dropped: `web.Request.GET` and `web.Request.POST`

- Dropped: aiohttp.get(), aiohttp.options(), aiohttp.head(),, aiohttp.put(), aiohttp.patch(), aiohttp.delete(), and
  aiohttp.ws_connect() (1593)

- Dropped: `aiohttp.web.WebSocketResponse.receive_msg()` (1605)

- Dropped: `ServerHttpProtocol.keep_alive_timeout` attribute and
  `keep-alive`, `keep_alive_on`, `timeout`, `log` constructor parameters (1606)

- Dropped: `TCPConnector&#39;s`` `.resolve`, `.resolved_hosts`,
  `.clear_resolved_hosts()` attributes and `resolve` constructor
  parameter (1607)

- Dropped `ProxyConnector` (1609)

### 1.3.5


- Fixed None timeout support (1720)

### 1.3.4


- Revert timeout handling in client request

- Fix StreamResponse representation after eof

- Fix file_sender to not fall on bad request (range out of file size)

- Fix file_sender to correct stream video to Chromes

- Fix NotImplementedError server exception (1703)

- Clearer error message for URL without a host name. (1691)

- Silence deprecation warning in __repr__ (1690)

- IDN + HTTPS = `ssl.CertificateError` (1685)

### 1.3.3


- Fixed memory leak in time service (1656)

### 1.3.2


- Awaiting on WebSocketResponse.send_* does not work (1645)

- Fix multiple calls to client ws_connect when using a shared header
  dict (1643)

- Make CookieJar.filter_cookies() accept plain string parameter. (1636)

### 1.3.1


- Handle CLOSING in WebSocketResponse.__anext__

- Fixed AttributeError &#39;drain&#39; for server websocket handler (1613)

### 1.3.0


- Multipart writer validates the data on append instead of on a
  request send (920)

- Multipart reader accepts multipart messages with or without their epilogue
  to consistently handle valid and legacy behaviors (1526) (1581)

- Separate read + connect + request timeouts  1523

- Do not swallow Upgrade header (1587)

- Fix polls demo run application (1487)

- Ignore unknown 1XX status codes in client (1353)

- Fix sub-Multipart messages missing their headers on serialization (1525)

- Do not use readline when reading the content of a part
  in the multipart reader (1535)

- Add optional flag for quoting `FormData` fields (916)

- 416 Range Not Satisfiable if requested range end &gt; file size (1588)

- Having a `:` or `` in a route does not work (1552)

- Added `receive_timeout` timeout for websocket to receive complete
  message. (1325)

- Added `heartbeat` parameter for websocket to automatically send
  `ping` message. (1024) (777)

- Remove `web.Application` dependency from `web.UrlDispatcher` (1510)

- Accepting back-pressure from slow websocket clients (1367)

- Do not pause transport during set_parser stage (1211)

- Lingering close does not terminate before timeout (1559)

- `setsockopt` may raise `OSError` exception if socket is closed already (1595)

- Lots of CancelledError when requests are interrupted (1565)

- Allow users to specify what should happen to decoding errors
  when calling a responses `text()` method (1542)

- Back port std module `http.cookies` for python3.4.2 (1566)

- Maintain url&#39;s fragment in client response (1314)

- Allow concurrently close WebSocket connection (754)

- Gzipped responses with empty body raises ContentEncodingError (609)

- Return 504 if request handle raises TimeoutError.

- Refactor how we use keep-alive and close lingering timeouts.

- Close response connection if we can not consume whole http
  message during client response release

- Abort closed ssl client transports, broken servers can keep socket
  open un-limit time (1568)

- Log warning instead of `RuntimeError` is websocket connection is closed.

- Deprecated: `aiohttp.protocol.HttpPrefixParser`
  will be removed in 1.4 (1590)

- Deprecated: Servers response&#39;s `.started`, `.start()` and
  `.can_start()` method will be removed in 1.4 (1591)

- Deprecated: Adding `sub app` via `app.router.add_subapp()` is deprecated
  use `app.add_subapp()` instead, will be removed in 1.4 (1592)

- Deprecated: aiohttp.get(), aiohttp.options(), aiohttp.head(),,
  aiohttp.put(), aiohttp.patch(), aiohttp.delete(), and aiohttp.ws_connect()
  will be removed in 1.4 (1593)

- Deprecated: `Application.finish()` and `Application.register_on_finish()`
  will be removed in 1.4 (1602)

### 1.2.0


- Extract `BaseRequest` from `web.Request`, introduce `web.Server`
  (former `RequestHandlerFactory`), introduce new low-level web server
  which is not coupled with `web.Application` and routing (1362)

