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Roadmap to comprehend ZeroNet


Technologies (and Used Libraries)

Some Debugging Skills

  • Debug mode python --debug
  • Python pdb
    • pdb.set_trace()
    • n(ext) in console
    • c(ontinue) in console
  • Swtich to different port for UiServer and FileServer to avoid connections for peers
  • Partially disable some functionality and observe
Updated 01/06/2017 09:31

Open post's links in a new tab


Isn’t a good practice open external links in the same tab. Nofish said:

Actually this is because technical limitation. ZeroNet running sites sandboxed iframe where the links with target=“_blank” does not work properly in every browser. Probably related to—the-most-underestimated-vulnerability-ever/

iframes can communicate with the main frame with JavaScript. ZeroNet can create a API for it. When user clicks a link (that is modified for the code work), then the main receives this message with the link metadata, and then does the work.

Updated 10/04/2017 19:23 1 Comments

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