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手机端 操作流程:未登录状态下,点击名师课堂-》teacher李开讲啦课程-》课程目录页面下点击开通会员,进入开通的会员选择页面,选择一个会员类型,比如999元的-》 我们的系统弹出登录页面,登录成功-》进入订单详情页面,选择微信支付-》点击支付按钮-》弹出微信自己的支付窗口,关闭弹出窗口(不实际支付)-》 一路点击微信自己的返回按钮(因为目前我们自己的平台在订单支付相关页面中没有返回按钮)-》返回到刚才的课程目录页面,点击某个课时(比如第一个)或者加入学习,这时出现问题: 问题1是:再次弹出登录页面,这个时候应该不需要再登录,因为已经是登录状态。 问题2是:这个时候在课程目录页面如果不点击某个课时学习,而是再次点击开通会员,则直接进入订单详情页面(也不需要登录,也没有先进入开通会员类型选择页面) 问题3是:如果这个时候返回到课程列表页(因为之前是通过名师课堂的课程列表页来到这里的),发现个人中心菜单存在(说明已经登录),也依然能够进入,修改个人设置(再一次确认确实是登录状态) 问题4是:在个人中心做了一些操作后返回刚才的课程先的课时目录页面点击某个课时,这时却可以学习了 所以感觉还是登录状态等信息的判断有逻辑上的问题,这个问题可能会牵涉到一些底层逻辑的问题,要好好排查一下,不仅仅是解决当前这个问题。

Updated 15/12/2017 03:15

Errors in late teens


I’m getting erroneous output for the late teens. Specifically, 15 is skipped and 19 is an empty string:

In [7]: for i in range(1, 21): …: print n2w.convert(i) …:
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen forteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen


Updated 14/12/2017 21:15

Possibility of cyclic link chains when using tree topology


Currently it is possible to create a link cycle like this where the task is both: a child and a parent in the same link chain.


We have checks in place to do avoid this


because here the task actually appears in two links as the target_id.


Updated 14/12/2017 20:26 1 Comments

Mockup Data Generation


<!— Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above –> Model is still not finished and there is a lot of mockup data missing in populate.sql. Its a long and draining task but it has to be done when implementing a new feature or even sooner if possible.

Expected Behavior

<!— If you’re describing a bug, tell us what should happen –> <!— If you’re suggesting a change/improvement, tell us how it should work –> Database should be filled with all sorts of test entities

Current Behavior

<!— If describing a bug, tell us what happens instead of the expected behavior –> <!— If suggesting a change/improvement, explain the difference from current behavior –> A bunch of test data is missing in populate.sql

Possible Solution

<!— Not obligatory, but suggest a fix/reason for the bug, –> <!— or ideas how to implement the addition or change –> I used to generate mockup data.

Updated 14/12/2017 05:59

Unknown entries in ingest attached to empty container


As we started working in the production system, we entered a few journal articles from Acta Sociologica. However, now there are a lot other entries in the ingest pane which are attached to an empty container:


The first entry is from a journal by SAGE and the second one is from a journal by CUP, thus they never should be attached to the same resource. No idea why the container resource is completely empty. If you try to set the type in the empty container resource, then this information is not surviving a refresh. The first entry “Collective Feelings” has no type, which should not be possible. We have found one example “The school careers of ethnic minority youth in France” in this list, which we used also for a target resource in the resolving step.

The main question is: from which process are these entries created and can we stop that?

Updated 14/12/2017 12:31 5 Comments



Existing analytics software is no longer used for the API Gateway. DataBC needs to acquire the following metrics.

  • Total hits per month

For the following APIs - Gated Geocoder - BC Route Planner - WorkBC job postings

If possible: - Also, record results to a csv file

Proposed tech: Elasticsearch Location of active December logs: To discuss in mtg Additional metrics: Can be added in a future issue.

Approach: Parse raw access log file (Nginx). Process with Logstash and inject into Elasticsearch.

Updated 13/12/2017 17:19 1 Comments

Problem with Customizr Modern when sending a form with Contact Form 7 ?