- Make `TestServer.make_url` compatible with `yarl.URL` (1389)

- Implement range requests for static files (1382)

- Support task attribute for StreamResponse (1410)

- Drop `` property, use `` instead

- Drop `TestClient.handler` property, use `TestClient.server.handler` instead

- `TestClient.server` property returns a test server instance, was
  `asyncio.AbstractServer` (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

- Follow gunicorn&#39;s signal semantics in `Gunicorn[UVLoop]WebWorker` (1201)

- Call worker_int and worker_abort callbacks in
  `Gunicorn[UVLoop]WebWorker` (1202)

- Has functional tests for client proxy (1218)

- Fix bugs with client proxy target path and proxy host with port (1413)

- Fix bugs related to the use of unicode hostnames (1444)

- Preserve cookie quoting/escaping (1453)

- FileSender will send gzipped response if gzip version available (1426)

- Don&#39;t override `Content-Length` header in `web.Response` if no body
  was set (1400)

- Introduce `router.post_init()` for solving (1373)

- Fix raise error in case of multiple calls of `TimeServive.stop()`

- Allow to raise web exceptions on router resolving stage (1460)

- Add a warning for session creation outside of coroutine (1468)

- Avoid a race when application might start accepting incoming requests
  but startup signals are not processed yet e98e8c6

- Raise a `RuntimeError` when trying to change the status of the HTTP response
  after the headers have been sent (1480)

- Fix bug with https proxy acquired cleanup (1340)

- Use UTF-8 as the default encoding for multipart text parts (1484)

### 1.1.6


- Fix `BodyPartReader.read_chunk` bug about returns zero bytes before
  `EOF` (1428)

### 1.1.5


- Fix static file serving in fallback mode (1401)

### 1.1.4


- Make `TestServer.make_url` compatible with `yarl.URL` (1389)

- Generate informative exception on redirects from server which
  does not provide redirection headers (1396)

### 1.1.3


- Support *root* resources for sub-applications (1379)

### 1.1.2


- Allow starting variables with an underscore (1379)

- Properly process UNIX sockets by gunicorn worker (1375)

- Fix ordering for `FrozenList`

- Don&#39;t propagate pre and post signals to sub-application (1377)

### 1.1.1


- Fix documentation generation (1120)

### 1.1.0


- Drop deprecated `WSClientDisconnectedError` (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

- Use `yarl.URL` in client API. The change is 99% backward compatible
  but `ClientResponse.url` is an `yarl.URL` instance now. (1217)

- Close idle keep-alive connections on shutdown (1222)

- Modify regex in AccessLogger to accept underscore and numbers (1225)

- Use `yarl.URL` in web server API. `web.Request.rel_url` and
  `web.Request.url` are added. URLs and templates are percent-encoded
  now. (1224)

- Accept `yarl.URL` by server redirections (1278)

- Return `yarl.URL` by `.make_url()` testing utility (1279)

- Properly format IPv6 addresses by `aiohttp.web.run_app` (1139)

- Use `yarl.URL` by server API (1288)

  * Introduce `resource.url_for()`, deprecate `resource.url()`.

  * Implement `StaticResource`.

  * Inherit `SystemRoute` from `AbstractRoute`

  * Drop old-style routes: `Route`, `PlainRoute`, `DynamicRoute`,
    `StaticRoute`, `ResourceAdapter`.

- Revert `resp.url` back to `str`, introduce `resp.url_obj` (1292)

- Raise ValueError if BasicAuth login has a &quot;:&quot; character (1307)

- Fix bug when ClientRequest send payload file with opened as
  open(&#39;filename&#39;, &#39;r+b&#39;) (1306)

- Enhancement to AccessLogger (pass *extra* dict) (1303)

- Show more verbose message on import errors (1319)

- Added save and load functionality for `CookieJar` (1219)

- Added option on `StaticRoute` to follow symlinks (1299)

- Force encoding of `application/json` content type to utf-8 (1339)

- Fix invalid invocations of `errors.LineTooLong` (1335)

- Websockets: Stop `async for` iteration when connection is closed (1144)

- Ensure TestClient HTTP methods return a context manager (1318)

- Raise `ClientDisconnectedError` to `FlowControlStreamReader` read function
  if `ClientSession` object is closed by client when reading data. (1323)

- Document deployment without `Gunicorn` (1120)

- Add deprecation warning for MD5 and SHA1 digests when used for fingerprint
  of site certs in TCPConnector. (1186)

- Implement sub-applications (1301)

- Don&#39;t inherit `web.Request` from `dict` but implement
  `MutableMapping` protocol.

