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Some text & icons are not visible in night theme.


Text in DevAuthScreen and icons in SettingOptions are not visible is night theme.

<img width=“377” alt=“screen shot 2017-09-29 at 5 14 20 pm” src=“”> <img width=“303” alt=“screen shot 2017-09-29 at 5 16 55 pm” src=“”>

Updated 29/09/2017 18:51 3 Comments

mypy: Fix erroring files.



We have recently added mypy support to this repo, but many files are corrupted and throw errors on mypy.


126 updates the exclude_list in tools/run-mypy Each file in this list errors on mypy. We should fix each file and remove it from the list. zulip_bots/zulip_bots/bots is an exception, we don’t enforce mypy annotations in this directory.

This task is great for beginners or/and those who want to get comfortable with mypy annotations.

Updated 11/10/2017 21:12 12 Comments

Add tests for bots.


We have a couple bots in zulip_bots/zulip_bots/bots that are untested:

  • [ ] commute
  • [ ] foursquare
  • [ ] git_hub_comment
  • [ ] github
  • [ ] github_issues
  • [ ] googlesearch
  • [ ] howdoi
  • [ ] john
  • [ ] youtube

For each bot, we should either

  • add tests. You can find help in our guide for bot testing.

  • deprecate the bot. If a bot seems to be bugged or completely useless, we should discuss it on and decide whether it is worth keeping.

Updated 05/10/2017 16:35 3 Comments

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