THEME | VERSION : customizr | v4.0.13# WP VERSION : 4.9.1

  • Contact Form 7: 4.9.2
  • Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields: 1.3.4
  • Contact Form 7 Signature Addon: 4.2
  • Contact Form 7 Style: 3.1.6

Hello, I have a problem with your Customizr theme (Modern version). I use it on many of my sites and I have the same problem with each of them: the Contact Form 7 extension seems to work badly with your theme. Indeed, I do not have this problem on my sites working with other themes and disable all other plugin does not change anything.

Here are the symptoms: When I use my contact form, at the click of the “Send” button, the treatment indicator runs in a vacuum and no information message is displayed (message sent, error in the form, impossible to send the mail …). However, I receive the mail, and the information I enter is stored correctly in my database.

When I look in the console, it seems that my request AJAX returns a 404 error. Would not there be a problem of javascript not loaded in the page? If so, how can I solve that? A function to add in the header of your theme?

Updated 13/12/2017 14:27 4 Comments

master build failt


||=== Build: Debug in yamlDataBase (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler) ===| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c||In function ‘query_use’:| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|16|warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|16|warning: passing argument 2 of ‘countArgs’ makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]| d:\yamldatabase\sources\h\some_funct.h|16|note: expected ‘const char ’ but argument is of type ‘char’| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|18|warning: implicit declaration of function ‘getBlockWhere’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|18|warning: comparison between pointer and integer| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|19|warning: implicit declaration of function ‘useDB’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|20|warning: implicit declaration of function ‘changeDatabase’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|20|error: ‘dbName’ undeclared (first use in this function)| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|20|note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c||In function ‘query_create_database’:| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|37|warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|37|warning: passing argument 2 of ‘countArgs’ makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]| d:\yamldatabase\sources\h\some_funct.h|16|note: expected ‘const char ’ but argument is of type ‘char’| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|39|warning: implicit declaration of function ‘funcyaml’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c||In function ‘query_drop_database’:| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|58|warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|58|warning: passing argument 2 of ‘countArgs’ makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]| d:\yamldatabase\sources\h\some_funct.h|16|note: expected ‘const char ’ but argument is of type ‘char’| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c||In function ‘query_drop_table’:| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|79|warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|79|warning: passing argument 2 of ‘countArgs’ makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]| d:\yamldatabase\sources\h\some_funct.h|16|note: expected ‘const char ’ but argument is of type ‘char’| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|82|error: too few arguments to function ‘dropTable’| d:\yamldatabase\sources\h\system_function.h|10|note: declared here| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c||In function ‘query_create_table’:| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|110|error: too few arguments to function ‘createTable’| d:\yamldatabase\sources\h\system_function.h|8|note: declared here| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c||In function ‘goSplitCreateQuery’:| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|152|warning: unused variable ‘name’ [-Wunused-variable]| D:\yamlDataBase\sources\c\Core.c|151|warning: unused variable ‘token1’ [-Wunused-variable]| ||=== Build failed: 3 error(s), 15 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s)) ===|

Updated 13/12/2017 23:18 30 Comments

Übersetzung Standortcodes aus location-idsbb funktioniert nicht


Im Moment werden keine Standortcodes aus location-idsbb/*.ini übersetzt. Der Aufruf unter gibt den Code und nicht die Übersetzung zurück.

Dies hat zur Folge, dass bei Holdings kein Standort angezeigt wird. Zum Beispiel:

Updated 08/12/2017 17:48

Login issue


Some new users are not able to add their accounts to the script. They are being redirected to the instagram to bypass the checkpoint continuously. This is new issue related to the changes on Instagram side. We’re investigating the issue, will release a fix asap.

Updated 14/12/2017 10:18 5 Comments

Malformed JSON



Since yesterday I get this error message from Android:

com.squareup.moshi.JsonEncodingException: Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at path $

This happens whenever I try to do something:

  • favorite
  • archive
  • udapte all


Updated 11/12/2017 22:33 15 Comments

Give the study years as a list


Some users can belong to several studies (e.g. an engineer who has done a PhD, and in the future a Bachelor who has become an engineer…). The authentication needs to return a list for the study years instead of a single value in such case.

