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Prototype create staff account dialog


Create the layout for the dialog that managers will use to create a new staff account.

The dialog should gather, at a minimum, the new staff member’s first name, last name, employee ID number (which is not picked by our system; an employee would already have an employee number, and our system does not get to decide what that number is), a checkbox for whether that employee is a staff member or not, a field for the employee to create a password, a confirm password field, and a series of labels listing the password requirements.

Add labels with instructions as needed. The dialog layout should be usable and visually pleasing. The dialog will be fixed size, so no need to worry about resizing issues.

Updated 17/10/2017 00:57

Implement button actions for staff login dialog.


The cancel button should close the dialog. (If I remember right, I think the scene builder has a specific cancel button property, but I may easily be wrong.)

The login button should, for now, fetch the text fields from the button (don’t need to do anything with them, just grab them from the text boxes and put em in local variables inside the button click method in the controler) and then just show the staff home screen. We don’t need to worry about implementing actual authentication yet.

Updated 17/10/2017 00:15

{common} appearing on Wildflower species grid


Instead of a common name, the tag “common” is appearing throughout the species grid on the Wildflower form on the latest iForm code.

Believed to be caused by changes to the data_etnry_helper for another project. Once receive a fix that appears to work with NPMS, then set this to Coding Complete. Will probably need to get the training site updated again.

Awaiting response

Updated 17/10/2017 09:25 3 Comments

Error for analysis in use case "Rebuild an existing single hippocampal cell model"


Expected behavior

I am able to view the analysis from the Storage.

Actual Behavior

I get an error because some directories do not seem to exist in a folder (directory ‘OUTPUTBPOPT’ and subfolder; see function runanalysis2. Actual error:

OSError                                   Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-5-d958dec3b164> in runanalysis2(_)
    174     else:
    175         os.chdir(w3.value)
--> 176         os.chdir('OUTPUTBPOPT')
    177         for files in os.listdir('.'):
    178             if os.path.isdir(files):

Steps to reproduce the problem

Run the complete analysis, and in the last notebook ‘BluePyOpt Analysis’ select ‘Storage’ and wait until the graph shows up and the button ‘View analysis’ becomes clickable. Then click on this button. Closely related to issue #26

Optional infrastructural data (user, platform, browser, environment, …)



Updated 17/10/2017 07:30 7 Comments

saveScan malfunctioning


Response when executing /saveScan ... in Swagger ```html <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN”> <html><head> <title>502 Proxy Error</title> </head><body> <h1>Proxy Error</h1> <p>The proxy server received an invalid

response from an upstream server.<br />

The proxy server could not handle the request <em><a href=“/locdb-dev/saveScan”>POST /locdb-dev/saveScan</a></em>.<p> Reason: <strong>Error reading from remote server</strong></p></p> <hr> <address>Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at Port 443</address> </body></html> ```

On local development setup, there is a cross-origin error:

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing).
Updated 17/10/2017 08:26 1 Comments

TypeError when using 'Storage' data in "Synaptic events fitting"


Expected behavior

See the results table of the finished simulation

Actual Behavior

Python error: ``` TypeError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-11-e2f0e7a7b364> in tabledata(_) 156 if storage.exists(get_collab_storage_path()+os.sep+‘resultsNSG’)==True: 157 if storage.exists(get_collab_storage_path()+os.sep+‘resultsNSG’+os.sep+SF.value)==True: –> 158 storage.download_file(get_collab_storage_path()+os.sep+‘resultsNSG’+os.sep+SF.value+os.sep+myboxRB.children[0].value,myboxRB.children[0].value) 159 storage.download_file(get_collab_storage_path()+os.sep+‘resultsNSG’+os.sep+SF.value+os.sep+myboxRB.children[1].value,myboxRB.children[1].value) 160 storage.download_file(get_collab_storage_path()+os.sep+‘resultsNSG’+os.sep+SF.value+os.sep+myboxRB.children[2].value,myboxRB.children[2].value)

TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found ```

Steps to reproduce the problem

Select a model, choose the ‘demo’ trace, start the simulation until it has finished. Then choose “Select data” from storage and select “Result table”

Optional infrastructural data (user, platform, browser, environment, …)



Updated 16/10/2017 16:34 3 Comments

When previewing : Fatal error: Class ‘ HA_Customize_Header_Image_Data_Setting ‘ not found


Fatal error message when editing a theme Hi, I have a small problem, when I go to edit the theme, I get this error and I cant see the theme preview:

Fatal error: Class ‘ HA_Customize_Header_Image_Data_Setting ‘ not found in\/membri\/helpdesk32\/wp-content\/plugins\/hueman-addons\/addons\/skop\/czr-skop.php on line 2334

You can control the problem?

