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[v2.1] testing of build 2.1.0.v20170421-1258


I need help with testing of the build tag: V2_1_0_BETA_4 commit: ed1e127a317063d0a5b2f4365163b72416b340cd

It is available at the testing update site now: version: EasyShell 2.1.0.v20170421-1258

Use “Help | Install New Software…”, paste the link and select the right version!

new found and open issues or enhancement requests that will be addressed in next test build: - [ ] #101 add Run command for Mac OS X - [x] #148 add Q-Dir (Quad Explorer) preset - [ ] #149 “Unhandled event loop exception” with 36 menu items and quick menu

new fixed issues in this build: - [x] #28 Show EasyShell entry on maven dependencies - [x] #84 add support for multipage editor - [x] #136 [v2.0] possibility to change menu icons - [x] #137 add DoubleCommander support - [x] #138 add GNOME Commander support - [x] #139 add Sunflower file browser support - [x] #140 add Midnight Commander support - [x] #141 cannot run file in terminal — Neon3 and Ubuntu 16.04 - [x] #142 exception in ‘Variables Test’ - [x] #143 adapt sakura terminal emulator command - [x] #144 rework all ‘Run’ commands - [x] #145 add Msys2 / MinGW32 / MinGW64 bash preset - [x] #146 add EasyShell branding information

fixed issues with previous build(s): - [x] #135 [v2.1] testing of build 2.1.0.v20161220-2025 - [x] #127 NPE at de.anbos.eclipse.easyshell.plugin.commands.DefineCommands.createContributionItems( - [x] #134 [v2.1] [menu dialog] command and name are editable but should be read-only - [x] #133 [v2.1] testing of build 2.1.0.v20161218-1511 - [x] #130 [v2.1] menu dialog looks weird - [x] #131 [v2.1] [command dialog] “split command” has no effect for “clipboard” type - [x] #132 [v2.1] fix quotes and “split command” in windows presets - [x] #129 [v2.1] testing of build 2.1.0.v20161214-2215 - [x] #123 [v2.1] guake preset does not work with 2.1.0.v20161210-2045 - [x] #124 [v2.0] run presets with single quotes are not working - [x] #125 add Enlightenment (Terminology emulator) - [x] #126 [v2.0] add search or filter for faster selection of commands in menu dialog - [x] #128 [v2.1] add exceptions for internal errors - [x] #122 [v2.1] testing of build 2.1.0.v20161210-2045 - [x] #105 [v2.1] add option for showing tooltips - [x] #115 add option for debug output in console - [x] #118 [build 2.1.0.v20161203-1029] crash if using new “Split spaces only” option - [x] #119 [v2.0] add variables for parent container - [x] #120 [build 2.1.0.v20161203-1029] presets modifications are removed after each second edit - [x] #121 [v2.0] add TotalCommander presets for left and right windows - [x] #117 testing of build 2.1.0.v20161203-1029 - [x] #112 add linux guake support - [x] #113 add linux krusader support - [x] #116 [v2.0] plugin presets are stored together with user modifications –> migration of presets not possible - [x] #111 [v2.1] testing of build 2.1.0.v20161103-2010 - [x] #18 check compatibility to other terminal emulators - [x] #102 Menu contains each item twice on Mac OS (by default) - [x] #106 [v2.0] keyboard shortcuts are not working in popup menu under Linux - [x] #107 [v2.0] add support for external files - [x] #108 add mate-terminal support - [x] #109 add mate Caja (MATE) file browser support - [x] #110 LXDE: add lxterminal support - [x] #104 [v2.1] testing of build 2.1.0.v20161102-1515 - [x] #76 [v2.0] Steps to build the plugin using the source code - [x] #98 add support for PowerCmd - [x] #99 add support iTerm2 in Mac - [x] #100 add open with Default application for Mac OS X - [x] #103 After copied file path, a tool-tip “Copied to clipboard” always exists.

Updated 23/04/2017 09:57

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