In order to make relying parties aware of such an issue when they interact with the identity provider, we should transform the current value into a single-item list.

Updated 06/12/2017 21:14

Infinite buffering causes delays - URGENT


I am running two clients, one on a Jetson TX1 and one on my computer, which runs Ubuntu 16.04. I am also running the server on my computer. My computer is quite fast and has a lot of memory.

I’m publishing

  • sensor_msgs/Imu (~ 40 Hz)
  • nav_msgs/Odometry (~ 20 Hz)
  • multi_car_msgs/UWBRange (0 Hz)
  • vesc_msgs/VescStateStamped (~ 30 Hz)
  • std_msgs/Float64 (~48 Hz)
  • geometry_msgs/PoseStamped (~ 30 Hz)
  • nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid (~ 0 Hz)
  • tf2_msgs/TFMessage (~ 31 Hz)
  • tf2_msgs/TFMessage (~ 0 Hz)

and what seems to be happening is that canopy cannot keep up with publishing all of these messages, so it accumulates them in a buffer and publishes them at a slower rate. So the messages that I see on my computer are much older than what’s actually going on on the car (~ 5-10 seconds delayed in my tests).

When I share only, for example, the PoseStamped message via canopy, even though canopy publishes it at a slower rate than it receives it, I do not notice any delay in my messages.

Updated 07/12/2017 03:17 8 Comments

92445317 Several MA files with no marriage dates (Staffordshire)


Issue reported by STSCoord at 2017-12-05 23:15:17 UTC Time: 2017-12-05T23:05:26+00:00 Session ID: 19966e944446169bce93b4bc3c61d8fa Problem Page URL: /freereg1_csv_files/55c6cca4f493fd857c0095d0 Previous Page URL: Reported Issue: I have several MA files from various transcribers where the marriage date is empty through the whole file. Although this is the case, the decadels for the file show non-zero counts implying that the marriage dates from the file have, at one time, been processed into FreeREG and have since been lost. Why? ALso, why does it seem to be only MA files that are affected. This has been discovered since the “zero date listing” enhancement was installed. I do not think that it is anything to do with this very useful enhancement. As an aside, why has this enhancement not been included in the “log on” screen? Please contact mne for the contents of the CSV file.


Updated 10/12/2017 17:04 18 Comments

Illustrations Visualization Add Python file, Not IPynb


Maintainer: @prateekiiest


Some of the illustrations have been done by @shreyas-kowshik . The thing that is needed is not an Ipynb file but a python file with the corresponding plot.


Illustrations/Code/Python files and Illustrations/Code/Plots


Only IPynb file cannot be tested

Proposed Solution [optional]

If you know how to solve the above, please provide details here.

Updated 07/12/2017 13:47 3 Comments

Failing Travis CI builds


The same buildout process would complete successfully locally as well as on AWS, but would fail on Travis CI.

The fix appears to be the addition of pre-installing the setuptools on Travis CI (

Updated 04/12/2017 22:14

test de la fonction de ré-import


La fonction de réimport (menu “import csv” accessible depuis une base) ne semble pas utilisable. Nous l'avons testée avec une vingtaine de souches, simplement en réimportant le fichier ayant servi à créer la base et en laissant les cases cochées (la page indique néanmoins la présence d'une nouvelle souche et d'un nouveau panel). Après l'apparition du message “sending information” rien ne semble se passer. Idem en ajoutant une ligne de pseudo-nouvelle souche.

Updated 12/12/2017 10:40 1 Comments



Some users ( & still try to use v2.wallabag instead of framabag or wallabagit. We should kill that domain right now to avoid further noise.

Updated 04/12/2017 09:06

implement optional behaviors regarding indels


The option to have indels considered as missing data and not as a 5th characters is likely to be requested by many users. Then is the question of how to deal with missing data: I think that we should implement both the way Network deals with them (cf. Bandelt et al. 1999) and the more brutal way PopArt deals with them (i.e. by masking the columns that have missing data).