Waiting I thank you in advance.

Updated 16/10/2017 07:53 2 Comments

"Synaptic events fitting": Unable to select data


Expected behavior

Able to select experimental data

Actual Behavior

Not able to select. Nothing happens (in most cases, i.e. when using the same use case in a new collaboration). Sometimes to works as expected…

Steps to reproduce the problem

  • Select “Synaptic Events Fitting” in der BSP
  • Create a new collaboration (e.g. Retest18e)
  • Select “Run all” for the notebook
  • Select a data set in the first box
  • Click on “Download NIP data”

Optional infrastructural data (user, platform, browser, environment, …)

Mac, GC

screen shot 2017-10-13 at 17 03 53

Updated 13/10/2017 15:08

Issues found in R13 release candidate

  1. There are currently 2 different versions of yellow warning notes on the editable classification page. There SHOULD be just one with the “…Total Points…” in the text.
  2. Add 4 new test users,,, and
  3. Update GCI and VCI help docs.
Updated 13/10/2017 22:35

AWS instance installation fails


The following error was found in the cloud-init-output.log file: Getting distribution for 'psycopg2==2.6'. Error: could not determine PostgreSQL version from '10.0'error: Setup script exited with 1 An error occurred when trying to install psycopg2 2.6. Look above this message for any errors that were output by easy_install. While: Installing clincoded. Getting distribution for 'psycopg2==2.6'. Error: Couldn't install: psycopg2 2.6

Updated 13/10/2017 14:43 1 Comments

Auto scrape metadata


At the moment, one has to browse the manga information page for details to be scraped and thumbnails generated for the first time.

Ideally, metadata for all manga should be available whenever it is added to a library. This is necessary to implement future features such as searching by tags, genres, and authors. Upon failure to retrieve metadata, the UI should show a notification to manga with no metadata. From that point, a maintainer should be able to manually input a mangaupdates ID or manually fill in the fields.

Updated 11/10/2017 20:21

npm install fails because of bower


from Clydes slack post.

I was unable to do a fresh install of Ocean Navigator today. The step “npm install” was failing. Turns out it was because the old registry of bower packages has been deprecated. See here and here for more info. I got around the problem by updating the global version of bower on my system with the command sudo npm update -g bower. The latest version of bower is set to use the recommend package registry at, not the deprecated one at

because of this, it is going to be important update npm on local computers as well as on the test server and production server.

Updated 13/10/2017 17:25 1 Comments

Add EUDAT ToU on the front page of production/training/test server


[Request from Johannes]

The agreed ToU is here:

I kindly ask all of you who are responsible for one of the B2services or the operational services, to expose this link (as hyperlink) under the name EUDAT Services ToU v1.1.

This ToU, which basically serves as a disclaimer, should be widely acceptable.

This links should also be used as pointer to the ToU which is one field in the service descriptions of the service catalogue.

Updated 16/10/2017 12:16 3 Comments

Relatório final da campanha PyBR[13]


É preciso criar o último relatório da nossa campanha na PyBR[13]. Ele deve abordar alguns temas:

  • [ ] Postagem de agradecimento para todos os doadores
  • [ ] Publieditoriais criados
  • [ ] Palestra do PyLadies na PyBR
  • [ ] Entrega das recompensas
  • [ ] Relatório de gastos para transparência

Para esta tarefa, é necessário que as issues #8 #9 #10 tenham sido finalizadas.

