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Make /#administration tab available read-only to all users


Now that /#settings and /#administration are unified in one view, we’d like to make all the useful info in the /#administration tab that isn’t sensitive (default streams, realm emoji, etc.) world-readable to the entire organization. We’ll probably rename the tab “Organization” (rather than “Administration”) as part of this process.

I think a good strategy here is first to change how the tab works to just only display in the list of /#administration widgets those that have been ported to do something reasonable for non-admin users in the left-side (unless you’re actually an admin). That list would initially be just realm emoji (since that’s the one that we actually by default allow normal users to modify from a permissions perspective and thus probably requires 0 work), and then we can migrate the rest one-by-one as N smaller projects.

This one is somewhat timely, so probably best for a contributor who has some time and has had a couple hundred lines of code merged into Zulip already.

Updated 22/02/2017 18:01

Hash oscillating when reloading the browser on a settings page


Open the settings page, click on e.g. “your bots”, and then reload the page. If you watch carefully, you’ll see the hash flips to #your-account and back to #your-bots briefly when the page loads.

@brockwhittaker this is probably a good one for you to handle; it’s the only bug I’ve found so far in the newly merged settings page structure redesign. Maybe worth doing some of the refactoring we talked about to remove duplication in the hashchange code while we’re at it.

Updated 23/03/2017 02:12

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