- Implement frozen signals

- Don&#39;t inherit `web.Application` from `dict` but implement
  `MutableMapping` protocol.

- Support freezing for web applications

- Accept access_log parameter in `web.run_app`, use `None` to disable logging

- Don&#39;t flap `tcp_cork` and `tcp_nodelay` in regular request handling.
  `tcp_nodelay` is still enabled by default.

- Improve performance of web server by removing premature computing of
  Content-Type if the value was set by `web.Response` constructor.

  While the patch boosts speed of trivial `web.Response(text=&#39;OK&#39;,
  content_type=&#39;text/plain)` very well please don&#39;t expect significant
  boost of your application -- a couple DB requests and business logic
  is still the main bottleneck.

- Boost performance by adding a custom time service (1350)

- Extend `ClientResponse` with `content_type` and `charset`
  properties like in `web.Request`. (1349)

- Disable aiodns by default (559)

- Don&#39;t flap `tcp_cork` in client code, use TCP_NODELAY mode by default.

- Implement `web.Request.clone()` (1361)


<details> <summary>Links</summary>

  • PyPI:
  • Changelog:
  • Repo: </details>
Updated 21/03/2018 18:10

Refactor CreateMailMethod to work on Spree 2.0


<!— If what you want to file is not a bug, please use the Feature template instead –>

<!— Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above –>


We need to refactor the CreateMailMethod class for it to work on Spree 2.0, which completely removed Spree::MailMethod. When that service was introduced in, we were still in Spree 1.3 (sort of…) and so we relied on Spree::MailMethod.

Possible Fix

This service has to write the settings directly to Spree::Config. See for reference.

Updated 21/03/2018 16:56 2 Comments

Bump ontohub-models from `784aeaa` to `9b36e3d`


Bumps ontohub-models from 784aeaa to 9b36e3d. <details> <summary>Commits</summary>

Dependabot will resolve any conflicts with this PR as long as you don’t alter it yourself. You can also trigger a rebase manually by commenting @dependabot rebase.

If you’d like to skip this version, you can just close this PR. If you have any feedback just mention @dependabot in the comments below.

Updated 21/03/2018 15:34 1 Comments

Bedrock API review


Connections layer rename

Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Connections Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Connections.Common Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Connections.Client

app.UseConnectionHandlers(routes =>
    // Handle SignalR chat connections on the /chat path (multiple transports)
    routes.MapConnection("chat", connectionBuilder =>
Updated 22/03/2018 19:21 1 Comments

Update elasticsearch to 6.2.0


This PR updates elasticsearch from 5.4.0 to 6.2.0.

<details> <summary>Changelog</summary>

### 6.2.0

  * Adding Gzip support for capacity constrained networks
  * ``_routing`` in bulk action has been deprecated in ES. Introduces a breaking change
    if you use ``routing`` as a field in your documents.

### 6.1.1


 * Updates to SSLContext logic to make it easier to use and have saner defaults.
 * Doc updates

### 6.1.0


  * bad release

### 6.0.0


 * compatibility with Elasticsearch 6.0.0

### 5.6.4 * fix handling of UTF-8 surrogates

### 5.5.0


 * ``streaming_bulk`` helper now supports retries with incremental backoff
 * ``scan`` helper properly checks for successful shards instead of just
   checking ``failed``


<details> <summary>Links</summary>

  • PyPI:
  • Changelog:
  • Repo: </details>
Updated 21/03/2018 16:29

TDE - optionally encrypt data at rest in Pilosa



At least one large organization has stated that using OS level disk encryption, or encrypted EBS volumes is not sufficient, but if Pilosa encrypted data in memory before writing it to disk, that would be acceptable.

This should be an enterprise feature (depends on #1173), and should be enabled/disabled on a per-frame basis.

Updated 20/03/2018 17:58

snap: make `snap run` look at the system-key for security profiles


many: make snap run look at the system-key for security profiles

If the system-key for the security profiles does not match, wait and eventually timeout if snapd is not generating the profiles we need.

Without it we may have the following scenario:

  1. snapd gets refreshed and snaps need updated security profiles to work (e.g. because snap-confine needs new generated snap-update-ns profiles on disk)
  2. The system reboots to start the new snapd. At this point the old security profiles are on disk (because the new snapd did not run yet) and nothing new is there yet.
  3. Snaps that run as daemon get started during boot by systemd (e.g. network-manager). This may happen before snapd had a chance to refresh the security profiles.
  4. Because the security profiles are for the old version of the snaps that run before snapd starts and generates the missing security profiles will fail to start. For e.g. network-manager this is of course catastrophic as it leaves the machine without networking.