Updated 10/10/2017 20:03

New Ticket - Creation Issues


Unable to create a new ticket. Able to fill in most fields expect the “Tech” drop down - see other issue" then once i hit Create new ticket, it get a raptor throwing up rainbows :)

Updated 10/10/2017 17:20

NameError in use case "Optimize a cerebellar granule cell multicompartmental model with BluePyOpt running on NSG"


Expected behavior

Use case goes through

Actual Behavior

Name error after NSG simulation is complete:

NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-12-632aa2065dd1> in checksimnsg(CheckSNSG)
    182                 copy2(dirloc+os.sep+'OUTPUTBPOPT'+os.sep+'BPOPT'+os.sep+'figures'+os.sep+'neuron_responses.pdf',dirloc)
    183         else:
--> 184             copy2(dirloc+os.sep+'OUTPUTBPOPT'+os.sep+'BPOPT'+os.sep+'checkpoints'+os.sep+'checkpoint.pkl',dirloc)
    185         r = requests.get(selfuri, auth=(CRA_USER, PASSWORD), headers=headers)
    186         root = xml.etree.ElementTree.fromstring(r.text)

NameError: global name 'copy2' is not defined

And possible followup error (see second screenshot)

Steps to reproduce the problem

Follow the use case

Optional infrastructural data (user, platform, browser, environment, …)

Firefox, NSG account



Updated 10/10/2017 12:11

Repo Stability


The powerline-rn repo needs to be stable enough for any developer to clone to local and be able to compile a working build in Android and iOS simulator. This excludes functional and design bugs/issues otherwise acknowledged.

Updated 16/10/2017 02:39 1 Comments

Problema para solicitar grupos PyLadies


Para criar um novo grupo PyLadies, é necessário submeter o pedido em um form disponível no site do PyLadies Internacional. Porém, desde outubro/2016 os pedidos submetidos não obtiveram resposta. É necessário entrar em contato com o PyLadies Internacional para verificar o que tem acontecido. A pessoa que for pegar essa issue deve ser fluente em inglês para escrever este email.

Updated 15/10/2017 21:10 5 Comments

IOC: Reduce the checking that the logging has been switched on


The ARACCESS is currently checking every second whether the logging has been switched on. This seems to create many reads of the database; in resource monitor reads are in excess of 10Mb/s. Increase the sleep period for this check. The proper fix is going to be done as part of #2566 or if that is too hard as a separate ticket.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Database is only checked once every 60s.
  2. This should be hot fixed on maintenance day
Updated 12/10/2017 15:14

Document everything


And I’m not talking about the severe lack of comments in the source code :v

There’s a lot of behavior that isn’t properly documented, like the initial state of the channels when a track starts, the annoying quirk where loading a FM instrument resets volume but for PSG it doesn’t, etc. All of this is extremely important to know if you’re making a tool, and nobody should be expected to know it ahead of time (or even after the fact, don’t force people to memorize everything!).

Updated 06/10/2017 17:57

[ExoBundle] Faille de sécurité

Bug report? yes
Version? 10.x

Il y a une grosse faille de sécurité dans l'outil exercice, le répondant a accès à la correction de sa copie pendant qu'il est en train d'y répondre. Pendant que l'utilisateur (avec droits de lecture seulement) répond il a toujours accès au menu contextuel en haut à droite pour avoir accès à la liste de ses copies, ce qui inclut la copie en cours de rédaction: image

L'icone d'oeil est grisé avec un sens interdit au survol, mais le lien est quand même cliquable: image

Ce qui permet d’accéder à la copie en cours de rédaction: image

Ce qui permet dans un questionnaire à plusieurs étapes, de répondre à une étape, ouvrir la correction dans un autre onglet et vérifier si sa réponse est juste ou non, revenir au questionnaire, revenir à l'étape précédente et corriger son choix en conséquence. En essayant les choix un par un on peut ainsi savoir lesquels sont justes.

Updated 10/10/2017 13:26 2 Comments

Usar gtest para fazer testes


Módulos a serem testados: Window/Game, Falcon, Hiero e GameObject.

  1. Antes de testar: produzir um roteiro de teste.
  2. Antes de iniciar o teste: estabelecer o cenário do teste.
  3. Criar um módulo controlador de teste para testar as principais funcionalidades de cada módulo.
  4. Ao testar: produzir um laudo em que todas as discrepâncias encontradas são registradas. Esse laudo pode ser uma saída da execução da suíte de teste. Somente termine o teste antes de completar o roteiro, caso observe que não vale mais apena continuar executando o roteiro, uma vez que o contexto para o resto está danificado Após a correção: repetir o teste a partir de 2 até o roteiro passar sem encontrar falhas.
Updated 05/10/2017 15:24

VueImg breaks SEO fetching.



