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Displaying Course Info in Search Results


There is a lot of information per course to display. Specifically, all generic information, all sections for that course plus their associated info, and all sections of labs/discussions. The sections + labs are especially troublesome since there are so many, but we should still be able to view them concurrently to the schedule we have built. Solution: Each course in the results has a “see full detail in new tab” button. Clicking this creates and opens a new tab within the search results, similar to the already planned “currently selected courses” tab. The tab contains the full information for the course, all its sections, and all its labs/discussions. Each course in the search results will also indicate if none of the sections fit in your schedule, before opening the new tab.

Updated 22/03/2018 23:14

Export einer Trefferliste funktioniert nicht


Wenn man eine Trefferliste exportieren will, erscheint eine Fehlermeldung “Datei nicht gefunden”. Zum Beispiel:

Die Dateien unter[]=undefined|047683740&i[]=undefined|36639634X&i[]=undefined|303710454&i[]=undefined|264855949&i[]=undefined|317680161&i[]=undefined|043622585&i[]=undefined|290587409&i[]=undefined|170097846&i[]=undefined|273163728&i[]=undefined|361243766&i[]=undefined|484186124&i[]=undefined|364096780&i[]=undefined|33911181X&i[]=undefined|499930371&i[]=undefined|301589364&i[]=undefined|302499822&i[]=undefined|302454667&i[]=undefined|311964842&i[]=undefined|326074880&i[]=undefined|487410483 konnten nicht gefunden werden.

Updated 22/03/2018 07:57

Rollout on OVH fails


I try kubicorn on OVH and got an error while applying : Some value is too short however it is not clear which one it is.

kubicorn-cloud kubicorn apply 8g-cloud
2018-03-17T21:03:25+01:00 [ℹ]  Selected [fs] state store
2018-03-17T21:03:25+01:00 [ℹ]  Loaded cluster: 8g-cloud
2018-03-17T21:03:25+01:00 [ℹ]  Init Cluster
2018-03-17T21:03:26+01:00 [ℹ]  Query existing resources
2018-03-17T21:03:27+01:00 [ℹ]  Resolving expected resources
2018-03-17T21:03:27+01:00 [ℹ]  Reconciling
2018-03-17T21:03:28+01:00 [✔]  Created Network [537553b8-2ef6-41ff-a8e3-ef1731b8dfd3]
2018-03-17T21:03:29+01:00 [✔]  Created Subnet [4e0709b6-6867-4c7d-bae2-4c745be5664d]
2018-03-17T21:03:31+01:00 [✔]  Created SecurityGroup [10b94027-68ef-468d-9502-d179942b8fd2]
2018-03-17T21:03:31+01:00 [ℹ]  Parsing bootstrap script from GitHub []
2018-03-17T21:03:33+01:00 [✖]  Error during apply of atomic reconciler, attempting clawback: Expected HTTP response code [201 202] when accessing [POST], but got 400 instead
{"badRequest": {"message": "Invalid input for field/attribute name. Value: . u'' is too short", "code": 400}}
2018-03-17T21:03:33+01:00 [!]  
2018-03-17T21:03:33+01:00 [!]  Attempting to backtrack and cleanup created resources.
2018-03-17T21:03:33+01:00 [!]  
2018-03-17T21:03:33+01:00 [✔]  Deleted SecurityGroup [10b94027-68ef-468d-9502-d179942b8fd2]
2018-03-17T21:03:35+01:00 [✔]  Deleted Subnet [4e0709b6-6867-4c7d-bae2-4c745be5664d]
2018-03-17T21:03:36+01:00 [✔]  Deleted Network [537553b8-2ef6-41ff-a8e3-ef1731b8dfd3]
2018-03-17T21:03:36+01:00 [✖]  Unable to commit state store: Nil cluster spec
Updated 17/03/2018 21:10 3 Comments

New composition pipeline issues


As of 481060bf78a40d9513d1369fd9f23a547cd3502d, Olive’s composition pipeline (the way it decodes and displays frames during playback) has been almost completely rewritten. This was to address various problems in Olive’s playback, primarily caused by the fact that up until this point Olive was completely single-threaded. This meant that every single action Olive performed - from UI drawing to input handling to video decoding - could not be done simultaneously, each had to occur one after the other.