To prevent this, in step(4) we have this wait-for-snapd step to ensure the expected profiles are on disk.

This PR also switches the system-key to json to make the parsing a lot quicker.

It also introduces a new version key into the system-key. This version key is important because there is a race when a) the sytem-key gets new inputs b) old snap run is executed and slow to load c) new snapd with new inputs run at exactly the same time and write a new system-key to disk In this case (b) will have calculated a profile without the new inputs and eventually timeout. The new code will just continue if there is a version mismatch (which is fine because it means new profiles are on disk so no need to wait).

Updated 22/03/2018 20:56 2 Comments

Old ETD objects may need v1 remediation (blocked until prod is redeployed after done with root 2)


For a subset of objects in the repository, v001 of the object predated the use of the versionMetadata datastream. These 554 objects (all ETDs) do not have a versionMetadata.xml file. These objects are currently showing as errors in the auditWF. Even when later versions have been added to these objects with the expected versionMetadata.xml file, the v001 folder is still failing the audit and, therefore, the objects are failing the audit as well.

These objects are not, in fact, in error - at the time they were deposited to SDR2, they were representative of the model.

The list of objects is here:

There are probably several different approaches to getting past this reported error. Whitelisting those objects would be one approach. Loosening the requirement for a must-have for versionMD would be another - changing to should-have. Probably other options as well - this ticket is not prescribing the technical solution.

@SaravShah - @julianmorley suggested that I tag you on this. Happy to discuss further or clarify in any way needed. Set this as a “bug” because it is reporting errors on legitimate objects - happy to retag if there’s a more appropriate way of describing this ticket.

Updated 20/03/2018 21:38 1 Comments

Update antiforgery topic for Angular

aspnet/Docs aspnetcore/security/

The topic contains AngularJS instructions and an AngularJS sample. If nothing changed between Angular and AngularJS, then it might be possible to “rebrand” the Angular section from “AngularJS” to “AngularJS/Angular.” Otherwise, the topic should have both Angular and AngularJS instructions and samples.

Since the sample is 1.0, I’ll mark it for Q2.

This issue should be worked after the PR for is merged.

Updated 20/03/2018 00:02

Forest Layer redirects incorrectly.

thegetty/aat_web_services redirects to, not the other way around, although the documentation at says otherwise.

Emailed Vladimir about that, and worked around it in the code (in SiteHeader.vue).

There’s a hack there that will need to be removed if this is fixed.

Updated 19/03/2018 22:18

Remove global defaults in config



config.go has a large section of global constants like:

const (
    // DefaultDataDir is the default data directory.
    DefaultDataDir = "~/.pilosa"

    // DefaultHost is the default hostname to use.
    DefaultHost = "localhost"

    // DefaultPort is the default port to use with the hostname.
    DefaultPort = "10101"

These default values are then used in the NewConfig() *Config function below when creating the config struct. There doesn’t seem to be a good reason to expose the defaults as globals, so let’s set them directly in the NewConfig function. The doc comments associated with each one should be moved to the fields of the Config struct definition.

This will shrink both our API surface, and the number of lines of code in config.go, and should ease readability a bit.

Updated 20/03/2018 15:53 1 Comments

[QATM-967] Upgrade to Selenium 3.9.1


This PR attempts to upgrade BDT to use Selenium 3.9.1 (needs Selenium Hub 3.9.1 and node-chrome-debug 3.9.1)

This has been tested in a local environment and in Jenkins by running a subset of intelligence-testsAT through AI/Modules on the nightly environment. It did take screenshots as expected (node-chrome-debug will allow VNC connections to see what Selenium is doing, although to do that in Jenkins, a small modification to continuous-delivery is needed)

Selenium 3.9.1 required bumping the Guava version to 21, which in turn forced the Datastax driver (Cassandra) to be bumped to 3.2. Nothing seems to have been broken by this…. so far

DO NOT MERGE UNILATERALLY. We do not want to break anything for teams this close to the release.

If you want to test this BDT version by yourself, it’s been deployed on Nexus using DEPLOYONPRS (it’s bdt-0.7,0-SNAPSHOTPR297)

Updated 20/03/2018 07:53

Write integration tests against lineage


Looking at a lot of the current unit tests for lineage, I’m not convinced they test what they say they are testing. In general these tests are very complicated as they require correctly mocking multiple ordered DB calls. For complete correctness they should also validate that the calls are actually the right ones (ie the query provides the right params), which no / few tests do. For this reason it’s also really hard to write new tests, because you have to walk the whole codebase and work out what to mock and when.