I have recently published a website and while I was trying to get goodle to crawl (fetch as Google) my page was returning blank. I started removing components one at a time to see what was going wrong until, the only fix was to remove Vue.use(VueImg), it seems somewhere along the lines you are changing some DOM attributes that upsets SEO bots.

You can test any vue project with VueImg on:

Check any project that has vueImg in it, i.e: Then test the bots with other vuejs project. i.e:

I hope this can be a quick fix, otherwise I’ll have to use other tool for images.


Updated 09/10/2017 17:21 1 Comments

User should be able to get account heads by their name.


Because account head names are unique, user should be able to get account heads by name for following controllers:

  1. Assets controller
  2. liabilities controller
  3. equities controller
  4. expenses controller
  5. revenues controller


# assets

# GET /assets/:name
def by_name
  render json: Plutus::Asset.find_by_name(params[:name])

Or maybe this will work

def show
  if params[:id].to_i.blank?

Investigate whether by_name action is required or we can re-use show action

Updated 17/10/2017 04:24

Marker file format


perhaps .drinkerset extension

Idea format: json { "episodes": [ { "service": "nexflix", "id": 477443, "sets": [ { "name": "Mark wears a jumper", "markers": [435, 453,4 ,34,5 43,5 ,34] } ] }, { "service": "nexflix", "id": 477443, "sets": [ { "name": "Mark wears a jumper", "markers": [435, 453,4 ,34,5 43,5 ,34] } ] } { "service": "nexflix", "id": 477443, "sets": [ { "name": "Mark wears a jumper", "markers": [435, 453,4 ,34,5 43,5 ,34] } ] } { "service": "nexflix", "id": 477443, "sets": [ { "name": "Mark wears a jumper", "markers": [435, 453,4 ,34,5 43,5 ,34] } ] } { "service": "nexflix", "id": 477443, "sets": [ { "name": "Mark wears a jumper", "markers": [435, 453,4 ,34,5 43,5 ,34] } ] } ] }

Updated 02/10/2017 19:01 1 Comments

Difference in solution between copasi and libRoadRunner


Run the SBML file from (also enclosed)

print r.getFloatingSpeciesIds() m = r.simulate (0, 2000000, 100) print “After simulating:” print r.dv() print r.getReducedJacobian()

Compare the reduced jacobian produced by COPASI and libRoadRunner, they are different in 13 places.

Screen-shotrs of both enclosed. Posisible problem with compartments?

t1 t2

Updated 02/10/2017 18:42

api returns bounding boxes with longitudes > 180


Some requests return data where the boundingbox field has longitudes greater than 180 (while the content of the lon field is fine). Here’s an example: returns


//edit: the geometry of these bounding boxes is sometimes even “incorrect”, it seems:


(but in other cases, like Falkland Islands it seems fine apart from the 360° shift)

Updated 16/10/2017 22:44 4 Comments

Need to add some functionality For Ratings


This issue is open to suggestions.

We need some functionality that adds both user’s CodeChef rating and Problem’s ECR rating in Issue Description itself. For eg: some HerukoApp using CodeChef APIs and ECR Data Table.

  • [x] This issue is for enhancement.
  • [x] I will send my PR only after I’m assigned to this issue by any maintainer.
  • [x] I ensure that I’m not assigned to more than 2 issues.
    • [x] Assign this issue to me (I want to work on this).
It’s not necessary for all for points to be checked, we will look at what is required once you open an issue.
Updated 14/10/2017 12:00

Unify the way images can be navigated


Photographers best WordPress theme is Customizr Classical (not mordern). Because when you click on any published image, automatically it shows the next image. While any other theme exposes the full image for download or save, which is ridiculous for original image producers i.e photographers. By that ways big or small groups are blogging on stolen images and discouraging photographers from uploading good content online. Hopefully Customizr is helping photographers with its Classical version, till now.

Updated 12/10/2017 08:18 3 Comments

AWS instances fail to come up again when loading with production data


I have tried testing 2 different branches so far. The instances would come up as expected when only loaded with local test data or local test data with all the genes and diseases.

When loaded with production data, the process appears to be always stalled at (according to the cloud-init-output.log): + sudo -u postgres psql postgres -c psql: FATAL: the database system is starting up + sleep 10

Note: The 2 instances I have tried so far both have schema changes. I have not tested any instances without schema changes.

Updated 13/10/2017 14:44 2 Comments

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