These issues caused the following: - When a new clip started in the timeline, playback (and the whole app) would pause as FFmpeg loaded the file from disk - Playback and audio decoding regularly desynced, leading to occasional sound glitches during playback. - If a video was too slow to decode in real time, the entire app would become less responsive. This obviously has the potential to hang the entire app if a frame gets caught in an infinite loop. - If you have more than one video layer playing at a time, obviously it is far from ideal to have to render each layer in sequence when you could render them all at the same time. - Each frame had to be rendered in real time. If hypothetically a video could playback mostly fine, but every 10th frame or so took a little longer, there was no way to use the time saved from the previous hypothetical 9 frames to help render the 10th.

Olive’s playback engine is now multithreaded and also keeps a memory cache. This is bleeding edge code and as such is full of bugs and missing features. This thread is to keep track of issues as they arise - and also to assure anyone trying the buggy mess that is Olive now - that everything is okay and being taken care of.

The following is a starting list of issues with the new composition pipeline: - Crashes a lot - currently segfaults at the drop of a hat - Memory leaks - despite my best efforts, Olive seems to not be handling memory correctly - No seeking - Olive functionality has regressed to only being able to play frames in order (but can still play media with frame rates lower then the sequence frame rate) - No sound or still image support - these have once again been lost as video has taken priority during the rewrite. This should be fixed soon. - Playback still tries to access a clip even after it’s deleted in the timeline

Any other standout issues, as well as announcements for these issues being fixed, will be posted here

Updated 18/03/2018 14:21 3 Comments

Chat UI is broken in Macbook


OS: Mac Browser: Chrome Version: v0.1.1

Step to reproduce: 1. Access 2. Click on a station 3. Observe the chat box

Expected result: The chat box is in the right side of the song list.

Actual result: The chat box is broken & displayed below the song list & player.

Updated 21/03/2018 07:49 1 Comments

API Console - access control


The API console is experiencing an issue in PROD when submitting requests with an API key, leading to a Type:Error Failed to fetch message.

The issue looks to be due to use usage of ‘*’ with access-control-allow-origin (see below). We may need to use explicit instead.

Test cases:

Geocoder using geocoder.api endpoint (addresses request) with an api key Route Planner :

Details: curl -I -XGET HTTP/2 200 content-type: application/vnd.geo+json;charset=UTF-8 x-ratelimit-limit-minute: 1000 x-ratelimit-remaining-minute: 999 server: Apache-Coyote/1.1 x-xss-protection: 1; mode=block cache-control: no-cache, no-store, max-age=0, must-revalidate pragma: no-cache expires: 0 x-frame-options: DENY content-security-policy: script-src ‘self’ ‘unsafe-inline’ ‘unsafe-eval’ date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 22:34:46 GMT access-control-allow-origin: * access-control-expose-headers: Origin,Authorization,Access-Control-Allow-Origin,Access-Control-Allow-Methods,apikey

Updated 14/03/2018 22:21 2 Comments

Purchase remaining hardware (See description)


As of 3/13/18: * Omni wheels: * Wheels: * Speakers?

Updated 20/03/2018 20:27

Le contenu des diaporamas des 3 pages clients est déterminé


Sur les pages pharmacien, groupement et laboratoire, on a un diaporama avec photo et légende. Dans le contenu présenté dans #4, le contenu des diapositives a été esquissé, mais il faudrait plus de détails pour l'intégration.

Pour chaque diapositive, il nous faudrait : - le texte de la légende, et - une description du visuel souhaité.

Lorsque c'est prêt, merci de remettre #25 en urgent !

Updated 12/03/2018 14:20

Progress tracker


Lecturer needs to know how many students have viewed course work be it a video or a document. As such, lesson / unit material should be arranged in a chronological order. After a student has viewed a course content, it is marked as complete. This will help keep a track of course, completion progress.

Updated 18/03/2018 07:35 2 Comments

Cloud9 Migration


There is an urgent need to transition Cloud9 to AWS Cloud9.

Cloud9 was bought out by Amazon Web Services some time ago.

As of early this year we were informed that our current educational use of Cloud9 was to be terminated later this year when all people would have been expected to make the transition to AWS Cloud9

I have been waiting for them to close our account any time.

So perhaps Rich and yourself should get us administratively moved to AWS Cloud9. It will cost $s. I can look after any technical aspect

Updated 18/03/2018 15:35

Trinity Health Foundation


Insert the Gospel Presentation landing page (for GO Grant) on the following website.

Website: Word Press user: eupshaw Password: Gracie22 Auth code: )#9%!s;DKaTarY?{

Updated 16/03/2018 15:24 1 Comments

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