Updated 09/12/2017 16:43 1 Comments

add an option to remove singletons


When working with invasive species (or any species that experienced a recent range expansion) there are a lot of singletons, i.e. haplotypes found only in one individuals, and this results in haplowebs that are very difficult to read. To avoid this, it would be great to add a button that removes all singleton haplotypes from the analysis (i.e., individuals having both a “regular” haplotype and a singleton one will appear as homozygous in the haploweb, whereas individuals having two singleton haplotypes will completely disappear from the graph).

Updated 12/12/2017 07:16

Report toolbar (email/PDFise/CSVise report)


Web browsers seem to have taken a large step backwards in that none of them seem to support bundling up a page as a viewable document and allowing it to be emailed.

Have a new toolbar for reports, which displays the old report output in an iframe. The toolbar can have buttons for printing, emailing and saving as a PDF or CSV. This would help with users who get confused about how to print a report.

Updated 02/12/2017 13:36

Add captcha to prevent server flooding


Currently the ScreenShottr website allows users to upload images directly from their browser. Due to the fact the form has no captcha test, a user could write a script to upload files on mass in a continuous loop. In turn this would flood the server.

A captcha seems the simplest for the existing web version of ScreenShottr. A more secure token regeneration will be implemented in the new one.

This will be covered in the new version of the website, however a fix needs to be applied to the current web system.

This issue was brought to my attention by a colleague at work.

@TheCJGCJG Would you also mind uploading the existing db to the repo?

Updated 30/11/2017 14:48 2 Comments

Fix links that don't end with `.pdf`

ag "\"Link\"" data/data.json | awk -F '"' '{ if (match($4, /pdf$/) == 0 && match($4, /https:\/\/drive/) == 0) { print $4 } }'


 978:      COSTING
4319:     costing and accounting
6321:     Packaging and Storage
6556:     Molecular Spectroscopy%26Dynamics
6581:     physical part b
6802:     error control coding
14919:      Costing
15639:      Packaging %26 Storage
16637:      Spring 2010--11
17572:      Literature %26 Culture mid spring
17583:      Literature %26 Culture
17594:      Literature and Culture
17710:      Literature and Cultu2
18148:     rmofluids-1
18796:      structure  reactivity
18807:      structure %26 reactivity
19315:      Costing
19510:      Autumn 2011-12
20473:     Organization and Architecture
20736:      Structure %26 Reactivity END SEM
20789:      Autumn
21080:      Costing
21198:      Classical Mechanics
22210:     .Time Systems
22907:      Order and Chaos (PH40004
22918:      Order and Chaos
24035:      Costing
24769:      of Students 29
25767:      IVth Year
26355:      Packaging and Storage
27549:     Financial Management
28207:      Farmer and Breeder rights
28687:      Packaging %26 Storage and AG60124 Food Handling %26 Packaging
29979:      setB
30365:      Farmer and Breeder rights
30873:      Packaging %26 Storage
32231:     Computational Marine Hydrodynamics
32241:     Computer Aided Marine
32251:     Design %26 Construction of Ocean Structures
32261:     dynamics of Ocean Vehicles
32271:     high Performance Marine Vehicles
32281:     Hydroelasticity
32291:     Marine Design
32301:     Marine Dynamics
32311:     Offshore Technology
32321:     Port %26 Harbour Engineering
32331:     Seakeeping and Maneuvering
32341:     SHIP STRENGTH (NA21004)
32361:     Computational Marine Hydrodynamics
32371:     Computer Aided Marine
32381:     Design %26 Construction of Ocean Structures
32391:     Dynamics of Ocean Vehicles
32401:     High Performance Marine Vehicles
32411:     Hydroelasticity
32421:     Marine Design
32431:     Marine hydrodynamics
32441:     Offshore Technology
32451:     Port %26 Harbour Engineering
32461:     Seakeeping and Maneuvering
32471:     SHIP STRENGTH
32481:     Dynamics of Machines Supplementary
32491:     Dynamics of Machines
32501:     Dynamics Supplementary
32511:     Fluid Mechanics
32521:     Kinematics of Machines
32531:     Machine Tools and Machining
32541:     Mechanics
32551:     Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes
32561:     Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes Supplementary
32571:     Robots and Computer-Controlled Machines
32581:     solar energy technology
32591:     Thermodynamics

Line number are from

Updated 29/11/2017 12:44

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