We need to be able to write integration tests for lineage. This is only complex because lineage relies on the ddocs existing: - Work out how to get the current ddocs in testing. This could be as simple as the tests actually understanding where they are in the file hierarchy and calling the code that generates the ddocs (once kanso is removed), and taking the resulting files off the fs and uploading them to a local PouchDB. This sounds gross, but is OK because testing! - The just write mocha tests that don’t mock anything, and use a local PouchDB (in-memory is fine, or write to disk)

This would actually prove the code is working, as well as making sure if we ever change these views the code continues to work against them.

Updated 19/03/2018 12:23 1 Comments

remove currencySystem member


closes #617

The following tasks have been completed:

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Updated 22/03/2018 20:25 2 Comments

Bump graphql from 0.13.0 to 0.13.2


Bumps graphql from 0.13.0 to 0.13.2. <details> <summary>Release notes</summary>

Sourced from graphql’s releases.



  • Allow buildSchema() to take options (#1249)
  • Update to Flow v0.68 (#1290)


  • Update iterall (#1254)
  • buildSchema: Make options optional (#1270)



  • Publish .mjs files for module code to support native esmodules (#1244)
  • Interface type definitions may now be extended with extendSchema (#1222)
  • isValidNameError utility is now exported as a non-throwing alternative to assertValidName (#1237)
  • ExectuableDefinitionNode Flow type is now exported (#1241)


  • extendSchema now preserves (and allows extending) a list of legacy field names which would otherwise be considered invalid (#1235)
  • Replaced a misplaced licensing header (7e6898465131be522666bcbdf71d8c8f2d85e5d2) </details> <details> <summary>Commits</summary>

Dependabot compatibility score

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Updated 19/03/2018 09:25 2 Comments

Announce relay addresses by default


Depends on

With this change we will announce the non-specific relay addresses. From my testing non-specific addresses work well-enough, at least with the current network structure.

There are also a couple of points in which may need to be addressed first for this to work well.

Updated 21/03/2018 17:18 1 Comments

add "No fee, but time restricted" answer-option to fee quest


<!– If you are not suggesting a new quest, ignore this issue template. Otherwise we kindly ask you to fill it out.

Guidelines for quest suggestions: –>


Affected tag(s) to be modified/added: Key:maxstay

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Checklist for quest suggestions (see guidelines): - [x] 🚧 To be added tag is established and has a useful purpose - [x] 🤔 Any answer the user can give must have an equivalent tagging (Quest should not reappear to other users when solved by one) - [x] 🐿️ Easily answerable by everyone from the outside but a survey is necessary - [x] 💤 Not an overwhelming percentage of elements have the same answer (No spam) - [X] 🕓 Applies to a reasonable number of elements (Worth the effort)

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Ideas for implementation

By the Quest for parking=fee you can select between no, yes, yes/no from to

There is also a possibility of disk parking. Parking is free at the specified time.

Updated 20/03/2018 08:57 12 Comments

Fix #4009: inventory badge component added


Resolves #4009
Impact: major
Type: bugfix


Logic was incorrect.


Made a new component that can be re-used, with the correct logic.


  1. Create a product
  2. Set the Quantity to 5
  3. Set the warn at number to 5
  4. Ensure that Allow backorder is enabled
  5. Limited Supply label is shown.
  6. Change Quantity to 0
  7. No label is displayed.
  8. Disable Allow backorder.
  9. Sold out label should be displayed.
Updated 19/03/2018 15:32 4 Comments

Suggest tags


When starting a questionnaire, when the user enters the beneficiary’s ID, request from the backend a list of recommended tags. Augment the tags shown in the type ahead with a visual indication of whether a tag is suggested. The suggested tags should be sorted first in the list. Blocked by impactasaurus/server#84

Updated 18/03/2018 15:55

Waypoint based navigation


Use the waypoints to add navigation capabilities. The data sent to the scripts should be expanded to include the distance and angle to the next waypoint. This will require keeping track of which waypoints have been completed by the car, in order to know which one is next. This is blocked until #5 is finished.

Updated 21/03/2018 13:55

Kotlin | FTL JaCoCo support

  • Run Espresso tests on FTL and calculate code coverage
  • Fetch
  • Set coverage and coverageFile environment variables.


Blocked on Orchestrator supporting code coverage

Updated 19/03/2018 17:34

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